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  1. Yep, same here. Definitely a problem on their end
  2. Who said I was referring to Oxenfree ? And hey, it's still 2022... Probably more fun to plat than TLOU2 too
  3. Fineeee, Fixture 5 Platinum League X18JELLO18X v NuclearManager LucasV9991 v UGotHitByGunner Krazy_99 v ArcticCress Psy-Tychist v GTA_Darren Mesopithecus v man_with_wdjat Gold League connman88 v Master_Mayhem_ Havoc273 v stupid0089 Berendsapje v jermthejerm xZoneHunter v ApriIis FallacyUnknown v PikachuInZShower Silver League TheScruffyton v UltraDog177 madbuk v Zephyr-pt Reinachii- v ExsphereBrawler Syr_Rys v Doylus91 Yunakia221 v cjninja125 Bronze League RedbeardRik v serrated-banner9 YieuY v freddie1989 UnwaveringSoul_ v UnboundedCash99 IrishNelly v ShinobiMonk DEMONICRUBLE18 v KPWCORE Approximate starting time: 9 hours from now
  4. Fixture 4 results! Platinum League Gold League Silver League Bronze League Standings after fixture 4 A lot of close matches this fixture! @Wdjat Prinny Doods achieved a narrow victory over Psy-Tychist, leaving Psy at 0 points after 4 rounds despite being the second highest scorer in the Platinum League... 👀. I barely managed to take the lead in the final few hours against ArcticCress, thanks for the match! @Krazy_99 and @Jello also finished with very similar scores but Krazy ultimately came out on top. Congrats! Down in the Bronze League, @ShinobiMonk knocked down Soul from his 2nd place in the league by winning with a meager margin of 9.3 score 😰. Most exciting match of the round was the match-up between number 1 and number 2 of the Silver League @Reinachii- and @Syr_Rys though. Very solid scores from both, well done! Congrats to Reina for winning the match ! I was gonna include the fixture 5 match-ups in this post but since @UGotHitByGunner keeps asking about them, I guess you'll have to wait a little longer...
  5. Something similar just happened to me, but with another trophy. I'm currently doing the Red Bull Rookies Cup and I'm on the San Marino race (think it's 6/7?). I wanted to check something in another game so I backed out to the main menu right before the start of the race (in the menus after the qualifiers). Right when I backed out, the A wonderkidWin a Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies Cup championship in Career mode trophy popped. Interestingly enough, after going back to Career mode I still have to complete the San Marino race and the final race . These trophies are definitely very buggy...
  6. Fixture 3 results! Platinum League Gold League Silver League Bronze League Standings after fixture 3 Spectacle in the Platinum League in Bronze League this fixture. @UGotHitByGunner and @Psy-Tychist both went all-out and put up some solid scores. Gunner took home the two points (congrats!), leaving Psy on 0 league points after 3 fixtures... @KPWCORE and @RedbeardRik had a particularly spectaculair showing on the final day of the fixture, with both players scoring nearly 200 points each in the final 24 hours. Ultimately, KPWCORE emerged victorious. He's also the first participant of the season to cross the 1,000 score mark after just 3 rounds... Congrats on the win and the impressive score! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us during the rest of the season... Master_Mayhem_ is the first person of the season to get a lead in league points in their league. Oddly enough, six(!) people are on 4 league points in the Gold League at the moment. Anything can still happen... Onto fixture 4, Fixture 4 Platinum League man_with_wdjat v Psy-Tychist GTA_Darren v UGotHitByGunner Mesopithecus v NuclearManager LucasV9991 v ArcticCress Krazy_99 v X18JELLO18X Gold League xZoneHunter v PikachuInZShower ApriIis v Berendsapje Havoc273 v FallacyUnknown connman88 v jermthejerm stupid0089 v Master_Mayhem_ Silver League cjninja125 v Doylus91 Syr_Rys v Reinachii- Yunakia221 v madbuk UltraDog177 v ExsphereBrawler TheScruffyton v Zephyr-pt Bronze League IrishNelly v DEMONICRUBLE18 UnwaveringSoul_ v ShinobiMonk KPWCORE v freddie1989 UnboundedCash99 v serrated-banner9 YieuY v RedbeardRik Approximate starting time: 3 hours and 6 minutes from now
  7. aaand round 3 has come to an end. Curious to see the results 👀
  8. Competitor ShogunCroCop has been removed from the current season of THL, effective immediately. He will also not be able to rejoin the competition in the future. Yesterday, Shogun openly admitted to, what to us constitutes as, cheating. This happened during one of the previous seasons of THL, which is absolutely unacceptable. The Trophy Hunters League is meant to be a fun tournament with friendly competition. I can't stress enough that cheating is and will never be acceptable in any way, as it goes against both the fun and the competition aspect of this event. To make sure that this season's Gold League can still continue as intended, Froopy will fill the open spot and play out the rest of the season starting with a score and total points of 0 using the PSN-id PikachuInZShower. I hope you all understand our decision here. If you have any questions about this situation, please feel free to send me or Psy a DM. Hope you all have fun during the remainder of the season!
  9. Fixture 2 results! Platinum League Gold League Silver League Bronze League Standings after fixture 2 Some exciting rivalries during the second round! @KPWCORE and @UnboundedCash99 had an intense high-scoring match up in Bronze. KPWCORE took home the two points but a great showing from both players here!In Platinum, @NuclearManager and @Arctic Cress both surprised their opponents with a big comeback on the final day and moved up to the 1st and 2nd place in the league. @Syr_Rys put up a nice score to defeat Zephyr-pt and seems to be a serious (sorry) contender for the top spots in Silver this season! In a few hours, we'll get started with fixture 3! Fixture 3 Platinum League Mesopithecus v Krazy_99 LucasV9991 v X18JELLO18X GTA_Darren v ArcticCress man_with_wdjat v NuclearManager Psy-Tychist v UGotHitByGunner Gold League FallacyUnknown v Master_Mayhem_ stupid0089 v jermthejerm ApriIis v connman88 Havoc273 v ShogunCroCop xZoneHunter v Berendsapje Silver League TheScruffyton v Yunakia221 Zephyr-pt v ExsphereBrawler Syr_Rys v UltraDog177 madbuk v cjninja125 Reinachii- v Doylus91 Bronze League RedbeardRik v KPWCORE YieuY v UnboundedCash99 ShinobiMonk v serrated-banner9 DEMONICRUBLE18 v freddie1989 IrishNelly v UnwaveringSoul_ Approximate starting time: 7 hours and 39 minutes from now
  10. ''DLC's should still be accessable as long as you have purchased them before delist'' *On PS5 only at the moment. PS4 only lets you download the main game
  11. Two very exciting matches happening in the Silver League right now... WHO WILL PREVAIL?
  12. Time for the next fixture! Fixture 2 Platinum League Psy-Tychist v NuclearManager ArcticCress v UGotHitByGunner man_with_wdjat v Krazy_99 GTA_Darren v X18JELLO18X LucasV9991 v Mesopithecus Gold League xZoneHunter v Havoc273 connman88 v Berendsapje Master_Mayhem_ v ShogunCroCop ApriIis v stupid0089 FallacyUnknown v jermthejerm Silver League madbuk v Doylus91 UltraDog177 v Reinachii- TheScruffyton v cjninja125 Syr_Rys v Zephyr-pt Yunakia221 v ExsphereBrawler Bronze League IrishNelly v freddie1989 UnwaveringSoul_ v serrated-banner9 RedbeardRik v DEMONICRUBLE18 YieuY v ShinobiMonk UnboundedCash99 v KPWCORE Approximate starting time: 5 hours and 44 minutes from now
  13. Fixture 1 results! Platinum League Gold League Silver League Bronze League Standings after fixture 1 One round in and we're off to a good start! Some really nices scores in the first round already. Special shout-out to newcomers @KPWCORE and @ShinobiMonk for their exciting match and great scores! Congrats! Also congrats to other newcomer @UnboundedCash99 for putting up an impressive score and winning their first match as well! @serrated-banner9 cut it close, winning their first match by a hair. But hey, a win's a win. Congrats! Fixture 2 match-ups will be revealed in a bit.
  14. A little over 2 hours left in this round. Make the most of it!