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  1. Any trophy list yet? I've a feeling I'm gonna be disappointed with this one.
  2. Turns out I missed one of the red moon books, I tried the pawn shop but it's not there , despite entering and re-entering :(.
  3. Has this trophy not popped for anyone else ? I've got all the books, followed a guide, just got the last one in the last chapter and it didn't pop :(.
  4. ValedictorianAchieved student rank A0.
  5. You like the game so far?
  6. So can I buy 3 on its own ?
  7. Hmmm the only FF game I never finished, I might have to pre order 😏.
  8. Steak burger.
  9. Trails of cold steel. Obliteration Defeated 8 enemies at once.
  10. Got this in the sale, Gonna attempt to plat this bitch once and for all 😎
  11. Any missables ?
  12. When's it out?
  13. Oh I'm very familiar with your channel .
  14. Does the game keep track of Goon De-leet Kill 1337 Goons?