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  1. Any Self-Respecting Platinum Hunter should have games they want to play in their sights, that's it.
  2. They could have made that Phantom Thieves edition 100 euros more expensive and I still would've bought it.
  3. January prediction: - Resident Evil 4 - Oxenfree
  4. Persona 5. Such a phenomenal experience and now my favorite game of all time. jokersip
  5. Nice idea for a contest! My prediction for December is: - Oxenfree - Wolfenstein: The New Order
  6. @Walt the Dog is
  7. I doubt this makes the Switch version better... or this version worse . I don't understand that reasoning at all. I'd just get the better running/looking version if I were you . And if both are performing equally well, just play it on PS4 and snag some trophies while you're at it.
  8. Bridge Constructor Rememoried Gone Home These three really stood out in how bad they were. Besides these, I'd say I enjoyed most of the PS4 games I've played or at least thought they were decent.
  9. What the fuck, how does a trophy discussion lead to this worthless bitching 😂. OT: Obviously I will get the plat but I would have liked if it was more of a challenge. The trophy images look very sexy once again though 👌!
  10. Didn't really plan on buying this but I looked into it today and it actually looks like a lot of fun. Will probably pick it up soon.
  11. Sad to read this, multiplayer in the first game was loads of fun to me. Not a huge deal that it will be missing in the sequel but I would have liked to play some more multiplayer.
  12. ''We've partnered up with Microsoft to...''
  13. Apparently releasing after the Gamescom opening show that's going on right now for 9,99! Looking interesting and a great price!