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  1. Woohoo I got The Extra Mile trophy for The Crew! I'm so pleased all my time playing this game wasn't for nothing. Massive relief knowing I can now 100% the game.
  2. I've been having a blast with it but I'll be really upset if The Extra Mile fucks me. I'm not looking forward to doing the online stuff or grinding out 100 police evades but everything else has been super fun so far!
  3. I just unlocked one of the two glitchy platinum-locking trophies in The Crew. Please cross all your available fingers and toes and pray for me to be able to unlock the other one 😬.
  4. For any grindy bits or collectibles I exclusively listen to the entire catalogue of Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington podcasts. Over the years I've probably listened to them all around 20 times.
  5. Slower month for me I think. I say that cause I felt like I haven't done as much as I was doing at the start of quarantine. Still on the up though, and making my 85% goal seem more and more attainable. As for what I'm working on there's quite a lot to get through; I am still working on Doom 3 BFG Edition, currently on the Doom 2 stuff which is fun but a little challenging. I'll be honest, I don't like Doom 2 as much as Doom 1, I feel like they added too much to an already amazing formula. Which is exactly how I feel regarding Eternal and 2016. Once I've finished Doom 2 off I'll be back to the main Doom 3 campaign to tackle the infamous nightmare difficulty. Also on the PS3, I resurrected Rag Doll Kung Fu from about 10 years ago. Cleaned up all the miscellaneous trophies so now just have to get gold on all challenges. It's really tough due to the dodgy control scheme and mandatory Sixaxis stuff but I'll get there with enough practice. And lastly for the PS3 I've been playing (and loving) Mass Effect. I really wish I got into the game when I started it 5 years ago but I suppose it's never too late. Can't wait to get the platinum so I can start the sequel. On the PS4 I've been playing The Crew, praying I don't get hit by the Extra Mile glitch which will lock me out of the platinum if I get it. If I had known that was a thing 6 years ago I would have never started it but at least it's actually a fun driving game. Lastly, Minecraft Dungeons which I've been playing co-op with my girlfriend. It's a good laugh and the platinum doesn't seem too difficult. I picked up the hero edition too so I'll be ready for the DLC when it drops. It's all just biding time until Last of Us Part II comes out though isn't it?
  6. My girlfriend and I have played this in local co-op since we got it so both our characters were the same level (33) but today when we went idle for a bit she was logged out and once she re-joined her character had disappeared. We tried reloading the game, restarting the PS4, logging in and logging out etc but it is completely gone forcing her to restart from scratch. Just wanted to let people know. I've submitted a ticket with Mojang but I doubt they'll get back to me anytime soon.
  7. I bring this up a lot but I somehow missed out that Hitman Absolution was closing its servers and once it happened I was too late. Even more annoying to find out that the online stuff would have taken less than an hour to do. Raging. I'm currently playing The Crew and there's a possibility I'll get hit with a platinum locking glitch involving The Extra Mile trophy. If it happens there's no way to fix it and Ubisoft won't do shit about it. The glitch has been in since day one and has never been patched. Shit like that should be punishable by death. Also: Guitar Hero Live F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) Killzone 2 Midnight Club: Los Angeles Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Burn Zombie Burn! (No plat but worth mentioning) Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Buzz!: Quiz TV WipEout HD Crysis 2 MAG Warhawk I've made some bad choices 😂
  8. Thoughts on Minecraft Dungeons? I'm on the fence wether to get it or not.
  9. Death Stranding. Takes a while but it's a wonderful journey.
  10. Destiny. Not because I can't do it myself but because the dlc is so fucking expensive.
  11. Working on it! 😋 Skyrim, cause it's only one of the best games ever made.
  12. Call of Duty World at War. Veteran is a pain but it's a great plat to have.
  13. Skyrim just cause I absolutely love the game and being in that world makes me happy. Mirror's Edge cause it took a lot of practice and dedication but I did it and even a decade later I am still proud for pulling off some of those speedruns.
  14. The only game I haven't seen mentioned yet is Splinter Cell Double Agent. Pretty much the reason I got a PS3. I spent countless hours on the multiplayer. I wish they added trophies and also ported over Conviction as it was an Xbox exclusive 😔
  15. I'm still improving although progress has slowed a bit cause I've gotten back into Stardew Valley (which I'm still yet to earn a new trophy in) I don't plan on getting the platinum cause I know I'll never get Fectors Challenge but I'd be happy getting every other trophy. Other than that I'm still working on Doom 3 BFG which is a long winded process. I've moved onto the classic doom games now and then will tackle the infamous nightmare difficulty on the main Doom 3 campaign. Lastly I'm getting really into the Resident Evil series after loving and finishing the remake of 2. I'd only ever played 5 when it came out over a decade ago. I've been playing 4 and revisiting 5 to finish the DLC stuff. After that I'm going to tackle 1 or 7 and I want to get the 3 remake when it goes on a good sale. I'm doing one at a time though so that my % doesn't take too much of a hit.