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  1. Got a Nintendo Switch on Wednesday and my games finally arrived today too :D. Really excited to use this new console :).

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    2. Lucas


      @Condemned09 Thanks :D!


      @IntroPhenom Lol, I didn't buy it yes but it's definitely high up on my wish list :).


      @Dragon-Archon Thanks. I've been interested in the Switch for a while now but Octopath Traveler was the game that made me decide to finally get one. Definitely looking forward to playing that game.


      @Honor_Hand Yup :D. Bought Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Octopath Traveler for now but I was already looking at pre-ordering Super Mario Party and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this morning :lol:.

    3. Honor_Hand


      @Lucas Been following the news on SSB Ultimate since it was announced on E3 and it is shaping up to be the ultimate (quite literal) crossover in gaming history. I am contemplating getting a Switch over a PS4 later this year just for that game alone lol xD


      If I had the means to do so, I'd have pre-ordered already ;)

    4. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      I'm not that into Smash so 2018 is a bit lackluster to me in regards to first party games but the indies are picking up the slack. Captain Toad is very cool though, better than I thought it would be.