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  1. This sounds worse by the minute 😔 what things get stolen? Just resources or weapons too?
  2. FFS 😢 this sounds needlessly complicated. I thought the Solaris standing and Focus trophies were needless enough, this game is getting ridiculous. I only manage around 2hrs game time per week night, and hardly any on weekends. Thank you for answering my questions, it's certainly shed more light on this stupid trophy. Oh and I struggle with level 30 mobs 😂 can't imagine level 100+ ones.
  3. Thanks for the reply guys. So would it be possible for me to aquire the Lich then get killed by it 5 times in order to rank it up, then get help to take it down? Or is it much more complicated than that? i.e I need to kill Thralls etc to acquire certain mods before hand. I only ask as I just want the trophies as quickly as possible. Thanks again.
  4. I understand you have to deal the killing blow, but can other people help bring the health down on a level 5 Lich?
  5. That is strange 🤔 How is the game? Pretty much the same as 1 & 2?
  6. I did a fresh install of the JP GotY version and 1.04 was the only update I saw. I'll check again tonight, hopefully the DLC does get a release. If it does will it be free for GotY owners? 🤔
  7. I never noticed the option when I updated (1.04 seems to be the latest patch). I'll check again tonight.
  8. I doubt they'll share the same list as PS4, my guess is that they'll be an update that incorporates the cross save feature. All we can do is wait.
  9. Totally agree, I do like the game but I get less and less play time these days.
  10. Waa-Laa MotorStorm: Pacific Rift I earned the trophy 'Legend' before the servers closed. Demon's Souls I beat all bosses as I found them, I don't know what you mean by '1-3 & 1-4 before the final boss '??