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  1. Whats the hold with European release?
  2. Apologies Team A for my absence, I've been busy playing xenoblade chronicles 2 on the switch the last 20 days after a long break from it, so I finished it tonight, what an awesome game, I will say though it was weird playing a game without achievements or trophies 🤔, I'm gonna get reverie this week I think and plow through that.
  3. Spicy chicken sandwich
  4. Xenoblade chronicles 2 - Nintendo switch, finished it tonight, what an awesome game!
  5. Thanks for making the guide, how long till you complete it do you think?
  6. So it will ship this month? because it still says pre order :s.
  7. Got myself a vita copy, any idea when it ships?
  8. Ahhh I know....I'm just messing, causing a bit of trouble 🤑😄
  9. I friggin loved that game!
  10. The plats just keep coming in for team A 😄 *High fives @voodoo_eyes*🤑
  11. Sheltered is one tough game! I had to restart multiple times.
  12. Cheers @Edunstar84 my trophy arch nemesis 😝😆😁
  13. Blockers, I enjoyed it.
  14. Freedom wars Trails of cold steel Tokyo xandu Ys viii ys celceta
  15. Variety sounds good, oh I have ni no kuni 2 as well , Maybe I'll jump between all 3 ;).