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  1. Just watched the first 3 episodes of Food Wars S1. Very... interesting so far .
  2. Yeah, the ones I posted are the physical versions. I wasn't sure if those 5 episodes should also be linked to the physical versions. Guess that's up to @BlindMango to decide .
  3. Apparently the achievements for this DLC already got announced so I think it's safe to assume trophies will be included as well. EDIT: Yep, trophies are included.
  4. The official Far Cry 5 twitter account just announced the Far Cry 5 post-launch content timeline. This timeline shows that the first DLC pack, Hours of Darkness, will be releasing on June 5th. DLC pack 2, Lost on Mars, is set to release somewhere in July and DLC pack 3, Dead Living Zombies is set to release somewhere in August. Other than that, it seems like Ubisoft will be adding new assets to the Far Cry 5 Arcade mode at least two more times (in July and September). Tweet: Post-launch timeline: Source: Trailer for Hours of Darkness DLC:
  5. I'm gonna copy-strike this thread. Just for that word, I'm gonna copy-strike this thread.
  6. Yeah because with that time they definitely mean that you get the platinum 80-100 hours after starting the game. That definitely doesn't mean that total time you spend playing a game every day until you complete it added up is 80-100 hours. No, that's ridiculous. If you platinum a game 3 months after starting it, the guide will definitely show 2191 hours. Yes, CJ, great logic.
  7. Like I already said in the previous thread you posted, there's already a thread about this trophy. That's where to go
  8. Back to the Future: The Game PS3: PS4: Doki-Doki Universe PS3/VITA: PS4: flOw PS3: VITA: PS4: Flower PS3: VITA: PS4: Frozen Synapse Prime PS3: VITA: Gravity Rush VITA: PS4: Joe Danger: PS3: VITA: Joe Danger 2: The Movie PS3: VITA: Minecraft PS3: VITA: PS4: Minecraft: Story Mode PS3: PS4: Motorstorm RC PS3: VITA: Move Fitness EU: NA: Need for Speed: Most Wanted PS3: VITA: OlliOlli: PH: DG: OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood PH: DG: Street Fighter X Tekken PS3: VITA: Urban Trial Freestyle PS3: VITA:
  9. Sometimes trophy lists get released weeks early (like what happened with Vampyr recently, for example) but sometimes trophy list aren't being released until a few hours or even minutes before (or after) the game's release. I think you can expect to see a list very soon.
  10. The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor NA: EU:
  11. Shhhhhh. Persona 4 (Golden) PS4 version is more than welcome .
  12. 1. Persona 4 Golden 2. The Last of Us 3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 4. Persona 5 5. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Pretty boring top 5 with only 3 different franchises, I know , but I just love these games more any other exclusives really. Uncharted 4, Persona 3 FES, LittleBigPlanet and inFamous are honorable mentions but not top 5 material. I haven't played NieR, any of the MGS games, any of the Team Ico games or any of the Quantic Dream games yet, though, so maybe one of those would be in my top 5 when I play them . This is my top 5 so far, though.
  13. Well, that's a wrap for this season. Big congratulations to @Jesaya815 for this impressive showing and the well-deserved victory! Very impressive how you managed to get the highest score in a single fixture in THL history with rules stricter than ever before ! Thanks to your efforts in the CWC this season and last season, you also managed to be ranked 4th in the CWC leaderboard already after participating for only two seasons! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you can do in the future ! Congratulations are also in order to @Tearraven, @GTA_Darren and @wolverine123 for their great performances this season! The CWC leaderboard and the hall of fame in the OP have been updated and icons have been added to the league winners and CWC winner in the OP. Lastly, I want to thank everyone who participated this season for yet another fun season. Unfortunately, I was pretty busy during most of the season but luckily @Tearraven and @Psy-Tychist were able to help me out when necessary. Thanks a lot for that, guys! I'd also like to thank @cjshaitan for helping with counting the scores and @Mesopithecus for helping out a few times as well. I hope to so you all again next season! If you're reading this and aren't a participant yet, feel free to sign up for next season here or send me a PM !
  14. I saw this yesterday. Not sure what to think of it. I rather not have them continue with the abominations that were the ''canon'' fighting games and the dancing game. Those were fine by itself but I won't accept them as canon . I would very much like this to happen, though. However, I don't think it's very likely to happen unfortunately .
  15. I don't know what Kent is talking about, he is definitely authority on these forums, yeah. Someone with much more authority than Kent is the guy who runs this linked event, though. I mean, he must be high in the mod hierarchy if he runs such a big event, right ?