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  1. Trophy Hunters League - Season 33 Welcome to the Trophy Hunters League! A multi-league trophy hunting tournament that has been around on PSNProfiles since 2014! Whether you are a returning THL veteran or just viewing this thread for the very first time, welcome! Join us as we head towards the 33rd iteration of the league. Below you will find all the information you may need when participating in this league. There is a lot of information to go over so don't hesitate to ask whatever questions you might have! League setup In the Trophy Hunters League, players are divided into seperate divisions based or their placement in the previous season. Currently, there are four different divisions. The highest division is called the Platinum League. Besides the Platinum League, there's also the Gold League, the Silver League and the Bronze League. Participants play 10 rounds, dependant on the amount of players per division. Each participant faces every other participant in their division twice. Dependant on their final score in a round, league points are awarded. More about scoring below. After 10 rounds, the winner of each division moves onto the CWC. More about the CWC below. Once the season has come to an end, the top two players of each league get promotion to a higher league, and the bottom two players of each league get relegation to a lower league. League rules To ensure a fair and fun competition, the THL has a few rules. 1. Rounds, also referred to as fixtures, last 4 days each. The starting time for a round is always the same. Rounds start at 12:00AM UTC+0:00 and end exactly 4 days later. 2. Once a round is over, players have exactly 12 hours to completely sync their trophies with PSN if they haven't done so already. Trophies that are synced after this deadline will not count for their score. 3. Scores for fixtures are locked in 24 hours after the scores are released. If you disagree with your score or think an error was made during the counting process, you need to contact a league staff member within 24 hours after the score release. A full list of staff members can be found below. 4. If a player scores 0 points for the first 5 fixtures, they will be deemed inactive for the remainder of the season and automatically removed at the end of the season. 5. League staff has the right to grant or deny players access to the league at all times. When there is sufficient evidence to suspect cheating is involved, the concerned player may be banned from the league. League scoring The two main ways of scoring in the THL are league points and individual score. League points are awarded after every round. You gain 2 league points for a win, 1 for a draw* and 0 for a loss. These league points are the main determining factor for player positioning in the division. More on that below. Individual score is what determines whether or not a participants wins their fixture. Bronze trophies are worth 1 point each, Silver trophies are worth 2 points each, Gold trophies are worth 6 points each and Platinum trophies are worth 12 points each. On top of these base scores for every trophy, a rarity bonus will be applied. This rarity bonus is based on the PSNProfiles trophy rarity. Common trophies get a 1 point bonus, uncommon trophies get a 1.3 point bonus, rare trophies get a 1.5 point bonus, very rare trophies get a 3 point bonus and ultra rare trophies get a 6 point bonus. Example: You have earned 3 trophies this round. Your first trophy is a 78.99% trophy, your other trophy is a 5.02% trophy and a 4.99% trophy. The bronze trophy is common, the gold trophy is very rare and the platinum trophy is ultra rare. This means that the bronze trophy is worth 2 points (1+1), the gold trophy is worth 9 points (6+3) and the platinum trophy is worth 18 points (12+6). Your total score for this round will be 29 points (2+9+18). IMPORTANT! Trophies will only count towards your score when the following criteria are met: - The game in which trophies are earned has completion time of at least 6 hours in the top 50 fastest achievers. If the 50th time on this leaderboard is 5 hours and 59 minutes or faster, the trophies in this game will not count towards your final score. Do note that your own completion time does not necessarily have to be over 6 hours for the game to count. - Games that are can be auto-popped / have a cross-save feature (Motorstorm RC, Spider-Man Miles Morales, etc.) are treated a little differently. Auto-popping a game will never grant you any points. However, earning trophies in a game that has the cross-save feature could still net you points. If the 50 fastest time that are not auto-popped in a cross-saveable game are at least 6 hours and you have earned the trophies in a legitimate manner yourself, you will be awarded points the same way as usual. We understand that this rule might be especially confusing to some. If you have a question about this one, don't hestitate to ask! - Only one stack per game counts towards your score in a season. Playing different versions (different region or platform) of the same game is allowed, but only the trophies earned in the first stack of the game that you played will count towards your score. * = Regarding 0-0 ties: - If one of the participants is inactive, it will change to a 1-0 automatic win for the active participant. - If a 0-0 tie occurs between two participants who are already deemed inactive, it will not count towards the standings. - In any other case, a 0-0 tie is considered a legitimate tie, and 1 point will be awarded to both participants. If one of the active players is deemed inactive later in the season, they lose their 1 tie point, but the active player keeps their 1 tie point. Player positioning Player postioning in divsions is based on the following criteria: - Amount of league points earned in the season - Average individual score in the season - Amount of platinum trophies earned in the season - Head to head result CWC Finally, the CWC. The CWC is what decides the ultimate winner of the season. Once the main season is concluded, all division winners will face off in a final battle to decide who takes home the season title. - The CWC starts with the four division winners and ends once there is only one left standing. - Rounds in the CWC last 1 day each. The player with the lowest score after that day gets eliminated. - CWC rounds run back to back. To make sure that we know who survived the round as soon as possible, players have exactly 2 hours to completely sync their trophies with PSN for their trophies to count, as opposed to the usual 12 hours. - In the unusual scenario that the two lowest scoring players in a round finish with exactly the same score, the player with the higher platinum trophy count in that round survives and proceeds to the next round. If both players have the same platinum count in that round, they both survive the round and two players are eliminated in the next round. - Besides this, all the same rules from the main season apply here. Now that that's all out of the way, onto some fun stuff! Season 33 participant list Platinum League blu3st4rdust305 microsamm UnwaveringSoul_ Krazy_99 Psy-Tychist GTA_Darren Gold League ArcticCress X18JELLO18X ShogunCroCop stupid0089 Ichiban-Hybrid FallacyUnknown Silver League Boooda56 LucasV9991 TheScruffyton xZoneHunter Tearbaer man_with_wdjat Bronze League OmegaFenron Obscure_Ale Sptj7 freddie1989 InfinateEternity suistar7 Season 33 schedule Fixture 1 - Sept 1-4 Fixture 2 - Sept 6-9 Fixture 3 - Sept 11-14 Fixture 4 - Sept 16-19 Fixture 5 - Sept 21-24 Fixture 6 - Sept 26-29 Fixture 7 - Oct 1-4 Fixture 8 - Oct 6-9 Fixture 9 - Oct 11-14 Fixture 10 - Oct 16-19 CWC: Oct 21-23 Discord server with live score updates As of season 33, we have a Discord bot that can provide semi-live score updates on the ongoing THL fixtures! This bot will be used to post round scores in this thread but you can also use the bot yourself! Join the THL Discord server through the invite link below to find out how. I highly encourage everyone participating to join, as this is a really cool new way to keep up with the ongoing season, your own matchups and stay updated on your own score. Join here: DISCLAIMER: This Discord server is not the official PSNProfile Discord server and is only intended to enhance the Trophy Hunters League experience. If you want to join the official PSNP Discord server, please follow the respective links on the main website. Season 34 waiting list AffectatiousDonk hr_kriese Trophy Hunters League staff LucasV9991 Psy-Tychist ShogunCroCop Tearbaer Trophy Hunters League Hall of Fame tba Old OP (pre-season 33)
  2. You're right . You face FallacyUnknown in the first round and Jello is actually facing @Ichiban-Hybrid in the first round.
  3. Season 33 is almost here! Right before we start, I have two exciting announcements. First of all, the OP in this thread has been given a complete overhaul. All relevant information is still present but hopefully it should be a bit more fresh now and more welcoming to possible new participants. Also, I'll make sure to keep it up to date again . The THL hall of fame will be added back in soon. Most importantly, however, is the new addition of a Discord bot to the THL! This bot can provide semi-live score updates on the ongoing THL fixtures and give you a detailed overview of your and your opponents scores. This bot will be used to post round scores in this thread but you can also use the bot yourself! To do this, join the THL Discord server through the invite link below. A more detailed overview on how to use the bot can be found in the server. I highly encourage everyone participating to join, as this is a really cool new way to keep up with the ongoing season and enhance the THL experience ! Obviously, the Discord server or bot won't replace this thread or the score updates you are used to, but is simply a way to make the THL experience more exciting. Huge thanks to @Froopy the Temmie for the hard work on the bot ! Hope to see you all there! DISCLAIMER: This Discord server is not the official PSNProfiles Discord server and is only intended to enhance the Trophy Hunters League experience. If you want to join the official PSNP Discord server, please follow the respective links on the main website.
  4. Getting kicked out of my own event. Unbelievable.... 😜
  5. Maybe the real ultra rare trophies were the friends we made along the way
  6. That trophy though....
  7. πŸ‘€ I'll put these in the OP for now 😁
  8. You have to do walking and puzzle solving in a point and click game? NO WAY!?
  9. I am looking to buy this version of the game but I want to make sure I buy the right product. Can anyone tell me whether or not the EAN/UPC 8809338090934 is the one linked to this trophy list?
  10. Blocked again. Is it finally fixed? Of course it isn't. Back to waiting 3 months to get unblocked again I guess.
  11. I heard that Jim Ryan also fixes leaky showers.
  12. and now we all love Jim Ryan again!! 😍
  13. You have to use the Portable 3 gear. It's the fourth gear on the list, between Portable 2 and CE.
  14. I love the first game but this really isn't necessary. Rather have them focus on making an exciting factions MP.
  15. Missing banner:
  16. lmao
  17. I think I've already said it before, but just to be sure, I don't intend to come back for season 31. Season 30 was a one-off thing for now . @blu3st4rdust305 Congrats on your CWC win this season!
  18. Have a few from the same game that only have 4 achievers. Understandable, because it's a very bad game.
  19. 556926010411712562.png?v=1

    1. Tearbaer


      It's good to be back.

  20. Pope marked you

    1. Potent_Delusions


      *Blows myself up with a grenade*


      I think this villain group has the potential to be the most badass one yet. A group of crazy former military who hunt survivors for fun, not stopping until anyone who is marked is dead. Very Dead Rising-esque and very exciting. What about you?Β 

    2. Lucas


      I'm definitely interested in this new group. Don't think they'll be able to flesh them out as much as some of the other villains though. I'm guessing this group will be kinda similar to the Wolves.Β 

    3. Potent_Delusions


      I hope they do last a while as they're great. Not as long as The Saviors but longer than some of the others.Β The Wolves were good too but the most criminally underused villains were The Claimers. Looking forward to seeing Robert Patrick as presumably another Reaper.Β 

  21. Wow... πŸ˜‚. Fair play hahaha. Good luck in the CWC @odie8391
  22. Hahaha, no worries. I haven't been particularly competitive so far either. I think I've earned a grand total of 1 bronze trophy in this fixture so far .
  23. Hahaha, yep . Glad I was able to still get a decent amount of points. I wasn't able to play nearly as much as I wanted to this week so I'm pretty happy with that score and that you went easy on me .
  24. Problem is back for me once again. Last time it took up to 3 months for it to be removed. Pretty ridiculous.