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  1. I'd say you just have to keep changing your playstyle, classes, game modes to see what suits you best. That is by far the most important thing to do. I, for example, started playing Call of Duty: Ghosts by playing Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All but found out those game modes weren't really for me. I ended up playing Gun Game and Reinforce most of the time because I enjoyed those best and I performed really well in those game modes.
  2. Do you even have a PS Vita? You have no Vita games on your account .
  3. Thanks for letting us know. We already reserved a spot for him actually but still sent out a confirmation message to be sure. Too bad he won't be re-joining as well, maybe sometime in the future .
  4. Don't worry, I got this. Starting by just completing some 100% games will make victory even sweeter .
  5. And before you know it, the season's over already . Thanks everyone for participating this season and for putting up some great scores ! Congrats Whyfire, Kent and Tearraven for winning your leagues and congrats Stalker for winning the league overall! This season wasn't the best for me personally, but I'm confident I can do much better next season. If not, I'm at least gonna try . Gotta make sure Stalker can't complete his checklist he posted here a few weeks ago and get revenge on me . We're already making a few preparations for next season and we have quite a few new people joining in season 19. Season 19 probably won't start until a few weeks from now but the gap between seasons won't be as long as between season 17 and 18 . We'll keep you updated!
  6. Don't make false statememts .
  7. This, this, this, this and this. That's pretty much all you need .
  8. Isn't the 50th place the one that has to be over 25 hours though (like in Trophy Hunters League and Rarity League) or is it indeed the fastest achiever that has to be over 25 hours?
  9. Yu <3

    1. Tora Chan

      Tora Chan

      Ann and Morgana look adorable in your pic 💕

  10. Hopefully I'll like it as much as I liked DiRT 2 !
  11. That last part of @Psy-Tychist's post might cause confusion. You still have 2 hours to synch your trophies after the end of the round, of course .
  12. Decided to buy this and give it a try after the trailer for the new Dishonored game Bethesda showed at their press conference 3 days ago. That trailer really interested me so I'm excited to try Dishonored 1 out soon !
  13. Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 on PS4 with trophies would be heavenly. I really hope this game/these games is/are actually going to be added to the PS2 classics collection in the PlayStation Store soon !