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  1. Friday 20th June 1 Italy v Costa Rica 1 1 Switzerland v France 2 2 Honduras v Ecuador 0
  2. I think this will be fun so I'll join it too. Thursday 12th June 3 Brazil v Croatia 0 Friday 13th June 2 Mexico v Cameroon 0 Friday 13th June 2 Spain v Netherlands 1 1 Chile v Australia 1 Saturday 14th June 0 Colombia v Greece 1 Saturday 14th June 1 Uruguay v Costa Rica 0 2 England v Italy 2 Can't Wait for the World Cup to start. Let's Go KOREA!!!!!!!!
  3. Bioshock Infinite- I loved the first. The second was okay. But Infinite was amazing. My favorite part is near the beginning. When Booker was in the church. I just love the song playing and walking through the people to get cleansed. Uncharted Series- At first I didn't give to shakes about the games. But finally a friend convinced me to get the first. And I've been a fan boy ever since. Mirrors Edge- I don't really know if there are fans out there. But I loved this game. No the story might not have been super amazing. But it just felt so good. Not many game give you a free running experience like Mirrors Edge. I has a wonderful time with this game and, I'm looking forward to number 2. Killer Instinct- I always knew people who loved Mortal Kombat. So one day i found the first Killer Instinct at Vintage Stock and bought it. I never knew what kind of game it was i just like the picture on the front. I was like "WOW" i played better that Mortal Kombat. To this day it is still my third favorite fighting game behind. Persona 4 Arena and the BlazBlue series. Skyrim- I've hated on this game a lot on some of these threads so might as well keeping going. So many friends recommended this game to me because I LOVE Dragon Age. So i was like"Okay i get it and try it.". Well that is the seconds worst game I've ever bought right behind Twisted Metal on PS2. It felt like a cheap know off of Dragon Age. I know Elder Scrolls came first but, I've never liked any of the Elder Scrolls games. I felt was to open for me and the story was unbearable. The controls were... never mind I'll end my rant. I could go on forever about this game and why I don't like it. I'd agree Heavy Rain is an amazing game. I loved playing it and it has great replay value.
  4. Haha. I figured people would not like my post. But in the real. It is true i'm more of a fan of PS. But I've always wanted to play halo because so many people say it's a good game but I've never gotten the chance. Maybe when i get the Xbox One I'll finally get the chance to give it a try.
  5. Now why in the hell would you want to post this crap here. I for one don't give to shakes for Xbox. So please stop infecting my Sony love.
  6. Quaid!!!- God of War: Ascension
  7. Well i live in the US so i don't really know. But you might be able to try Most people on there do worldwide shipping. Sorry can't be of better help. But good luck anyway.
  8. I agree that CoD has it's ups and downs. But for me Assassins Creed got worse/ The last good AC game for me was Brotherhood. Then there is Battlefield. The only game in the entire series i even enjoyed was BF3. BF4 was a spinning turd that wast infecting my PS3. Soulcalibur has made me want to scratch out my eyes. My once loved series turned into something worse than Street Fighter. Which i never though possible.(*Sigh* I just wish it was good again.) Batman Arkham fell off the wagon with Origins. Asylum and City were amazing to me. But Origins is everything a game should never be. The combat was the worst I've plated in a long time. The story was about the only good part of the game. And then for my last I'd say Dead Space. The first was epic on so many levels and, still one of my top games. 2 Was alright but the story got a little weird. But 3....*sigh* I can't believe they are actually allowed to my trash like this. The was not one good thing about this game. Heck i can't even bring myself to finish this one.*sigh* I just find it astonishing. How can a company make such a great first or second game. Then everything after was just bleh. Anyway that's it for my rant. Don't hate on me too much
  9. I'd have to say Skyrim. To me the game lack everything. It felt like a cheap knock off of Dragon Age(Which i truly love). But then again I've always hated the Elder Scrolls series. On the bright side if it wins your poll i hear it's a really easy plat.
  10. Minecraft Finally got the plat
  11. IDK if this is going to be a perm topic. But i might as well keep it going. My player code is 5432024085
  12. I personally like Mount Doom
  13. Oh man this is going to suck i have yet to start Mortal Kombat, Borderlands, Bulletstorm, Battlefield 2, and FEAR 2 on this account. Teach me to start a new one. P.S Why don't company's just patch out the online trophies so people can still get plats? It would help ease the pain of losing online trophies.
  14. I just started Hunters. But i plan to play Fireflies next.