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  1. I believe those US prices usually don't include tax, but the Europe prices do. So actually, I think the prices in Europe might be a tad lower.
  2. Love the references to the show in some of the trophy titles .
  3. I am looking to buy this version of the game but I want to make sure I buy the right product. Can anyone tell me whether or not the EAN/UPC 8809338090934 is the one linked to this trophy list?
  4. Yeah, I knew I was gonna lose this one. Barely had any time to play during this fixture. Congrats FallacyUnknown! Not too worried about it though, still have a comfortable enough lead .
  5. @Jello Couldn't lose 3 times in a row . @ShogunCroCop My score in the league tables is incorrect I think.
  6. Yeah... this is awesome
  7. You can just use the touchpad if you want. There are no trophies or in-game actions that require you to use the app. I would, however, recommend downloading the app and using that, though. There are some parts in the game where you need to make an important decision by either swiping left or right/up or down for example. From my own experience, the app felt more responsive and so it made screwing up in those scenarios less likely.
  8. Close match . Congrats on that great score @VASORAT13! @blu3st4rdust305 Congrats on your score as well! Great job for a first fixture in the league !
  9. Hmm, not sure how I feel about this matchup for this fixture. Well, here we go again @ApriIis πŸ˜‚
  10. @ShogunCroCop Should be updated. And the matchups for fixture 1 will be determined on my birthday .
  11. Yeah, I'd say that's pretty accurate. I personally think the current amount of promotion/relegation spots are fine as is with this in mind.