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  1. Shogun must've made a mistake counting the scores then
  2. @X18JELLO18X You definitely won our match. Didn't really have the time to earn enough points and decided to spend the time I did have on some other stuff instead . Congrats on the win and nice job on the plats! At least this makes our league more interesting . Looking forward to seeing the result of your and @ApriIis match!
  3. Thanks for the giveaway!
  4. That's ironic
  5. I like the negativity.
  6. June has one of my favorite PS+ line-ups since the launch of the PS4 pretty much. CoD WWII being on there finally triggered the season pass to go on sale for a very good price and I was always interested in Star Wars Battlefront 2 but never ended up buying it. Pretty happy with this :D.

    1. Sir_Bee


      Be hesitant about Star Wars, that has not been an official announcement ...


      I too am excited about COD WW2, just downloaded it last night.


      Nevermind, I was wrong.  Glad you got two games that interest you :)

    2. DaivRules


      When Sir_Bee posts "Be hesitant..." I read it as "Beeeeeeeeee hesitant..."

    3. ferginator88


      BF2 is a really enjoyable game and not overly annoying platinum. I'm really intrigued by COD WW2, but the trophy list looks a little daunting, haha!

  7. Completely forgot about this game. Seeing the trophy list pop up reminded me that it is coming out soon . Just ordered a copy .
  8. Congrats on those milestones @Boooda! Very nice!
  9. Hahaha, wow. That's extremely close lol. Looking forward to the rematch !
  10. Good match @ApriIis. I wasn't able to play much on Friday and Saturday so I had to put in some last-minute effort just now . I haven't done a super accurate check of our scores yet so I'm looking forward to seeing how it turned out.
  11. Not sure if it is the worst game in the series as I simply have not played it enough to call it that but I definitely got the least enjoyment out of DiRT 4. I loved DiRT 2, Showdown was tons of fun and DiRT 3 was pretty good too. Rally was not really my thing but 4 was just not that enjoyable from what I have played of it. Looking forward to getting DiRT 5 on PS5 though!
  12. How is this going to be handled, assuming there won’t be another signup in this final hour before the season starts? Bronze has 6 participants now. Will the special first round still happen or not? Would be smart to clear that up before the start of the season to avoid a potential debate later on .
  13. Whichever level I am on