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  1. This is my level! Leave a comment or message me and I'll play yours asap: https://vita.lbp.me/v/shptm Thanks!
  2. Hello! This is my level. Leave a commment or message me and I'll play your level asap: https://vita.lbp.me/v/shptm Thanks! 😁
  3. Here is my level! https://lbp.me/v/q4sp430/ Comment on the level or send a message on psn so I can play your level too! 😄
  4. This guy cheated almost everyday in the daily challenges of Rayman Legends vita. I've been playing that game daily for more than one year and there is no possible way that someone could get the scores he had. @AdruA_ can also verify what I'm saying.
  5. With the KHIII platinum I´m now a master of heart 😀 I have every platinum in ps3 and ps4 plus every 100%
  6. Nice thread! I have all KH platinums and 100% in ps3 and ps4 so add me to the max rank availbale right now
  7. Hey guys, if you have access to the game today i really recommend you to do this trophy. It's quite hard to earn a diamond in vita nowadays so this will really reduce your frustration with the game.
  8. It is completely possible to earn a diamond cup everyday. There are quite a few players on ps4 making the distance and coop challenges easier. Besides, if you aren´t good in a challenge you can choose not to play it.
  9. Thanks a lot for the video @Arkiokin ! It´s not an easy run at all. Let´s get that diamond cup! 😁
  10. You can earn diamond cups daily without knowing how to brake boost. For the quick time challenges I did what @TugaSonic said and I had no problem earning the diamond cups. Just need to practice the challenge a little and copy the players faster than you
  11. I don´t think it´s worth it. I have done it 2 times in proud mode (ps3 and ps4) and it took more or less the time the trophy guide says. Besides, you are already at a good level so it won´t be that bad. It´s a long and quite a bit boring grind but really easy 😁
  12. Don´t worry, the game becomes much easier in the end(due to second chance, once more mainly and you dealing a ton of damage at level 99) . I recommend you to master the use of reflect. For me it´s the best magic and will help you a lot with the hardest bosses.
  13. Hay muchos casos como el tuyo y normalmente son por haber usado un save descargado. Probablemente no te quiten el flag, pero no te banearan por ello, simplemente dejarás de aparecer en la leaderboard. Para volver a aparecer puedes esconder el juego desde tu consola hasta un máximo de 2 juegos. Si tienes 3 o más flags no podrás aparecer más en la leaderboard ni escondiendo los juegos.
  14. Explica entonces como es posible obtener 3 estrellas en 10 misiones y 3 estrellas en 15 misiones a la vez a la vez que todas las estrellas.
  15. Por lo que veo has desbloqueado el trofeo de conseguir 3 estrellas en 10 operaciones especiales, 3 estrellas en 15 operaciones especiales y todas las estrellas al mismo tiempo, lo cual es imposible por lo que ésa debe ser la razón de tu flag. As I can see you have unlocked the trophy for earning 3 stars in 10 Spec ops, 3 stars in 15 spec ops and all stars at the same time, which is impossible so that must be the reason of your flag.
  16. But how did you get the trophy for beating the game before you even get the one for acquiring Poseidon´s rage?🤔 From what I see, a lot of your trophies are out of order
  17. I´m sorry to hear that Can you delete the patch and play without updating? I think I did that with Minecraft.I played the disc version of Silence.
  18. This is a common problem in Black Ops 2. Sorry but in order to stay in the leaderboard you´ll have to hide the game ☹️
  19. I got the trophy on my first walktrough without problem. What I did in the tutorial was pressing R3 instead of L3 and that´s it, never pressed any of them again. Hope this helps! 😄
  20. I have a painted item and I´m looking for a veteran certified item. PSN: darkriku96
  21. As spanish..I have no words for this
  22. This platinum is not hard. In fact, hard mode is really easy if you have a good deck but the platinum is veeeeeery time consuming because you need to do 6 playtroughs and besides, you need to farm a lot to complete the journal. It took me 85-90 hours more or less
  23. No, but you have tu S rank at least one EX mission of each route for a trophy ^^
  24. No, you just have to finish with S rank every mission that gives you a blueprint
  25. Hey guys, I'm just missing the pure bladestone. I´m lvl 404 on the EU server and I can trade whatever you want but the bladestone of course My PSN ID is darkriku96.