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  1. Been a long time off but I think I'm ready to come back to trophy hunting over winter break :D

  2. College coming up soon, personal matters, and Heroes of the Storm have kept me away from trophies for such a long time. I'm finding it hard to jump back in, but maybe my down time in college is the perfect opportunity to start back up. I don't feel the same excitement when I hear that trophy ping and I don't get as agitated when I see a game incomplete. Decisions, decisions...

  3. Took a long break from trophy hunting; thought I was ready to get back into it but then I got into Heroes of the Storm Beta. :(

  4. Final semester of high school; nervous and excited!

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    2. Jak


      What Gritty said, minus the age (though), and I actually started missing HS a yr and a half after finishing.

    3. TheVader66


      it has been 2 years since I been in high school, oh the great memories.

    4. Bucknerd


      *takes a drag of a fake cigarette and looks off in the distance* Unless you're lucky... it doesn't really get much better. Except that you can regularly have cake for breakfast. There's that I guess.

  5. Medieval Moves; sub 100 platinum achievers and I've never actually heard of the game.
  6. While I only have one glitched trophy (and it's fairly minor), my brother's PS4 will come in handy. Thanks for sharing, OP!
  7. Prototype 2 will join the ever increasing backlog of mine; my brother will enjoy First Light, too. Great month, in my opinion.
  8. Hey, guys: a few more questions, if you don't mind. Aren't PG and RPG pretty much the same thing? In other words, when I unlock my last item, I should unlock both? Also, I seem to be having some tad difficulties unlocking the Lost. I'm wondering if you can use the seed exploit to unlock it? (Like, enter seed, back out to save select screen, choose Azazel, die in the correct manner and still unlock the Lost). Any help would be appreciated; sorry for the frequent questions.
  9. Unearthed my Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl! Trophy hunting will have to wait a few weeks, now!

  10. This was the one and only game I imported; I wouldn't mind picking up an English version provided there are some more characters. The game was good fun, and I do hope that the localization will allow me to play with more of my friends.
  11. Can someone help me? I'm on the road and don't have wifi, but while playing Rayman Legends, I unlocked a trophy even though I have the platinum. When I checked my trophy list, it said I only had 1%. Anyone know what's up?

    1. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      just sync and you'll be fine

  12. A lot of you guys seem to really know what you're talking about, so I'll come out and ask: I currently play on Playstation Vita and, by looking at my trophies, you can see I got a long way to go. I recently installed patch 1.03 and have not unlocked The Lost; from what I've read, The Lost has this sick glitch prior to 1.03. So, what I was thinking was: 1. Unlock the Lost 2. Backup my save file to Playstation Plus/Binding of Isaac cloud 3. Delete the game and reinstall it WITHOUT downloading any patches (since I believe Vita makes you download all at once) 4. Beat all six objectives with The Lost after reinstalling the save data (?, this part sort of worries me as I don't know if the data from my cloud will still be compatible) 5. Reupdate with the patch and everything should be fine (?) Should this work out? I'm concerned as to whether or not it'll affect my quest. My goal is to just pop up Godhead, since I'm assuming Dead Boy isn't retroactive. Thanks anyone for help!
  13. Where's the Vita love, Street Fighter?

  14. Capcom will be at the Playstation Experience...praying for USF4 on Vita!

    1. Demigod


      I'm hoping for MML3, MMU, or Powerstone 3 :D ah lawdee will I be disappointed come Friday.

  15. I got mine at launch, so I'm fairly happy to be receiving credit. I've never had any issues with the Vita or the features advertised for Vita, but I've been finding it difficult to find money for games. I'm definitely going to capitalize on this opportunity.