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  1. That trophy though....
  2. 👀 I'll put these in the OP for now 😁
  3. You have to do walking and puzzle solving in a point and click game? NO WAY!?
  4. Blocked again. Is it finally fixed? Of course it isn't. Back to waiting 3 months to get unblocked again I guess.
  5. I heard that Jim Ryan also fixes leaky showers.
  6. and now we all love Jim Ryan again!! 😍
  7. You have to use the Portable 3 gear. It's the fourth gear on the list, between Portable 2 and CE.
  8. I love the first game but this really isn't necessary. Rather have them focus on making an exciting factions MP.
  9. Missing banner:
  10. lmao
  11. I think I've already said it before, but just to be sure, I don't intend to come back for season 31. Season 30 was a one-off thing for now . @blu3st4rdust305 Congrats on your CWC win this season!
  12. Have a few from the same game that only have 4 achievers. Understandable, because it's a very bad game.
  13. 556926010411712562.png?v=1

    1. Tearbaer


      It's good to be back.

  14. Pope marked you

    1. Potent_Delusions


      *Blows myself up with a grenade*


      I think this villain group has the potential to be the most badass one yet. A group of crazy former military who hunt survivors for fun, not stopping until anyone who is marked is dead. Very Dead Rising-esque and very exciting. What about you? 

    2. Lucas


      I'm definitely interested in this new group. Don't think they'll be able to flesh them out as much as some of the other villains though. I'm guessing this group will be kinda similar to the Wolves. 

    3. Potent_Delusions


      I hope they do last a while as they're great. Not as long as The Saviors but longer than some of the others. The Wolves were good too but the most criminally underused villains were The Claimers. Looking forward to seeing Robert Patrick as presumably another Reaper.