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  1. I just bought the DLC from the HK store and tried with both the NA and EU digital versions. On the NA version, if you start the game on your HK account and go to the "Downloadable Content" option on the main menu, you can actually see the DLCs and can access their PS store page for direct purchase. And since I had the two trophy-related DLCs installed, you can actually see a tick next to them. I assume this means that the DLCs in the HK store are compatible with the NA version (and that the game and DLCs in the HK store are actually the NA versions of the game like many other games). On the other hand, if you start the EU version from your HK account (or any account for that matter), none of the DLCs will show up and you'll get a empty table. Here's a picture:
  2. Hi Anyone kind enough to invite me to a level 50 crew, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  3. No you can't, at least not without playing for quite some time on your dummy account. Unlike the first Dirt Rally, you use your own car in the daily challenges. In order to participate in the Group B (4WD) challenge, you have to own a car from that category. And you don't start the game with one, you have to buy one and the cheapest costs around 150k credit and you start with 0 credit. Secondly, there's no fast and brain-dead way to earn credits like in Dirt Rally 1. You either take part in the daily/weekly/monthly challenges or play the single player. And since you start the game with only an H1 car and an RX 1600s car and the rewards for the dailies range from 30k to 60k for the top player, you realistically looking at spending a couple of weeks playing dailies on your dummy account just to buy a car from Group B to take part in the challenge. It's just not feasible. This strategy was helpful in Dirt Rally 1 but not here. I can't comment on the prize money for the single player races because I didn't play those.
  4. One of the hardest aspect about earning the "Fire Up That Car... Again" is not knowing the route location/name/time of day/weather combination and having to start the challenge without any practice and doing it blindly. While the game is currently active trophy hunting-wise as it's part of the monthly PS Plus free games, the members of this community are thankfully posting this information in the other thread but once the game dies a bit, you'll be all alone. With this tip you can know the combination of route location, name, time of day and weather without having to actually start the challenge. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere but if it's, then my apology but it's worth mentioning again. So how do you do it? When you enter the challenge, a loading screen will pop up, it's an aerial shot of the route with the route length, elevation change, time of day, weather, surface type and surface degradation. If you close the game/application during this loading screen, you will not be penalised with a DNF (did not finish) and you can enter the challenge again when you start the game back up. So enter the challenge and on the loading screen gather the important information (route location/name/time of day/weather) and then close the application/game. Go to time trial and practice this combination until you're comfortable and consistent with your time. Additional tip: This might be obvious but if the Group B (4WD) daily challenge is a community daily challenge and not a special stage, then you're in luck. You can know the exact time you need to beat in order to get the tier 1 in the challenge leaderboard by going to Dirt Rally 2.0 official website then community challenges tab. Here's the link: As you can see, you can look up all the entries in the daily community challenge. What needs to be done: 1. So wait for some time to pass on the challenge, ideally more than 12 hours. 2. Look up the total number of entrants by going to the last page. 3. Take that number and multiply it by 10% and you'll get a number. 4. This number is the entrants that divides tier 1 and tier 2 and his time is the cutoff point for tier 1. 5. So look up this entrants time and aim for a time better than him/her. 6. In general, the cutoff time increases as times goes by, so you'll be safe if you beat his/her time. Example: Total number of entrants is 7000 people. 7000 x 10% = 700 Look up the 700th person on the leaderboard and aim for a time better than him/her. Combine the two tips together by practicing the stage with the right combination and aim for the time you looked up. Once you're consistent, go for the actual challenge. The only disadvantage is that the car in time trial is fully upgraded afaik while the car in the daily challenge depends on how many engine upgrades you unlocked. You will be slower in the daily challenge compared to time trial if you don't have the full upgrades, so keep this in mind. Generally you want at least the 2nd engine upgrade to be competitive in the daily challenge and have an actual shot in being in the top 10%. Now is a good time to earn this trophy as the game is very active with it being part of PS Plus free games. Hopefully these tips help more people to achieve this trophy. Good luck to you all. Extra: Today's daily community challenge 3/5/2020 (May 3rd) information: Location: Hawkes Bay, New Zealand Stage name: Elsthorpe Sprint Reverse Time: 13:51 Weather: Clear
  5. Well, hopefully they put some more of these in the upcoming weeks specially with the current situation and the F1 season on halt.
  6. I'm in the exact same situation as you. Done practice, recorded a time in qualification and participated and even won the race just now. Weekend Warrior popped but not this one.
  7. I have changed my letter (I) game from Inside to In Space We Brawl and I've edited the original post.
  8. I'm interested and I'm in. For most of my list, I decided to go with games that are above average in terms of difficulty with some easy games to play in between. I also to tried my best to avoid games that are part of a series and games that are popular and mainstream. The last 5 letters along with Q are pretty limited in options so you'll see a lot of repeats between lists. My list is pretty much final and I don't intend on changing any of the games. 10 Second Ninja DX (PS4) Action Henk (PS4) Bloodrayne: Betrayal (PS3) Curses 'N Chaos (PS4) Downwell (PS4) Exile's End (PSVita) Furi (PS4) Grim Fundango (PS4) Hyper Light Drifter (PS4) In Space We Brawl (PS4) Jotun: Valhalla Edition (PS4) Kill The Bad Guy (PS3) Lumo (PS4) Mighty No. 9 (PS4) Nova-111 (PS4) OlliOlli (PS4) Papers, Please (PSVita) Quantum Conundrum (PS3) Rive (PS4) Shadow Complex Remastered (PS4) Titan Souls (PS4) Unravel (PS4) Velocity 2X (PS4) What Remains Of Edith Finch (PS4) X-Men Origins: Wolverine (PS3) Yoku's Island Express (PS4) Zombi (PS4)
  9. I think you have to checkmark the box that says you want to receive promotional emails from PlayStation. But then again, some people have the box checked and still don't receive these emails. "PlayStation Store Summer Sale | New deals just added"
  10. If you have a European/Region 2 account, then check your email. PlayStation sent an email with this title "PlayStation Store Summer Sale | New deals just added!", the email contains a 25% code to be used on any item included in the Summer Sale. The code is valid until 23:59 BST on 21/08/2019. Edit: The code can be used on every item in the ps store even those not included in the summer sale.
  11. I will add one more vote for Hollow Knight. I cannot recommend the game highly enough. It's simply a masterpiece of game design. I was obsessed with the game for 2-3 months, reading/watching/consuming every piece of media done about it. Since I've played it, everytime a friend asks me to recommend a game for him, Hollow Knight has always been the answer. It's a metroidvenia with heavy emphasis on combat. It can be tough and slow early on but stick with it and you'll be rewarded with a great experience. You will easily get 30+ hours of amazing content for very little amount of money. It's being sold for 15 dollars/euros and I've seen it go on sale for 50% twice so far. After experiencing the game, I would've payed full price for it and wouldn't think twice about it. If you do buy it, do yourself a favour and play it blindly.
  12. That's actually a very good lineup, despite owning both of these. But I can't stop laughing at myself here, I just bought Sniper Elite 4 complete/deluxe edition on the last sale. Well, at least I have the season pass.
  13. I have a few suggestions: 1. Stop trophy stacks all together, whether be it regional stacks, device stacks, or remastered/original stacks. Exceptions: A. If a game is completely different across devices (eg. Lego games between PS4/PS3 and Vita). B. If a remastered version has seen a significant change compared to its original release. C. If a game has different/cut content across regions. 2. Give every game a platinum trophy, with no exceptions. It will give uniformity to the trophy system. 3. Add a new icon to represent a completed DLC trophies in a game. Just like platinums should represent a complete base game trophy list. Another icon should be added to a players profile with a number of it's own to represent a complete DLC trophy list in a game. The plus icon in the default DLC trophy icon is a good choice. 4. Force developers to add an offline requirement to trophies with online requirement (eg. Mass Effect 3/Andromeda). This will stop trophies from being unobtainable due to server closure which is the most common cause for a trophy to be unobtainable. Exceptions: A. Online-only games. Some of these will affect my trophy hunting (trophy stacking) but it ultimately will serve to make the trophy system better.
  14. It's the play-asia exclusive physical release, if anyone's wondering. Usually their releases' trophy lists are shared with the Hong Kong/East Asian store digital releases, so there might be a chance that this would be available digitally as well. Here's a link to the listing: Edit: this list might be exclusively physical.
  15. Yes, in theory. But it will depend on the number of participants in each challenge and will require a large number of dummy accounts to make it worthwhile. The distribution of cups is according to % of players and where do you fall within it. Diamond: top 1% Gold: 1-20% Silver: 20-50% Bronze: 50-90% That means for every 100 players in the challenge, one diamond cup and 19 gold cups are awarded. So in order to add one more diamond cup, you will need 100 dummy accounts. To add one more gold cup, you will need 5 dummy accounts. Note: If there's any mistake in the math, please correct me