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  1. From the store?
  2. Apologies for my lack of plats team A, I hope to have Ac odyssey soon and god of war by the end of the year, I can't guarantee anymore than that I'm afraid 🙁
  3. Looks simple!
  4. Was just gonna ask this myself.
  5. Tough boss fights?
  6. My hero for clarifying that 😍
  7. Do difficulty trophies stack? Like in uncharted 4?
  8. Looks easier than Rise of the tomb raider anyway.
  9. That's it now till christmas, where by I will purchase red dead 2 and new AC games................................ said no one ever.
  10. If At First You Don't Succeed Awarded for reworking 10 items on the Fun-Size Forge. Dragon Quest XI
  11. Living the name "Meowski" 😂

  12. Caved and brought this 😫