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  1. I think you are mistaking here because that leaderboard isn't a rarity leaderboard but a skill based leaderboard. All the games that are allowed are based on ratings other people gave the website. He didn't deny that game because it was easy but because people votes weren't high enough. A lot of people wanted even harsher restrictions since it was suppose to be about hard as nail games but he allowed many more games to have it more accessible.
  2. The closest thing to being mentioned was when I beat Super Meat Boy. Maybe if I played it before on pc I could have been first or second achiever but who knows. Either way, most people on that list generally get in because of self advertisement and I can't be arsed to do so.
  3. A few more games done With Axiom Verge 2 being released I had to get this done soon. And this game is amazing, one of the better Metroidvania games I have played in a while. For anyone not familiar with those games. They are side scrollers with a lot of focus on exploration. You find tons of upgrades on your weapons, health and abilities until you become a powerhouse and blow everything up. Also completed Extreme Exorcism and Nova-111 that were on plus a while back. I will be using 2 swaps for them. Both of them were nice and short. Tier 4 Mighty No 9 (PS3) - 100% Trackmania Turbo - 73% Extreme Exorcism -100% Axiom Verge - 100% Nova-111 - 100%
  4. In that case I want to use my final swap to change trackmania turbo for mighty no. 9 to complete this tier. That should give the final 5 euro for the bonus. Tier 3 A pixel Story - 100% Invisible Inc - 100% Mighty No. 9 (PS4) - 100% The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floors - 100% Downwell - 100% Tier 4 Mighty No 9 (PS3) - 100% Trackmania Turbo Minecraft Axiom Verge Hyper Light Drifter
  5. This may apply to all shock traps but this worked for version 3. When triggering a shock trap yourself it bypasses the KO resist. All guards had the full 5 turns so 1 person with 2 shock traps can keep everyone knocked out.
  6. The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor I picked this up because Arcesius showed a little bit a gameplay here on the forums. I can always appreciate some unique rhythm games and for only 4,20 euro it was an easy pickup. Initially I thought to myself, what the fuck I am playing. It looks like a cheap mobile game and yet it is very enjoyable to play. It has similar gameplay as Amplitude but better. Downwell I am not sure what to give this. My ps4 was acting up for some reason and the game had a ton of fps drops when shooting and jumping on enemies, so all the time. These fps drops also happened in other games so I decided to use the rebuild database feature and it seems to have fixed the issues. I don't have an opinion on this game because of this. Invisible Inc. I gave my little rant last time but a quick summary. To much RNG in shops and this can screw you over. Bad reverse difficulty curve. I will be using 2 swap to make Downwell and Metronomicon Count A pixel Story - 100% Invisible Inc - 100% Trackmania Turbo - 73% The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floors - 100% Downwell - 100%
  7. So about this Yolo run. Thanks for the suggestion, got a free number 1 spot. For anyone playing this I highly recommend playing on the highest difficulty since more hits = more damage/healing.
  8. The majority of the missions are the same or easier compared to single player because it is possible to split tasks between 2 people or player 1 can solo it entirely. All the difficulty is in the "No death" missions because both player require good execution. They are exponentially more difficult based on both players skill level. If both are good then they end up roughly the same but if 1 or both players isn't then it can take many tries. Of course shareplay does play a big role in this since with lag it becomes much harder. With a good partner and stable connection it is a 6-7/10 and 100 hours to complete it. The game is more daunting than it truly is.
  9. I practised for the 1minute spring while doing the online grind. My sprint time was also pretty slow when I started out. Took me a bit of time to finally get a 2:30 time. One thing that I do recommend learning is 2 step finesse. It really helps with consistency and speed of placing blocks so you can focus more on proper stacking. I didn't learn this myself until 30-40 hours in and kind of regret not using it from the start because people often said it wasn't required. While true, not learning this will greatly increase the number of hours you need to get the 1 minute sprint. In total it took me roughly 120 hours to get this time.
  10. For the good tetris player this will still be 70+ hours. There is a lot to do including 100k lines online, 15k tetris(60k lines), 3k t-spin and a bunch of other stuff. There is a skill required trophy, 60 second sprint, that can take hundreds of hours in just practise. Maybe a tetris master can do it in 40-50 hours but that requires really high level play for way to long.
  11. A pixel Story This game was recommended to me a while back. I didn't know much about it other then it being a platformer. To my surprise it is an amazing puzzle platformer. One of my favourite combination of genres. When I started the game it had a unique feel in terms of controls. Movement on the ground is fast so you quickly get to max running speed while the movement in the air is momentum based. This makes you locked in a direction and it is hard to go against it. This was kind of odd until you pick up the hat. The hat can be dropped and used as a portal while keeping your momentum. This allows for all kinds of nice mechanics like double jumping. Every stage it adds a new mechanic until you have to think 5 steps ahead in order to get past a barricade. I did overestimate the difficulty at the beginning because of the controls. I thought it was going to be on par with games like Splasher but a couple days in and everything clicked so I had to drop it down to somewhere in between SMB and V6. The challenge all comes from a single trophy " There's Something Wrong With You!". For it you have to beat all challenge levels back to back in a random order with 5 lives for each. I will use a swap to get rid of Max Payne 3 and change it for A pixel Story. I only plan on doing the online for it since shooters just aren't made for me. A pixel Story - 100% Invisible Inc - 81% Trackmania Turbo - 66% Raiden IV: OverKill - 0% Trials Fusion - 2%
  12. The majority of the games that are UR on my list are good games. I will do them even if they aren't UR. I am a big fan of challenging 2D games and a lot of them just end up with low rarity. I won't deny that there are some really shitty games on my list but they aren't very frequently.
  13. The Japanese version is fixed, but the EU version never got a patch. You can try it out for the first achiever and see if it works but I am not wasting my time on it anymore. NA could be different
  14. Made some progress on Trackmania Turbo. I dropped it 4 years ago for no real reason so I am happy to have finally picked it up again. I managed to finish all the levels up to 100 and the difficulty is definitely starting to pick up. The easy 5 minutes levels are slowly disappearing, there are still a few of them but most take an hour to fully learn. Not that I mind since the game is fantastic outside of a few beach levels. As a small break I decided to play Invisible Inc and this is a god damn disappointment. I normally like tactical game but this just feels unbalanced for me. Everything is basically broken that every strategy feels like a cheese. When you get the broken stuff everything is a walk in the park but when you don't get it, it makes everything just annoying. Since the layout of the stages and enemies are random it can create impossible to beat stages on higher difficulties. Or you need to skip all the safes and don't get any money but this will also get you screwed in the long run. My final mission on the harder difficulty had the worst lay out ever. New spawns at the final target so that place was never safe, 4 guards going instantly for the spawn, including the units that should never be attacked. Everything is completely open so that is was impossible to sneak past. And everything was connected so that a guard could just reach me from everywhere. In the end I had to use a few units as bait to avoid killing them but still be able to get past them. Tier 3 Max Payne 3 - 45% Invisible Inc - 43% Trackmania Turbo - 66% Raiden IV: OverKill - 0% Trials Fusion - 2%