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  1. The lag is caused by the Harpies when they do their leap. They just lag the game and has nothing to do with how old your ps4 is. Best is just to ignore the lag and keep going. Try to go around the outside of the wall to avoid luring to many enemies. If you still can't deal with it, just kill the harpies from the walls to reduce the lag but this isn't advised since you will take much longer to clear the zone. Ring of Peace reduces enemy count and lag overall in the zone. Best item in the game for Coda. Always pick it up when DLC is enabled.
  2. You should rename the title to "destroying games" because you are killing it with those times. Not going to lie, I struggle a lot with level 15 and then you beat it with 2 seconds to spare. Keep it going. Can someone explain what this "ink delay" is that I keep reading about? I have never noticed any delay when it comes to ink.
  3. Tier 1 Crypt of the Necrodancer (0,04 UR) - 87% Trials Fusion(0,1) - 0% Nuclear Throne(0,41 UR) - 0% Dariusburst(0,41 UR) - 0% Super Street Fighter IV (0,55 UR) - 57% Crypt is pretty much done. I have done both Coda and the all char low%. The only thing remaining are the dlc trophies and I will clean them up over the next month or so. Next is Trials Fusion.
  4. Platinum #200 My Name is Mayo


    Something special for this milestone.



  5. @Spaz I understand where you are coming from. Initially I thought it was going to be a rather difficult platinum but when you get all the upgrades and the "white" weapon (unlocked by beating story mode on very hard) it wasn't anywhere near as hard as I imagined. You have nearly infinite energy with all the energy upgrades and using the tip mentioned by Vergil. Slowdown is not just a defensive ability, you can use it to deal more damage too since enemies get slowed more than you. So for any boss you maximise your energy for both damage and survival. The White weapon can destroy some of the hardest bosses in seconds. Don't let the over the top difficulty from the guide scare you from playing a good game. Bleed 2 is actually harder since they removed the energy tapping. Everyone I know simply agrees with that. The only tough part is the boss from the 3rd stage and you fight it again in the final. Although the rocket launcher could make it very easy if it worked like bleed 2. Never tested that weapon out for it.
  6. The way to accurately chain those planes isn't by shooting normally. It is by mashing so your shots are on top of each other in the centre. Now they can't be destroyed out of order. I didn't know this until I was done either but that is the way to do it consistently. If you still take requests, what about Tetris Effect.
  7. Nice work on Ikaruga and congrats on the plat!
  8. Thank you. I can't underestimate Coda. Even with DLC and having phasing it won't be easy to get. My plan is to do all the DLC trophies first before attempting so I know how all the new dlc items work. @Copanele You wrote TxK wrong in the list.
  9. My christmas present arrived. After losing my run last week at bard.


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    2. Danny_Johansen


      Since I returned I haven't died after the first 3 characters except for the bard one time. Back in 2016 however I have lost 2 runs on Melody. One because of a warlock. I either died from the hit or the enemy behind it. The other death was in the Necrodancer fight. I got crushed between the wall and a skeleton. I couldn't play the game for several months after those attempts and left it for a while.

    3. MohandGamer7


      24 hours later and I’ve unlocked Coda 😂 you gave me more confidence apparently 😎

    4. Danny_Johansen


      Nice, congrats with the all char run.

  10. Sign me up, I will be attempting to make Trial Fusion trophy number 10k and Crypt plat #200. Crypt of the Necrodancer (0,04 UR) - 60% Trials Fusion(0,1) - 0% Nuclear Throne(0,41 UR) - 0% Dariusburst(0,41 UR) - 0% Super Street Fighter IV (0,55 UR) - 57%
  11. @GraniteSnake @Vergil @Azimir_ Thanks you very much. I like the profiles from @Floriiss & @ThanatosNinja2
  12. Sorry for the late reply but there is no way to tell that they will glitch. If you are serious about the 100% then I wouldn't even bother worrying about the glitch until you want to start the final trophy. You will get everything else at least a 100 times over. When you can do all other 9 trophies without any problem make a new save file. Unlock all levels and back it up. Now you can practise any level you like and start a survival run with that back up.
  13. I am a flattered but you shouldn't use me as a comparison. The fact is that I am not that good in this game since I struggle with diagonal dpad movements on ps4. My left thumb would hurt after playing for only a couple hours when I have to use diagonals on dpad. People should be able to beat my time easily if they have no problem with that. For the same reason I rate Dustforce higher compared to other platformers. When it comes to time, I always estimated it at around 60 hours. Part of this is because I am an idiot and forgot about the restart bug and some strange bug happened to me during the final level which made me hit the wall behind me with water and I fell down and dead. So I had to do it 3 times. I also did the collect 'em all twice since I forgot the last Splasher even though it is free since you would have 800+. Most of my time was spent on doing individual levels, roughly 35-40 hours. The deathless/selfish/standard speedrun were pretty easy after this but I would still rate them higher than doing all the stand alone plat medals. The collect 'em all speedrun was the hardest of them all since you had to learn the entire game and even without any major mistakes it only had a couple minutes leeway on 75 minute run.
  14. I am not very active on forums but after hiding all my games some people have asked me about it and this is the best place to reach everyone that may wonder about it. And the anwer is that I am quiting trophy hunting.


    The main reason is that trophy hunting has changed over time and it slowly pushed me away. It is pretty much the norm now that everything has to be all inclusive, nobody should be left out on trophies and yet it is this that make me feel left out. There just isn't much for someone who find most of his joy in overcoming challenging games. It is as if the only thing left are grindy and easy games. Getting tired of doing all the easy spam.

    A couple friends rather had me unhide everything again so I did. Have fun and bye.

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    2. ExistentialSolid


      With all due respect, I think you may be overreacting. While trophy hunting has become more inclusive, that doesn't mean that challenging games or difficult trophies are going anywhere. There will always be developers that value a challenge and reflect those values in the trophies they put out.

      When you mention "easy spam," I assume you're referring to the long list of easier games that feature ultra rare trophies (which you seem to hunt specifically). If your goal is to maximize your ultra rare count, then I understand why having to force yourself through grindy/easy games would naturally push you away over time. But instead of ditching the trophy hunting scene entirely, taking a break from games that feature grindy/easy ultra rare trophies would be a more sensible approach since you seem to still find joy in overcoming challenging games. 

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Why are you doing all the easy spams if its a challenge you seek...

      But its all about having fun in the end. Maybe its time to reevaluate the reason to play and what for. You got some amazing games played and even came out fastest time on a lot. Hope you find the reason to still enjoy gaming. A shame to see you quit, but wish you the best whatever challenges in life you'll be going for.

    4. zizimonster


      I'm not always in the mood for video games, and trophy hunting can feel like work sometimes. Other times, I'm very much in the mood when playing certain games -- Mark of the Ninja Remastered is my most recent.


      When I'm not in the mood, I usually just browse the Internet, watch TV, films, or whatever that I enjoy. I might never quit trophy hunting since it is too good to be left out. Just my cents. And I hope you have a nice day. 

  15. Not much info is available about the game so I tested myself if the plat was doable. The game was fun but both unobtained trophies are bugged and won't pop. The trophy "Pure platinum" doesn't pop when getting the platinum average on legendary difficulty. Just in case I did it multiple times and in the end I just got everything platinum in 1 go. Nothing worked. The trophy "Invincible" doesn't pop for winning 100 matches. I have tried in championship, training and multiplayer. All in 1 sitting without losing a single time. All of these modes pop the trophy for a single win.