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  1. Can't say it's a surprise but still shocking numbers for Call of Duty Ghosts :P.



    1. Lars


      Thats a lot. I don't want to know my number for rocket league tbh. I'm sure it has an extra digit

    2. Deluziion90


      I got back into WoW which I've played from the beginning it's on /played 750 days(18.000 hours lol).

      Luckily you got 700+ hours in ghosts and not the new shitty versions(personal taste ;p)

    3. Sigma999


      That's a lot in COD 😯 I can waste even half of that time in a single game tbh . My top 1 more hours on PS4 was Nier Automata with like 100 hours 😑 But in my defense i only have a PS4 since December's last year .

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