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  1. Currently sitting at 4,785
  2. At least 30 more platinums by the end of 2017. I'm going for more than that but I will be personally disappointed if my plat' list isn't 60 by Dec 31
  3. A dare... (sorry, couldn't help it) Seriously. I bought one to go along with my recent change in work/life status. I would be too busy and not home enough to enjoy gaming. So I got something more portable. But, it didn't work out that way. The Vita is either too small or my hands are too big to play comfortably. I tried Muramasa Rebirth (love that game btw) but my thumbs would cramp after 30-45 mins of play. Street Fighter Alpha 3, Castlevania:SOTN, RE 2, etc. all akward to play. Even less button intensive games like Suikoden caused me discomfort. Oh well, I still think the Vita is/was a great piece of hardware.
  4. Yessir. I have that setup myself and have boosted a couple of games like that (RE: ORC, Aliens:Colonial Marines, Lost Planet 2, etc.). It's sometimes more reliable than trying to organize a boosting group.
  5. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron 5.02%
  6. Aww man, but I just got it
  7. Soul Calibur V That game is just a huge waste of time. I don't think Namco really was trying to make a great game when they made this. I've said it before and will say it again, moving 87600 meters just for a lame bronze trophy has got to be one of the dumbest trophies ever put in a game Oh, and grinding 100 levels will seriously put you off any kind of xp grinding for a good long while.
  8. You can boost the online challenges in Aliens: Colonial Marines with just 2 PS3's. I'm doing the same thing currently. It's a little awkward sometimes, but it actually works well Yup, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is one of my most hated MP grinds. I don't know what Ubisoft was thinking; esp. having to be in a squad just to earn some of these trophies as well as needing 8 players too
  9. What I'm trippin' on is that Digital Homicide had, as Jim would say "the shitting temerity" to call this a game. I'm pretty sure that even without Jim Sterling saying a word, The Slaughtering Grounds would still be considered one of the worst games of all time.
  10. Naw, it's just a quirk of mine, bolding certain words I think are important tends to draw the eye .
  11. Wish I could say that I never check a guide but, that would be a lie. I always check a guide to see if the game has MP trophies and if so, can they be boosted. Even when I beat Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 1 & 2 I looked in a guide to see what the MP involves.
  12. Resistance 2 I think the servers are closed (correct me if I'm wrong) so it's impossible anyway. Shame too, I really liked that series.
  13. I couldn't tell you what games are "underrated" cuz' it's all a matter of opinion. But, I can tell you what my favorite "darkhorse" games are. These are games that I figured I wouldn't like based on looks or word of mouth, but then I played them and almost instantly fell in love with. Sleeping Dogs: Thought is was a Yakuza rip-off or just GTA: Hong Kong MGS V: Stopped playing any MGS game after MGS 4 came out so I wasn't really interested in the next game Fallout 3: Never played a Fallout game before this MGR: Revengence: "Dante and Bayonetta had a baby and this popped out..." Dead Island: The idea sounded good but it seemed too glitchy to me (still is but I love it)
  14. Now I have to start my playthrough of Jak II just to see if it truly is "garbage". I only slighty remember playing it on PS2 back in the day, so maybe I just forgot.
  15. Spec Ops: The Line Watch out for that FUBAR difficulty, it can be a real pain to finish.
  16. Yup, that is also true. I think that most of my C, D, E and F's are worth playing I just need to make an effort to play them
  17. Trying to trophy hunt too many games at the same time. That almost guarantees no real progress will be made.
  18. My goal? Nothing really except turning all my F, E, D and C's into B, A and S's.
  19. Gon' ahead and get you some of that good, clean God of War platinum action. It'll make you feel all good inside
  20. Call of Duty: World at War Veteran difficulty will drive you absolute [email protected]#t. Only try it if you have a vey high tolerance for b.s.
  21. Hitman: Absolution You're farther along in it than I am so just make that end run push
  22. I'll be saying both when I finish Soul Calibur V (and chucking the disc out the window 'cuz I never want to see it again ) ; I'll take a long drink for both of us
  23. I basically respond with one of my two classic phrases, "Finally!" or " 'bout bloody time!" Call it an established character trait
  24. Once in a while, whenever the mood strikes me. I like to have avatars that no one else is using very often.
  25. Brink: That [email protected]#$ can kiss my %^&! Your A.I. teammates need glasses...and a brain Dead Space 3: not because I hate it cuz it's one of my favorite games, but because I played through it so many times in order to get the plat for myself and other people. I'd say in about 2 years I might be ready to play it again Honorable Mention: Soul Calibur V: I should have it plat'd in ~6-7 days, but I will never play that game again. Grinding out 87,000+ meters when your character generally only gets about 5 meters per match, all for a lousy bronze? Not even close to being worth it. I like it, both 1 & 2. But, it is kinda boring . Every quest is either collect something or kill someone.