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  1. Got my last save down tonight. Was going to save at the start of chapter 12 but I barely made it through the elevator ride at the end of chapter 11 when practicing on Zealot so I saved before that. It's only 5 minutes difference so again I don't mind. Haven't actually died yet which has definitely boosted my confidence. There's no escape now though, it's straigt to the end from here so wish me luck!
  2. No it can all be done offline. Source: I did it a couple of years ago.
  3. Let's not forget the microtransactions that were baked into the core of that survival game mode. It's so odd to me that this is the same company that are pretty much the definitive single player narrative game developer. Call of Duty was pretty much the reason a multiplayer was put in to every game at the time. Everybody and their mother was playing modern warfare online, and so every other developer tried to capture some of that success. It's actually embarrassing when you look at some games that have these awfully implemented MP modes, like Assassin's Creed Brotherhood or Bioshock 2, knowing that all they were doing was following a trend. No, you're absolutely right. When Resistance 2 came out, I didn't go on a forum and bitch about having to get 10,000 kills, I just fucking played the game and did it. Far Cry 2 I had no interest in doing at the time because of the unstable servers (even in 2008 when it came out) and the amount of time it would have taken to finish. But I didn't bitch and whine about it. I love this website because of the stat tracking, organising boost sessions, the (mostly) helpful forums for its tips and guides and of course the community engagement like events etc. But fuck me there are a ton of whiny bitches on here that make me want to delete my account and never come back. They are some of the most entitled people I have ever seen and it's all about something as meaningless as a fucking trophy. Petitions to remove Mein Leben, begging devs to change the requirements of that one trophy in Fall Guys, complaining about a game releasing FREE DLC 7 years after its release because now their list is 'out of order', its absolutely pathetic. Maybe it's me that's said enough now...
  4. Tomb Raider 2013 is, in my opinion, the worst offender of this. The MP is so god awful and it makes no sense being there. There was no chance it would release without Square Enix forcing some unnecessary bullshit into it. Unbelievably I actually got suckered into buying the season pass for the game on release at my local game store. I just agreed with everything the woman was saying and off I went having spent £20 more than wanted. Anyway, it worked out fine because the game was incredible obviously and it meant I would get instant access to the Left Behind chapter. The PS4 version is definitely easier. They even changed the requirement for some of the MP DLC trophies requiring you to complete a match with 5 downs/kills but the PS3 version was to complete a match without dying, with 3 downs/kills. Further proof that Naughty Dog don't have a fucking clue when it comes to trophies. I boosted all the DLC cause it would be pretty much impossible to do legit. I did all the main game MP stuff legit though, and had a great time doing it, although I was playing on release and there weren't any pros back then.
  5. 💯 100% Achieved - The Last of Us 💯 DLC Grounded Mode Introduction I made a pretty lengthy post a while ago explaining the difficulties I experienced getting my hands on the Grounded DLC for The Last of Us after the server shutdown, so I won't go over that again. But as for taking nearly 7 years to 100% my (probably 2nd) favourite game of all time (1st being Half Life) I don't really know what to tell you? Naughty Dog trophy lists are exhausting to even look at and they've been guilty of this since the first Uncharted. It's all meaningless tasks like 'get this many kills with this weapon' and 'complete the game on all 20 difficulties'. It's just straight up boring. I'll admit I had a great time getting the platinum for this game but only because I love the game so much. When it came to the DLC I wasn't interested. Thankfully, Naughty Dog have improved a little, with the platinum for The Last of Us Part II being much more accessible and straight forward. However, there's still time for them to add plenty of DLC which could change that opinion. In any case this post will be very short, much shorter than the time it took me to finally finish this game. DLC Thoughts So, Grounded mode, arguably the ONLY way to play The Last of Us. And while I do echo that statement a little, it's not as nuanced as say, Survivor difficulty for Bioshock. Grounded extremely limits your resources, enemies hit harder, you hit harder, enemies are more aware AND there's no HUD or listen mode. And for the most part, this really does make the game feel more realistic and your survival more impactful. However there are a few areas in the game where all that goes out the window and it becomes a game of 'run around like a lunatic throwing bricks and bottles until a clicker drops a bullet'. I'm specifically talking about the David section in Ellie's Winter. Jesus fucking Christ this took me hours to complete. Up until that point I barely had any struggles, of course the game is harder so I died a few times but ultimately it only takes a little while for you to come to grips with the way the difficulty works and you're able to adapt your playstyle to suit it. Failing that, there's always save scumming until you can successfully stealth through an area. But this fucking logging building or whatever it is, is just utterly ridiculous. For those not in the know, about 3 quarters into the game you play as Ellie, who isn't the main playable character of the game so doesn't have the same arsenal of weapons or any of the upgrades you've collected. Instead she has a pistol, a rifle, a bow, and of course her little knife. This particular encounter forces you to hold position against waves of infected for what feels like forever, with little to no ammo, and to top it all off a very large infected called a bloater arrives at the end to act as a sort of boss. There's no checkpoints until you've killed them all so if you die right at the end, you need to do it all again. I looked up strategies on YouTube but most of them were doing knife runs where you bait the enemy into attacking your companion, but this never worked for me, they always bit and killed me. So I just resorted to playing it over and over again and working out my own strategy. If not for the little "exploit" allowing you to one shot the bloater at the end (see HERE) then fuck knows, I might have still been doing it now (dramatic). There are two trophies with this DLC, to complete the game on Grounded, and to complete it again on NG+. I don't think this is necessary but I play the game like twice a year anyway so I didn't mind. My NG+ run was much quicker, due to having all my upgrades obviously, but also cause I knew the difficulty better. Even my first run was probably a lot quicker than most because like I said, I've played the game at least once a year since 2013. There is an exploit allowing you to get both trophies in one go, but this requires having an already completed save. I didn't have this because I was playing on a US copy of the game in order to play Grounded, and all my saves are tied to a UK copy. Anyway, this game is great and playing it on this difficulty actually made me appreciate it more. It's just a shame I had to jump through so many hoops in order to play it. One of the many reasons why I will never support online components being shut down, content being delisted, online-only games etc. In this case there is always the remastered edition which has everything loaded on the disc (or so I believe) but there's plenty of other games that simply won't be enjoyed to their full extent in years to come. On the subject of the remastered edition, I'm not overly averse to doing platinums all over again for games I love however, as I mentioned at the start of this post, Naughty Dog trophies are exhausting so I won't bother. I have the PS3 version and it's all I've ever needed. --- As ever, I've gotten carried away and had a wee rant so this post was longer than expected. Next up will be my review of What Remains of Edith Finch. As for what I'm playing, I've jumped back into Call of Duty Infinite Warfare to attempt the zombies trophies and on the PS3 I'm going through a Hardcore run of Dead Space 2. Fun fun. See you around!
  6. Hey I've added you on psn. Would really appreciate your help with the Easter eggs. Thanks.
  7. I just 100%ed Resi7 the other day and it's honestly become one of my favourite games. I hope you have a good time with it.
  8. Played some more this weekend and got to my second save although yet again, I played it safe and saved a few rooms before I intended to. I was going to save at the very start of chapter 8, after leaving the transport hub but my god, it took me several hours to get where I was and I didn't want to throw it all away. I saved right before aligning the solar arrays. I'm pretty well upgraded but even with a full rig one little mistake on that freefall section could have fucked me so I opted to play it safe and save before. Time wise, alligning the solar arrays, doing the freefall and then dealing with the necromorphs at the transport hub should only take 10 mins so if I end up dying I won't mind doing that again. Haven't died yet so fingers crossed I can make it to save 3 in chapter 12 with no hitches.
  9. Odd that this news comes out just days after Deathloop being announced as a timed PS exclusive. Wonder if this means all their future titles will be Xbox exclusive? To be honest I couldn't care less about BGS's games as they'll all still be running on Gamebryo (oh sorry I meant, cReAtIoN) but I will be sad to see the future Doom, Wolfenstein and any Arkane stuff go XB exclusive.
  10. Resurrecting this thread to share my experience. I said fuck it to all the advice on here about saving your trump cards and just used them as needed in order to secure a guaranteed win almost every round. I wanted to try and get to the last round with the least shocks possible so I had room to work with if it all went tits up. Counting cards definitely helps as you can more or less make an accurate guess as to what card your opponent has on any given round. There's no time limit so feel free to take as much time as you need to figure out your next move. I always played all the increase opponent bet cards I had straight away so I could get rid of the opponents quicker. The first mutated guy at round 5 shocked me twice just cause I had no way of blocking his trump card where he makes you draw the highest card in the deck. Cause this trump card doesn't stay on the table, destroy cards don't work (which is actually kind of bullshit if you ask me). I countered it a few times with the trump card that allows you to return your last drawn card but didn't always have them on hand so had to take the hit. There were a couple of times where I had no way of winning so used a shield to not take any shocks. I got shocked once by opponent 9 purely because I fucked up the math in my head and thought I was sure on what card he had, but I was wrong *facepalm* Got to the last guy at number 3 so had plenty of room for error but didn't even need it cause the RNG cards were on my side. Due to opponent 9 giving me a tough time I had barely any trump cards left but the trump card I got handed at the start of the round was the perfect draw plus which adds 5 to the opponents bet, playing this gave me 21 straight away and I played another increase bet card putting his bet at 8. Thankfully he held and I got him to 8 on the first round! Second round I got a god like hand putting me straight on 21, so I put the bet up to 3 which would have put him out but he played his oblivion card restarting the whole round. Bastard. Third round I put the bet up to three again and after hitting for another card after my first two I ended up going bust BUT he hit the exact card I needed so I played a swap trump card putting me on 21. I thought he would have countered with a whole load of his OP trump cards but he didn't, he just held, and I won the round! I was fucking ecstatic, got up and jumped up and down like a kid. Whoo boy what a way to feel alive. Got it on my second attempt and although it takes a while to get through the opponents, as long as you play it smart you should be fine.
  11. So you mean to tell me that when you Americans were going on about $60 being the standard, you were actually paying $70-$80 when you got to checkout cause of tax? If that is the case then the price jump in the UK makes more sense (I suppose) but going from £50 to £70 is mental. Also £70 for a fucking remake (Demon's Souls) is absolutely mind blowing. Since when do remakes launch at full price? Who the fuck is paying that? The game is still perfectly playable on PS3, it's only 10 years old! EDIT: So I just did some googling and as far as a I can see US sales tax only amounts to 7% so at most it's adding $5 to the total cost. Currently $65 amounts to £50 which is what games launch at here (physical and NOT from Game). So where the fuck has the exchange rate gone with these new prices? Am I fucking losing my mind here? How is this okay? Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. And holy shit do I want to be wrong.
  12. The Last of Us Remastered would like a word with you...
  13. Pre-ordered the disc version PS5 and a copy of Miles Morales. Will get Cyberpunk on the day too but will get that digitally so I can game share with my gf.
  14. Fully fledged remasters with 'Remastered' in the title will have new trophies I assume. Case in point, Spider-Man. But I think backwards compatible stuff and PS4 games with PS5 upgrades will share the same list. Much like the PS4/Vita/PS3 cross play lists we already have.
  15. Got my PS5 (disc version) pre-ordered last night along with a copy of Spider-Man Miles Morales. Super excited but RIP my wallet. In other news, I think Resident Evil 7 might have become one of my favourite games. I've loved everything about it. Currently playing through Joe Must Die on the End of Zoe DLC which is tough but nowhere near as hard as some people on this website make it out to be. That's something I've come to learn after spending so much time on here and it should be my new mantra "The game won't be as hard as the users on PSNProfiles make it out to be".