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  1. I wish lol. All my friends play a lot of the games I only dabble in (COD, BF4, Halo, etc.). Which is a shame because I sure could use some help 100%ing Shank since it only has couch co-op.
  2. Lvls all depends on the person. Some people have high lvls because of skill. Some have them because of time and playing a lot of games. I only get to play a few hrs in the evening and during the weekend. I started a 2nd account about 4 yrs ago after abandoning my original account. If I hadn't started a new account my lvl would probably be 5 lvls higher by now.
  3. Go ahead and get that MW3 plat, just grab a friend and knock out Spec Ops and Survival.
  4. As of now 4,049. But that will increase since I have about 9 games waiting to be downloaded from the PSN Store.
  5. About 3-4 hrs after work during the week. My main days to play are Sat and Sun if I'm not busy doing something else.
  6. Off topic: I still have alot of PS3 games in my backlog so I say keep supporting the system for as long as possible. I'm going to have to buy another PS3 as a back up, just in case. On topic: My profile still hasn't synched properly, going on 2 days now. Ya know, I've always felt the original PSN UI ran smoother than the current model. The current PSN always feels kinda...janky. Maybe it's just me?
  7. Cuz it's fun, dude. It's like a game within a game. You beat the challenges the game throws at you and then you beat the challenges the devs add on to that. Back in the day me and my friends tried to beat RE2 with just a knife because we heard about some Japanese players doing it. Now, stuff like that is common place. It lets me know that I at least tried to experience everything the game had to offer. With some games, just beating it allows you to see only 40% of what the game has to offer. What about the other 60%?
  8. I'm not worried, as long as the trophies synched to Sony's servers its cool.
  9. Yup yup. I was getting signed out 5-6 times on Mon. Last night I earned some trophies in Lords of Shadow that still haven't updated on PSNProfiles, even after synching with the PSN server.
  10. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara-the Scavenger trophy. At 3.25%, I have trophies that are rarer than that but, this one I got without boosting, glitching or any kind of cheat. I did use a guide that listed all the treasures but I still did it legit, just good old fashioned grinding!
  11. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune I need to get it done myself, and since there are no MP trophies it shouldn't be a hassle.
  12. 1. Casablanca 2. The Ten Commandments 3. Aliens
  13. Brink Not proud, just glad that it's over. That game had me frustrated for so long just to get that last trophy.
  14. Played God of War: Chains of Olympus in order to pop the platinum at exactly midnight. I took a nap when I got home from work, woke up at 1130, plat'd the game just after 12 and went back to bed. lol
  15. God of War: Chains of Olympus
  16. Battlefield 4 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (w/Mirror of Fate HD incl.) It was on sale at Toys R' Us: Buy 1 get 1 for 30% off. Been wanting to get the first Lords of Shadow for awhile.
  17. Far Cry 3. Once you get all of the co-op trophies everything else just becomes a matter of playing through the single player and grinding a few things. Yeah, I know I have not plat'd it yet. But I will as soon as I finish a few other things.
  18. Brink. Had too many times that I was going to say 'to hell with it' and trade it in. But I kept going, playing those same @#$%^! missions over and over. One of the guys on my Friend's List laughed when he saw that I was playing it again. Finally I got the platinum and sent him a message that said "I GOT THAT MOTHERFUCKAAA!" Then I traded the game in...for 25 cents....actually 50 cents cuz the girl behind the counter liked me.
  19. About 7 or 8. Haven't blocked anyone in a few months. Had to block a guy for cussin' me because I wouldn't stop playing my game and chat with him like we were on a legit social media site or something. I was like 'dude I'm in the middle of online MP we can talk later'. Bottom line, he was/is a douche. Generally I don't block people, I just ignore or unfriend them if they become abusive. Those 8 people on my list have been there since last year.
  20. I had that problem with Fallout 3, which is why I never finished the DLC.
  21. I plat'd the game a few months back and had some freezing issues and lagging but nothing making the game unplayable. Even did all the DLC. I did use the cache clearing technique every time I played. My save file was only around 7mb-8mb. I think it depends on your HDD, save file size, the age of your PS3 and luck I guess.
  22. @DARKSCORPONOXR Don't get bent out of shape dude. You made a slight dig against people who say the game on Sith Master difficulty is hard, they made a dig against your spelling. Turnabout is fair play, eh? Let's all remember to relax and have fun. IMHO, the game isn't hard gameplay wise, it's just the glitches and janky gameplay that make it frustrating. I've been playing this game off and on since 2010 and now I'm finally going to plat' it so I can move on.
  23. Well, maybe there should of been a trophy for beating the game without cheats enabled? I'm really surprised that it doesn't.
  24. That's cool and all but, -When is it coming to PS4? -where is Tekken X Street Fighter?
  25. Tomb Raider -that grind to level 60 is making age faster.