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  1. I've looked at a few people's profiles now with the ps5 version and they appear to be popping for some.
  2. Thank god for that.
  3. Is it still episodic ?
  4. Never played it so will pick it up when released, what was the achievement list like ?
  5. I should have gone to specsaver's, I completely missed that .
  6. No difficulty trophy which is great.
  7. Downloading but I just watched a video and it looks difficult enough actually.
  8. Is there matchmaking/co op?
  9. Been almost a year since I played this, kinda wanna play it again as It was my favorite game last year,anyone doing the same ? instead of auto popping the plat.
  10. Didn't realize this was coming to psn, I got it for switch, I love the trophy tiles.
  11. From google. deleted as op never came back!
  12. Is it on the store yet?
  13. I have 23 trophies earned on the ps4 version, is possible for the them to auto unlock on ps5? and how do I do it please ?
  14. No offence taken, I wasn't freaking out, I was just wondering if it happened to other people as well, lets leave it there.
  15. So asking a question on a message board is considered freaking out now is it ?