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  1. HuntingFever isn't quite accurate, Cerberus Network for ME2 WAS DLC that was a code in the box, but when EA made made their day 1 DLC passes free that is free as well. Overlord was also always on the disc, it's Zaaed's quest that was a part of the voucher code. I recently started fresh in ME2 from an old ME1 save to finally play the Arrival and ME3. The Arrival is very uninspired and skippable IMO, which works out well since it is the only story DLC you have to pay for with the PS3 version. If you buy 1 DLC before you start playing the ME3 campaign, it should be From Ashes. It has conversations and story content that are sprinkled throughout as you play the campaign so if you wait to buy it until near the end of the playthrough, you will miss out on a lot of character backtory. Citadel is a lot of fun and a lot of content, Leviathan has story content which gives a lot of context to the game's ending, and Omega is the most skippable of the DLC as its mainly just extra combat with little story of consequence. Pretty much the only reason to get Omega IMO is for the Flare biotic power.
  2. That is disappointing if it is a new "feature." I never leave my system in rest mode because inevitably the power blinks out for a few seconds at least once a week.
  3. I dug it enough to platinum it 4.5 years ago, there are only 3 weapons but there is a deceptive amount of depth. Combos change depending on if you rapidly press the attack button, briefly delay before hitting the attack button, or hold down to charge the attack button during the combo. There is also the rock-paper-scissors mechanic in which every weapon is weak or strong against a different weapon type so you have to keep stealing weapons to keep the upper hand. Of note for combo-based melee games of this era, there are zero quick-time events, other than the punchout-esque revive system to mash any button to get back up after you run out of HP. The art style is also just fantastic.
  4. #50 - Dark Souls II (PS3) #100 - Uncharted 1 (PS3) - Platinum in 9 years, 4 months, 1 week #150 - Metal Slug Anthology Uncharted 1 was the second PS3 game I started playing, but had never finished the platinum so decided to go back and finish it for #100 and then platinum the other four Uncharted console games.
  5. Might of played one of their micromachines games in the past, only one I can say for sure I've played is Second Sight, but that was only published by them.
  6. The first Vita game I played and completed 100%, the main reason I bought the Vita, was Virtue's Last Reward from the Zero Escape series. Sequel to one of my very favorite Nintendo DS games, 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.
  7. Depending on the sony platform, it doesn't change from "demo" to the full version until you launch the game the first time after you have downloaded both pieces.
  8. Up on the d-pad also orders both of them to do the same action. Given how useless they are compared to previous ME titles and thus how infrequently I used squad commands, I would rather the button would have been used for something else, like a shortcut to the profile menu. Whenever you want to hobble your squad mates, you can respec them in the medbay then not assign any skillpoints. This will prevent them from casting any abilities and lower the damage of their weapons as they won't have boosts from passive skills. It can also be useful for something like the "when our powers combine" trophy by respecing Peebee and then only putting points in Pull so that's the only skill she can use. For the killing 100 enemies while hovering I found a good way to tackle that is as you play. Often in the wild (particularly on the first planet) you will come across random bugs which die in one hit. So as you play, when you arrive at a destination like a remnant terminal, see if there are any bugs in firing range on radar, then hover and take them out. 2 bugs here, 3 bugs there add up over time. I did one run on insanity so hovering while shooting during normal combat wasn't really a good idea. Do note meleeing floating enemies trophy does not work with singularity, only pull. I wasted a ton of time trying to get it with singularity during normal play.
  9. While I didn't get the same joy of playing it as JS2, it ran mostly fine for me in boost mode on a PS4 Pro when I 100%'ed it a year ago. The only challenges that I would say are 100% bullshit are the ones that you have to drive a bomb into the target as several of them have like invisible force fields around them that require hitting them at a certain angle to attain your point goal. Given the OP eventually got 100% my guess is they were just salty about failing certain challenges and had to git gud.
  10. If you are starting from lvl 1, Insanity gets easier and easier as you go on as you get stronger as you level. You will have access to more active skills and passive skill bonsues and the equipment and mods will level up as well. I made the mistake of just using found gear for awhile before messing with crafting. At the very least you should craft a piece of chest armor that compliments your build and stuff it full of kinetic coil augments. Each one adds +5 to damage resistance, which if you put coils in all 4 slots will reduce all damage taken by 17%. Chest armor is the only armor that can be augmented with kinetic coils. When you level up enough to gain access to the next research tier, deconstruct the chest armor and you will get some of the materials and all of the kinetic coils back in order to craft the next level of the armor. I chose the maverick chest as it has bonuses to weapon damage, weak point damage, and extra ammo. You also don't have to spend any milky way research data as the next level of the armor automatically appears in Development when you meet the level requirement.
  11. As I understand it, what the Extended Cut mainly does is lower the threshold of war assets that are required in order to get all the ending options (and thus to also unlock this trophy) from 4K to 3100. It's pretty difficult to obtain 4K war assets with just the base game. Your problem may also be that just having a base of 4k / 3100 war assets does not cut it. The trophy goes off your EFFECTIVE war assets. If your overall readiness rating is not 100% in all regions, then you don't get the full value of your war assets. All regions start at 50% so at that level of readiness your war asset value is effectively cut in half. There is a mini-game you can play on an EA website which makes upping your readiness rating easy, if that ever goes offline/stops syncing it will make getting the plat for this much harder.
  12. So to recap, Peebee "no strings" fling doesn't count, you have to do the full "strings attached" romance through to after "Journey to the Meridian" with her. The fling with Keri (which is treated as an affair on the down low if you are already in a committed relationship with someone on the ship) DOES count toward the trophy. So the easiest way to acquire this trophy in one playthrough is to: 1.)Romance Reyes Vidal (works for male and female) as soon as possible on Kadara by not taking the deal with Sloane, completing the series of quests that start with "Murder in Kadara Port," and then making a manual save before entering the cave in the last Mission "High Noon." Complete the other missions on Kadara (don't have to kill the architect) if "High Noon" is not available. Don't take any action when the time sensitive prompt comes up at the enemy encounter, then seal the deal with a dance and a kiss back at the bar. Romance #1 Complete. Reload the manual save before entering the cave and do not enter into a relationship with him as this cuts off relationships with others on the ship, continue with your playthrough. 2.)Simultaneously pick one romance on the ship that is a committed relationship like Suvi (the easiest to complete though FemRyder only), Peebee, Jaal, etc. and flirt after every Priority Mission. You can flirt with several up until the point of commitment which is before "Hunting the Archon" for Peebee and right after that mission for most everyone else (assuming you have completed their loyalty missions). Consummate the chosen romance after "Journey to the Meridian." Romance #2 Complete. 3.)Simultaneously romance Keri as your mistress on the Nexus after every interview request and then consummate the romance after "Journey to the Meridian." Romance #3 Complete, Matchmaker unlocks. I personally unlocked the trophy with Reyes, Peebee, and Keri on the latest patch. All 3 can be romanced by a female or male Ryder.
  13. The trophy for Explorer specifically says "apex" extractions if done via multiplayer, that is a special classification of multiplayer mission. When you access the strike team menu there are normal strike team missions (3 of each difficulty level) and 1 of them for each difficulty will be an apex mission. Those you can send an NPC strike team, or run yourself in multiplayer. If you don't want to mess with Strike Teams yet, then you have to complete 5 of those Apex missions either via that menu or happen to join the public lobby of someone who is running their Apex mission 5 times and complete them. It is much, much easier to just have your NPC strike team complete any 5 missions in order to unlock the Explorer trophy.
  14. The method I used when I got it was the undershot method that was highlighted in a video. 1.)Get into a rhythm to keep the flight path reasonably level but instead of aiming to fly through the gap, you aim to undershoot the gap and run into the top of lower gate. 2.)Just before you run into the gate, do two rapid flaps. The first propels you up to the high point of your normal flight path so that you can clear the gap, and the 2nd raises you up again so that you don't dip down and clip the lower gate with your back foot. Enough time should have passed between the first and second flap that you will be far enough forward that you won't strike the top gate after 2nd flap.
  15. You obviously enjoy the Infamous games as you platted Second Son and First Light, so if you still have a PS3, I say go back and finish the plat for Infamous 1.