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  1. Finally got in that area where powerpyx did it, I just started kill innocents while on the roof of that building and waited till there was cops standing close together and then jumped down on them and boom got it!
  2. Anyone else having trouble getting this in version 1.06 on ps5? I tried to follow powerpyx video but the npc's don't appear like they do in this video, there's no one there, any tips ?
  3. What are the requirements for s ranking? does it vary from mission to mission?
  4. Is worth a punt at full price or would you say wait for a sale? reviews seem to be very mixed.
  5. I know the dude you're on about, I got mine thanks to them as well.
  6. It can't be for nothing Plat 30# Last of us part 1 Never played last of us before, I had a ps3 copy but never got round to playing it, what a fantastic game! 10/10.
  7. Ahhh nuts 😞
  8. If you have 16 achievements unlocked on xbox series x and then transfer that file over to ps 5 will all the trophies you have unlocked on xbox unlock on ps5 ?
  9. Nice to see its in development but also sad we won't seeing it anytime soon.
  10. How hard was the final battle on hard?
  11. If you pause the game when doing the speedrun does that stop the timer or does it keep going ?
  12. This game looks pawsome and what purrfect way to spend a weekend than playing this.
  13. So basically we could have 3 FF games in the space of a year, I can't see it happening tbh but stranger things have happened.
  14. One of them will have their release date changed anyway no doubt.
  15. We're gonna be spoiled next year for final fantasy games , what with xvi supposedly coming next summer and now rebirth next winter , square enix be like 🤑🤑🤑