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  1. Make sure you check the map everytime you sleep. It has 24h weather forcast in the top left hand corner so you can check if it going to rain at any point for the whole day.
  2. I found that you have to follow every step of the Mission Story exactly. I was struggling to get the 'There Goes the Neighborhood' trophy in Whittleton Creek and it eventually popped when I re-did the story missions exactly rather that the easiest way. For example, if you need a certain disguise then you need to take the one the story mission tells you to take and at the correct step of the process. Don't grab one somewhere else because you know you will need it later and don't choose a starting location with the disguise you need. Same goes for items, if you need a wrench then grab the one it tells you to.
  3. The patch changes the status of the tile on the DLC in game menu from "coming soon" to "now available" but the purchase button is still a dead link. My guess is that it will be out very soon, probably within the next 12 hours.
  4. It has crashed on me 5-6 times around Chapter 7-8 and I am using a Pro but on a normal HDTV. Not even going to attempt classic until that issue is fixed.