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  1. How is the hard difficulty for this game?
  2. Greedy EA cashing in, it was wishful thinking they would go down the PES route, skip this year and concentrate on improving career mode etc for next gen and provide a free update.
  3. Got it!
  4. Still not on the store.
  5. Is it on the store? I never brought any season pass, yet theres a 15 gig download.
  6. Re-downloded, gonna finish it 😉
  7. The assist update is out then? I gave up half way through because of difficulty.
  8. What difficulty are you playing on?
  9. I'll wait for a sale.
  10. plat #24 GHOST OF TSUSHIMA Living LegendObtain all trophies. Loved every minute of it, 8/10 as the sneaking missions and the hostage missions were annoying.
  11. I have a copy that I got in new york still un-opened.
  12. No need to defend yourself, you did nothing wrong .
  13. How do you them get on here?
  14. Re-did his first mission a few times and no face appearing near his dojo after it