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  1. No worries, you're not too late. You've been added to the list! Since we've reached 40 participants, sign-ups for season 36 are now closed. More season 36 info will be posted when we get closer to the starting date.
  2. A new objective just got added to the game that's absolutely worth going for as a new player! Go to Objectives > Objectives and you'll find the TOTS Moments De Gea objective. It takes a bit of grinding but you have until Friday 13 May 5PM UTC+0:00 to complete this one. If you do this one, you'll pretty much be all set on the goalkeeper position for the rest of the year.
  3. I haven't tried going for these trophies in co-op myself so I can't be 100% sure, but I think that should work for both trophies, yes. Winning in co-op while playing with the team of a friend does reward you with all the coins, FUT Champs points, etc. so that will help you progress for the Point To Prove trophy. As for the winning streak, the flame icon related to a winning streak will also appear in co-op but, again, I'm not sure if this will also count towards the trophy. The Winning Mentality trophy is known to be a bit buggy and I got it before I started playing co-op so I can't say for certain.
  4. That game mode has been disabled multiple times since it was introduced into the game, making the trophy unobtainable for a few days (/weeks?) so no guarantees that it will stay up now.
  5. ''Momentum'' or ''scripting'' is nothing but a myth. There are ways to abuse the game sometimes, but there is absolutely no proof that there is such a thing as momentum in the game. I wouldn't necessarily recommend people to go out and buy all these players. Sure, some of them are/were indeed meta, but for a newcomer to spend 15-20k on this squad is not recommended when they could be using that money for SBCs. 1. We're never certain which trophies will stay obtainable once the next installment in the series comes out, but I'd say that the Be My Guest trophy is the one you should be looking out for the most. This trophy requires you to play a game mode that is not always always, so you should start going for this one asap. 2. The game is pay-to-win... to a certain extent. Microtransactions do increase your chances of packing better players, but ultimately there's no guarantees. A player that doesn't purchase microtransactions can still end up getting better pack luck than someone that does. In the end, skill is still the most deciding factor to most matches. 3. There's a few bugs in the game that have been there since launch, but nothing game-breaking that you should be wary of. 4. I agree with IGUnique's answer to this one. VOLTA and Pro Clubs are easy to boost, but boosting is pretty much impossible in the competitive FUT modes (Rivals, Champions). The matchmaking in this game is generally pretty good though, so no need to worry about that! 5. Can't help you with that one. I don't do autopops so I'm not sure how that works in this case.
  6. The TOTS Tour objective group got added to Objectives > Milestones today. This is a very easy objective that a new FUT player can immediately start working on. You get a whopping EIGHT player packs for completing all objectives in this objective group. This is about as easy as the FUT objectives get, so make sure to start working on these objectives right away!
  7. Those are definitely solid for upgrading your squad, but I don't think I would recommend new players to immediately throw all their rare golds at those player picks. They can definitely get you some great players (I got TOTS Carrasco from one yesterday!), but there's no guarantee that you won't end up wasting all your rares on trash.
  8. Since a lot of people are going to be starting this game now that has dropped on PS+, I wrote down some useful tips for new players trying to catch up to the current power curve of the game on their road to getting all FUT-related trophies in FIFA 22 . I still play this game almost daily so if you're not sure what to do next or how to tackle certain objectives, I'll gladly try to help you out! Now, what should you be doing first as a new FUT player? 1. Grind Squad Battles for the coins and reward packs. You can play squad battles on whatever difficulty you like but higher difficulty gives you more coins and better rewards. Rewards can be claimed every Sunday. This is a good mode for new players to spend their time on. 2. Try going for the objective players ASAP. Almost all objective players are very good players that are still somewhat in line with the current power curve. Most objective players are really easy to acquire as well, most of them are just a bit grindy. Don't bother going for the current Squad Foundations objective players, as those expire in just a few hours. New ones will most likely be added this week. Ignore the Silver Stars objective players as well as the time investment for those objectives is not worth the small improvement they give to your squad. Mauro Junior is easily the best objective player to go for right now. He's a very good LB and he's super easy to acquire. Just keep checking the objectives and milestone tabs every day to see if new players got added. 3. Squad Building Challenges. These are easily the best way to improve your squad as long as you have enough players in your club to use for this. Make sure to at least do all the Foundation Squad Building Challenges as these give very good rewards for new players. Using your bronzes and silvers that you don't use in the Bronze and Silver upgrade SBCs is a good shout as well. 4. Claim your free packs. There's currently a free PlayStation Plus pack on the PS Store that will give you a nice boost to your squad. If you have Amazon/Twitch Prime, you can also claim a FUT Prime Gaming pack on every month. 5. Save your loan players for friendlies, don't use them in Rivals or Squad Battles. It might be tempting to use these very good players in important matches, but you'll get more use out of them in Friendlies. Loan players only have a contract for a few matches, after that you can't use them anymore. While most game modes use up 1 contract per match, Friendlies does not use up any contracts. Since a lot of objective players (the ones I mentioned in 2) require you to play a lot of matches in the Friendlies game modes, you'll get a lot more use out of your loan players by using them here than by using them in the other modes. 6. Try not to waste duplicate players if possible. When you get a duplicate player out of a pack, try to see if one of the two versions of the player is tradeable so you can sell it. If neither version of the player is tradeable, try using one of the versions in a Squad Building Challenge. Repurposing duplicates is a great way to save time and money, especially early on. New content gets added to the game every day at 5PM UTC+0:00 so be sure to check the objectives and SBCs every now and then. Objectives you should start working on right now that are available for a limited time only: Available until 6 May 2022 5PM UTC+0:00 TOTS Mauro Junior (Objectives > Objectives) Available until 13 May 2022 5PM UTC+0:00 TOTS Moments De Gea (Objectives > Objectives) Available until 17 June 2022 5PM UTC+0:00 TOTS Tour (Objectives > Milestones) Useful tools outside of the game: FUTBIN (search engine to look at the market prices for players so you know what to buy or sell them for) Prime Gaming (claim your free monthly pack if you have Amazon/Twitch Prime) PSNP Trophy Guide Like I said, definitely let me know if you have any questions. Good luck on your road to the platinum!
  9. You wanna join? Let me know if I can lock you in for the final spot.
  10. Season 36 of THL starts Friday the 27th of May 2022! There's only spot left so if you're interested in joining, make sure to sign up asap! Everyone currently on the waiting list will be able to join us for season 36.
  11. The bicycle kicks are especially easy to get in the current stage of the game's life where there are tons of players that are good to use for it and they are all extremely cheap to get as well. Shouldn't really pose a problem for anyone anymore.
  12. It's not though. There's definitely a few things that could use some rebalancing, a handful of bugs and it could do with another map or two. But for a free-to-play battle royale that just released, I'd say it's a very fun experience and I'm really enjoying my time with it so far. As long as more content gets added in the future, I can definitely see myself still coming back to this for a long time to come.
  13. I'm having the same problem. Still shows 0/836 for me after a solid 2-3 hours of playing.
  14. Jump into the water at the edge of the map (or Harbor spawn)
  15. I love it.