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  1. Jem took the kids away and told me β€œJoin my new event unless you want them to suffer through 10 playthroughs of Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls πŸ‘Ώβ€, so here I am, joining the event πŸ˜₯
  2. Your best methods are the chutes in Back Alley Brawl or having teammates/friends throw you. Both regular throws and ultimate throws count towards the trophy
  3. How DARE you disagree with the one and only "AnimeGamerWeeb", I hope you're happy with yourself Nevermind, he had it coming after posting this terrible opinion On a side note, totally gonna download the trial and try it tonight now just to see how evil this mainstream game really is
  4. Hi, just wanted to thank you for your amazing Cold Steel IV Guide. That one was perfect and made my journey that much more enjoyable. Still need the NG+ run, but I got the majority done on my first playthrough.

    1. Sebastian


      You're very welcome my man, thanks for the kind words. :highfive:

  5. Can confirm as I just popped the plat, this method works (for now). I only tried it on Slimescraper personally, but it does count. You also get the gold medal for said level as well, so a little extra kudos and XP to go along with it. The trophy didn't pop until the round was over though.
  6. It's a large mix of using the nonlethal items given to you (which frankly is a fuckton) and just deciding to run instead of fight. Most of my kills are from the tear extractor sections since many enemies spawn in such a small area and it would be very annoying to pacify all of them without dying. All 3 parts where you have to open the train gates can be cheesed since you have no mudokons to protect and you can use elevation to your advantage, not to mention the OP smoke screens you can use.
  7. Before a certain patch, you could progress through the game via level select with no problem. After said patch however, the only way to move to the next level is through "continue game"/your save file. You will have to do Level 16 again, which is a shame because it's the longest level in the entire game πŸ˜‚
  8. Seems all the trophy bugs are indeed fixed, just got my platinum today. Posting my Too Pure For This World results as a reference for those who might need it The Raid on Monsaic: 0 kills The Ruins: 0 kills The Blimp: 0 kills The Funicular: 0 kills Sorrow Valley: 5 kills Phat Station: 0 kills The Hijack: 4 kills Reunion at the Old Trellis: 0 kills Slig Barracks: 3 kills Necrum: 4 kills The Mines: 2 kills The Sanctum: 0 kills Escape: 7 kills FeeCo Depot: 2 kills The Yards: 3 kills Brewery: 19 kills Eye of the Storm: 30 kills TOTAL: 79 kills Plenty of leeway here, it's good to have a buffer for those last 2 levels πŸ˜‚ Good luck to everyone working on their platinum, y'all got this.
  9. Yeah that's why it didn't work for me the 1st time. It says ''no vendos'' but I think the gates count as well. Just do another run without freeing them and you'll be a-okay. It should pop once the ending cutscene plays out
  10. Vendo trophy is fixed? time to pop that bad boy, hopefully on my 6th attempt (1st since new patch) EDIT: Got it 1st try, thank goodness.
  11. Gotta add the bad ending trophy to this as well, but that's a known issue by the devs now. Can't say the same for the above 3
  12. Nothing at all. I tried it out twice to be sure, and the animation plays but I get no items for it
  13. Regarding the Copper Triangle, could someone check the 1st sleeping slig in Phat Station? I just pickpocketed him and got nothing for it. I already have the Copper Triangle key, so I was thinking maybe that's it... possibly πŸ˜‚
  14. Just popped the trophy from possessing a sniper slig in Sorrow Valley. They're after the 2nd valley crossing section where the objective is "Get rid of the snipers". You possess a flying slig and near the end of that part is where the sniper sligs are, just tap L2 and quickly switch over to one.
  15. Regarding Savin' That Moolah - Beat Eye of the Storm without using a Vendo in that level I've tried at this trophy twice now, no vendos or even the moolah gates... it still won't pop. Might have to call this one glitched. Which would not surprise me considering everyone reporting glitches and badge issues Update: Try #3 with no deaths and no dumpster, trash can looting. No trophy. I'll wait for a patch now πŸ˜‚