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  1. Typical list we've all known the new gen Ac games to have, bring it on.
  2. Thank god for that!
  3. No multiplayer trophies?
  4. Classic mode is what will make or break people getting this plat, easy list otherwise.
  5. Classic mode trophy, not looking forward to that one.
  6. Which youtuber?
  7. How many chapters in mafia one on pc?
  8. So when can we pre-load?
  9. How is the hard difficulty for this game?
  10. Greedy EA cashing in, it was wishful thinking they would go down the PES route, skip this year and concentrate on improving career mode etc for next gen and provide a free update.
  11. Got it!
  12. Still not on the store.
  13. Is it on the store? I never brought any season pass, yet theres a 15 gig download.
  14. Re-downloded, gonna finish it 😉