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  1. From Monolith discord yesterday: KyleXY27 Yesterday at 2:54 AM "I tried farming it after the Hammer mission as well. Still nothing lol. Tried the first and second map. I think I've done it more than 10 times straight getting revenge with an orc but still nothing. Someone actually got it with the GOTY edition last 01/17/2021 over at I tried messaging the person but I didn't get a reply yet. I wonder how he unlocked his." Monolith_Mark Yesterday at 5:45 PM "We saw that too. Apparently, the Brazilian GOTY edition works and that's the version the person you mentioned was using. We're not yet sure why, but we're looking into it. The Great Work continues, friends. Thanks for your patience!" So if only a few versions of the GOTY edition are working, that would explain why we only have 2 unlocks since the server shutdown whereas the vanilla version has 20+.
  2. Shadows of the Damned has never been available digitally on PSN, it was always disc only. It is a fun game though.
  3. Have you verified that yourself? As I have been unable to get it to unlock via that method in the GOTY edition.
  4. Which I can't seem to get to work in the GOTY edition on an alternate PS4 profile, but people seem to not have any trouble in the vanilla version based on the trophy history for Repaid in Blood.
  5. Nope, that didn't unlock it either. The Burning Vengeance trophy doesn't unlock if you have any of the extra epic runes equipped that come with the GOTY edition of the game. Tried swapping them all out for blue runes and trying it, but that didn't work either. Perhaps someone who is on their discord can tell Monolith it appears to be bugged for the GOTY edition unless there is something more to it that eludes me.
  6. Ya...unless they added a specific extra mission later in the game that unlocks the trophy then they didn't bother testing the patch to see if it works, at least in the GOTY edition (I see others have popped it in vanilla since the closure). Dying to an orc who gets elevated to captain after the Spirit of Mordor mission and then killing them didn't unlock it. Letting a captain kill me and then catching back up with him and killing him didn't unlock it. Waiting until the revenge target is in an actual mission, a power struggle, and killing them didn't unlock it. Got one more idea to try based on a glitch that stops a different trophy from popping.
  7. Started a new game under another profile, died to an orc who was then promoted to captain, killed that captain and no trophy. It might also be an issue that I did it before the Spirit of Mordor mission which unlocks power struggle missions (Vendetta was a power struggle mission). Will finish that mission and then test again with a grunt killing me and being promoted to captain and then killing them to see if the mission is a factor. If it still doesn't work, then it's probably a case of the Orc having to already be a captain when he kills you for the trophy to unlock when you get your revenge, will test that too. That lines up more closely with what the Monolith rep said on discord: "You get killed by a Captain and then avenge yourself. So it's not an online vendetta, it's a personal vendetta."
  8. Pretty good guide, though some of the instructions are a little vague. In the first level proper, the Carson Offices, you need 2 tokens in order to print out a couple documents for leads but the author doesn't mention where any are located. A few places to get tokens is on the right corner of the desk at the public printing station where you print the documents, one in the ground floor phone booth, 2 on the desk on the right as you enter the staff area of Lost Property (the room before the one with a door alarm), and 2 on the desk in the back where all the printing presses are running near Carla's Office. If you miss a phone call from Mina you can call her back from a phone booth using a token and the phone number she mentions on your pager. Another vague instruction in the Carson building is to drop through the hole in the venting system you access via the printing press area to get to Alex Dubois' office. I scoured that vent system and never found the hole. The best alternative is to enter room 215 (Carla's office) via the front door with an ID and passcode or the vent from the printing press area (pull the cord to raise the screen so the vent can drop all the way to get into her office). Then climb out the window and use the scaffolding to get down to Alex's office. A much easier way to annoy Steve for Stick it, buddy! that does not break stealth is at the very beginning of the Carson building when he is giving you your visitor badge. After you press the ringer button to get his attention at the guard station, reach through and keep pressing the call button right next to it on the left. Eventually he gets annoyed and turns it off. --- In the next area, The Metacentre, it is recommend to use the "vent by the first floor stairs" to get into room 102 without tripping the alarm. This is an extremely vague instruction and I never did find it without consulting a video. It is a vent that goes directly through the right wall of the room. Alternately go out the window by the 2nd floor elevator and enter the vent on your left to go to the stock room. There you can cut the power to room 102 which disables the door alarm. If you are stuck trying to get into a room that is a good tip in general, see if you can find a fuse box to disable power to the room as that disables the door alarm and causes all electronic doors to the room to unlock. Often the electronic plexiglass panel doors will remain unlocked even once the power is turned back on. --- For the Bowman Building stealth run I would highly recommend following a video guide (I used this one as the level is very maze-like (making it difficult to describe the path to the many, many objectives by text), almost the entire area is staff only, and Steve will be looking around areas you need to be almost all the time. --- As mentioned in other posts in the two forums for this game, everything can be much more easily cleaned up in the chapter select that was later patched into the game. After you complete it, chapter select is unlocked and if you have missed completing a lead, or interview tape, or vinyl record you can use chapter select to grab what you need and then immediately exit without completing the chapter again. If you get spotted during your initial playthrough you can replay that section to get credit for being stealthy for the Cloak and Dagger trophy. Your 2nd time through the Carson Center or the Metacentre (if you didn't get everything in your initial playthrough), grab any leads or collectibles you missed in the area while trying to avoid detection. If you get spotted (or even think you got spotted), complete all your missing objectives and then visit chapter select for that area to verify you got credit for all the collectibles. If so, go grab something else to do for awhile, restart the chapter, and then walk over and stand by where the interview will start for a real time hour. You can enter and finish the meeting without completing any leads in that run to ensure you don't break stealth. Once the next area loads after the meeting ends, verify in chapter select that you got credit for full stealth (a line through the center of the eye means you were seen) before jumping to another chapter or going to the main menu.
  9. It appears this can also be unlocked if someone else startles Steve. I was doing the Bowman Building level and had opened Tom Looman's office door (it's the office across from the office you can access by walking along the ledge outside from the window near Reel B). This trips the alarm (this was the 2nd or 3rd time I had tripped it) and I was waiting inside under a desk for Steve to turn off the alarm. He did and then exited the office and turned right. A few moments later I heard in the distance Dan (who normally sits at the front desk) say something to him and Steve was startled. The trophy popped right after that. I don't know if that was a fluke, or if there are other circumstances in which repeated alarms cause Dan to come up to see what is going on and startle Steve. Perhaps this is a regular occurrence but you have to be in earshot in order for the trophy to unlock.
  10. You can also pick up collectibles (including completing leads) and they are saved immediately, you don't have to finish the area for them to save. Once you finish the game "Harvy's Apartment" is added to the menu where you can peruse and listen to the vinyl records you have found. You can use that to figure out which ones you are missing. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for which leads you have completed or which interview tapes you are missing. So if you don't get all the leads for an area completed, make note of which ones you missed. You only have to do the ones you missed in chapter select.
  11. I completed the digital versions of all 3 Jak games and all 3 R&C games on the vita and was able to platinum all 6. As I recall it was the hub city in Jak 2 that ran rather poorly. There is also a hoverboard trophy that is really annoying to unlock in R&C1 as it requires doing a certain trick in which you need to press the L2 and R2 buttons, which are in small locations on the back touchpad of the Vita. Jak & Daxter Trilogy on the PS3 (and vita) is a remaster, whereas the PS4 version are up-res ports of the PS2 versions, so if you opt to go the PS3 route for R&C you might be better off going that route for J&D as well as they will paradoxically look and run better on the PS3. The vita is a nice system, unfortunately they have mostly dropped support for it as you can no longer buy games from the webstore, only the in-console store app, and they don't have sales anymore unless something is crossbuy with the PS4 version. I bought almost all my games for it digitally so I wouldn't have to mess with the tiny cartridges. A lot of the great vita games either eventually released on PS4 or simultaneously released on PS3. Below are a few I played and enjoyed which are not available on any other Sony consoles: Dokuro is a great puzzle platformer and looks like it was permanently discounted to $3 on PSN which is a steal. Severed is also good and its touchscreen combat actually works quite well. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a somewhat lesser Uncharted game, but still enjoyable and plays well on the vita.
  12. I had even updated the thread title..ok, now it is more explicit. It was extended to "Mid-January."
  13. According to a post in the other thread there is a reprieve until Mid-January. He just mentions achievement hunters though, so perhaps they are negotiating with Microsoft for them to take over duties of the server hosting for the xbone version of the game, since it requires the leaderboards for DLC achievements. Microsoft have accepted multiplayer duties for many games in the past which shut down for the playstation version. Once that theoretical handover was achieved, Warner would shut off their server and the PS4 version plat would be unobtainable at that juncture.
  14. Mad Max (also by Warner Bros.) advertised the closing date on a Friday I believe it was, but then wasn't actually shutdown until mid-day on Monday. It is probably the same situation, giving it a 2-3 day buffer from the advertised end date so that people can't complain if it got shutdown while it was still 12/31/20 somewhere in the world.