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  1. Sure they can, just pick an EZPZ that's eligible here but not on the list in the other thread .
  2. Here's my entry. I hope you're not getting as much shit as the other thread for being... the opposite of elitist ( )? No, seriously, people should be able to create whatever giveway they like with whatever rules they want. I hope many people enter both giveaways !
  3. I really don't try to convince anyone ''that I am a good person'' or anything like that in this thread. I don't see how you picked that up from any of my posts here but I'd like to know what it is that made you feel like I was trying to do that. ''Don't play dumb'' usually is an indicator that you don't actually have any reason for that and you're just bullshitting. We should stop derailing this thread more and more by the way, but if you actually feel like I did come here just to convince others that I am a good person, I'm more than open to hear what made you think that . Like I said in many posts, here now, the only reason I keep posting in this thread this evening is because the OP keeps getting attacked for no good reason.
  4. I don't care whether you have money or not or whether you're a good loser or not. The condititions are not a problem. Maybe you're not salty but being mad about this is just as dumb. I'm not trying to convince myself that I'm a good person (where did you get that assumption from?) but I'm trying to convince you amongst others that there's no reason whatsoever to give the OP shit for this. Also, being arbitrary doesn't necessarily mean you're not generous . Good day to you too.
  5. I'm curious what posts you thought were elitist in this thread specifically. Pretty sure you're overreacting... a lot. There's no need to draw a line. Of course, it'd be very inappropriate if it were to be for something racists, sexist or whatever (if that's what you're implying). But the first post and the OP's intentions are nothing like that and far from it. He didn't mention things like ''he/she isn't a real trophy hunter'' at all. Maybe you should read the thread again before making all these kinds of assumptions.
  6. Oh actually, it should. It's not like he's collecting money from different people and then decides his own rules and excludes people from participating even though the paid entrance money. He is giving his money away so he can do that however he likes, in the way he wants his money to be given away.
  7. I do believe that most people with a few of these games on their profile purely bought it for trophies though. It's awesome to hear how you don't care about the difficulty of the platinum to decide what to play though. I definitely agree that not everyone with games like mentioned in the OP purely bought them for trophies but there are definitely people out there who did. As for myself, I try to do it the same way as you decribe. Fun is the number one priority . Maybe, more than possible when it's on sale . Again, I don't know, I'm not the OP but I think he's getting way too much shit for this (from people who are just salty that they can't enter, I assume). @Sergen Well said, that's exactly how I feel too.
  8. I know Sound Shapes isn't an easy platinum, I had a very hard time myself too . Also, I didn't use the autopop feature to automatically unlock trophies because I personally don't want that on my profile because I did in fact only complete it one time. If you do want it autopopped on your profile, that's fine. It's just that the OP doesn't encourage it and maybe doesn't people who did that in the past 12 months to enter the giveaway. So what? Not necessarily. For example, you are allowed to enter as far as it concerns Sound Shapes.
  9. Typical Prinny, didn't even read the OP as usual, huh ?
  10. Like I said, good for you. If you want to use the winnings for a game with an easy platinum, go ahead. Maybe this OP just doesn't want someone to win money only to spend it on some quick platinum trophies, maybe there's another reasoning, I don't know. And yes, he is being generous. He would even be generous if he excluded everyone but 5 members on this entire site. It's his giveaway, his rules. You're just being salty that you can't enter this giveaway and that's pretty sad to be completely honest.
  11. Yeah and you can't participate in this one, too bad. Why be bitchy about it when someone wants to give something away but gives it a twist with some rules? He probably just wants to make sure the people who win won't use it to buy games like the ones mentioned in the OP. Of course they would, but that's also why I'm not the one complaining .
  12. First of all, a giveaway never sucks because it's very generous that the person is giving something away to the community. Second of all, there's plenty of people who can enter. Just people who wasted money on the games mentioned in the OP to get easy trophies can't .
  13. Entry opens on 21st March so this post won't count as an entry yet ? Guess I'll be back in this thread in two days then . Anyways, cool that you're doing this and I like the unique entry requirements .