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  1. Bionic Commando. Think of it as putting a bad game out of its misery.... well as some truly uninspired trophy images!
  2. I'm very curious how this is going to turn out..... .....but for now, I just can't get past the name Hopefully it's a working title type of thing.
  3. I know someone probably said this already but, it depends on how extreme you plan on getting with it. Ask yourself a few questions first: 1. Are you worried about your completion % to the point of not wanting to add a game to your trophy list? 2. Do you buy games based on if it has trophies and if those trophies are easy or hard? 3. Are you a fan of online trophies? 4. Are you willing to grind out a trophy just to earn that platinum or score that ultra rare? 5. The biggest thing: Time Management! Trophy hunting means alot of different things to alot of different people. The trick is to find your path, have FUN and then....go for it.
  4. Hey, it's an amazing game I'll take it. I would love it if Muramasa Rebirth was ported to console as an HD remaster as well.
  5. I beleive it's on sale again on PSN for $5 so I'll probably pick it up. It seems like a standard 3rd person cover shooter set in the RE universe. I don't mind if it doesn't live up to the RE legacy, it's just $5 for a standard game with a goo gob of trophies (51 without DLC/ 71 with). Heck, I spent more than $5 on BS just this week
  6. Easy as strawberry-lemon pie*: *I'm going to cheat alittle, but you get the idea 1) Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition 2) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 3) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I & II (with a 3rd game to tie-up the loose plot threads)
  7. KOF 13: 82% No way do I have it in me to finish it. Especially doing 200 trials, no thank you.
  8. Bayonetta. I need to do it too lol.
  9. Generally, during the weekday: 4 hrs per day On the weekends, 6 hrs or more (Sat and Sun) if I don't have anything else to do. Weekends are when I do most of my platinum runs and online MP sessions. I only remember playing the following games longer than 6 hrs in one day: Chrono Trigger: 12+ hrs Castlevania: SOTN: 13+ hrs The Last of Us: an entire weekend w/breaks
  10. I was thinking about doing something like this starting last Nov. but I ended up falling out of gaming for a couple of months. Now that I'm back, I really wanted to work on removing all the D, E and F's from my trophy list. But, that also will cramp my desire to plat more games. Decisions, decisions....
  11. Maybe. I was thinking too much of Legion of Super Heroes at the time I made this account. Although, I have a 2nd account that has the name that I should of chose if I was thinking properly. So I'm not sure what I would change the name to if I had a chance.
  12. User Interface! User Interface! User Interface! For real, I mean something that flows smoothly and doesn't feel like it's glitching or lagging. Maybe like the U.I. from the original PSN? Also, sales on DLC. I like having flash sales and the like but I wish it would extend to DLC more often than it does. And lower the price on DLC that has been around for a long time. i.e. The Force Unleashed. That DLC has been the same price ($9.99 each) since 2008!
  13. Join the club. I've got way too many games to play IMHO. But I just can't pass up a good Flash Sale. I bought Army of Two this week and I never had any interest in the franchise. But I love a good 3rd Person shooter (or a medicore one), plus....$1.99 is $1.99!
  14. Both. Get both if your budget can handle it. You won't be disappointed regardless of which you choose to fire up that day.
  15. Rock Band 3. Save yourself the grind and do something better with your time. I know people that are at 90% and above and just can't make it happen.
  16. Billy and Jimmy Lee from Double Dragon Neon. Yup, I'm pretty screwed cuz nothin' is worse than being kicked off a conveyor belt into a bottomless pit.
  17. I have a question: I don't own SF5 but I was wondering if the survival mode will change as new characters are added? Do you think it will change the current difficulty, making it easier or harder?
  18. Sorry, I don't have it. You must of mistaken me for someone else.
  19. Beat Vanquish and join the elite players who have done so.
  20. I've had some issues with Sony Customer Support over the years, but none of them were anything really serious so I thank the heavens for that. But, yes they don't seem really enthused about helping people solve their problems. A shame they don't use some of that PS Plus money to improve customer service.....
  21. What's funny is that it'll probably take an extra 2 min for your trophy list to synch because of the text heavy trophy descriptions
  22. Don't know if I said this before but Bubsy 3D, of course. That Pitfall game on NES was pretty bad as well (Super Pitfall?)
  23. "While jumping off a building, no scope kill an enemy with a sniper rifle, while he is reloading, in a full 16 player game, with all your allies dead, before hitting the ground"... ...100 times. Also, a game that wants you to collect something or do something a certain number of times but the game provides no way of keeping track of those stats.
  24. Lol. Yup, DS3 isn't as good as the first two. But, I still like it and it has a special place in my heart. So, I just gotta' finish it...eventually
  25. Two Worlds 2. It's kinda of like Elder Scrolls, except not as fun or interesting. Just my opinion.