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  1. General info Pox Nora is a tactical game with a lot of depth. I am no expert at the game but have gotten a lot of question about it so I decided to make this mini guide for it. This is by no means a complete guide or do I want to write one. You have to figure out some things yourself but I include some tips on how to find those. The plat is overall very easy but has 1 trophy that can be annoying and luck based. This is the trophy for completing all the heroic quests in 1 go. I don't know how to do some quests even with the help of google and wikis. To boost this game you need at least 2 accounts. This can be with a combination of 2 systems. PC, ps4 and vita. I haven't tested vita but I am sure it will work. Difficulty 3/10 15-25 hours Roadmap Step 1. Unlock 1 deck from each faction There are 3 easy ways to unlock a deck. By playing the faction tutorial you will unlock that deck. You can buy a deck for 5k in game gold from the shop. Lastly you can add real money to your account and buy the decks Step 2. Boost to rare league This step is to get a rewards of 500 shards that you will need to complete the heroic quests. Try to win with each faction 1 time and win with a split deck. A split deck is made of 2 different factions both having 15 runes of each. During this step you also want to get all the miscellaneous trophies. Destroy a relic and kill an enemy champion with a spell. Win with both avatars transfigured and kill 5 enemy champions with a transfigured avatar. Boosting method: In order to get points for your league ranking, you need to win after 5 minutes have past. If the game doesn't last the 5 minutes neither the winner nor loser will win/lose points. Matchmaking is done with a different rating system so you still want to win trade with your alt account. Just make sure you win after 5 minutes but lose before the 5 minutes. Step 3. Build a deck for the heroic quests This is the only part that you need to figure out yourself. The game has a ton of quests and they are randomly given every 2 weeks. You need to complete all 4 to get the trophy. You can find these quests when you press L2. Not all of them are possible so make sure you can do them all before you start buying runes. The best way to find champions for the heroic quests is by searching this wikia. http://poxnora.wikia.com/wiki/PoxNora_Wikia Search for the ability your champion needs and it should give you a list of champions. If it doesn't have a list click the link at the bottom of the page called "pages that mention <ability>". Make sure that the champion also has the ability in game because the wiki isn't up to date. Avoid expensive champions costing 80 shards or more unless you are 100% sure you can afford it. Every rune can be used twice per deck. All that is left to do is use the deck until you have unlocked all the remaining trophies related to ranked matches. Step 4. Win 10 custom games All that is left to do is beat the AI 10 times in custom games to unlock the campaign trophies. To cheese this you will be playing on the K'thir Kill (4 fonts) map and pick Ironfist Stronghold as the bot faction. When you do this the AI will often build non flying units above a pit. Resulting in an instant death to the unit. If anything isn't clear. Feel free to ask.
  2. I was expecting that. Wasn't sure how the delay is on vita so ignored it.
  3. Definitely not legit. Just report him
  4. Found an exploit on Fé Valhalla mode, not sure if it works on her normal version but you can get her stuck on the throne. She will only spawn 1 wave of enemies and that is with the 6 pillars. Set up is easy, just stand on the spot in the video, kill some adds and attack away with your god powers.
  5. Yes, it has to be done in multiplayer. Enemies in the campaign don't drop them so the trophy is for that reason unobtainable.
  6. Minor Miscalculation trophy "Kill an enemy with his own R-Sec proximity charge." is unobtainable since the server closure. You got this only a couple days ago. Can you explain how? The difficulty related trophies stack so they should all pop together after beating the last mission. You got the higher difficulties before beating the second mission. Clearly this wasn't gotten legit.
  7. I estimate the game at around 20-30 hours. Around half of that will be spent on farming the kill related trophies. They are very glitchy so you can get them after only a couple hours or 10+ hours. The game allows you to pick up 2 buffs at the start of the game and they break the games difficulty so I don't think skill will have a big impact on time.
  8. The gold and platinum trophies should have unlocked together with Master of the Universe. The trophy timestamps looks weird altogether.
  9. It was a nice month with a lot of fun games. Nex Machina: 6,44 Geometry wars: 5,54 Twisted Metal: 9,72 Starwhal x2: 12,29 Rayman Legend: 5,66 Band Hero: 6,58 Assassin Creed 4 black flag: 4,21 Estimated total Dutch Alliance: 50,44 Estimated total Team Nunb: 84.9
  10. My all time favorite game is Super Mario bros 3. Thanks for having this givaway.
  11. Platinum #102 - Superbeat: Xonic



  12. Finished both La-Mulana Ex and htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diarys so I am now The Chosen One.
  13. Hold PS button and uncheck "Use touch pointer in games".
  14. Not sure if this will help but I had a similar experience with a vita game. Trophies stopped popping after I was forcefully logged out because someone else was using the same account on a different vita. Just playing offline after logging back in still made everything pop like normal.