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  1. Pretty well as I recall, the first game, America McGee's Alice that comes with it has an inconsistent frame rate fairly often.
  2. 3D Dot Game Heroes (disc only) - A love letter and send-up of the older Legend of Zelda games Bayonetta Castlevania: Lord of Shadows (disc only) - Lord of Shadows collection version has the DLC, but only on one time use vouchers so don't buy it used expecting to get the DLC. Demon's Souls - My favorite of the Souls games and the only one still only available on PS3, see its reddit or here for how to connect to the player run server to enable multiplayer. El Shaddai (disc only) - melee combat game in the vein of GoW or DmC, except the focus is on smaller fights against tougher foes, story based on the Books of Enoch. Killer is Dead - another stylish melee, combo-based combat game Hitman: Blood Money - the best of the first 4 Hitman games, a murder sandbox. Infamous - 1 & 2 and the Festival of Blood side tale Shadows of the Damned (disc only) - 3rd person shooter with inventive weapons, obscene dumb fun. Shatter (PSN only) - an excellent brick breaker with unique gameplay mechanics and a fantastic electronic soundtrack. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (disc only) Vanquish - One of my favorite PS3 games, third persion shooter in which you zip around the battlefield in a rocket powered robot suit and slow down time to kill robots. Very difficult 100% though.
  3. Can always remote play with a vita as player 1 and your 2 controllers as guests for the other 2.
  4. 1.)It's not a plat, 2.)It's all bronze Another reason it might be low % is people buy the collection not to play all the games, but to revisit specific games they remember. 15% of 20 trophies is 3 trophies, which means the average players beat roughly half the games in the collection. The Boss time trials are pretty generous with time, but the full game speed runs are much more problematic.
  5. If you don't want to be on the clock to do the multiplayer stuff and don't want to have to buy the camera, you could always just get Burnout Paradise Remastered instead. It is currently on sale on PSN for PS4 for $5 if you have PS+ and it comes with all the DLC. All 3 trophies tied to the camera were removed from the remastered version. It's multiplayer server is not affected by the shutdown for the PS3 version.
  6. Mulaka
  7. With the physical version (non-ultimate box, vanilla only) you can also enter some sponsor codes to add stored branded vehicles for fun (Wal-mart, Best Buy, Gamestop, Circuit City, etc). Just make sure to wait to download the patches until after you enter the sponsor codes as it was disabled in patch 1.6.
  8. Guardian_owl - Repair your car
  9. Yes, that is all the DLC. Every set of DLC trophies has at least 1 online trophy except the party pack.
  10. @Shiro189 Yes, there is a lot more than 855 items. Another way to possibly generate a lot of new items is to put on the titles for better item drop rates for your active party. clear out plenty of inventory space, then run through each admin zone several times, once or twice per difficulty level. Most enemies have a piece of loot that is unique to them that they might not have dropped during the campaign. Running through them on different difficulty levels lets you kill two birds with one stone by generating random skills for Rokurou's learnt skill title as different difficulties offer different qualities of skills. If after that and some post-game dungeon clearing you are still short, flip through the bestiary and look for creatures that still have a ??? for a piece of their loot, it means you haven't gotten that piece of loot as a drop from them yet. If you do want to do that XP run, I hope you paid close attention to the rewards for completing the admin zones for the first time, one of them spit out the adamantine boots with triple +18% to XP for killing dragons.
  11. Challenges 1-5, you can basically follow videos mostly as the waves of enemies react pretty predictably. In Challenge 6 several waves, particularly the Bogey and 2 X Bogey waves, are going to be different each time so you are going to have to adapt. But even though adaptation is required, you need a solid plan to follow to carry it out. After watching several challenge 6 videos I incorporated strategies from several videos for each wave, then mapped out where the weapons are and had a plan for what weapons I needed to grab between rounds and how I needed to shift around weapons each round before killing the last enemy. It's just going to take a lot of practice of incrementally getting better so that you figure out how most efficiently to clear each round, while not wasting resources that are better used in later rounds. If you are just wanting to play it to experience w/o platting, then I recommend it without hesitation as the combat system is a joy.
  12. No, you don't need to 100% every mini-game in order to have enough items for the plat, but buying all the tales coins fashion stuff will certainly help. You can make a lot of tales coins with slash beat if you can set up your artes to hit high damage and the same exact damage every time by using the same combo. This is the one I found on youtube and used to get the rest of my tales coins. You don't need to have such godly equipment, but faster casting is important so that you have enough time to get in the entire combo. You also are going to have a real hard time getting over the item limit if you don't farm for equipment in the post-game dungeon. I didn't want to have no idea what items I had already acquired in a 2nd playthrough either, so I just ended up buying the double XP DLC for $1.50 (buy and then you have to redeem the double XP DLC within the game on the same item menu that you redeem the other free DLC crafting packs) and then did everything for the plat in the first playthrough. Here's a place you can farm for XP in the post-game dungeon in NG.
  13. That's odd considering there is already a version of Shadowgate on PS4 as a part of the 8-bit Adventure Anthology: Volume I for $8. So if want to take it for a whirl with the style of graphics you remember, you might be better off with that. No plat though, just 100%.
  14. Other than missable questlines and collectible, here are a few other things things that make it require more than one playthrough: There is a multi-part quest with Jo that begins part way through the 2nd area of the game and continues at 2 other points during the campaign, ending at the start of area 4 (Research & Development). The quest must be both completed 100% ( Repeat Customer) AND completely ignored (to get the sunglasses for Sunglasses at Night) for the plat. The two are mutually exclusive because you can't go back and complete her quest after getting the sunglasses. Also, you have to go into NG+ in order to kill a boss with its own weapon for Was That Yours?. That likely means killing the first boss, PAX, with the PAX Imperator V1 or V2. You also have to see both endings, but that is based on a choice you make right before you fight the final boss so it is easy to upload your save before interacting with the computer. --- So what I did was: Create a copy of my save file to USB right before I met Jo. Ignored her quest (you can't even talk to her) since it costs scrap and the sunglasses are cooler / more useful than her quest reward. Completed all other quest lines and collectibles Got to just before the final boss and uploaded by save file to the cloud. Beat the boss and entered NG+ and killed the first boss with its boss weapon. Reverted to my cloud save and killed the final boss again with the other choice. Reverted to my USB save and did a speed run from Central B to R&D to complete Jo's questline Reverted to my cloud save just before the final boss in case I ever decided to play NG+ Another option would be to get both boss endings before moving to NG+ and then playing NG+ up until the start of Area 4. That just adds a little extra time in the second area, Central B, but more of the 2nd partial playthrough will be more difficult since more of it is in NG+.
  15. Finally over 50 posts since I last saw this thread so I guess I'll do my partial submission. /#/ 3D Dot Game Heroes /A/ Afrika /B/ Burnout Paradise /C/ Castlevania: Lord of Shadows /D/ Demon's Souls /E/ El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron /F/ Foul Play /G/ Guacamelee! /H/ Hitman: Blood Money /I/ Infamous /J/ Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy /K/ Killer is Dead /L/ Lost Dimension /M/ Mass Effect /N/ Need For Speed: Most Wanted /O/ Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty /P/ PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate /Q/ ??? /R/ Rogue Legacy /S/ Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed /T/ Titan Souls /U/ Uncharted 2: Among Thieves /V/ Vanquish /W/ ??? /X/ ??? /Y/ ??? /Z/ Zero Time Dilemma