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  1. People are way too sensitive these days. Especially the ''newer'' generations (Generation Z, etc.) (which I am also part of btw). Grow up, don't be such a snowflake.
  2. Yep, (difficulty 1) expeditions are the easiest way to get this trophy. I also leveled up the ''More Fist Damage'' perk 7 times before attempting this. This lead to me being able to kill enemies with just a single punch. I think I only did 1 takedown in total, the rest of the kills came from simply one-punch killing them . I did it on my first try on the Alcatraz expedition.
  3. Just got Far Cry: New Dawn and I'm excited to play through it. Far Cry games are never really 'great' the past few years but I do love to play through them. There's always unpolished stuff like this in the games too, though. Although that does also make it a bit more enjoyable sometimes :giggle:.



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    2. Deluziion90


      Same here currently downloading. Just for the sake of having something to play :P. Hope I'll be able to appreciate all the pink sparkle stuff

    3. starcrunch061


      I enjoyed Far Cry 4, and it's the only one I played. 

    4. Lucas


      @dermarx @starcrunch061 I used to love Far Cry 3 but it's really outdated by now in my opinion. For some reason, Far Cry 2 feels better playable these days than Far Cry 3. 4 was a decent game, just your regular Far Cry, which I enjoyed. I like Far Cry 5 better than 3 and 4 and so far I'm liking New Dawn better as well. 5 and New Dawn have a lot of flaws but the Far Cry formula is just so enjoyable to me :lol:. I only skipped Primal. Picked it up, never played it, just because it didn't look that intersting I guess. Might play it someday still. Only Far Cry I really didn't like was Blood Dragon. It feels outdated like Far Cry 3 and I really don't like the style.


      @Deluziion90 Oh, I'm sure you will. The world of New Dawn is really beautiful. I'm really impressed.

  4. To me, the reputation on this site is pretty useless. If there's actually a number of people that have problems with the limit for whatever reason, a good alternative could be to both remove the limit and remove the counter from everyone's forum profiles, no? That way, everyone who wants to show appreciation for a post can give reputation to as many posts as they want and boosting reputation will be prevented. The only place to see reputation for posts would be on the post itself. Either way, I personally couldn't care less but I imagine that would make a number of people happy.
  5. @madbuk unleash your rage in this thread when @ThePriceysRight show your greatness in this thread when
  6. Today I played a battle royale game for the first time. I didn't have too high expectations going into this but I actually ended up enjoying myself a bunch so far. Really awesome experience so far, gonna keep playing this for sure.



    1. BlackSquirrell1


      I've been watching the play through on this game in the evening.  Really looks great!  How did you do with just the basic equipment?

  7. This is the first battle royale game I played. I gave Blackout a shot when it was free for a weekend but really didn't like that one and played no more than 15 minutes so I don't really take that one into consideration. This, I instantly enjoyed though and after just winning my first match I realised how much I had been enjoying this game. Definitely going to keep playing this for a long time.
  8. Probably, yes.
  9. Thanks for the giveaway. 1. New inFamous game with new characters. 2. LittleBigPlanet 4
  10. It's a very small ''artbook'' with some art of all the characters and then the two discs are at the back of the artbook, on top of each other. The booklets for the game are just put in there loosely and have no place really. The design is pretty bad. No place for booklets, discs are hard to get out and a bare minimum of ''art''. It does include a code for DLC characters and a digital version of P4DAN.
  11. This week's purchases !
  12. Not really sure what to think about #1... knew it was bad but still
  13. Can't say it's a surprise but still shocking numbers for Call of Duty Ghosts :P.



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    2. Lars


      @Lucas, i just made the film. I have 2133 hours in Rocket League so don't worry. My addiction is more severe

    3. Lucas


      @Lars Hahaha, wow, that's quite the number. What's your total play time on PS4 then :hmm:?

    4. Lars


      @Lucas, I'm not sure because i didn't check. But my number 2 game had just over 100 hours which isn't that much. So i'm pretty sure that over 50% of my PS4 time is in Rocket League

  14. Join the celebrations for #LBP10 by adding the LittleBigPlanet 3 Theme to your PlayStation 4 home screen! Available to download for FREE on the PlayStation Store for a limited-time! Europe Download:…/EP9000-CUSA00762_00-LBP3THE… America Download:…/UP9000-CUSA00473_00-LBP3THE… Source: LittleBigPlanet Facebook page
  15. I think of stinky weebs.
  16. I just started a new Persona 3 FES playthrough. I already enjoy it more than in my memories. I bet @Satoshi Ookami is proud of me :awesome:.

  17. How did you like today's weather?
  18. As far as I know, it unfortunately doesn't.
  19. You can take me out of this as well @ShogunCroCop. No need to keep updating my stats anymore.
  20. 2 trophy cards... 2 duplicate threads...
  21. ok This should have been a status update, really.
  22. @madbuk wants to buy one off of you. You could start a business selling these things .