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  1. Yes, please . 50 minutes left in the first round of the CWC!
  2. Ascension is definitely a Protestant thing as well . And yeah, Easter is always on a Sunday but for some reason ''2nd day of Easter'' is also a thing so most people have the Monday after Easter as a holiday as well here . Good, only really been playing Mario Kart 8 so far as it's so damn addictive . I think I'll try Captain Toad out tonight for a bit though. By the by, glad I stumbled upon this thread. Good reason to check PSNP at least once a day .
  3. ALL UP TO DATE , just in time for the CWC !!! This season's CWC will feature @Jesaya815, @MrUnknown625, @Kent and @shadowhood1111! The CWC's first round will start in approximately 7,5 hours. Who will prevail? Here are the fixture 9 results: Platinum League ericperez18 (0) v (17) BrutalLooter xZoneHunter (7) v (25) VASORAT13 Psy-Tychist (45) v (246) HcG-_Clawz (3) omar280792 (0) v (58) Jarethgeason (1) (9) Jesaya815 (585) v (42) Tearraven Gold League Tsundere-Tenshi (0) v (2) Articuno2001 LucasV9991 (1) v (36) GTA_Darren Wdog-999 (7) v (114) MrUnkown625 (2) ReimiSaionji9742 (38) v (0) stupid0089 HeavensLightfire (16) v (33) theshywaterguy Silver League Kent10201 (35) v (18) Trophy_Prodigy (1) wolverine123 (34) v (4) Dragon-Archon cjshaitan (0) v (0) DEMONICRUBLE18 Mesopithecus (16) v (5) Bombstriker Bronze League THE_SHACKONATER1 (0) v (0) Precision-Playyy me3lingual (28) v (102) shadowhood1111 (1) zR_DoWnLiNkZ (0) v (6) Blazhead ShogunCroCop (0) v (19) Dessane and the fully updated league tables: Huge thanks to Dragon, Jesaya, Tearraven and Psy for helping out with updating today!
  4. Got a Nintendo Switch on Wednesday and my games finally arrived today too :D. Really excited to use this new console :).

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lucas


      @Condemned09 Thanks :D!


      @IntroPhenom Lol, I didn't buy it yes but it's definitely high up on my wish list :).


      @Dragon-Archon Thanks. I've been interested in the Switch for a while now but Octopath Traveler was the game that made me decide to finally get one. Definitely looking forward to playing that game.


      @Honor_Hand Yup :D. Bought Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Octopath Traveler for now but I was already looking at pre-ordering Super Mario Party and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this morning :lol:.

    3. Honor_Hand


      @Lucas Been following the news on SSB Ultimate since it was announced on E3 and it is shaping up to be the ultimate (quite literal) crossover in gaming history. I am contemplating getting a Switch over a PS4 later this year just for that game alone lol xD


      If I had the means to do so, I'd have pre-ordered already ;)

    4. Ash Williams

      Ash Williams

      I'm not that into Smash so 2018 is a bit lackluster to me in regards to first party games but the indies are picking up the slack. Captain Toad is very cool though, better than I thought it would be.

  5. Finally got my games today. For some reason they weren't delivered yesterday so I was quite disappointed by that. Now I'm happy though as I can finally try everything out now ! Thanks for the recommendation. I think I'll stick with the Joycons and eventually get a Pro Controller though. I'm usually not that big of a fan of controllers like this, plus there's no webshop here that has this controller in stock . Thanks . Yeah, I'll definitely get those accessories . The pro controllers seems to go on sale here relatively often though, so I think I'll wait on a sale for that one. Awesome, good to know. Breath of the Wild is definitely high up on my wishlist then. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looks awesome but isn't that a direct sequel to the other games? I haven't played any games in the Xeno series and I don't want to miss out on stuff of course .
  6. These are the results for fixture 8! Platinum League (2) Tearraven (79) v (0) Jarethgeason Psy-Tychist (24) v (12) BrutalLooter ericperez18 (0) v (39) Jesaya815 (1) HcG-_Clawz (43) v (30) VASORAT13 xZoneHunter (10) v (0) omar280792 Gold League (2) Wdog-999 (119) v (185) GTA_Darren (3) Tsundere-Tenshi (0) v (0) stupid0089 ReimiSaionji9742 (33) v (237) MrUnknown625 (2) Articuno2001 (8) v (1) HeavensLightfire (1) theshywaterguy (47) v (8) LucasV9991 Silver League Dragon-Archon (12) v (0) cjshaitan Bombstriker (25) v (77) Trophy_Prodigy (1) Mesopithecus (19) v (0) DEMONICRUBLE18 Kent10201 (35) v (15) wolverine123 Bronze League ShogunCroCop (1) v (49) Blazhead (1) THE_SHACKONATER1 (0) v (1) me3lingual Precision-Playyy (0) v (0) zR_DoWnLiNkZ shadowhood1111 (59) v (46) Dessane It'd help out a lot if you could help us count the Plat and Gold league's final fixture scores !
  7. Fixture 9 ends in approximately 2,5 hours. We're still lagging behind with counting and updating but we'll try our best to not have the CWC get delayed. If you are able to help out with counting, please let me know as that would help out a lot.
  8. I just received my Switch today (ordered it yesterday). I also ordered Captain Toad, Mario Kart 8 and Octopath Traveler but those'll most likely arrive tomorrow. I'm really excited to try those games out . I don't mind either way, I'll obviously really want to play the exclusives on the Switch but I don't have a particular preference for third party games on either platform. Donkey Kong definitely looks interesting and so does Super Mario Odyssey. I'd also be interested in Zelda but I'm not sure if Breath of the Wild is a good point to start in the series? From what I saw, Golf Story looked super fun so I did buy that one just now.
  9. Yeah, I'll be playing docked 98% of the time. I was thinking of maybe getting a Pro Controller too, yeah. Alright . Yeah, I want to try out some different things. Last I've played on a Nintendo console was probably 8 years ago on the Wii so I want to give some different franchises a go . Especially looking forward to Octopath Traveler though, as that looks like it's right up my alley.
  10. So I've just decided that I'm going to buy a Nintendo Switch . I'm thinking of getting the console with Captain Toad, Mario Kart 8 and Octopath Traveler. Any recommendations on games and/or accessories I should buy other than the ones I mentioned?
  11. So... I'm positive I posted the fixtures yesterday night but apparently they didn't post for whatever reason and I've pretty much been gone from the internet since. We're 1 day and 18,5 hours into the last fixture, your opponent is the person you haven't played against yet. I'm sorry for this inconvenience.
  12. Something like that .
  13. Kadokawa Games released a new Root Letter related teaser trailer on their Youtube channel yesterday what's looking to tease either a movie(?) or a sequel to the game under the name 'Root Letter: Last Answer'. Either way, I'm intrigued.
  14. Fixture 7 results: Platinum League Jarethgeason (70) v (0) ericperez18 VASORAT13 (24) v (34) Psy-Tychist BrutalLooter (13) v (46) Jesaya815 (1) xZoneHunter (30) v (104) Tearraven (1) omar280792 (0) v (92) HcG-_Clawz (1) Gold League (1) GTA_Darren (78) v (55) ReimiSaionji9742 (1) HeavensLightfire (36) v (0) Tsundere-Tenshi stupid0089 (0) v (111) MrUnknown625 (2) theshywaterguy (28) v (125) Wdog-999 (2) LucasV9991 (9) v (13) Articuno2001
  15. This official teaser trailer just released on the official Life is Strange Youtube channel with the following description: ''A new journey begins. All will be revealed August 20, 2018. #LifeisStrange2''.