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  1. You can't, at least for now. We're hoping for a patch.
  2. One question, is there no info about this in the official guide?
  3. But "Skin every species of animal in Story Mode" When you skin an animal, doesn't count as studied? Or you have to do both?
  4. I did it with some fences in Valentine, Very easy.
  5. That was it. Thanks!!
  6. Is it in the same island? I just looked and I have 3 sidequests there and no lost and found. Maybe I already done it.
  7. Just finished the story and I went to the pirates island, and she doesn't give me any mission. I speak with her and she tells me "good luck with the hunt" or something like that, as if she already gave me the mission. Any idea?
  8. Can someone confirm there is nothing missable? I guess not, but just to be clear.
  9. Best stealth game ever.
  10. I don't know, but I had the same experience, at least after finishing the game, with the podcast on there were no crimes. Now let's wait for Tomb Raider.
  11. I was in your exact same position, thanks!!
  12. It's been out for PC for a while, so there will be already guides, I guess. Anyone knows the exact release date? I can only find Spring.
  13. Yep, the competitive mode, but you can do it on your own with two devices.
  14. I'm just like you, only I just I played twice waiting for a guide.
  15. Of course, I did it with my iPad and iPhone at the same time.