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  1. Ladies' ManFind all of the Playboy magazines.
  2. I only need 85 as well so be sure to let me know when you want to play again Out for JusticeLearn what it means to be a Scaletta.
  3. Are the posters only available in specific chapters like the magazines or can you go around in one chapter and collect them all?
  4. Wow looks simple
  5. I'll be starting on hard for sure I think.
  6. What's hard difficulty like?
  7. Will it have match making?
  8. Chosen OneDefeat Anise on hard. This was one trophy that was not fun to get.
  9. Never mind I was thinking of Empire of Sin
  10. Is this John Romero's game?
  11. When is this out?
  12. What was your third play through for?
  13. What site did you read that on?
  14. For the motorbike chase was the music as good as the original sound track.
  15. When can we preload this bad boy? its 100 gig download?