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  1. Olly olly oxen free


    I am a great game and I am on sale for a super low price for two more days. Please buy me.

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    2. Dead Weight

      Dead Weight

      But @Oxenfree , you're not on sale on the NA Store

    3. Deluziion90


      Did I eat shrooms? Are games talking to me!?



    4. VoxAnimi


      Such a phenomenal game in my opinion. 

  2. Fine by me, gives me more time for Animal Crossing, Doom, FF7R and Persona 5 Royal before TLOU2 comes out .
  3. @ShogunCroCop Alright, I updated the OP a little bit. Let me know if you want any rule changes etc. added to the OP later. I can give you access to the old league tables and stats if you want. If you decide to make new documents, I'll add those to the OP as well.
  4. Lol, I'll try to keep up with this this year. Good idea for a thread! January 2020 03/01/20 Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training (Switch) €36,99 03/01/20 Ferrari Challenge (PS3) €3,66 03/01/20 Splinter Cell Blacklist Upper Echelon Edition (PS3) €3,66 03/01/20 Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends (PS3) €3,66 03/01/20 Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3) €3,66 03/01/20 White Knight Chronicles (PS3) €3,66 03/01/20 Two Worlds II (PS3) €3,66 Total: €58,95
  5. I already replied to you on Monday. Again, I'm not going to change anything if I don't know what you want me to change.
  6. @Walt the Dog
  7. February prediction: Horizon Zero Dawn Fallout 76
  8. @ShogunCroCop Good luck trying to 'reboot' this. If you want to keep using this thread and need the OP updated, just let me know. Messaging me on PSN might be easier than on here, though . I won't take part in this but if I can make a suggestion, I strongly dislike this idea. I think it takes away what THL used to be about and makes it way too similar to other competitions, such as SeaTK. All up to you though. Like I said, let me know when/if the OP needs updating.
  9. Yep, I was still able to download the old version too.
  10. Any Self-Respecting Platinum Hunter should have games they want to play in their sights, that's it.
  11. They could have made that Phantom Thieves edition 100 euros more expensive and I still would've bought it.
  12. January prediction: - Resident Evil 4 - Oxenfree
  13. Persona 5. Such a phenomenal experience and now my favorite game of all time. jokersip
  14. Nice idea for a contest! My prediction for December is: - Oxenfree - Wolfenstein: The New Order
  15. @Walt the Dog is