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  1. Ninja Gaiden Σ2
  2. It is also impossible to get the title trophy for Zelos and Kratos at the same time as they are never together in the party.
  3. I had a lot of fun competing in the league, especially during the CWC. It is my first time competing and didn't know what to aim for in terms of points during the CWC so I just popped as much as possible. I'm definitely returning for next season. Thanks @jem12345, @Psy-Tychist and @Kent10201 for hosting and running the league. I like the new rule of getting bonus points for the CWC as aiming for higher than 3rd place was mostly meaningless.
  4. @jem12345 It won't change much but I noticed a miscount on my trophies. I had 23 UR and 1 non-plat VR resulting in 606 points. Congrats on making it to the finals @Bojuka76, you and @Teslacron_Prime had some impressive scores this round.
  5. I changed the default trophy list order in the settings and now I am unable to quickly change to the PSN order without going back into the setting. For clarification I added the pic. Default is rarity for me so the option for PSN isn't available.
  6. They wanted to add VR support to the game so they will do them both at the same time to reduce costs, but I have a feeling that won't happen either now.
  7. Come on, this is the first thing you guys say to me. That is low, like the amount of UR's you guys have.
  8. I played it on the pstv and it isn't smooth on it. Some of the background video's causes fps issues so the ps4 will solve them. It is hardly an impact on gameplay but it will help. Hopefully they have added sound calibration on ps4 since the vita lacked this option and made some of the world tour Judgement stages harder than it should have been. Unless the world tour stages are different, it is going to be a 10/10 difficulty for beating Souls of Vampire Extended 6TFX with 95% judgement.
  9. @Zenodin More leaderboards are always welcome, but what if someone just creates a new account and only plays SMB. He will be pretty much on top for playing 1 challenging game. And how will it work for games that have mostly common trophies followed by 1 hard as nails UR trophy. High chances are that it will reduce your ratio.
  10. This is what I had in mind in terms of points, 2 formula's are used, 1 for 1-50% and another for <1%. This is so the points from some games aren't brokenly high. Can't copy/paste my table? How do you guys do that? https://puu.sh/vjjGc/e957686889.txt
  11. You still need to play on a published track, if you both download the same circuit in advance you should be fine, I think.
  12. 848 days, 17 hours, 31 minutes and 48 seconds I only played a couple hours when we first got a PS3 so a couple years later I used the same account. It does make the some of stats look off.
  13. @NathanielJohn I think your formula is much better for the rarity leaderboards as it rewards you for going after trophies that are rarer than 5% timewise. However it also has a problem that is noticable on PSNTL. Some games will end up giving too many points that if you don't go for them, you can't compete. Take a game like Time Crisis: Razing Storm, it has 30 trophies below 1%. The 0.01-1% scaling needs a bit of tweaking. An idea I had is to rewards point for every completed game based on the rarest trophy. It will make some of the harder non-plats just as rewarding.
  14. While a big part of the list is challenging, it isn't anywhere close to the hardest stuff IMO. The other part is just grindy or can be made easier with grinding. My top 10 hardest games that I played, so keep in mind that it won't be in this list if I haven't played it. Difficulty is mostly based on time spent practising the hardest part of a trophy. Crypt of the necrodancer Superbeat Xonic Hastune miku project diva DT extend Hastune miku project diva DT 2nd Cloudberry Kingdom I am bread VVVVVV Dustforce Sine Mora PSV Spelunky