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  1. Yep, I can confirm that this is correct.
  2. I'm confident this should have popped by now, did all the maps on Conquest twice, even the newly added one. Hasn't popped yet. Same thing with the Not On My Watch trophy, also should have popped a long time ago but it just hasn't.
  3. Job well done Beyond, lol. @Parker if that PM thing actually happening, add me in too, would you?
  4. You haven't got one yet? Teach me senpai
  5. Seems like a new upgrade has been introduced this week? How much did @DaivRules pay for his upgrade to Moderator ?
  6. banned @Stevieboy seems like you didn't work your ass off enough, bad Stevo
  7. I've had my PS4 since launch, had the same problem with Days Gone every time I played it. I've had problems with the fan being loud before but that didn't even come close to how loud it is when playing Days Gone. When I played Battlefield V yesterday after platting Days Gone, it immediately stopped. I just wore headphones when I played most of the time.
  8. My mommy taught me to count 1942-2-3-4-1-5, guess the same goes for the people at DICE.
  9. I thought the main ending of the game was perfect, finished up the story really well in my opinion. I liked how they did the O'Brian scene in a seperate mission during the endgame. I also really liked that scene, it caught me by surprise and I thought it was well done. It really sets up a sequel and I'd love to see one. They have been smart about it by putting it in a side-mission at the end though, this way it's slightly less part of the ''main'' story of the game, and it'd be fine this way if they end up not making a sequel. Either way, thought the story was brilliantly done, good job to Sony Bend on that.
  10. True, Folklore was quite hard to get my hands on for example. Let me restate that, almost all of these games are dirt cheap now anyways.
  11. Just get everything. All these games are dirt cheap now anyways.
  12. Where have you been?
    Been searching all along
    Came facing twilight on and on
    Without a clue
    Without a sign
    Without grasping yet
    The real question to be asked
    Where have I been?

    I'm a shape shifter
    At Poe's masquerade
    Hiding both face and mind
    All free for you to draw
    I'm a shape shifter
    What else should I be?
    Please don't take off my mask
    Revealing dark

    Moments of calm
    Nothing left to be found
    A mirror right in front of me
    That's where I find
    An empty glass
    Reflecting the sad truth
    It's telling words not to be told
    I need the mask

    I'm a shape shifter
    At Poe's masquerade
    Hiding both face and mind
    All free for you to draw
    I'm a shape shifter
    Chained down to my core
    Please don't take off my mask
    My place to hide

    I can't tell you
    How to see me
    Just a cage of bones
    There's nothing inside
    Will it unleash me?
    Burning down the walls
    Is there a way
    For me to break?

    I'm a shape shifter
    At Poe's masquerade
    Hiding both face and mind
    All free for you to draw
    I'm a shape shifter
    Have no face to show
    Please don't take off my mask
    My disguise

  13. It's a war out there everyday, you can't hide from it
    You gotta play by the rules, play it cool
    Gotta laugh in the face of the sad disgrace
    When your friends and foes look alike

    On the face of it
    They missed their history
    But they fight over place in it
    Yeah they fight, over place in it


    Hard-hit by the times
    That's just how your life goes by
    I know it's not your fault, you say
    But there ain't no other way

    So, step on up to the plate, meet your fate
    Walkin' straight on into the lion's lair
    Step on up, to the plate, 'cause this ain't no game
    It's time to make history, yeah!

  14. Wasn't it obvious that I was just messing with him?
  15. Damn, don't be so rude man. Someone report this guy to the mods!1!!11!
  16. Yeah, I have the same thing. Never get these kind of e-mails even though I have subscribed for them and always ticked the boxes to get this stuff etc.
  17. It's hard, living in the world of Days Gone...


    1. Deluziion90


      I didn't encounter to many glitches but the ones that happened are hilarious 😂. I've recently posted a picture where my head was on fire and it bugged out

    2. Lucas


      Hahaha, just saw it. I've had quite a few glitches already, more than enough that I don't really care anymore at this point. This game won't be able to get me fully immersed anyways :P.

  18. What is the difference between your and my post? Aren't we both giving our own opinions? It seems to me that the only one who is afraid of other people giving their opinion is the one that is blocking the other .
  19. Are you afraid of games without platinum trophies or what? That is disgusting.
  20. For the first month in a loooong time, I'm finally happy with the PS+ offerings and I'll actually play them. Overcooked I've been wanting for a while and there's been so many instances where I almost bought What Remains of Edith Finch, that I'm happy that I'll finally get it now. Great month for me, so much better than the previous year, if not longer.
  21. This topic should have been a status update...
  22. Imagine paying for basically free platinum trophies by buying these games and then not even being able to get the platinum trophy 😂.
  23. I love season 1 and season 2 so I was excited for the final season, obviously. I loved the final season but it did have its problems. The new characters this season were cool but I couldn't really are too much about Louis, Violet, Tenn, Omar, etc., probably because they are the so manieth characters to be introduced in the series and all either die or the game ends before their characters are really fleshed out. I absolutely loved the AJ and Clementine story though, and thought the comeback of Lilly was both genius and made me like Lilly more (even though I killed her ). I thought that the many comparisons between season 1 and season 4 with Lee/Clementine and Clementine/AJ were done in an amazing way and I cried my eyes out near the end of this final season, probably even more than I did at the end of the first season. I thought the ending was about as good as it could have been too, wrapped up pretty well. One neat thing I also liked was the small backstory in between season 3 and 4 where Clementine gets AJ backs, this also really made the Clementine/AJ relationship more emotional. So overall, great season and greatly wrapped up the series. I couldn't care as much about the side characters as in season 1 and 2, though.Clementine, AJ and Lilly were the only ones that really stood out and I really cared about. I would have liked this as well but I think it's safe to assume that Christa died during that attack. I don't really mind to know exactly what happened to some characters. I'm also satisfied enough with how the Kenny arc ended, in what I consider to be the ''true'' ending to season 2, where Kenny leaves AJ and Clementine at Wellington.
  24. I wouldn't be surprised if P4 and P3 characters will also be playable in P5S. Persona 3 characters were also playable in the Persona 4 Arena games, after all. I think the chances of be able to play with Yukiko and Akihiko in P5S are higher than being able to play with Sojiro and Mishima to be honest .