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  1. Platinum Trophy #118 Mad Max Gap between First Trophy and Platinum: 3 years, 3 weeks, 2 days The trophy 'Up To The Task' is apparently notoriously bugged and I got hit with it on my first attempt at the platinum years ago. I finally went back and, after meticulous notes and another 30 hours of collectathons, I managed to get my platinum! Overall, I really like Mad Max but I wish I loved it, especially after the incredible Fury Road. The story behind the development is pretty wild. Warner Bros was so scared that they'd be losing money, so they took all of George Miller's notes on the franchise - which extended beyond Fury Road and into potential sequels - and dumped them all on Avalanche who formed a game out of all the mess. What we get is a game that is more or less creatively bankrupt and, considering George Miller's name is found nowhere in the credits, isn't even canon. Weirdly enough, Max originally spoke with an American accent during their reveal trailer, only to change it later in production. Plus, there's just some really bad, tired tropes littered throughout which leads up to a third act that's more or less too edgy-grimdark to enjoy. All that being said, I will say that they crafted a fun game. There's plenty to do, albeit everything gets fairly repetitive. The car combat is fun with some good, chunky explosions. Destroying cars hasn't felt this good in a while. It's just too bad that it's an open world mess of bugs, including - sadly for me - trophies. I'd be interested in a very unlikely sequel, but only if I could play Furiosa to be honest. I've removed Neverwinter from my currently playing. I'm in the endgame and the new patch dropped recently which changed everything. Honestly, I have no idea where to even start with that game. I've re-started on my Doom platinum! It ALSO bugged on me for my first 100% run years ago and my save data has already been corrupted on the second attempt at the platinum. I'm dying. The luck is bad. Also, I signed up for the Gaming by Numbers event which should help motivate me. I didn't have to platinum Mad Max for it, but I just really wanted it out of my backlog.
  2. Hello! Long time PSNP user, first event that I'd like to sign up for! Hopefully I'll do this right. #: Game with Link to Trophy List - (URL ID) - base game % complete #0: Doom - (4710) - 90% #1: Ether One - (3551) - 3% #2: Assassin's Creed Origins - (6792) - 70% #3: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - (3573) - 84% #4: Inside - (5154) - 15% #5: Mad Max - (3825) - 91% #6: BioShock 2 (from The BioShock Collection) - (5286) - 0% #7: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture - (3767) - 42% #8: Detroit: Become Human - (7678) - 0% #9: Rocket League - (3679) - 79% I figured that I might not finish by the time we hit the deadline, but it'll at least give me more motivation! A good mix of stuff in my backlog. Don't let some of those high percents fool you, some of them - like Mad Max and Witcher 3 - are gonna require a full playthrough.
  3. Thanks! So far it feels like completing it will be extremely hard with the controller. Sometimes I feel like it's definitely hindering me for some of those gold medals. Some of those restaurants feel impossible in the later stages. And I highly recommend Graveyard Keeper, it's very chill.
  4. Platinum Trophy #117 Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Gap between First Trophy and Platinum: 2 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, 3 hours I've been sitting on this one for a while after buying it for five bucks and I'm glad it's over and done with. I remember really enjoying it on the PS3 (which I also platinum'd six years ago) mostly for its absurd open world jank. But wowzers, Wei Shen is just one more dude in a long list of unlikable open-world protagonists. It was so weird seeing (Academy Award Winner) Emma Stone in the credits, only for her to play "Generic Attractive Lady" for one side mission. Definitely feels like a weird, unmissed era for games. The trophies definitely feel like busywork. There are a loooot of collectibles scattered through the map and almost just as many side missions. Very, very repetitive. And this "definitive" edition doesn't really do the game any favors. It's still janky as heck and it isn't the prettiest thing to look at either. I've also reached 100% completion for Marvel's Spider-Man after completing the DLC. I'll be working on DLC for Sleepy Dogs also, but it shouldn't take too long to reach 100%. Since I've still got an open world itch, I'll be starting over on Mad Max.
  5. @Bittersweet I did it! And thank you for catching that mistake, whoops. VA-11 HALL-A and Yakuza 0 are both definitely in my wishlist. I've heard such good things about both of them and they seem right up my alley. I've already seen a lot of Yakuza 0, from streamers and such, and it always looked absolutely wild.
  6. Thanks! I'll probably never get the CSD 2 platinum, but I'm still having fun trying.
  7. Hello! I was inspired by seeing so many other folks tracking their backlog that I wanted to start my own. For personal reasons, I took a fairly extended hiatus from gaming. But I came back to it this year after finally (finally) getting the Red Dead Redemption II platinum. After reaching the very nice milestone of 69% completion, I wanted to keep delving into my backlog. I don’t think I’ll ever truly finish, considering there are so many great games already coming out. But I’ll keep at it and hopefully this will help keep me on task. Since I no longer own a PS3 and I don’t really plan on using my Vita at all anymore (RIP), this will only focus on PS4 titles. I may also eventually turn this into a place to catalog all of my platinums, but we’ll see. In the meantime, I’ve broken this up into two categories: games that I’ve played but haven’t fully completed and games that I own but have never played. Games in bold will be my current interests in breaking into. Honestly, some of the games in my collection I’m not even sure where they came from. Were they PS Plus games? Did I buy too many games just because they were super cheap during deals? Yes, yes I did. Will I continue to? Yes, yes I will. Retail therapy works! PS4 - Unfinished PS4 - Unplayed Last Game Purchased: Currently Playing: Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!, Graveyard Keeper, Doom 2016
  8. This is totally giving me inspiration to start my own backlog log! 😅 Hope it helps keep you on task!
  9. All done! Good luck to those going for platinum!
  10. Any of the Ratchet & Clanks. I recommend starting with 1. If you don't have them anymore, keep going on Dead Space.
  11. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Stardew Valley, and Star Trek Online. I'll probably NEVER get Stardew, considering that Prairie King trophy. I am absolute garbage at that minigame. And STO is just daily grinding. Monotonous but only an hour of my day or so.
  12. Monster Hunter World. One of these days I'll get way into it and finally grind out that plat! Good job!
  13. Metal Gear Solid 2 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Tales of Symphonia Batman Arkham City Bayonetta I picked these games because they are all games that I also REALLY want to play but I'm scared of the trophy sets. First of all, congratulations, that's a damn impressive collection. But these in particular have been my white whales, along with others on your list. Do you consider yourself pretty skilled?
  14. New PSN name?! That's so exciting!! I switched mine too when I became more Completionist focused. Welcome to the community!
  15. Yeah, it's definitely really creative. It's something that I love to play when I just need to relax. Still need to get the platinum! :-D Thanks for the welcome, Junko! I'm getting near the end of Transistor and so far it's pretty damn good. I'm in LOVE with Red. The music is insanely good. It's just top notch. If you haven't, pick it up! Thanks for the welcome! I was just talking about how I need to start playing the Neptune series. I have reBirth 1 on Vita. Thanks dude! Hey, how easy was the Crimes and Punishments platinum? I was thinking of throwing that one in after I finish LEGO Jurassic World. Were you pretty much glued to a walkthrough? Monterrey is AMAZING, you lucky devil. I was studying German, but I never really dove too deep into it. I should pick it back up! Danger's my.... middle name.