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  1. This happened to me to on advanced 4. The trophy didn't pop the first time I cleared it. It popped when I did it for a second time. No idea why it glitched.
  2. After getting the Long March trophy in TxK a year ago. I finally beat the game in survival. REaly happen with finally beating this game. I spent anywhere from 300-400 hours to beat this final mode.

    Fun 9/10

    Difficulty 10/10





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    2. Danny_Johansen


      What kind of guide are you thinking off? It truely comes down to a lot and I mean a lot of practice. The only thing I can think of is just tips and tricks to help out.

    3. Deceptrox


      Steps on how to avoid the glitch or a workaround to earn those glitched trophies.

    4. Danny_Johansen


      I already have that workaround up on forum page to show the long march trophy. 


      "Finally got the glitch to trigger and managed to find a way to bypass it. The glitch is 100% related to the savefile, it seems to happen over time. To fix it you need to get a new savefile. You can either delete and redownload the game from the store or upload a fresh savefile and download that at the start of a new run."

  3. I don't have a clue what a containing ability does. Can you sent a screenshot to me of the heroic quests so I can have a look at the full description? Otherwise I would advice to just wait until the next heroic quests start.
  4. That means you are using a deck that isn't allowed. Are you only using 1 or 2 factions for creating the deck? If so then you are using a rune that is banned for ranked and you should replace it.
  5. It is strange that out of all the missions you named the "no touch" mission because it is basicly the same as solo with just killing the second player. Takes about 2-3 seconds of double controller inputs while a couple "no one dies" mission can take several minutes of double controller inputs. Trophy timestampwise I don't see anything wrong with the list and there is an easy way to confirm if you have done this. Just add anyone to your friends so we can see you leaderboards. Leaderboards haven't been hacked yet so it could proof your innocent. Even if you played offline, you can just play another mission.
  6. This is known for a while and is used by me and other people, it is openly discussed on playstationtrophies. The save scum can be used to go much further than just obtaining all quickly. All the machines are saved at the same time so you can set up many of them just before you get the trophy. Many of the arcades only have 1 or 2 trophies for them and setting up 2 trophies isn't a big deal for them as many won't pop until you post the score after failing. You can set up every trophy 5 seconds before it pops. Allowing you to get all in 30 minutes if you want to compete for fastest achiever.
  7. In this game you play through the dawn - noon - dusk - night of day 1 followed by the same of day 2. The trophy for Dusk 1 is popped after day 2 noon.
  8. The comments you made about txk tells me you know nothing about the game.
  9. Have you tried using a new save file after you deleted them? The problem could still be somehow linked to your savefile. The other 2 medals don't take that long.
  10. The game has major problems when you have a big friend list. It is best to clean out all your friends until you have less than 40. It fixed the issue for some people.
  11. I have finally been able to trigger the glitch in the game by playing for 50+ hours before attempting a run. This glitch prevents all trophies from popping and not just Long March. This made it easy to test and find a way to get it to work again. What exactly makes it happen is still unknown to me and I don't know any ways to unbug it. However since the trophy isn't glitched itself you can redownload the game to allow the trophies to repop. Also redownloading an old savefile in the cloud that doesn't have the bug can be used to quickly restart a run. Considering the difficulty of this trophy it is logical to assume that everyone had triggered it while practising for the long march trophy and it would have bugged for me if it wasn't for the fact that I practised on Tempest 4000. The last trophy looks very promising right now. I have finally broken past the level 64 barrier and have been getting past it every day. The levels 65-80 are slightly different compared to pure and classic mode because the layouts have been swapped. Normally this doesn't have an impact but the layout for level 73-80 are invisible. 65-72 are easier levels so this is both easier and harder because I can't practise this in the same layout. I only have 1 small concern for the final 4 levels because it is impossible to tell how they will end up looking.
  12. You can't save scum it, because it will reset the counter when you restart the game.
  13. Yes it is although I can't say it with 100% certainty. I do believe that the last trophy has a similar bug that can prevent the trophy from popping so I will do 1 more test when I get back to it and hope it doesn't pop then so tests on how to fix the glitch without restoring the vita can be done. It all comes down to finishing the survival mode and while it is very difficult, I think it is doable. Mainly the level packs 49-56, 57-64, 73-80 are a problem. They don't have much room for error and a small mistake can lead to an unavoidable death or multiple. After 80 however it becomes much easier again to do everything deathless and have done so a couple times. My best attempt right now is 1-59 deathless and losing the last live at 63. 60-63 are ridiculous so losing 3 or more lives there is common.
  14. @HusKy Psnp loads up the first 100 games so all the games after aren't loaded and they start loading when I open the backlog. If I first load the next batch of games in my profile it starts lower down the list and when I load them all, it won't load any.