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  1. This is such a cool idea. I'm also going to throw my favourite one of the year in there too just for fun. 2008 - 2 Rarest: Burnout Paradise [12.28%] Most Common: Uncharted Drakes Fortune [18.91%] Favourite: Burnout Paradise - Although Uncharted was unlike anything I'd played before, you just can't beat driving around Paradise City with your friends. 2009 - 17 Rarest: Resistance 2 [2.10%] Most Common: Assassins Creed II [25.25%] Favourite: Mirror's Edge - Sure getting 10,000 kills in Resistance 2's MP and popping the platinum was satisfying but it didn't really take skill. Mirrors Edge's platinum took skill and determination and holy crap seeing that platinum pop made me so happy. 2010 - 1 One and Only: Heavy Rain [13.49%] I turned 17 in 2010 and started going out a lot so I didn't have much time for trophy hunting. Also, any gaming time I did have was dedicated to Modern Warfare 2's incredible multiplayer. 2011 - 5 Rarest: Call of Duty Black Ops [4.25%] Most Common: inFamous 2 [18.39%] Favourite: Portal 2 - The incredible voice acting in this game pretty much makes this one of my favourite games. 2012 - 13 Rarest: RAGE [4.39%] Most Common: Tomb Raider Legend [21.15%] Favourite: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Got to be, hasn't it? I still play it to this day. Amazing game. 2013 - 10 Rarest: Metro Last Light [4.26%] Most Common: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus [52.60%] Favourite: The Last of Us - This game changed my life and I have the tattoo to prove it. 2014 - 8 Rarest: Watch Dogs [9.15%] Most Common: Sly 2 [57.77%] Favourite: inFamous Second Son - My first PS4 platinum, I adored this game and its story, got a little too invested actually and started wearing a beanie like Delsins; so lame. 2015 - 11 Rarest: Alien Isolation [5.95%] Most Common: The Walking Dead [72.97%] Favourite: Alien Isolation - Alien is my favourite film of all time so playing this was just amazing, they nailed everything about what makes Alien so good. Ugh wish I could play it for the first time again. 2016 - 19 Rarest: Grand Theft Auto V [1.94%] Most Common: Virginia [64.33%] Favourite: DOOM - What a great game, I was actually so surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I'm actually working on the Multiplayer DLC trophies for this at the moment. 2017 - 13 Rarest: Deus Ex Mankind Divided [2.75%] Most Common: Horizon Zero Dawn [32.38%] Favourite: Prey - This game ticked all the boxes for an epic sci-fi adventure. Super excited for anything Arkane does next although I hope Bethesda don't get their grubby hands all over their stuff. 2018 - 22 Rarest: Skate 3 [1.79%] Most Common: Telltale's Batman [63.85%] Favourite: Subnautica - Waited forever for this game and although it was a technical mess, it's still an awesome game. 2019 - 18 (so far...) Rarest: That's You! [1.89%] Most Common: Lara Croft GO [78.91%] Favourite: Day's Gone - It got its fair share of hate but the girlfriend and I got super invested in it and loved every minute. Can't wait for a sequel. This was super fun to go back and look at all my platinum's over the years. Looking forward to what's next.
  2. I'm not the OP and I agree the post title is somewhat dramatic. In any case, isn't grinding in JRPG's expected?
  3. Great argument. There are people starving in the world so you shouldn't feel hungry. 30hrs or 500hrs it doesn't matter. This game was straight up unnecessary and didn't have the content or gameplay loop to justify it.
  4. I finished this game months ago but I'm still pissed at how pointless the end game grind was. Thankfully the games been forgotten about and I think it was a flop so hopefully Machine Games/Bethesda learnt their lesson with this one.
  5. I always like to have one game each for both PS3 and PS4. Here's what I'm working on at the moment; PS3: Beyond Two Souls This isn't a bad game by any means but for one about multiple choices affecting every outcome, it's so boring to go through more than once. I completed this back in 2015 and this is my first time playing it since then and some of the trophies are a bit of a drag. I've still got two half playthroughs to do and some clean up after. Mental. PS4: Doom (2016) Doing the DLC trophies as I platinum'd this fantastic game back in 2016. Most of the DLC trophies are multiplayer apart from the arcade stuff. I got all trophies bar 2 done over the weekend. The remaining 2 trophies are for unlocking 2 bits of armor in the multiplayer which are unlocked at prestige 5 and prestige 8 respectively. The MP is a tonne of fun and it's super easy to go through the ranks but I find it a little odd that I could get all other trophies done before hitting 1st prestige and now it's just a grind to get those remaining 2. Anyway, I'm close to hitting 2nd prestige and that's from just playing it over this weekend so it shouldn't take long.
  6. Better cancel those days off from work I booked then 🤔
  7. Doing this now and died on the first life upgrade, I quit to xmb as soon as it happened. Do you think this might void it?
  8. I'm gonna be hopping on the MP and starting the DLC trophies tonight. I hope to see some of you there!
  9. Beyond Two Souls. I can't bring myself to go through it several more times to get all the trophies.
  10. Here's a suggestion I haven't seen mentioned; Being able to filter gaming sessions to hide sessions for games that you have 100% on. I know I should always be willing to help my fellow man even if I've completed a game but sometimes I'd just like to browse through what sessions are going on for the games that I actually need to finish.
  11. I'll wait until this time next year when the final DLC gets released before even thinking about buying this.
  12. Okay, perfect thanks so much. And what about the last section where you chase the Dark Prince? What do I need to watch out for?
  13. Okay, thanks for the help, sorry for the late reply I'm just now getting round to this. I'm close to the end of my playthrough on Hard collecting all the life upgrades and after that, I'll be going for Sand Snake on Normal (I've already done the Easy playthrough) but if I can't do it on Normal I'll quite happily do another run on Easy to get it. Anyway, so just ignore everyone saying "you can't hear the Prince scream" or whatever right? Just as long as I don't hit continue or quit on the death screen and quit via XMB instead I'm good? Did you bother with the life upgrades? Also, do you have any tips for the last section chasing the Dark Prince? Like when it's okay to fall etc? Sorry for the bombardment of questions haha. I'd really appreciate your help
  14. UPDATE Ultra Rare Far Cry 2 (0.55%) That's You! (1.91%) Thief (3.39%) Borderlands The Pre-Sequel (Platinum 4.22%) Very Rare Mass Effect (6.87%) Bioshock (Platinum 9.13%) Beyond Two Souls (9.67%) Rare The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (10.38%) Spec Ops The Line (11.22%) Common/Uncommon Least Rare Rare The Saboteur (14.96%) Been a while since I've been on here and tbh I completely forgot about this event. In the time I've been away I managed to finish off two of my games The Saboteur and Borderlands The Pre Sequel. I actually had a lot of fun doing both of these especially The Pre Sequel and its DLC. I have no idea what I'm going to do next, think I may tackle Bioshock once I'm done with Borderlands 3.
  15. This thread is for people who have never downloaded the grounded mode DLC before but thanks anyway.