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  1. 1. Far Cry 3 - Best villain by far and it's the game that perfected the open world FPS genre. 2. Far Cry Primal - It did something completely different and I absolutely adore it for that. 3. Far Cry Blood Dragon - Just a really cool concept 4. Far Cry New Dawn - Loved seeing the setting of 5 turned on it's head and if not for the Splinter Cell reference this one would be much lower 😂 5. Far Cry 5 - I loved the setting and really dug the villain. 6. Far Cry 2 - A few years back I would have put this at number 1 but in my age I've grown to love the simplicity of the newer ones and find this one way too masochistic. 7. Far Cry 4 - A perfectly fine Far Cry but to me it just played like Far Cry 3-2 and it just didn't do enough new things to set itself apart. Like the Yeti DLC though. 8. Far Cry Classic - Still very good considering its age. However it's a little bit long and some of the levels are a tad uninspired. Also the protagonist is dreadful. I haven't played Far Cry 6 yet although I do intend to. I just refuse to pay full price for Ubisoft games cause it will literally be half price by Black Friday.
  2. Sorry if this has already been asked, but is Master difficulty available from the start?
  3. Ah, I see. I thought the devs had actually increased the requirement with the new swords rather than it just being a bug.
  4. It's odd that you only need to get the sword for completing wave mode and not the sword for getting gold medals on all the kill runs.
  5. I think the swords are unlockable through the new modes. When I booted the game up for the first time it gave me a message informing me about the new modes and it did say you get a new sword and gloves for beating it.
  6. I wonder why the sword collectible one didn't auto pop. Any ideas?
  7. I did this for farming sunlight medals in DS2 and I swear there is something to it. You could go 40 minutes without a single drop but once I started quitting and reloading every 3 runs, or for every drop, I was getting drops much more often.
  8. I started the game in December and have had a great time. I've been taking my time with it and slowly working towards all trophies, no interest in rushing it. You can have a good time if you plan a build before you start to make the combat a lot easier, don't just dive in and pick random perk cards cause you'll get fucked once you reach level 25. I had to start a brand new character because of this. Getting to level 100 takes a while but theres more than enough content to get you there without getting bored. The only real "grind" per se is the faction reputation trophies. You can exploit the one for the raiders but for the settlers you only have one daily quest to do per day and it takes like 60 days to get it to max. If you like Fallout 4 there's no reason why you wouldn't like this. It's world is very fun to explore.
  9. I'll try that tonight. Cheers.
  10. I did this recently and it took me 2 playthroughs to get the hang of things. It really does just get easier everytime you play it. By the time I did the speedrun I did it in 2 hours.
  11. Platinum #172 - Gris Introduction This game came heavily recommended on here by a few people, but it was @PhantomFear94 that inspired me to play the game for myself because everywhere I looked, he was there, singing its praises 😂. Story A woman named Gris loses her ability to sing and is dropped into a world without colour. She must embark on an adventure to restore colour to the lands. Gameplay Gris is a 2D platformer with stunning visuals. The entire game looks as if it has been hand drawn and it is breathtaking. Gameplay wise it is a very simple game and doesn't pose any sort of challenge. The game can be enjoyed by anyone and is intended to be an experience, likened to Journey. You start out in a hub world, which has paths leading to 4 distinct levels. However due to your limited abilities, you only have access to one level at the start. Each level gives you a new ability, allowing you to move forward to the next level. These abilities range from turning into a stone to destroy the ground below you, double jumping, swimming and finally being able to sing again which gives life to plants, opening new paths. The levels have distinct themes and visuals. These levels include a desert filled with windmills, a lush forest, underwater caverns, and a world with buildings made of light. The word hipster comes to mind when playing this and I don't want that to come off as bad. Sometimes we need a little bit of artistic game design in our lives, just like we sometimes need a nice cosy beanie to warm our heads, or a cup of freshly ground coffee cause the instant stuff just doesn't do the trick. Everything about this game is gorgeous, from it's visuals to the music. You can't help but be in awe of it all. Trophy Thoughts A very easy platinum and one that currently sits at over 55% achieved. Most trophies are awarded naturally for playing through the game but there are a couple relating to collectibles. All collectibles can be cleaned up after finishing the game as all levels are open to explore. There's also a few relating to specific encounters; not being bitten by the Eel that chases you in a certain section often gives people trouble, but it's nothing that can't be bested after a couple of tries. Summary A beautiful game that everyone should play. A simple 2D platformer with stunning visuals and an amazing soundtrack. It's a wonderful experience from start to finish. Best Bit Visuals and soundtrack Worst Bit Cleaning up collectibles at the end might be tedious for some Arbitrary Rating 9/10
  12. 💯 100% (Re)Achieved - Minecraft Dungeons 💯 DLC Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter DLC Thoughts Here's a strange bundle of DLC for you. Jungle Awakens releases with no trophies, then months later Creeping Winter releases with a big bundle of trophies for both of the expansions. I don't think I've ever seen that before! I didn't pay anything for both of these DLC packs because I bought the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons when it released, giving me instant access to both DLC packs. I didn't play Jungle Awakens when it released because without trophies, I didn't feel any urgency to check it out. But when Creeping Winter released, the girlfriend and I picked up our controllers and dived back in. First thing we noticed was the changes made to the home base. There were new merchants and there was a bit of a change to the way buying loot worked. Now, I imagine this was changed by way of free updates, rather than behind the paywall of the DLC, but I'll go into it anyway. So before you had a blacksmith and a trader, who you could buy gear and artefacts from respectively. The cost was always a flat rate dependent on your level, and the loot was always random. Now though, there are several traders, all doing different things. Firstly the blacksmith now upgrades your gear, rather than selling you new stuff. You can give him one of your current items and after completing 3 missions, the upgraded item will be ready. This is great because I had to part ways with a lot of decent gear before, now I don't have to! Second, the trader has been replaced by the Village and Luxury merchant, who sell items of varying level to you. There's now a mystery merchant who sells loot boxes with random stuff in them and finally the gift wrapper, which allows you to gift items to any players in your world, as previously there was no way of doing this. The camp seems to be working much better now than before. Both Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter offer up 3 new levels each. As you'd imagine each DLC pack is themed by their namesake and offer up new mobs and gear that match those themes. Compared to the main game I found these levels to be much more intricate, and therefore more fun to play. Visually there has been some improvements too. To the general level design but also to particle effects and the like. The DLC has nothing to shout about really and is just more of the same. With some nice quality of life and visual changes which has rolled out through updates. I like this game a lot and I'm quite happy to continue playing whatever they release next. They've already announced 4 new DLC packs which will release over the next year. Once the season pass for those goes on sale I won't hesitate to jump back in.
  13. This patch glitched a Kerry quest for me and a lot of other people according to Google. The quest is Second Conflict, you're supposed to talk to Dum-Dum but he is no where to be found. Anyone else having this issue? I have serious love/hate relationship with this game, every time it does something I like, it fucks me off with this shit.
  14. Thanks. That actually really means a lot to me. It took a lot for me to finally write everything out about how I felt about this game but I'm glad I've done it. I feel I've given the topic so much thought since June that this is actually one of my most articulate posts. Everything is still so fresh in my mind where as some games I write about, I forget most of them even a few days after finishing them! 😂
  15. 💯 100% (Re)Achieved - The Outer Worlds 💯 DLC Peril on Gorgon DLC Thoughts I liked The Outer Worlds enough to buy the DLC on day one. The game lacks in a lot of areas, but the dialogue and player choice aspect was absolutely nailed, and I love it for that. Peril on Gorgon doubles down on that by offering plenty of new NPC's with loads of new branching conversations, as well as 4 different endings to the brand new story, with a few different ways of getting to them. All that is facilitated by a new planet (or asteroid rather) to explore, Gorgon. Peril on Gorgon integrates with your existing game and can be started around half way through the main campaign. As someone who had already platinum'd the game, I loaded my save before the point of no return of the campaign, and picked up the new quest line from there. The DLC starts by finding a severed arm which holds a cryptic message, this message leads the player to the asteroid of Gorgon. Gorgon is home to an abandoned research facility, where a corporation primarily made Adrena-Time. A drug which heightens the users movement but has serious side-effects. You meet a woman named Minnie who wants you to investigate exactly what happened on Gorgon and why the corporation abandoned it. This leads you on a galaxy trekking investigation and where you end up is entirely based on what you choose to do. Unfortunately, it seems the developers had the brilliant of idea of adding more combat into this DLC, as I found myself in a lot more gunfights than I'd hoped. As mentioned in my main post on The Outer Worlds, the combat is easily the worst part of the game but seemingly the developers thought adding more, would solve this problem. Not only did they add more, but they also made it harder, or it certainly felt like they did. I died a lot in this DLC, so much so that I resorted to making sure to always talk my way out of conflict, or stealth through areas where combat was unavoidable. I think I even turned the difficulty down to easy cause I just wasn't having fun. There's a few new weapons added in the game, including unique science weapons, but as stated before, I can't bare the combat so I never bothered using them. I doubt they would have been any good though. Fortunately, as I said above, the dialogue is still king here and you can pretty much talk your way through the whole DLC. As the main quest line is set up like an investigation, it's just super fun making your way around and questioning people about what they know. Slowly piecing the puzzle together. The story is done really well, and there's 4 endings you can get depending on what you choose. Due to the trophies requiring all 4 endings to be carried out, I did indeed witness all 4. Something I wouldn't have done without trophies, at least not straight away. Because of this I had to carry out an ending that I would have never thought of otherwise. Just goes to show how genius the writing team is and how much they think and plan out. I think for fans of the base game, Peril on Gorgon is a no brainer as it fleshes out the world a fair bit and gives a good amount of content in regards to quests and dialogue. But for anyone who wasn't overly sold on the game, then give it a miss or wait for a sale.