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  1. If you're doing this to pursue the developers/publishers and try to get the trophy list(s) on PSN servers then good luck with that, that's going to be near impossible. If you're doing it for documentation purposes, then I'm happy to contribute. I only know one game and that's MXGP compact for PS3. NBA 2K18 (or 2K17, I don't remember) for PS3 was in this position for almost an entire year but the list was eventually uploaded.
  2. I have a few suggestions: 1. Stop trophy stacks all together, whether be it regional stacks, device stacks, or remastered/original stacks. Exceptions: A. If a game is completely different across devices (eg. Lego games between PS4/PS3 and Vita). B. If a remastered version has seen a significant change compared to its original release. C. If a game has different/cut content across regions. 2. Give every game a platinum trophy, with no exceptions. It will give uniformity to the trophy system. 3. Add a new icon to represent a completed DLC trophies in a game. Just like platinums should represent a complete base game trophy list. Another icon should be added to a players profile with a number of it's own to represent a complete DLC trophy list in a game. The plus icon in the default DLC trophy icon is a good choice. 4. Force developers to add an offline requirement to trophies with online requirement (eg. Mass Effect 3/Andromeda). This will stop trophies from being unobtainable due to server closure which is the most common cause for a trophy to be unobtainable. Exceptions: A. Online-only games. Some of these will affect my trophy hunting (trophy stacking) but it ultimately will serve to make the trophy system better.
  3. It's the play-asia exclusive physical release, if anyone's wondering. Usually their releases' trophy lists are shared with the Hong Kong/East Asian store digital releases, so there might be a chance that this would be available digitally as well. Here's a link to the listing: Edit: this list might be exclusively physical.
  4. Yes, in theory. But it will depend on the number of participants in each challenge and will require a large number of dummy accounts to make it worthwhile. The distribution of cups is according to % of players and where do you fall within it. Diamond: top 1% Gold: 1-20% Silver: 20-50% Bronze: 50-90% That means for every 100 players in the challenge, one diamond cup and 19 gold cups are awarded. So in order to add one more diamond cup, you will need 100 dummy accounts. To add one more gold cup, you will need 5 dummy accounts. Note: If there's any mistake in the math, please correct me
  5. I should've bought it sooner, is there a way to get now? Any website that sells download codes for Japanese PSN games?
  6. They shouldn't ask you for a credit card in the first place. I don't know if this is a new policy, it's specific to the UK store, or it's because you are buying a 1 month subscription. But I was in the same situation as you right now, my country lacked a PS Store. What I did and still do, is buying a PSN top up cards for the US store and buy the subscription using the money in my wallet. It never asked me for any credit card info at all. Mind you, I only buy 1 year subscriptions but I have bought numerous over the years. I even bought an UAE and HK 1 year subscriptions using the my store wallet and not ps plus cards and still I wasn't asked to add any credit card at all. Edit: a quick Google search confirms my suspicion. They are asking for a credit card/paypal because you're trying to buy a 1-month subscription (and possibly 3-months as well).
  7. I had the same issue, but I was able to download the game on my second PS3 after few days (I didn't try directly after the 24h mark though, so I can't confirm the exact waiting time). Yesterday, I launched the game and went online on both consoles at the same time and it worked flawlessly but I didn't try to play a match and see whether there's any issue connecting both consoles.
  8. Don't delete your save file because most likely the chalks are saved in there. What I don't understand is why you can't resume your career, it might set you back some events but not lock you out completely. Are you sure that you're playing with the correct save file? I finished 3 career events with the fully patched game and when I downgraded the game to version 1.03 my progress is still the same.
  9. You probably did something wrong, because I've tested the method personally and it works flawlessly. The game version should be 1.03. As melodicmizery said, you career mode progress save might not work properly and you progress may reset but as the chalks are available and can be restored with the method outlined before.
  10. I didn't test the PS3 version but I can confirm that the PS Vita works. I'll test the PS3 version today and come back to you.
  11. PS Vita: Download the game and the snooker DLC if you have it but don't install the patch, pause it. So play the game completely unpatched and when you play a match that you think you're going to lose, pause the game and close the game with PS button. Don't quit. When you start the game again, all the chalk that you used in the previous match will be back in your inventory. Obviously if you complete a match or quit a match in-game, you will lose the chalk used during the last match. PS3: Download the game and the snooker DLC if you have it and when you start the game for the first time, it will prompt you to download the patches. Initiate the download and cancel it once it downloaded and installed the first two patches. The rest is the same as the PS Vita version. I hope that's clear.
  12. The DLC from the Hong Kong store won't work with your European version (region 2) of the game, it's only compatible with the North American version (region 2). So you'd have to buy that version in order to play the DLC. See this post from the other thread for details: As for buying the DLC from the HK store. You will have to buy a HK PSN card from any online store that sells them like playasia: As foreign credit cards or PayPal accounts are not accepted.
  13. The only way to know is to try it. I'm willing to test the online matchmaking with you once we find 2 more players.
  14. I have tried it twice already, and I had no luck. I tried it with a HK not Japanese account though so I don't know.
  15. Here's the link from the UK official site:
  16. They were delisted from the PSN store few days ago after being on sale along with The Legend of Korea. Edit: I accidentally quoted myself and I don't know how to delete it on the mobile browser.
  17. LMAO. Capcom has got to be the most apathetic publisher out there towards trophies. So many instances of awful & incoherent trophy lists. I mean just look at Resident Evil: Revelation HD, it's the exact same senario and they decided to include a new list for that but not this. I just can't fathom out why they didn't include a new list with this re-release. You have two options (at least from my position), include a new list and get some extra sales or don't and lose these sales. But it's pretty par for the course with anything involving Capcom, it's like a company with multiple personality disorder. Mind you, I'm picking up the game physically to add it to the PS3 version. It's an absolute masterpiece and the boxart is way too gorgeous to pass.
  18. I encountered the same glitch as you back when I played the heists (I did it with the same crew for the bonus just like you're intending to do). And just like you said, it's a widespread issue on all platforms. The issue is the "connection/lag" between the players, based on what I gathered online and what I experienced in-game. You most probably have 2 or more players with a bit laggy/slow internet connection. If these 2 are on the same vehicle during ANY police pursuit (eg. Velum), you won't be able to lose the heat no matter how long you wait. You just have to put them in a sperate vehicles (1 in the velum and 1 in the buzzard). In my group, it was me and one other player. We tried to do the heist while me and him where in the velum for hours and hours and the stars wouldn't disappear. I looked online for a solution and we tried the next day with me piloting the buzzard and him in the velum and we managed to pass the mission first time. The glitch is not exclusive to the prison heist finale. As we encountered it during the Signal mission of the Pacific Standard heist, when you're supposed to lose the cops. We (whole crew) were hiding in one vehicle waiting for the stars to start blinking and despite being no cop anywhere in our close proximity, the stars wouldn't. I told the other player to get out of the car and the second he stepped out, the stars started blinking. Obviously, this is my observation, it may and may not work for you but it's worth a shot. Where are your crew members from?
  19. I completely understand the feeling man. Just a couple of tips. Don't make it a job because playing video games will stop being fun if you do. Be realistic, you will never be able to finish all of them so focus on what you would really like to play and the essential/most critically acclaimed games first. Focus on one or two games at a time. Have fun and good luck. One more thing, STOP BUYING NEW VIDEO GAMES.
  20. Probably, due to being on sale for $2.99 every other week for like 2-3 months now.
  21. Hi friend, my brother's vita did the same a while back. The battery is fine but the battery gauge isn't calibrated that's why. Drain the power completely off your vita by using it until it shuts off then charge it fully. That should solve the problem.
  22. Then you got no other choice than to buy a new cable, unfortunately.
  23. Are you talking about the original (OLED) vita or the new model? The original vita uses a proprietary cable, so you need that for charging it. The new (slim) model uses a normal micro USB cable so any micro USB can charge it. I use my Nexus 7 charger and cable to charge my vita. Edit: And yes. You can charge the vita off a PS4 but the vita has to be switched off (the orange light on top will be on, indicating that it's charging).
  24. Gran Turismo 5, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Warhawk & Lost Planet 2 in no particular order used to be the most coveted platinum trophies back in the early years of trophy hunting especially the latter two. I don't know about the general consensus now but some other games can be added to the list like Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Injustice, any of the NBA 2K titles, Vanquish and so many more, some of them mentioned in this thread. The way I see it, a prestigious platinum has to be something that requires both a high skill level and a good time investment in a balanced way. Something like Resistance 2 for example leans heavily on the time part of this deal and isn't in any way difficult if you have the time needed for that 10000 kills trophy.