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  1. Sonic's Ulimate Genesis Collection It's always cool to relive/play for the first time classic games.
  2. Just a dream I have, but.... How about a true Darkstalkers compilation/re-make/re-master, something that is a true love letter to Darkstalkers fans. A package that would include: 1) All three classic Darkstalkers games (Darkstalkers, Night Warriors: Darkstalker's Revenge and Darkstalkers 3) 2) HD remade graphics (ala' Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix) 3) loads of bonus content (behind the sceens footage, documentary, new game modes, etc.) 4) trophy support (30-40 trophies per game)
  3. Game length matters as long as I feel I got my money's worth. If I pay $60 for a game, even if it was one of the best games I played in the last 10 years I'm going to be really miffed if it only lasts 45 mins. In this scenario I determined that if I'm going to pay a premium price for a game then I expect a premium, lasting experience. It's entirely in the eye of the beholder though.
  4. I knew what you were talking about, I was making a joke that most people (myself included) feel that Umbrella Corps is a "re-master" or "re-make" of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Note the emoji at the end of the sentence...clearly
  5. Capcom will probably never return to being the company they were when they were one of the top developers and producers in the video game industry. Also, using the term, "giving them tons of easy money" when describing Umbrella Corps is very odd. Have you played it? Neither have most people
  6. in addition to
  7. Killzone. The first was hardly the "Halo Killer" it was hyped to be, but Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 were alright. I like the story and some of the characters. After Killzone 3, things went downhill and the series will probably never be considered a "must have". Yes, Soul Calibur V really kinda sucks. Hopefully Soul Calibur VI can return the series to greatness.
  8. I think it was either Elder Scrolls: Obilvion, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance or Resistance: Fall of Man
  9. GTA V Lego: The Hobbit I don't actually hate that they are on my list, I just regret that, right now, I find them too boring to finish. Hopefully I will finish them one day.
  10. LeBron's receding hairline
  11. I remember the day it came out was a really big deal. At the time I worked a night job (315 pm to 1145 pm) so I got my copy that morning prior to work. I was so eaten up with curiosity that I had to boot up the game and give it a spin. I only played to the point just after the gun shop owner gets scragged (Leon's game) before shutting it off. I figured since the demo let you play that already, no harm no foul, right? I didn't even save my game just so I could have that "new game" experience all over again later when I could properly play it. Anyway, I went to work and talked to my friend Kim about it. Kim was this big, muscular body builder type but he was a die hard geek (video games and comics esp.) He had gotten his copy too but he was more disciplined than me and hadn't opened his yet. Secretly I think he was tsk tsk'ng me for being so anxious Hey, I couldn't help it, I was at home with Resident Evil 2 and too much time to kill before work We spent the rest of the shift talking about what we thought was going to be in the game, how it would play, if Chris or Jill would show up, and how this "zapping" thing Capcom put in the game would work. This is one of my fondest video game memories
  12. Something along the lines of this... 1) Scan the trophy list to get a general feel of what to expect 2) Log on to to look at the guide and see what kind of grind I'm in for as well as missible trophies 3) Usually I play through the game and then come back for clean-up duty 4) The big one....pray it doesn't have any MP TROPHIES!!!
  13. as a test
  14. This had all of us down in the barracks rollin' for a good half an hour. P.S. makes more sense if you've ever been in the military
  15. So, have I got a deal for you.... Some dlc codes that I don't need so I figured I'd give them away to you lucky few. Please be aware that these codes are only for PS3 and only work on the NA PSN Store. As far as I know, these codes still work . But if they don't work...don't shoot the messenger. Also, let's all show a little restraint. Although this is first come, first served, please only take one code and save some for everyone else. God Of War Origins Collection H4GD-L3N7-AC4L Uncharted 2: Among Thieves GOTY HAFC-PDN8-QCKL Infamous Collection ABNF-TCNB-9C7J Deus Ex: Human Revolution 5CA6-ATN2-TP5F Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception GOTY 6JH5-CMNH-5CM7
  16. 120 Amazing, right?
  17. Aliens: Colonial Marines Only if you have a high tolerance for B.S. (Which I must have cuz' I'm close to plat' it )
  18. Played it on GameCube, then I played it to death on PS2 and got a copy when I bought the RE6 Anthology. I just wished the PS4 version had more trophies attached...including a platinum.
  19. I would of but I would not have been able to respond to every message in a timely manner (I'm at work right now and shouldn't be on this website ) so I decided to throw them in as a grab bag. I should of mentioned to people taking a code that they should post that they took it. Oh well... Nah, it's cool.
  20. Since I just started playing LBP 2 after a long break, I think you should go for the plat'. I know I am
  21. I don't have any strategies to give you, but I applaud you on this since I need to start/finish my playthrough of these (Jak, Sly and Ratchet). Good luck.
  22. From 2 comic book universes: Blackout: a Marvel supervillian with a snazzy costume (think Electro from the 616 Universe except Blackout's costume is black instead of green and he only has one lightining bolt on his mask instead of 4) The "kid" part is from Legion of Super-Heroes where almost everyone had the word "kid", "girl", "lad", "lass" etc. as part of their super hero code name. ...I have entirely too much time on my hands
  23. Brink. Save yourself the trouble with the "Tough as nails" trophy, it will drive you up the wall. No matter how much you've leveled up, just when you feel like you're about to win your opponents will suddenly become tactical geniuses and your allies with become fundamentally idiotic.
  24. 4,918 currently. I'm not too proud, but I'm also not sad. It just let's me know that I can ascend to a higher profile level without running out of games to play
  25. WipeOut HD I hear it can be rough, but a challenge can make you feel alive