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  1. This will be the final post. This strategy is used for earning the 9 misc trophies in the game. The way to earn this wasn't found out by me but by a Japanese player, KKprimitive. The trophies are for having 5, 10....50 Pack-Llamy's appear. With the right set up this takes roughly 2-4 hours. To give a quick understanding on how this is done. First you take control of the humans in the background. You breed them like rabbits until you have a couple 100 of them and then you have them work the fields. When a field is fully worked on, a donkey will bring the grain to the silo's in the bottom right. When 4 or 5 boxes are collected it will sent out 1 Pack-Llama. Repeat this 50 times and you got all trophies. This has to be done in a single game because the progress doesn't save. Getting started The first thing you have to do is find an open spot without enemies and terrain so you have a good view of all the stuff on the background layer. Start the game like any other and escape from the prison. The spot I used for it is at a distance of 962 from the final boss. When you have found a nice spot, get rid of any roaming enemies with the Hero, do not use the King for this. Place the green bar that gives you control over either player 1 or 2 all the way to the right by pressing R1. You want it to be on the table with the pigeons. This prevents you from moving any normal units but still allows controlling the humans in the back. Control all humans Now is the time to explain how to control the humans. On the background you will see 4-5 humans spread out on the field. You have to wait until one of them is hit by a flying book. When they have a book above their head they can be controlled. Press up/down/left/right to make it walk in this direction. They will continue to walk in this direction until a new diraction is pressed. Moving them left and right will also rotate the action they will do but that isn't important for now. Just make sure to keep changing the direction every few second or you run the risk of humans despawning. When they stop walking, it means they are doing an action and you have to wait until they are done with it. Make sure to keep changing the direction when this happens or they will despawn. The way to take control over the other humans is by having the human with the book touch them. When taking control over all the humans it is important to keep them clumped together, so if 1 starts an actions and doesn't move you don't want the other to keep moving. Breed them like rabbits When bringing all of them together you noticed that a couple new had spawned. The way you get more is by bringing a male and a female together. There is a cooldown on how often they can create a new human so it is best to keep them all on top of each other so it is triggered as often as possible. Try to use only up and down so they stay better together. They will spread out at some point but try to avoid it for as long as possible. The amount of humans will start to skyrocket at point but aim for a minimum of 200 before spreading them out since it will heavily reduce new spawns. If it doesn't lag the game, you don't have enough. Working the fields When you have enough humans, it is time to make them work on the fields. By pressing left and right it is possible to cycle through a couple of actions that can be done. One of them is for plowing the fields. By changing the grafics to the "newer" version, it is easier to tell what they do. The humans will sometimes have a mind of their own and do something else. To set them right you want to quickly tap left and right so everyone is working the fields again. You can tell your doing it right when 2 or 4 dots appear on the background. It takes 3 cycles to create 1 box. These are 2 dots, 4 dots and finally a small animation. Do this until all misc trophies have popped.
  2. Since my name is mentioned a few times. From someone who earned the platinum with a controller, I highly recommend to NOT use a controller. You are playing with a massive handicap. The main reason for using a controller over a keyboard was the amount of money it costed back in 2016 to get it working and today there are much cheaper alternatives.
  3. The 2d Zelda games are the best.
  4. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Speedrun Edition Second stack done and this time around I went for a fast time on it. The time to beat was 11 hours and 25 minutes. This is a solid time considering that the game needs to be beaten 4 times for the 100%. A level has to be beaten with 5 stars, in a time trial, deathless and score run. None of these can be combined since they are played in separate modes. This makes the game very long to do in a single sitting. Giana Sisters is a platforming game with the main gimmick being that you can swap between dimensions, red and yellow. The world has small changes and your character has different abilities in them. So red has dashing while yellow has twirling, a second jump that hovers. My plan was to do as much as possible without getting any trophy but there is an unavoidable trophy on the first level of the game. This wasn't the end however for setting up a faster time. The game for some reason allows you to start on any of the 4 worlds so world 4 it is. Instantly there was a problem, there are 3 misc trophies that are for doing some basic stuff. These are using a spike box as a trampoline, collecting a red gem while twirling and killing 3 owls without touching the ground. Luckily there is a way around all off them. The spike box can still be used by dashing into it, this doesn't trigger the trophy. Owls only appear in 1 dimension so if you swap dimension before killing them it won't count. And for the last one you just avoid twirling in the red dimension. Doing the game with the restriction is kind of fun and interesting since sometimes the game forces you to twirl in the red dimension. So you have to come up with ways to go around it. This often means damage boosting to stop the twirl or collecting the red gems in a different way. With this I quickly beat world 2, 4 and the start of world 3 but then level 3-5. The main thing of level 3-5 is that owls move in cycles and keep respawning and despawning. The problem is that despawning counts as a kill towards the trophy. Being in the red dimension with the owls, triggers the trophy nearly instantly. Luckily this level can be beaten if you swap back fast enough to the yellow dimension. 3-6 was another easy set up level but then 3-7. This has the same problem as 3-5 but now requires being in the red dimension for longer. This made it to much luck depended to beat. It probably is possible but to not trigger it on 3-5 and 3-7 requires to much effort for me. The total amount of levels cleared is 18, cleared for 5 stars, time attack and score attack. The run itself could have been better but I am not unhappy about it. Mainly the bosses took to much time but the normal stages ended up going fast. The final time was 5 hours and 44 minutes, sub 5 hours should be easily doable. Hopefully this isn't to long since I am also writing this in case someone thinks the trophy timestamps look illegit. Tier 2 Shovel Knight - 100% Switchblade - 100% Little Deviants - 0% Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut - 100% Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut - 100%
  5. I did all the coop missions with Floriiss and all the missions were done for him first. I never touched the game before that point. Since we used shareplay to play together I avoided playing the game on my profile to get used to the latency. So when I started the game myself I had done every level and still remembered how to do all 300 eggs in coop. This allowed me to just blast through the game on both single player and coop. Whenever someone was able to help I did coop and otherwise single player. And since I had good coop partners, single player was more difficult.
  6. Of all the 3 Japanese exclusive Hatsune Miku Project Diva games, Extend is the most challenging. It requires beating every song with a full combo and many of them are no joke. Another good and challenging rhythm game is Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session. Taiko is a beginner friendly game but gets extremely tough as you go up in the star difficulty. What makes this list hard in particular is the trophy for getting a 10k note streak on a 8 star Extreme song. This is still challenging for rhythm veterans since it can take up to an hour depending on the song and a single mistake means starting over.
  7. Since people are nominating new most wanted, I'd like to nominate Tetris Effect. Tetris is known by everyone and is a game that requires a lot of dedication to get good at. Often taking up several hundreds of hours in practise just to build muscle memory to get a fast sprint time.
  8. Shovel Knight I had an absolute blast playing this. Both Spectre Knight and King Knight have some amazing platforming. Since both had an entire set of new levels it was like playing multiple games. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to play some platformers. King knight also had a card game build in and it is something you either like or hate and I liked it. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams I played this on the ps3 6 years ago. The dlc was missing on that so it was fun to replay the game and finish the newer levels. Definitely a bad trophy list since it requires beating all levels in hard, score, time and hardcore. Often it is possible to do multiple requirements but they won't count since it isn't the the proper mode. I will wait with the second stack for a bit. Tier 2 Shovel Knight - 100% Switchblade - 100% Little Deviants - 0% Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut - 100% Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut - 0%
  9. Win rates I have mentioned before that the win rates are very misleading. When you attack a 10 power unit with a 30 power unit you expect to win 75% of the battles but you don't. The real number for winning this is only roughly 54%. I am not 100% if the way I calculate this is correct but it gave me results that are very close. So close that I was able to use it for my benefit. When you go into a battle both units get a random number added to their own power and the unit with the higher power after wins. This number I estimated to be randomly between 0-500 so unless someone dives in the code and find the exact numbers, this is the best I could do. I put these numbers in a formula and made a graph and table out of it. I made most of these kind of quick and for myself so everything is a little messy. To explain how it works is that x is the difference in power between the 2 units. The line shows the odds of winning for the higher units so if it has 200 power more it has an 82% win rate. 82% isn't high enough that you can just attack everything at random. It will lose roughly every 6 battles. Conclusion This game is 1 big probability calculation and I had a lot of fun breaking it. If anyone has any question about it, just ask.
  10. The game may look straightforward at first but it is not. All your units have perma death so just randomly killing stuff will get your units killed. Win rates in this game are also very deceiving if you have ever watched a video. Most wins I have seen have very blessed luck and on the higher difficulties it won't happen since the luck is more in the enemies favour. And these win rates aren't given either. When you know what to do it is short and easy but when you don't it is very challenging since you just have to brute force it until you get lucky enough. Difficulty 40 trophies are related to reaching a certain distant. In this game you need to walk 1000 meter to reach the boss and kill him. The first 1km is normal difficulty. Second km is hard, then very hard, nightmare and finally impossible. Not much is fundamentally different other than that the power of each units is increased. These are the bonus power for all units on each difficulty. Not sure if it is intended but 1 unit can get double this power bonus. So an 0-6 enemy can end up being close to 200. Power and Promotions Every battle won will increase your power by 10 and when you won enough times the unit promotes and gets a big bonus. The weakest unit in your army is a soldier and it starts with 30 power. The first 2 won battles will give it 10 power and the 3rd will give 90 power. The knight is the second unit and that starts with 150 power. It will get +10 for 3 battles before getting the big bonus of 80 power on his 4th victory. Losing a single battle will kill your unit. The chance to promote is kind of small even on the normal difficulty. The change to win 3 battles with a soldier on the weakest enemy of 10 power is only 17,5%. The knight has much better odds to promote while defeating 4 weak enemies at 33,5%. You also rather have a 260 power golden knight over a 140 golden soldier. Hero and Deva King Suren can only control entire groups of units and that isn't always desirable. This is how the Hero and Deva shine because they can control a small group of units. The way you can assign units is by using the Hero or Deva on the left screen. By pressing X you will control everything around him by a 5-5 grid. The units will stay assigned to the Deva until they get assigned to a different Deva or the same Deva assigns new units. Bosses At the end of every 200 meter chunk there is a boss. By defeating a boss 2 things will happen. First the boss will become a friendly unit to aid you in battle. Boss units can have a varied usefulness with some just being another units while others have special properties like increasing other units power, creating units or turning enemies into your own. The second is that the unit used will promote to the highest rank unit. This promotion is a 50-50 between shoguns and Deva. Any unit regardless of how strong or weak they are will promote and have their power set to this class. When killing bosses you want to make use of the second part. Lets say that you attack it with golden knights, they have a power of 260 and this is the same as the first boss. On average you need 2 golden knights to kill it and both will be gone and replaced for 1 Shogun or Deva. This isn't a bad trade but any bonus power on the golden knight is lost when promoting to the new class so it can have initially lower power. A much better way to kill the boss is by attacking with many weak 30 power units. Knowing that they have a 14-15% chance to win, on average it takes 7 of these units.
  11. Switchblade I had a bit of a mixed experience with Switchblade. Overall the game is fun to play but going in a 5v5 game solo can often results in 1v3 matches so I should have jumped on this game when my friends were going for it. Tier 2 Shovel Knight - 82% Switchblade - 100% Little Deviants - 0% Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut - 0% Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut - 0% The game has a few attacks but only the air kick is good. Don't use any of the other attacks because they are often restrictive or only does 1 damage. Air kick does 2 damage and can be cancelled by hitting the ground so you can quickly kill enemies by doing small jumps into kicks. You can bring 2 items with you so bring luck items that increase the score multiplier for the 100k score trophies. For the 200 combo in chaos realm make 2 genie lamps and back up the save. The genies will damage enemies and that will often reduce the amount of hits the enemies require from you.
  12. Time Crisis: Razing Storm This has been sitting in my backlog for a solid 4 years. Only the Sentry mode was left at this point. Got a lot of luck with the hardest trophy in sentry mode since I wasn't consistent enough to get perfects on the final stage but ended up getting them all when I got perfects on stage 1 and 2 for the first time. This could have easily taken me a couple more days to complete so I am feeling really lucky. Another game I have been playing is Shovel Knight. I got the platinum a while back but still had 3 characters to do for the 100%. The DLC are just as lengthy as the platinum, requiring multiple playthroughs, including, new game+, speedrun and low%. I finished Plague Knight a couple days ago. At first this character is hard to get used to but it was more and more enjoyable with every playthrough. Spectre Knight will be the next characters and that one looks a lot of fun to play too. Tier 2 will be a couple of fast games that I want to play. I will be added 2 times Giana Sisters. 1 for normal play and the second will be an attempt for the fastest achievers. Tier 1.5 Kyurinaga's Revenge - 100% Red Faction: Guerrilla - 100% Time Crisis: Razing Storm - 100% 初音ミク -Project DIVA- ドリーミーシアター 2nd - 100% 初音ミク -Project DIVA- ドリーミーシアター extend - 100% Tier 2 Shovel Knight - 82% Switchblade - 0% Little Deviants - 0% Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut - 0% Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut - 0%
  13. A bit late to the conversation but Matterfall is an amazing game. It can be a little clunky at the start but you get used to it quickly. The only downside is that it is to easy, veteran is basically normal. Overall a little short as a result but I found it more enjoyable than Nex Machina.
  14. Kyurinaga's Revenge There was a little discussion if this game should be on the most wanted list and after completing the game I am happy it didn't. This game is just a broken piece of shit, the difficulty by itself is nothing special. It is just long at 2 hours for a full inferno playthrough. The problems are the tons of bugs/slowdown and other unfair things the game throws at you. You have to keep grinding the game until you don't get screwed over by something unavoidable. You are probably wondering what this could be. Here is a small list of things that can end you run. There are more but these the biggest. First boss sometimes lags and his hand sweep is delayed. Since you need to jump early because of the bad hit box, it will end in a game over. Second boss has a phase were part of the ground gets removed. Something it leaves you with very little space to avoid the tougher patterns and almost always kills you. Second boss final attack phase requires 30 hits and his actions are random. If he decide to keep walking forward, he can't be killed fast enough and corners and kills you. During level 1, 4, 5 and 9 you need to push a block and pushing a block can clip you in it and places a invisible wall in front of you so you can't jump on the block. Blocks are pushed over spike traps with a timer. While it can be avoided by moving away first. It can still happen. Level 8 has a 1/3 chance to soft lock after the first combat section. This part is really amazing During any combat section the game can lag and if this happens just before you have to finish a combo it will fail and leave you unable to attack again. Causing that unit or both units to die and often result in a game over. The biggest spot where this can happen is the final sword attack on the boss in level 9 because the second boss is dead on the ground and makes the game lag more. Many of these things happen at the very end of the run at 1 hour 30 minutes in. This makes it so that you basically do level 1-7 many times just to soft lock or lose at something else out of your control. Overall a really disappointing game in term of challenge. Tier 1.5 Kyurinaga's Revenge - 100% Red Faction: Guerrilla - 100% Time Crisis: Razing Storm - 80% 初音ミク -Project DIVA- ドリーミーシアター 2nd - 100% 初音ミク -Project DIVA- ドリーミーシアター extend - 100%
  15. Tier 1.5 Battle Fantasia - 21% -> Kyurinaga's Revenge - 0% Red Faction: Guerrilla - 100% Time Crisis: Razing Storm - 80% 初音ミク -Project DIVA- ドリーミーシアター 2nd - 100% 初音ミク -Project DIVA- ドリーミーシアター extend - 100% Battle Fantasia for Kyurinaga's Revenge. I have been practising it on an alt for a bit now because I wasn't sure how unfair it is since you hear a lot of horror stories around it but it doesn't seem to bad difficulty wise. I am hoping to get a speedrun of it done this weekend.