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  1. I have finally been able to trigger the glitch in the game by playing for 50+ hours before attempting a run. This glitch prevents all trophies from popping and not just Long March. This made it easy to test and find a way to get it to work again. What exactly makes it happen is still unknown to me and I don't know any ways to unbug it. However since the trophy isn't glitched itself you can redownload the game to allow the trophies to repop. Also redownloading an old savefile in the cloud that doesn't have the bug can be used to quickly restart a run. Considering the difficulty of this trophy it is logical to assume that everyone had triggered it while practising for the long march trophy and it would have bugged for me if it wasn't for the fact that I practised on Tempest 4000. The last trophy looks very promising right now. I have finally broken past the level 64 barrier and have been getting past it every day. The levels 65-80 are slightly different compared to pure and classic mode because the layouts have been swapped. Normally this doesn't have an impact but the layout for level 73-80 are invisible. 65-72 are easier levels so this is both easier and harder because I can't practise this in the same layout. I only have 1 small concern for the final 4 levels because it is impossible to tell how they will end up looking.
  2. You can't save scum it, because it will reset the counter when you restart the game.
  3. Yes it is although I can't say it with 100% certainty. I do believe that the last trophy has a similar bug that can prevent the trophy from popping so I will do 1 more test when I get back to it and hope it doesn't pop then so tests on how to fix the glitch without restoring the vita can be done. It all comes down to finishing the survival mode and while it is very difficult, I think it is doable. Mainly the level packs 49-56, 57-64, 73-80 are a problem. They don't have much room for error and a small mistake can lead to an unavoidable death or multiple. After 80 however it becomes much easier again to do everything deathless and have done so a couple times. My best attempt right now is 1-59 deathless and losing the last live at 63. 60-63 are ridiculous so losing 3 or more lives there is common.
  4. @HusKy Psnp loads up the first 100 games so all the games after aren't loaded and they start loading when I open the backlog. If I first load the next batch of games in my profile it starts lower down the list and when I load them all, it won't load any.
  5. Looks good but it seems to load the games from my profile below the games in my backlog. Edit: It is fine when you enter it from a different tab. Edit2: You may want to remove the clear button or give it a confirm. If you misclick it, you will lose all the games in the backlog.
  6. Yes, you can play the same song for all the relay trophies. My personal song recommendation for the 10k streaks is Memeshikute 8 star ONI. It seems to use the same patterns all over the song so it is easy to learn. You can skip the balloons as they don't break your combo. The only downside is that it has only 378 notes so you have to fc this at least 26 times back to back.
  7. They are back and running again.
  8. I have 2049 UR trophies and my rarest is Long March from TxK at 0,02% however is should have been 0,00 rounded down if it weren't for the hacked trophy count.
  9. Singleplayer yes Multiplayer no I don't care if people cheat in single player games. It is all about having fun but don't do it online. You just ruin it for everyone else.
  10. My fastest UR plat is an autopop but my second fastest is Tempest 4000 with a time of 5 hours 35 minutes and its rarity is 0,38%.
  11. It took me about 25 hours to get it the first time and 6 hours the second. I have played tempest before so that helped speed this game up. Difficulty wise it is an 8/10, with the ultra survival trophy being the hardest. For this you have to beat the first 50 levels in 8 lives. Most of the levels aren't a big deal but on 25-32 an enemy is throw in that shoots a ton, rotates the screen and on death will visually impair you. Levels 13, 28 and 37 have disco ball enemies and all I can say that these can kill you if they feel like it. They can roll 10+ lanes and shoot every single one of them. Level 24 and 31 have zappers that can electrocute a lane almost instantly when they spawn. This can realy throw you off because normally they don't. Second hardest is beating the first 24 levels without dieing. This all comes down to level 13 and 24.
  12. You are indeed correct, you don't know the game and I think you shouldn't post. First of all "the real end" is given by beating the dark world of "the end level". This is the 6th world and "impossible boy" is given for beating all the levels from "cotten alley", the 7th world without dieing. This is just impossible to do and it clearly cheated.
  13. "The Real End" and "Impossible boy" are given for beating different levels and can't be combined so this flag should stay.
  14. What if we expand a little on this. A platinum gives a ribbon and 100% games give ribbon pieces. This way 100% games will be more rewarding than they are now without matching them to a platinum and breaking the system. 2 or 3 pieces can make a full ribbon. The stats still show full ribbons on your page so it looks clean, but when you mouseover it will show more detailed information. Adding a couple more ribbons categories so we have 4, the same as trophies. <1%, 1-5%, 5-20% and 20-50%. Having just 2 rarities seems a little low and it makes certain ribbons give huge ranges. Like this is feels more balanced and could potentially be used for the rarity board as suggested in the OP.
  15. @BlindMango Any chance of allowing 100% games to give Ribbons of rarity? There are a lot of games without a platinum that take more effort than games with a platinum.