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  1. 892? Fair play!
  2. Doesn't look all that hard, grind maybe.
  3. Ohhh my 😍 😄
  4. Fair play too ya, no way could I get 543 never mind a 100 or a 1000 😵
  5. Someone has the jump rope one now as well.
  6. Someone has excalibur 2 already A lad called TOMATO_REDFORD'S
  7. I'd completed this way back in 2004, I'd buy it just for Freya 😍.
  8. Sweet! This trophy list looks impossible though.
  9. The slayers
  10. It's not out yet is it?
  11. Very disappointing that there is U.S list yet, shouldn't be this late.
  12. Kick ass 2, mehh
  13. I'm having a problem on vita where I earned the prologue trophy and it popped but when I look at the list it shows that it's still locked as if it hadn't popped! I've earned 3 other trophies that are showing as unlocked , anyone else experience this? I have two Vita's and one was about too die so I switched out the memory card and game (while it was switched off) too my second vita, would this cause a problem ?
  14. Wasn't aware the ps4 version has extra content, that's disappointing too hear, still no vita list on the site ,I got my vita copy today and Im disappointed there is no option for Japanese voiceover with subs. Is it the same for ps4 version?