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  1. My guess is they are still up due to the earned trophies backlog to process. Once all the trophies through Nov. 7th have been processed, they will likely delete all the in-process trophy passes.
  2. I found the material farming guide on gamefaqs incredibly helpful as it gives you recommendations on how to efficiently upgrade weapons, recommendations on equipment to use, which missions to farm for the material you need, and some tips on how to approach true attack mode. Once you have good enough equipment to clear all the TAM levels its just a matter of the horrible time grind to craft all the equipment.
  3. One of my favorite games with a time travel element is Radiant Historia, I was quite disappointed when the vita version of the remake, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, was cancelled.
  4. I actually really liked the direction Hatoful Boyfriend took at the end of the game, it was very unexpected. It is pure VN, the only gameplay is making choices that influence the direction of the story. The Zero Escape Series is also a favorite, it's a hybrid of VN and escape room puzzles. Each game builds on the next one so make sure to play them in order. One that hasn't been mentioned is the original Corpse Party for PSP that can be played on the Vita. That is a fantastic horror VN. The PSP sequel Book of Shadows dips a bit in quality, it's like half sequel and half side-quel as a good portion of it are events that are going on at the same time as the first game. I really did not like the 3rd game that was on vita proper, Blood Drive. Treat Book of Shadows as more of an addendum to the first game, and stop with the 2nd game, Muv Luv had a lot of hype, but honestly the only really good one is the 3rd game, Muv Luv Alternative. It is also pure VN. i didn't like The Bunker much, I found the story a little predictable and the main character annoying, but Late Shift, done by the same developer was good. Late Shift is also pure VN. I would not recommend Burly Men At Sea. Wheels of Aurelia is also pretty lame as is Actual Sunlight.
  5. Ya, the jump mechanic is rather strange, but once you figure it out it is quite accurate. You have to unlearn all your video game instincts of running and jumping. Forward momentum does not affect the length of the jump that much, the angle of the camera is what determines the length of a jump. When you stand still for 2 seconds a pair of rotating footsteps appear in front of you. If you angle the camera down toward your feet, the footsteps move closer to you and if you angle the camera upward, the footsteps move away from you. When you press the jump button, after a slight delay you will jump and land where the rotating feet were visible. Unfortunately the rotating feet will only show up on fixed pieces of architecture. If it is an object with action like a flying book or a leaf on a pond, the rotating feet are not visible so you will have to estimate the location of the rotating feet based on past experience.
  6. That's just their kooky language, "shipped" in this case means sent via email. You get order a confirmation email, an order shipped email, and then a "Your Playstation code" email with the 12 character code.
  7. Might be slightly different for NA, Outlast 2 is on sale until this Friday. Didn't think they usually put things on sale that close to PS+ announcements. Outlast 2 has not been on sale in Germany since June. edit: guess not, official
  8. If you have the DLC pack that includes the UAV drone that makes things much easier, it's in the $2.99 Ranger pack. It greatly increases the detected range on your map and when fully upgrade (4 research points) detects hidden objectives and samples. The best time to farm for sample is during a galactic defense of Earth event. Defense and Attack enemy homeworld events both have extra samples, but the Earth defense maps have much easier layouts as its just streets. I can't believe it took them this many years to implement saving custom loadouts for future easy selection.
  9. That's one of the reasons I ended up buying the Double XP multiplier DLC and then just did all the XP farming in the post-game dungeon in one playthrough (and all the other things required for the plat). As there are multiple things which you don't have to recollect since they already counted toward the total, but you don't know what you already collected since it resets the list when you enter NG+. I didn't want to have to deal with that frustration, so I just ended up farming XP at a slower rate. Also having to start completely over in NG+ with no hoverboard was just a horrible design decision. What's very important to this method is finding a lot of gear that is +to XP from killing dragons. The prize for beating class 4 elite quarter zone the first time is adamantium boots with 3 X +18% to XP from dragon kills, so hopefully you held onto them.
  10. I have my favorites from the genre (Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 2), but if you have PS+, I would recommend going with one of the three you probably already own due to the service so that if you don't like it, it has cost you nothing. That would be The Surge (which I also enjoyed), Bloodborne, and Lords of the Fallen. The Surge has a near future setting, Bloodborne is like a gothic Victorian setting, and Lords of the Fallen is a medieval fantasy setting. Another option would be to dip your toe in with a 2D Souls-like first to help you get the basics of the mechanics without having to worry about the 3rd dimension, something like Salt & Sanctuary.
  11. Ya, this one was pure visual novel where the gameplay only consisted of choices, as opposed to The Bunker which had quite a few point and click adventure game mechanics and the annoying collectibles. For the most part, the endings all made logical sense with your past choices, except for one that I found.
  12. Kromaia Omega, (0.76%) it's a little grindy as you have to clear all four levels of the campaign 4 times per playthrough and then you have to complete 4 playthroughs (so play each level up to 16 times), but the NG+ playthroughs are faster (about 2 hours each) with a ship you can unlock at the end of NG. One of the trophies, holding a multiplier to 100x, is somewhat luck based. And then there is a hardcore run in which you have to finish a shorter version of the campaign (complete each level 1 time and then the final boss) without saving and without dying. Though probably the main reason it is so rare is some of the trophies were glitched for a long time, but they were finally patched. I did the trophy guide for it. Depending on your luck with the 100x multiplier and the no death run, it's about 20 hours. Helldivers is one you probably have from PS+, it is quite fun, but is pretty time consuming. There are also some trophies that require the multiplayer community to complete limited time events. There is also an extremely grindy kill 100,000 enemies trophy, though it can be automated somewhat by rubber banding an APC to drive in circles.
  13. At the start you run out from behind the car to the right and grab the shotgun and the grenades near the kiosk. Then retreat back to behind the car again, make your stand from there. Try to line up your headshot with the blindfire reticule then wait for a lull in the gunfire and tap aim and fire. If they get to the other car right next to you they are probably close enough for a blindfire. If they clump together too much, toss a grenade to kill a few, or save it for a panic situation when you want to drive them away from the car. There is a cover position to your far left that they sometimes try to take that they can hit you from so don't let them get too far left. They will also try to run around the right side of your car and melee you, try to shoot them just before they get around the corner so that you can grab their dropped gun from cover if needed. They will also occasionally drop down onto the roof of the kiosk in front of you. If you try to pop up to take a shot while they are up there they will likely hit you, so aim up and blindfire with the shotgun. Once the shooter appears up on high on the steel beam you are close to the end. Blindfire a few more enemies and when the rest of Delta arrive give them the squad command to take the guy high up on the beam out.
  14. *Zero Escape Series (Zero Escape: Nonary Games is game 1 and 2, Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is game 3) - It's a mixture of escape room puzzle gameplay and an excellent whodunnit story that carries through all 3 games. *Super Time Force Ultra - Side-scrolling, time bending action shooter. You can rewind time to fight alongside past versions of yourself that you previously controlled or bring in another member of your squad to change the timeline by killing the enemy that kills one of your guys to add them back to your roster to use. It can get pretty bananas with how many past incarnations of yourself you are fighting with, it's co-op with yourself. *Hatoful Boyfriend - Inside this parody of dating game simulators is a truly engrossing, black heart once you get to the final tale it tells. If you don't care much about game stories then it would not be the game for you as that is all the gameplay is, making story choices. *Type:Rider - If you've ever wanted to learn about the fascinating history of the printed word while you're completing a puzzle platformer, then I have the game for you. *Titan Souls - Sort of like a 2D Shadow of the Colossus. You die in 1 hit and they die in one hit, and it's a puzzle to figure out how to take them down. *Rogue Legacy - One of the better Rogue-likes from someone who doesn't generally like rogue-likes. Failed runs generate currency which you can use on persistent upgrades, or if you like the current layout of the map, you can pay money to lock it in place and run it again after you die. The central unique mechanic is once you die, you get to choose one from a few of your descendants to play next which get randomly assigned with a variety of buffs and debuffs. *Don't Die, Mr. Robot - A simple looking, but very fun, arcade style game. You are confined to a small square arena as enemies pass through it and the room fills up with fruit. Touching fruit causes it to detonate, which kills any enemies in range and chain detonates any other piece of fruit in the blast radius, which ups the multiplier. So the goal is to avoid enemies while avoiding touching fruit as long as possible to increase your score when you do finally explode the entire screen.
  15. It is strange, that's just how they chose to implement the trophy triggers. Instead of triggering when you complete the last quest in an area, the chapter doesn't "end" until you go to the next town in the Dev chapter order. The same thing can happen if you skip the optional area Neversdale, you don't get the Ch. 1 trophy and the Neversdale trophy unlocks when you enter Kirkwall. Given the difficulty that there was with certain trophies not unlocking at launch, they probably figured that system was the easiest way to ensure they triggered.