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  1. Apologies @voodoo_eyes , you're the one keeping us afloat, I'm working on god of war and nier atm.
  2. Is there no way to view how many battles you've been in?
  3. @Edunstar84 You're on your own enemy 😠 😂😄
  4. @voodoo_eyes is there combat in Solus project or is all exploration?
  5. Spy Hunter, clunky controls.
  6. @voodoo_eyes I've had no issues so far, looks great on the vita, should get back to playing it actually
  7. I picked up both games on vita a couple of weeks back, is it text heavy?
  8. @voodoo_eyes How do you like UTAWARERUMONO: MASK OF TRUTH?
  9. Rogue Agent Defeat the Spectral Dragon.
  10. At last!
  11. Hopefully they sort it sooner rather than later.
  12. No difficulty trophies which is always good.
  13. @FireFoxie Damn ya caught
  14. +1 Witcher 3
  15. Yes m'am! *salutes*