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  1. I am not very active on forums but after hiding all my games some people have asked me about it and this is the best place to reach everyone that may wonder about it. And the anwer is that I am quiting trophy hunting.


    The main reason is that trophy hunting has changed over time and it slowly pushed me away. It is pretty much the norm now that everything has to be all inclusive, nobody should be left out on trophies and yet it is this that make me feel left out. There just isn't much for someone who find most of his joy in overcoming challenging games. It is as if the only thing left are grindy and easy games. Getting tired of doing all the easy spam.

    A couple friends rather had me unhide everything again so I did. Have fun and bye.

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    2. ExistentialSolid


      With all due respect, I think you may be overreacting. While trophy hunting has become more inclusive, that doesn't mean that challenging games or difficult trophies are going anywhere. There will always be developers that value a challenge and reflect those values in the trophies they put out.

      When you mention "easy spam," I assume you're referring to the long list of easier games that feature ultra rare trophies (which you seem to hunt specifically). If your goal is to maximize your ultra rare count, then I understand why having to force yourself through grindy/easy games would naturally push you away over time. But instead of ditching the trophy hunting scene entirely, taking a break from games that feature grindy/easy ultra rare trophies would be a more sensible approach since you seem to still find joy in overcoming challenging games. 

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Why are you doing all the easy spams if its a challenge you seek...

      But its all about having fun in the end. Maybe its time to reevaluate the reason to play and what for. You got some amazing games played and even came out fastest time on a lot. Hope you find the reason to still enjoy gaming. A shame to see you quit, but wish you the best whatever challenges in life you'll be going for.

    4. zizimonster


      I'm not always in the mood for video games, and trophy hunting can feel like work sometimes. Other times, I'm very much in the mood when playing certain games -- Mark of the Ninja Remastered is my most recent.


      When I'm not in the mood, I usually just browse the Internet, watch TV, films, or whatever that I enjoy. I might never quit trophy hunting since it is too good to be left out. Just my cents. And I hope you have a nice day. 

  2. Not much info is available about the game so I tested myself if the plat was doable. The game was fun but both unobtained trophies are bugged and won't pop. The trophy "Pure platinum" doesn't pop when getting the platinum average on legendary difficulty. Just in case I did it multiple times and in the end I just got everything platinum in 1 go. Nothing worked. The trophy "Invincible" doesn't pop for winning 100 matches. I have tried in championship, training and multiplayer. All in 1 sitting without losing a single time. All of these modes pop the trophy for a single win.
  3. There isn't any special requirement. All you need to do is get a finishing blow on a relic(green rune) with a spell(blue rune). Try doing only damage with spells if that isn't working.
  4. The dlc is account bound for this game. If you play this cross region, you can't access the dlc and it will tell you that it is unavailable as of right now. The only way to get those trophies is by playing the game on an account from that region that owns the DLC and using your main as a second controller. This will likely mean that you need to play through the entire game twice and maybe in a single sitting in order to get some of the trophies depending on how the stats are saved. Make sure that you are player 2 and not player 1 with your main account or you won't get the trophies on your main.
  5. The game is designed to be played on DS4 so ofcourse everything is doable. Some people have gotten Perfect Plays in all the songs with a controller. While I haven't used a keyboard myself. It is considered to be superior compared to DS4. The only problems with keyboard is XB since you have to use 2 keys with a single finger so you have to relearn the game a little just for that. And having overall a longer learning curve but they are easily outshined by the accuracy, speed and stamina gains in the long run. If latency isn't an issue than keyboard should be your pick when starting out.
  6. I gave this a 10 because it is the hardest platformer out there with the exception of 1 game that is just a broken mess. Easily beating games like Cloudberry Kingdom, SMB and V6.
  7. The list on Vita is slightly different and doesn't include the Challenge Feed so the 100% is stll possible. Keep in mind that the online is 100+ hours if you are new to tetris. I wouldn't recommend getting it unless you have someone to boost with. The online is dead so don't even bother without.
  8. Tested this on an alt and 2 trophies are still unobtained as of right now. Saucerer is glitched and doesn't want to pop after killing 10 green saucers. This achievement is 12,2% on steam so it is pretty clear that it is glitched. The second unobtained is Revenge and this is given for clearing or getting very far in gridrunner. With mouse controls this is still not obtained and it has a huge advantage over DS4 because it doesn't have a speed limit. On ps4 this is likely impossible because of the difficulty.
  9. I have added all the screenshots and information about the glitch that is known. If anything is still unclear, let me know. I will also work on a small guide with helpful tips and tricks. It will include all the hidden enemy mechanics and how to best approach it.
  10. I reported you all for them. Everyone that played Rayman Legends on vita knows that diamond cups are litterly impossible to get. There is often only 1 diamond there and some realy good players still play it. They have played it for years so I call doubt on you getting diamond on it consistently. You also forgot about the lums you get while doing the daily. When you go for diamond cups you need to retry a lot and those lums will add up. They can easily be another 10k on top of the bonus. People that get diamond cups only, get 1mil way ahead of max awesomeness. I call bullshit on the fact that you beat survival mode in txk so quickly. You didn't even beat the classic mode in almost 6 years and then after it was proven to be possible you just pop it 2 days later. I have spent 300-400 hours on this trophy over a year and you got this in 2 days without any problem as if this is just a casual game to do. Why not show some proof if it was that easy to do.
  11. Did you get the daily just now or did you have it for a while?
  12. This happened to me to on advanced 4. The trophy didn't pop the first time I cleared it. It popped when I did it for a second time. No idea why it glitched.
  13. After getting the Long March trophy in TxK a year ago. I finally beat the game in survival. REaly happen with finally beating this game. I spent anywhere from 300-400 hours to beat this final mode.

    Fun 9/10

    Difficulty 10/10





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    2. Danny_Johansen


      I already have that workaround up on forum page to show the long march trophy. 


      "Finally got the glitch to trigger and managed to find a way to bypass it. The glitch is 100% related to the savefile, it seems to happen over time. To fix it you need to get a new savefile. You can either delete and redownload the game from the store or upload a fresh savefile and download that at the start of a new run."

    3. HusKy


      Someone got 100% just 2 days after you. Is there some sort of online leaderboard?

    4. Danny_Johansen


      Yes, but he is nowhere to be found on them and I am sure it is cheated. While I did report him, the times aren't "impossible" since a run takes 3 hours.

  14. I don't have a clue what a containing ability does. Can you sent a screenshot to me of the heroic quests so I can have a look at the full description? Otherwise I would advice to just wait until the next heroic quests start.
  15. That means you are using a deck that isn't allowed. Are you only using 1 or 2 factions for creating the deck? If so then you are using a rune that is banned for ranked and you should replace it.