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  1. Siren: Blood Curse, might actually get around to installing it if they added a trophy patch
  2. Probably Aquapazza, don't think anyone on my list even has that game.
  3. It might have been okay if not for the stealth sections, they have no place in a castlevania game.
  4. Pretty much any of the bosses in Lost Planet 2 were fun to do, especially in co-op.
  5. Siren: Blood Curse
  6. BioShock 2 Althought Battlefield 3 and Red Dead deserve honorable mentions. I also quite liked the Invasion mode on Binary Domain, much better than the main multiplayer modes.
  7. Dawn Rock by Mo'some Tonebender http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DlzEO3mIis
  8. The diamonds in Farcry 2 are about the most annoying collectibles I can think of, really didn't enjoy collecting those.
  9. You know you play too much Binary Domain when you start asking people "Do you think you can defeat me!?"
  10. Probably Silent Hill Revelations, horrible film but still couldn't resist as it had the Silent Hill name on it.
  11. Would probably have to go with Bayonetta, I'm not very good at that kind of game.