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  1. Big Game Greenhorn Giganto Monsters are...special. Big. Strong. Nasty. Have fun taking one down!
  2. Grand Battles Defeat a thousand enemies. Not even the Hunting Blades have been able to pull that off!
  3. I'm absolutely gutted, I just noticed I lost some of my physical vita games, I was away on vacation in November/early December and have a feeling I left a case of games on the plane along with a 4 gig memory card and a 16gig one :( 


    Ys celceta

    Digimon cyber slueth

    farming sim 18

    fate extella

    gun dam breaker

    trail of cold steel 1

    unit 13



    Can't believe I'm only noticing it now :( they all seem to be brought still, except for cyber sleuth :( . Gutted!

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    2. Lorajet


      Contact the airline definitely.  I left my iPod and headphones on the plane and noticed it was missing a week later.  Contacted the airline, filed a report and within 24 hours it was located. Someone had turned it in, they just didn't know who it belonged to.  Good luck!

    3. BG_painter
    4. MidnightDragon


      Like some have mentioned, try contacting the airline. Nothing to lose.

  4. Will this have a separate trophy list from vita I wonder 🤔?
  5. First Strike Take out an enemy with a Fatal Strike! Master this technique to gain advantage in battles. Secret Mission 5 Down the Dreaded Giant when it rears back and leaves itself wide open. ^^^ Got this one on the first try without even trying LOL!
  6. Secret Mission 4 Lure Zagi to the side of the ship and knock him overboard to cool him off! Only took me about 5 tries 😬
  7. Great minds think alike
  8. Should first play through be on normal? Instead of easy?
  9. Is that guide over on gamefaqs or somewhere?
  10. Just on the gift thing, vgp always marked mine as a gift .
  11. Sabrina
  12. Not watched any anime in a while, can't find anything that will hold my interest but watched one episode of "Hi Score Girl" today, it was good enough, I'll probably watch another episode.
  13. Long time since I posted in here o/
  14. or, have never had to pay customs with vgp,be careful with play asia if paying extra for the courier, you will get charged customs duty, where as with vgp anytime I payed for courier I never had to pay, I tend to use vgp a lot more than play asia for that reason but I think play asia have the better selection but are more expensive I find.
  15. Dragon quest XI, Really enjoying it.