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  1. The key to the Pain dungeon is focusing on boosting Agility. The enemies inside have high Agility which will let them take their turn before you. So you want to use the character with the most Agility as your primaries (like Al) and give them Agility boosting equipment. This will hopefully allow at least 1 or 2 of your characters to attack first depending on their level. Al also has a skilled called Parfait Moon which further boosts the speed of your team and will stay applied until they die or their speed is debuffed by an enemy. Even on easy difficulty, some of the enemies can wipe you out. I think it's the 6th fight of the first floor that there are some flying beetle-like enemies that will absolutely wreck your team in one turn if they get to attack first. A lot of the fights also have a few blue invincibility fields to step on that will temporarily give you a shield, you can find them by exploring the area with the circle button. Shina's Trally Shield (which mimics that invincibility ability) can also help her weather the beetle counter-attack if you can't kill all of them on your first turn. Thankfully if you die, its not game over, you just get pushed out of the Pain area and you get to keep all the skills you've unlocked, money and items you collected, and level ups. If you make it to the mid-point or end point of one of the 5 floors before you exit/die, you can buy a key to that starting point from the talk menu of the Strain hub area.
  2. They are a part of the Legends canon, but not the current Disney canon.
  3. PS5 version Delayed a month.
  4. One note is make sure to sell a weapon to Ghim that is listed as "sold out" at his first location (like the longsword), if you sell him a weapon that is normally not purchasable from him until a later location, you won't be able to buy it back at his first location.
  5. There's not much point to that. To get the plat you have to play through the campaign a minimum of 2 times so almost all of the combat trophies should come naturally (unless you never go for head shots, which you'll have a REAL hard time with FUBAR if you don't go for head shots). The only one I had to circle back and finish off afterward is killing 10 people who are rappelling / on a zipline.
  6. I like a good 2-handed great hammer. The enemy cannot harm you if they are a pancake on the floor due to your 2-handed R2.
  7. If you liked the normal end then you would probably enjoy Holiday Star, it's a mid-quel set partway through the first game during the holidays and stays with the lighter tone.
  8. It's kind of diminishing returns the further you go into the series. The first game is phenomenal, very creepy, I played it on PSP. The second game is a mixture of parallel scenarios during or previous to the timeline of the first game which is pretty good and ends with a final scenario that's mainly a tease for the next sequel, which is so so. Then things kinda go off the rails in Blood Drive. The story ups the stakes and just isn't that great and it was really hard for me to get over the 3D rendered, chibi art style after the gritty, 2D sprite artwork of the first 2 games. So I wholeheartedly recommend the first game, a lighter recommendation for the second if you really liked the first game and want more. Though I can't recommend the 3rd game. It's a shame they didn't port over the first 7 episodes of Book of Shadows too to make this an ultimate edition of Corpse Party as parts of Book of Shadows almost felt like DLC for the first game.
  9. Hopefully this was just the timing for their renewal and they are letting the licenses suspend for a couple of months so that when they relaunch PS+ they can add a large volume of "new" games to the service at the same time. GTA: Vice City Definitive was announced as leaving on May 2nd when it was added in late January, the web store shows it as leaving May 3rd @ midday.
  10. Some of the collectibles trophies may pop on USB 1, but may not depending on how they've sketched out their paths. Using Hammered256's 13 minute run as an example: Wave 1 @ X:30-31 is a lot of misc. events with 1 collectible trophy: all corpses Wave 2 @ X:33-34 is all misc events Wave 3 @ X:36 is a few misc events, with 3 collectible trophies: all peepings, all petals, all Delphic Epsilon locks Wave 4 @ X:40 is all misc events Wave 5 @ X:43 cleans up the last ending and the other 3 collectible trophies: foxes, documents, endings.
  11. It saves your progress toward multiple collectible trophies across multiple playthroughs. When you have collected them all, it doesn't trigger immediately, it triggers after the credits begin to roll. So someone could play through 99.5% of a playthrough grabbing collectibles like petals, papers, foxes, hang outs, annoying companions, etc. but never reach the credits so they don't get a trophy pop for any of them. A save is actually made after you pick your ending choice, but the trophies doesn't trigger until the ending cutscene plays to completion and the credits start. So here's how I think they did it: Play up until the choice for ending A, back-up to USB Drive 1, pick ending A, force quit during ending to save Ending A, then start a new game with existing save file. Play up until the choice for ending B, back-up to USB Drive 2, pick ending B, force quit during ending to save Ending B, then start a new game with existing save file. Play up until the choice for ending C, back-up to USB Drive 3, pick ending C, force quit during ending to save Ending C, then start a new game with existing save file. Play up until the choice for ending D, back-up to USB Drive 4, pick ending D, force quit during ending to save Ending D, then start a new game with existing save file. Play up until the choice for ending E, back-up to USB Drive 5, Revert to USB Drive 1 and pick ending A, let the credits roll to pop trophies, then quit the game. Revert to USB Drive 2 and pick ending B, let the credits roll to pop trophies, then quit the game. Revert to USB Drive 3 and pick ending C, let the credits roll to pop trophies, then quit the game. Revert to USB Drive 4 and pick ending D, let the credits roll to pop trophies, then quit the game. Revert to USB Drive 5 and pick ending E, let the credits roll to pop all the extensive cumulative trophies you've been working for on this cumulative save file (documents and endings), PLAT get. I think you could potentially skip backing up and reverting to all those USBs and just pop every single trophy after you finally let the credits roll for the first time on your 5th playthrough, but they probably went through all those steps to purposefully not pop all those trophies at once and get accused of cheating with an auto-popper. Though it's possible the flag for Thank You is ticked just before the ending cutscene begins and the flags for each individual ending like Happy Family aren't ticked until the end of the cutscene, which would necessitate actually viewing all 5 endings.
  12. If you are talking about platting it (vs. just playing it), you probably don't have enough time to plat Exist Archive from scratch unless you have a LOT of free time.
  13. This Atlus video from the original game release goes a bit more in-depth into World Tendency and Character Tendency.
  14. It is the same levels, but since it is a remake, not a remaster on PS5 the art style is quite different in places. Many times I preferred the original character design. The OG DeS is probably by 2nd favorite of the four Souls games. If you want to have an easier time then pick the Here is how to connect to the private server, follow the PS3 instructions. One benefit to the private server over playing offline is it is possible to alter your world tendency very easily by leaving certain messages on the ground (scroll to the bottom of that page). World Tendency that is something very easy to mess up, as you can always obtain Pure Black World Tendency by dying in human form, but it was possible to lock yourself out of obtained Pure White World Tendency. World Tendency is kind of like proto-Gravelording/Company of Champions Covenant. The darker it is, the stronger the enemies are, the more souls you get, and the higher the chance to drop loot. White tendency is the opposite, enemies get easier, but the rewards for killing are lesser. As it approaches pure black, extra enemies are added to the levels. When you get to pure white/pure black new NPCs and/or paths through the level unlock.
  15. Nope, it comes from the 1950s then became surfer slang in the late 50s/early 60s.