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  1. I uploaded my save to the cloud so I may come back to it in the future but OMG I was very angry with it this evening 😡 Might get stuck back into FF15 😆.
  2. Was attempting to get the plat in watch dogs and only had online trophies left and escape a 5 star chase, was finding it hard so In a fit of anger I deleted the game off my ps4 😡 stupid online trophies 😡!
  3. I stopped around chapter 3, is that a point of no return for a while or something?
  4. Its on the store. Any crashes?
  5. Both versions crashing?
  6. Rime next for me I think.
  7. You're carrying team A ATM @voodoo_eyes :D, I'm busy playing monster hunter 😳
  8. Easy plat.
  9. I'd love to try the game but having watched a stream of it, the combat is awful looking.
  10. Managed to get a physical copy.
  11. I agree with this!