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  1. The quote basically says they will fix it if you already got the 8 wins, just gotta wait it out.
  2. Alright here's a quote from Hi-Rez staff via a Reddit post: "Appreciate you bringing this up and we do apologize for the confusion this caused. While the issue was fixed, it unfortunately didn't impact existing folks who had hit the requirements. We are going to fix that by granting it to folks ideally as soon as it's feasible so you shouldn't have to redo anything.'' Thread listed below, it's something at least.
  3. With the facts laid out right now, either that or you have to wait for the next patch. The platinum is unattainable for you right now unless said otherwise by someone else.
  4. Correct, looks like it worked
  5. I feel like that would actually work, but I sure wouldn’t give them money if you don’t have too. If you got the funds to throw around, no harm in doing so, BUT you could also wait it out and work on other games in the meantime (or work on that 25h with friends trophy)
  6. It’s half speculation and half experimenting, but if you have wins with all 6 of the default characters BEFORE the patch was implemented, it is more than likely they won’t count for the time being. If that’s the case, I would definitely wait for a better patch I would really like to be wrong and hopefully there’s a proper fix otherwise
  7. Man... what a mess this was. It's been patched, but not perfectly. It doesn't seem to count wins you earned with Rogues during the glitch period (When Sigrid was introduced until today's patch). From what I can tell from previous comments here, winning a match with a character you have NEVER got a win with before counts. I ended up buying a brand new character and getting a win, and the trophy popped no problem.
  8. This win has been sponsored by Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut, an old PS+ game everyone should play at least once GG to all other competitors and big ups to Jem for the cool event idea
  9. Alright Jemster, you have my attention. I'll join all 4 events AND take you as my partner for the Couples Event and the TDM Event
  10. Which Master card do you use? I got away with using the Bard plus ranged monsters for the most part, until I unlocked Beast that is 😂 I know there's a couple of tricky opponents now (I won't say names as I don't know how far in the story you are), but the A.I does seem a *little* smarter. Thank god hard mode isn't required for any trophies or items
  11. If you're on the first playthrough still, you can always save scum the boys trophies (as well as Celine and Spoiler) before working on the girls. You can get 9 tickets on that night for 7 guys, which should work out if you went for all character notes 🤔 at my first playthrough, all the boys were maxed, so I just used 7 tickets to view each of their scenes, trophy popped, I reloaded save You don't even have to end the night to get that trophy either, same for Celine and Spoiler 😂
  12. I always make it a point to prioritize the shiny poms and build around 500-700 CP before I go sending attacks, I only ever use defense when it looks like I'm about to lose. It's impossible to try and set up combos when the A.I moves so fast and knows exactly what to do (sometimes). I also use the little buffer between a combo going through and the next piece appearing on the screen to plan the next move out, but the game picks up speed the longer the match goes on. I recommend practicing against local punching bag Jona to increase your speed, even if it's only a little bit. On the other hand, I faced Opponent #11, and those matches either are 2-4 minute bouts of power, or she takes herself out in the first minute... Very unpredictable to say the least 😂
  13. We can only hope there's a brave soul out there daring enough to make one 🤔
  14. Finally, her colored version is previewed 😢 it's perfect. That's an instabuy



  15. Its going to be difficult