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  1. Yeah, I thought that but it's a game that has "Live Service" written all over it so you never know. Tbh I don't think it did that well and considering you and I are the only ones posting about this game now its obvious people have forgotten about it already (on PSNP anyway). Hopefully, MG has learnt their lesson with this one.
  2. And you would know this how? Forgive me if I'm wrong but judging from your trophy list you haven't even attempted the grind yet, how can you comment on how the grind is if you haven't done any of it yet?
  3. I know, either way we lose. Honestly I think the default control scheme would be fine if we could hold down triangle button and it came up with a weapon wheel like a lot of games have. Then the d-pad can be used for the new stuff but we still get to switch to specific weapons on the fly.
  4. To everyone having an issue with weapon swapping; go to settings and change the controller layout to 'classic' this brings back the d-pad changing weapons and puts changing fire modes to holding down triangle. No need to thank me😊
  5. Yeah cause the Devs spent time implementing these new modes for the dedicated fans and then they thought "let's throw a trophy in too just to fuck with those guys on PSNP". Get over yourself. I get that people want 100% completion and they might not want to play a game 3 or more times to get it but to think you're actually being victimised by developers is just plain dumb πŸ˜‚
  6. Some of those guys are freaking masochists lol. Honestly though, reading those comments shows that there are people that just really like this game and want more out of it, so maybe some people in here shouldn't feel like they're being targeted by the devs for being a trophy hunter, cause seriously thats just dumb.
  7. Amen, brother! Having finished the game and gotten the platinum now I can honestly say I never want to even look at that game again. Here's hoping they don't release any DLC for it.
  8. Well, good for you. Be sure to come back here and let us know what you think once you're a bit further in.
  9. I'm 100% with you. People here acting like Bend are the second coming of Jesus because they added "free content" are mental. It's not content, it's a trophy for playing a game you already played. If this shit was happening 10 years ago people would be losing their minds.
  10. So the patch didn't help at all like I hoped it would so I just bit the bullet and ground out the plat this weekend. I'll go through a few things for anyone reading this and hopefully it'll help if you're yet to tackle this game. For regular kills I just played the first mission over and over, doesn't take as long as you think. Refill ammo in the catacombs. For Kraftwerk kills I went to Riverside as it has the most ammo pickups for all Kraftwerk guns. Kill all the enemies, go back to base and repeat. For Hammer kills I used @Surgical_Assault's Lab X method for gathering ammo (I always went stealth through the first area to avoid the enemies as they are heavily armored and not worth the ammo consumption). It usually took me two runs to fill all ammo then I'd replay the first mission again for easy kills. I would return to base after the second area and restart the mission, it's up to you if you want to continue on but there are a lot of armored enemies after the second area so I felt it wasn't worth it. Also for a boost in coins when grinding kills on the first mission always stealth through the first and second area for a bonus of about 250 coins. Do as seen in this video. It might not seem like a lot but for the number of times you'll replay this mission, it'll go a long way to helping with Gear Head. DIESELHAMMER - When grinding out Hammer kills I focussed mainly on Kugelhammer and Laserhammer, only using the Dieselhammer once I'd run out of ammo for the other two. This is cause the Dieselhammer is a pain in the arse, you can only hold 50 rounds (up to 60 odd with certain upgrades) and each shot uses 3 rounds so you burn through ammo super quick, you can use the same method as above but I found it was taking too long. As per the trophy guide on here it advises you to play the first mission up to the casino, stealth kill the big guy who has two Dieselhammers for his ammo, unload on everyone til' you run out of ammo, jump off the ship to kill yourself (making sure to use all your shared lives) and you'll respawn in the vent above the casino so you can do it all again. However, the new patch has taken out that checkpoint so if you die you start way back at the beginning. I got around this by deleting my game, disconnecting my PS4 from the internet and reinstalling the game to bypass all patches. This worked a treat and allows you to use this method. It still takes a long time but compared to the other method it's a lot quicker. Make sure to buy the Stier upgrades for the Dieselhammer (and all weapons tbh) to maximize damage and minimize the amount of ammo you use per person. Now after all this, I still needed around 49,000 coins to get the remaining upgrades. There are various methods for farming coins but the best one for me was to abuse the money crates that spawn every 24 hours by manually changing the date on my PS4. My run was to go through Riverside and then Lab X and collect every single money crate, once I reached the end of Lab X I would return to the catacombs to save then quit the game, manually changed the date on my PS4 to the next day and load back up and repeat. Each run would take me about 10 minutes and I would net just over 3,000 coins. I'm not sure if this is the quickest way to do it, but it was the quickest way I could find. Lastly, after getting every other trophy I still needed the trophy for firing 100,000 shots to get the platinum. I just went to the firing range in the catacombs where the ammo crate was and fired dual machine pistols until it popped, this took me another 15 minutes! I've definitely done worse grinds in my time but none have ever been as pointless as this. I liked the game overall but the grind for the platinum is a piss-take. I hope this post helps someone on this long and pointless journey, stick a podcast on and hopefully, it isn't too painful for you
  11. I don't understand why people come on to this website, a website dedicated to trophy hunting, and have a go at people for trophy hunting. Sure, if you don't like a game you shouldn't really bother playing it but that's just not how it works for a trophy hunter. If it was that easy then this website wouldn't be as popular as it is. Anyway, I finished this game last night and whilst I initially enjoyed it quite a bit, the pointless grind left a sour taste in my mouth. I am a big fan of the Wolfenstein series, including The New Colossus AND I'm even a supporter of the Mein Leben trophy, despite not yet achieving it, because there's a point to Mein Leben, its a trophy that requires skill (and albeit, a lot of luck) whereas most of the trophies in Youngblood are utterly pointless. Youngblood's endgame grind only serves to show that the game is shallow and has very little content. Machine Games have a lot to answer for and hopefully, they get their shit together for Wolf3.
  12. I haven't started Survival 1 yet (was waiting on NG+ cause it was obvious they'd add it eventually) so fingers crossed playing Survival 2 will unlock both trophies!
  13. 68 hours 😧 unbelievable.
  14. I'm really disappointed by this patch. When they announced they were making 100% completion easier I thought they would increase XP given, increase coins given, decrease amount of kills for masteries or at the very least increase ammo drops for Hammer weapons - to be honest, I would have been happy with only one of these things but alas, what we got was a little bit of a damage increase when using the wrong weapon on an enemy AND FUCKING EXTRA TUTORIAL LAPTOPS!? As if anyone gave a fuck about that! I'm currently at the stage of grinding out Hammer weapon masteries (all other weapons done) and the hoops you have to jump through to get a tiny bit of ammo and a few kills is astonishing. I've been very positive towards this game and didn't really agree with the hate it got but now I'm in the final stages of getting the Platinum its flaws are shining very bright. There just isn't enough content in this game to justify the amount of grinding necessary for the Platinum and I actually think it's arrogant on the part of the developers to put the masteries and cost of upgrades so high in such a shallow game. Call me out if I'm being a diva please cause I don't want to seem like an entitled baby. I try to not get wound up about these things cause hey it's just a game right? But you really do have to think about the developers putting this in their game intentionally and thinking it was OK, and it pisses me off πŸ˜‚
  15. Yeah I got this issue too. Surely it's a bug? We should probably report it.