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  1. A tie:

    Fallout: New Vegas-Platinum Trophy

    It was such an epic adventure that after the platinum popped, I was kind of sad that it was over. But I still remember that moment even today.


    Tekken 6-What a Nightmare

    That trophy caused me so much grief back in the day, I was relieved when I finally got it. Brings a smile to my face when I remember it 😉



  2. Whoa, you must've been reading my mind, I was just thinking that about myself.


    I've gone back and forth between sticking with one game until it's platinum/100% or spreading the love. I guess it depends on how much time you have to devote to gaming and what your ultimate goal is. I have a guy in my friends list that sticks to 1 game until it is 100%'d. It seems to work out well for him since he is outpacing me when it comes to platinum/100% games 😁


    Me, I think I'm going to switch to 1 game at a time for now to try and clear some of my back log.


  3. Couldn't tell exactly. Between military deployment its' been multiple times that I was off PSN for months at a time. There was a 6 month period that I wasn't playing video games after I started dating a certain lady. I gave up playing video games to focus more attention on her, like all good boyfriends 🙄. Let's just say, I wish I hadn't given up PS3 for her since it caused me to close my old profile and start a new one (read one of my old blog posts to understand the story).


  4. 100% or Platinum: I would love to 100% or plat' every game on my profile but that is almost impossible or very improbable. But, I've come to accept that and have moved on. So I put together plans on how many trophies I will try and earn for each game I play and hope for the best.


    New Game Purchase List: All I can say is "Damn those PSN Flash Sales!!!" 😉 I try not to, but then along comes a sale on a game that I was curious about playing and the next thing you know I'm downloading it off the Playstation Store. I've got 190 games on my profile but I don't have all of them now. So I try to only buy the games that are on "The List".


    Old Game Completion Checklist: At this point, I consider every game on this list an old game in the need of completion.


    Miscellaneous Goals: 60 platinums by Dec. 31 2017. I'm slightly behind on that schedule. I've thought about just playing and plat'd the easy games on my list but I'm not sure if I should or not. I keep thinking I should do the hard ones first. I'm so confused 🤔


    Multiplayer Game Checklist: I try to avoid MP trophies when I can. Rarely do I find a game where the MP trophies are worth while. Right now, I'm enjoying the heck out of RE: Revelations 2 in Raid Mode. I'm late to the party playing it but it's still alot of fun. It's a shame that there are only 3 trophies tied to Raid Mode. I know you can play it solo but it would be cool if there where more trophies tied to it. Maybe that would attract a large number of players to it. I'm less of a competitive MP player. I enjoy more Co-op MP style games (Horde Mode or Story Mode) like RE: Revelations 2, Borderlands, Mass Effect 3, COD Zombies etc.









    45 minutes ago, Brightblade76 said:

    I'll streamline my explanation, goal: keep my 100% completion by playing games I like, no matter how hard they are or how much dedication they require.


    I applaud you good sir/madam. That is dedication. I wish I could do that but life has dealt me a different hand. I would need 90 days of paid vacation to 100% my profile 😁


  5. 3 minutes ago, BillyHorrible said:


    Nope, lots of people on this site who don't identify as trophy hunters, myself included. The website is pretty much devoted to gaming though. Personally I enjoy the overall stats and I like the events people can create for themselves, I also use the forums to discuss games. Trophies don't factor into it. Yes, the ratio hunting to non-hunting gamers on this site is higher than on PSN in general but it is by no means an exclusive club.



    Can't we all just get along?


    Notice I said pretty much. Not all...pretty much...not exclusive...pretty much

    That doesn't mean that people need to disrespect other people's opinions, desires or ideas.

    We can get along if everyone respects one another. 😉




  6. On 4/2/2017 at 1:54 PM, skateak said:

    Be ready to put in the time. There is no shotcuts and it is at least a 300 hour plat



    It's def. for people who like to grind. I've got +41 hrs. into right now and I still have not come close to beating 25% of the game yet. Mostly because I'm grinding for high lvl. weapons and health/armor upgrades 😁


  7. On 4/5/2017 at 11:50 AM, Valyrious said:

    Except they don't enjoy it if they neglect a game because a meaningless platinum is unachieveable. I get it, I'm the unpopular opinion, because everybody treats platinum like money on this site, but I'll never not play a game I otherwise would, just because I can't get a platinum.

    You can say something is a hobby, or something is for fun, but when you purposely avoid something because you can't get something specific out of it... that's just shitty.

    Justify it all you want. I know some of you will.


    Hey there,

    You know this is a website pretty much devoted to trophy hunting right? People on this site (myself included) enjoy the meta game involved in trophy hunting, 100% completion runs, ultra rare trophy collecting, etc. We all care about that stuff in various ways. It's not shitty in the least. You can think it's shitty but the moment you purposely come into a specific thread about trophy hunting and belittle other people's enjoyment, that's when you become an asshole. I know you said you don't really care about anyone's opinion of your character but maybe you should keep those kinds of opinions to yourself unless asked, o.k.? You don't want to gain a rep as the person most people would kick down a flight of stairs would you? 😜

    On 4/4/2017 at 3:43 PM, MeteorHawk said:

    It really is a pity. I remember back in 2013 when the studio was folding and the servers shut down before I got the trophy. They came back up briefly, thankfully, but now they're gone for good it deprives many of the opportunity for an enjoyable plat. 


    Yup, I remember getting this trophy back in the day. I didn't really think about it much at the time, I just saw that there was a trophy that took about 60 sec. to get so I did it with another player I was boosting something else with. Who knew I was safeguarding my Darksiders 2 platinum at the time? 😏


  8. 1) Playing games I had no intention of playing beyond the one time. Now, they are on my list and I keep wondering will I ever buckle down and play them again.


    2) Starting a new main account and losing all my previous trophies when my old account was closed. It's a long story involving an ex-girlfriend and being reminded of her every time I looked at it (o.k. not so long :P). Man, it's a shame that I didn't keep it, I would be at least 10 levels higher than I am now :facepalm:


  9. 2 hours ago, Wanderer said:

    I'd like to know more about this eventually, you're right. Shouldn't jump to conclusions. If anyone has any information as to why this insanely stupid concept was implemented, that would be great. Not only is the trophy list incredibly easy by PG standards, but this just takes the cake, though.


    I'm with you on that. I was expecting trophies tied to S-ranking battles/challenges/difficulty modes like other games Platinum has developed. Being able to buy trophies is a very strange concept since it does defeat the purpose of having them (complete a specific task and earn a reward). What is the gaming world coming to? Hopefully more information will become available before the NA launch of the game, Platinum is one of my favorite developers and I hope they don't go down a path that will lead them to "ruin" *cough* Sega, Konami, Capcom *cough* :P


  10. 7 hours ago, closertim said:

    Wipeout hd for me.  Was really enjoying the game until the last tier on elite difficulty. One single race in particular took me 3 nights of agony to come first.  


    Another one I guess is world at war. Veteran mode made me hate this game.  I would still hate the game today but it's incredibly fun zombie mode saves it.  


    Yup, Call of Duty: WAW is a problem. Veteran mode with added grenade spam makes for a delightful experience. :facepalm:


  11. Street Fighter x Tekken


    I don't actually hate the game, but I'm really disappointed in it as a whole. Mission Mode is the problem. Some of the missions are just really lame and difficult to the point of being unfun. I just wish Capcom had made the missions a test of fighting game skills and less about survival matches against op characters.  


  12. Like other people above have said, way more than I'm willing to spend. I will usually buy DLC to a game I like, but the problem is that DLC prices hardly ever change to reflect the marketplace on PSN. The DLC for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is $9.99 for each story driven DLC. That's almost $30 for all three. The price hasn't budged since 2009, yet you can buy the game new for under $10. as much as I love the flash sales on PSN, I wish that they would start including DLC to those sales.


  13. Less about regrets, more about shame. As in "it's a shame I'll never be able to plat' (insert game) because of (insert reason)".

    I truthfully regret nothing about my trophy list except what I mentioned above :giggle:.

  to my mention of GTA V and Lego: The Hobbit...'s a shame I might never plat' GTA V cuz' i find it kinda boring's a shame that its' taken me so long to play Lego:The Hobbit


    see, all good :giggle: