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  1. You made it. Which one you were missing?
  2. Wait, what? How do you do this?
  3. I can't believe no one has the platinum. 100 hours are too much, but I guess you can leave the game alone. The other trophies don't look hard, just playing tournaments, minigames and stuff.
  4. Any help with tis trophy? I don't know which one on one I' missing
  5. If you're into classic adventures, I recommend you the Runaway trilogy. Maybe I'm biased but I think they are great developers.
  6. The comic is Spanish (it was published first in France though) and the developer is Spanish as well (Pendulo Studios). We're getting an standard and collector editions here the 5th of November. I'm pretty hyped with this one myself. It's a great comic and great developer.
  7. Having played for some hours, the platinum is pretty straightforward.
  8. I just started the game and I'm scared. I'm trying to do everything in one single run, fingers crossed. I guess the online trophies are still easy to get
  9. I wasnt going to buy it, but now i am, this kind of platinum chills me.
  10. Didnt know about this and now I'm freaking out!
  11. You can't, at least for now. We're hoping for a patch.
  12. One question, is there no info about this in the official guide?
  13. But "Skin every species of animal in Story Mode" When you skin an animal, doesn't count as studied? Or you have to do both?
  14. I did it with some fences in Valentine, Very easy.
  15. That was it. Thanks!!