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  1. Both greedfall and plaque tale are amongst my personal game of the year candidates. Vampyr is another aa gem from last year
  2. Cool, thank you so much for the quick replies. Happy gaming brother
  3. That's great to hear because i already started as a female but if i had to start over as a male i would as I'm not all that far into the game. Is there anything different i have to do as a female? So basically if i follow ur roadmap i just switch kurt for aphra?
  4. Can u start as a female and still complete this list just romance Kurt in beginning instead of apha?
  5. Don't stress it , i was getting the same problem but after the main story is over and you're doing free roam they'll appear very often. Enjoy the unique story n game the alerts will surely come up later
  6. So i tried untracking main, side missions and conutermeasures. Played about 20 min after that and still nothing comes up. Im thinking maybe cause i was in a area where a side mission i wasnt tracking were taking place, idk ... idk what else to do Mine came up early into the game before i even knew what they were, so not being upgraded enough i don't think has anything to do with it
  7. Anybody else having this problem? For the first 3-5 hours i was getting alerts constantly bit i wasnt sure what they were. By the time i looked up the trophies and decided to start doing them i got 2-3 done n failed 2. I'm on mission 8 now and i don't remember having another alrt come up for about since mission 3 or so. Its been a while, very long while. Is this a glitch? Anybody else having this problem? I'm constantly checking my missions log , got a decent amount of side missions done, but no more bureau alerts since around mission 3-4
  8. I think he's saying he wants more online trophies. Im looking forward for this game, I hope the level 50 is not a crazy grind like gran turismo sport
  9. My vote goes for a plague tale innocence and vampyr
  10. What happens if u have completed a location and u decide to "replay location"? Does that still count for the trophy?
  11. 1. The witcher 3 2. Horizon zero dawn 3. God of war 4. Mgs v phantom pain 5. Driveclub This gen has been so awesome that's impossible to do only top 5, so I'll add 12 honorable mentions Honorable mentions Deus ex md spider man Bloodborne ac odyssey + origins Battlefield 4 metro exodus Mad max uncharted 4 + lost legacy Prey rise of the tomb raider
  12. I read somewhere in a guide and wiki that i can the chameleon spell even if i missed anris quest. Is that true? Have anyone successfully done so? If yes, how? I'm along because i totally forgot to get the chameleon on my previous Playthru even though i did her quest. Now I'm doing leonhart quest and already offered a pale tongue to rosaria and its too late to go back. Just trying to save myself couple hours on another run, thanks
  13. Thanks for the post. Has this been patched yet as of 11/17/17? I know it'll be a matter of time before they do though
  14. Omg!!! Thank you sooo much brotha.. I waa going Crazy, beat the boss a good 10+ times till i decided to look into the forums. U saved me a headache + another run of the game (which i probably would have turned off replays again , lol)
  15. Thank you