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  1. You can select any level to practise. The hardest levels in TxK are around 50-65 mark, these levels have bombs that leave behind an invisible field after being killed/despawned and they can be at places above the point you can see, that makes jumps very risky. As well as an overwhelming amount of bullets, bouncing bullets that can end up above you, that again you can't see. The final 4 are actually free in terms of difficulty because the game for some reason gives you close to max shooting power in those from the very start. Strategy for 97-99 is hold left + fire while dodging some minor stuff. In Tempest 4000 the enemies have changed slightly, usually made harder so this is the reason why the difficulty is now overall higher with some random levels being much harder. I haven't played enough to say to much about the final levels so there can be easy strategies for them that I am not aware of.
  2. 50 stages in Tempest 4000 shouldn't take that long since my run was 65 minutes. All 100 stages in TxK is roughly 3 hours but I never measured the time, just an estimation.
  3. Overall stages are harder in Tempest 4000 but the survival mode has 8-9 lives for 50 stages in Tempest 4000 and 2-3 lives for 100 stages in TxK. The hardest stages aren't required in tempest 4000 survival mode and the platinum took me less than 10% of the overall time of I put in TxK.
  4. Closing this since a real guide is being made.
  5. There is a feature used on the ps4 that never was added to the psv and this broke. Ps4 and vita have other trophies that require online and they still work.
  6. Looks like I got banned again on this trash website. At this point it is easier to just not bother anymore.

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      "uh, this guy has more prestige than me. I'm just going to ban him from my site!" I had no idea this guy was that pathetic. shameful. How can anyone admit something like that...

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      That sucks tho I check that site sometimes for the rarity LB. Thanks Sergen for that image.

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      PSNP has been a sad joke since about 1974. The admin, skippycue, now banned me off the forums for not kissing his butt (aka being disrespectful). But then again, why do we even care? This site is long dead and doesn't recognize international law.


  7. I have tried doing some chapters without missing but only managed to get the first level done. Levels 2 and 3 have really annoying enemies for this challenge that keep on moving and there are a ton of them so sniping them all accurately is really hard. I think the best approach for this will be a combination of accurate shooting and some pacifist play. Can't miss if you don't shoot. Not sure how to deal with bosses since many take 100-300 hits and not spamming can massively increase the time you fight them. Finishing them off with the super is probably the best thing but this can be risky for some bosses when it will be used for safety. The other problem is dying as it will reset the shuriken power up and this will reduce the range. This can easily get you a miss anywhere. In all honesty, I am not sure if this is possible for an entire run as it could rely on to much luck with bosses.
  8. For the people wondering about Tanuki Justice, this is a playthrough of the insane mode. This is an old video before I practised stage 6 so you can see how quickly it can turn bad. Second video is the final boss missing in the video. And the last video is the second character "Penda" that has different super. It always starts on level 1 and has no extra lives. There is no auto fire in the game so each attack is a button press and the game has anti turbo so manual pressing 7-7,5 times per second is the way to go for quick boss kills. The game can never be paused as it will disable scores/trophies.
  9. It is nice to see Tanuki Justice getting a spotlight. This game needs some active players going for it to help find strategies. I am currently not playing it but will be making a return later on. I wrote a few things a while back but a lot of info is still missing so I will be adding a few things. One thing I really need to warn about is that the insane speedrun is maybe impossible but more testing is required.
  10. This game has been out for a few months now but not much is known about it. This is an absolute gem of a game for anyone liking run and gun games but at the same time is borderline impossible in terms of challenge. For some reason the devs didn't use the hidden trophy feature properly so the final 5 trophies don't have a description so here they are. The first 2 hidden trophies are for the survival mode, this mode is unlocked after beating the normal mode. Survival is an arena based level with enemies spawning in waves. At first the enemies are easy to manage but it gets absurd really quickly. Wave after wave Reach the 50th wave in survival Hold On Get 80k points in survival The other 3 hidden trophies are related to the bonus character called Penda that will be unlocked for beating hard mode. Penda mode is always set to insane difficulty and this difficulty is truly insane. Penda has a different super so it ends up playing very differently compared to the Tanuki. 2 Of the trophies also have ridiculous requirements for not dying and doing a 14 minute speedrun. The eye of the panda Beat Penda mode Panda reigns Beat Penda mode without dying You will need the dash Beat Penda mode in 14 minutes Just overall a ridiculous challenging trophy list with 3 very strict speedruns, 1 deathless, 2 score runs, 1 score survival and to tops this off a trophy called "Don't waste your shurikens" that requires beating insane mode without any continues and a 100% hit ratio. This is an absolute absurd requirement for any run and gun but doing this on insane which is basically Cloudberry Kingdom level of hazards in the later stages. Based on how much I have played, easily on par in terms of difficulty with games like Crypt of the Necrodancer.
  11. Hell no I played 50 hours non stop. What I mean is that I had 50 hours played on my current save file. When the glitch happens, all you can do is delete the game so your save file is gone.
  12. That is literally what I did to test it. I practised pure mode and hard levels in classic for roughly 50 hours and then attempted to earn a trophy. Everybody had triggered this glitch by the time they beat pure mode. The real reason for trophies not working is still unknown but will happen at some point by just playing normally. 50 Hours is a lot of time but is still only a fraction of the total practising time so it wasn't wasted time and knowing how to resolve it was more than worth it. Deleting your save file isn't a big deal unless you care about your highscores since pure and survival both start from level 1 and beating all levels will only take 3 hours when you do go for the final trophies. With PS plus there is an easy back up strategy to never having to worry about it and otherwise a back up on pc will get the job done.
  13. You don't finish them. You just win 10 custom games.
  14. It won't count in local multiplayer. Not a single trophy will work in it. I did the first 12 levels on easy with my alt and started a 1vs1. You can select friends only so you never find randoms. The fastest way to win is to keep restarting combat until you find the random effect that doubles the sand element. Activate Sand, water and lava. Send them all 1 time in and it should do 6 damage to finish off the alt. Make sure to not leave and press repeat so you have the same effect again. 1 Player can leave to give the win but then you have to find each other and should be overall lower but not sure.
  15. Thanks, got it to work. Should partly unobtainable trophies be added? The example below can't be earned by any new players. // Tetris Ultimate (PS4) // https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3119-tetris-ultimate // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/3119-tetris-ultimate/3-high-score "3119": [3],