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  1. Drinking a cranberry Red Bull. Tastes like a more liquid, carbonated version of Sudafed...but I just can't help myself
  2. IDK, value is relative to the consumer (or something like that). I personally wouldn't pay $20 for a single piece of DLC unless it provided at least ~8hrs. of entertainment. When a piece of DLC costs as much or more than the game it goes to, it's time to pull the plug. Just my thought, right or wrong.
  3. 8.5/10 I'm a sucker for blue, esp. light blue
  4. of course, no doubt. As much as I like trophy hunting, I don't have a bug up my butt about having to 100% and plat every game that comes across my desk ( at least, not a very big bug ). I have a couple of games that I'll never earn all the trophies for (server closings, dead MP, etc) and I'm o.k. with that. As a wise man once said, "some trophies are better than none."
  5. Amazon is my official unofficial price matching tool. If I see a game at Best Buy, PSN, Wal-Mart, Gamestop, etc., I will jump on Amazon to see if I can find the same game for a cheaper price. I'm all about being thrifty when it comes to buying games, I'll buy from anywhere as long as it's a good deal. There is a local video game shop in my area that has a shite ton of games of all types going all the way back to the Atari 2600 days, alot of them new. So I go in there from time to time looking for a bargain.
  6. Hopefully the trial requirements have been toned down from KOF 13. Those trials had some brutal button timing going on.
  7. No problem. Actually I already plat'd Dead Space 3 last night but the site is not updating my profile yet
  8. GOW: Chains of Olympus is crying out to be completed
  9. 4,978 I always say I won't buy anymore games until my backlog is reduced but then I log on to the Playstation Store. I blame PSN for having too many Flash Sales.... ...just when I think I'm out....
  10. Another Terminator: Salvation player? lol Just finish it off this weekend!
  11. I was browsing the PSN Store yesterday (US) and I noticed that I couldn't find any of the dlc for Gundam 3 in the add-on section. I looked at my add-on list since I had bought 6 of the dlc packs in June and saw that the thumbnails for each dlc were blank. If they are de-listed that would be a shame since I was planning on getting the rest this weekend. Anyone have any info on the matter?
  12. Modern Warfare 2. Just get a friend (or online) and start working on the Spec Ops trophies.
  13. These days I would say I'm a 7.3 Although I do look at my profile and try to plan out what trophies I'm planning on working on, I will only go out of my way for a trophy if I think I can get it without too much trouble. Make the trophy requirements too complex and I won't even try (all the noms in Lost Planet 2 for example)*. * I'm 50/50 on grinding so it all depends...still working on SFxT
  14. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. You're really close, just find a video on YouTube to learn all the holocron locations and the best way to get gold on the challenges.
  15. Glad to see someone can get that trophy to pop. I spent part of last summer with a group of boosters trying to get those 2 trophies. Some of us got them, some didn't. Ubisoft made those trophies way too complicated for their own good, but they got better with the challenges in Splinter Cell Blacklist. I'm thinking about trying this with my main and alt. account but my main might have stats that are too high. In which case I might be boned. Funny thing, I got a challenge from my alt in a DLC that neither account has.
  16. One day I'm going to get this game just to see what is really up with it. That and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Sometimes, I'm just too curious for my own good
  17. It's a tie between Blacklist and Chaos Theory. I played very little of Double Agent and I debated on getting a X360 just to play Conviction but never did.
  18. I've been a fan of Killzone since Killzone 2. I just got a copy of the Killzone collection so I could finish off as many of the trophies as I can. Killzone is a pretty cool franchise, but it never lived up to it's potential IMHO. Killzone 3 ended on a cliffhanger that never got properly resolved in Shadow Fall and I always felt that was the beginning of the end for the series. just my thoughts, right or wrong...
  19. I'm only slightly serious of the Lost Planet 2 plat since some of those noms need alot of boosters and have some pretty strange/difficult unlock conditions. But if you ever want to boost the trophies for online games played/kills shoot me an invite.
  20. Do I even need to say it? Terminator Salvation. It's 4 hrs. for a bunch of golds and a plat
  21. Hmmm..... I enjoy difficult but fair games. These are the types of games that you have to practice in order to become better at the game, but won't be artificially hard for no good reason (MGS Revengence, Bayonetta, Dark Souls etc) But, I also like a good grind if the game is fun. Ex. Borderlands(character levels, best weapons), Rouge Galaxy(best weapons, best Insectrons), Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2(play through the game 7-8 times, weapon kill count).
  22. Sure, I'll give it a whirl: 1) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2* 2) Darksiders 2* *I know, these games are sequels already, but since they both ended on cliffhangers that we probably will never see resolved I put them on the list O.k. now for the real ones: 1) Chrono Trigger: Chrono Cross doesn't count! 2) Alien vs. Predator: The Arcade Game: It's a classic and needs a sequel (or at least an HD remaster on PS3/PS4 3) Metal Gear Rising: Revengence: With Konami getting out of the console/PC market, we probably won't see this happening anytime soon. Which is a shame since, before the Hideo Kojima contraversy, they hinted at a part 2
  23. It looks good, but... doesn't feel like a RE game to me. RE is more about sc-fi horror rather than supernatural horror. Hopefully there will be more of a "classic" RE feel as more info about the game is released. Just my opinion though.
  24. DMC. Only do it if you really have no problem playing through the game multiple times on different difficulty levels. I did it for the DLC (Vergil's Downfall) and had to take a break cuz I was getting bored out of my skull.
  25. I was tempted to buy a Vita last month. I went through all the pros and cons of getting one for over 2 weeks, but I decided against it since I could count on one hand (with fingers left over) the games I actually wanted to play. IMO, I think Sony should never have made the Vita (especially not the PSP GO). The handheld market is owned by Nintendo and mobile game companies. All that money on R&D, marketing and development costs could have been used to make the PS4 much better (better CPU, GPU, a 1TB HDD included out the gate, 4K support and backwards compatible hardware built in, etc.) Just my thoughts, right or wrong...