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  1. I've never played any of the soulsborne games. They look great and I want to play them but I'm scared to because hard games be hard.
  2. I only just recently got into reading comics and graphic novels so I'm currently reading through the original Watchmen graphic novel. It's great so far!
  3. Problem Solved, Series Over Create the Ocelot Time Paradox I love that they put this in because it's true, none of the events of any of the other games would happen without him. I wonder what the games would be about without him?
  4. Looks so good and I just can't wait to see Ant-Man and Rocket interact with all the main Avengers.
  5. I have 3 which are Metro Last Light, Skyrim & Far Cry 3. I love all these games to death and was very happy to do them all again a few years later. Stacking the same easy game 4 times, or autopopping trophies on the same game mutliple times just isn't my thing and it never will be.
  6. I only just got a Vita for Christmas and I am loving it! There are loads of games I have my eye on that will probably take me years to get finished and once there are no Vita games to play it'll just become a portable PS1 for me as there are loads of classics I want to replay on the move!
  7. I saw The First Purge and it was pretty wank. I thought I was in for a really interesting film where they would explore what actually happened with the first purge and how that lead on to the other films, but no, I just got the same story as the last two. Boring.
  8. The checklist is complete! I may tweak a few things but from now on I'll just be posting updates in the comments as and when they happen. Thanks for taking the time to read this if you do! If you have any suggestions on how I can improve the checklist please let me know. As for now I'm about to start Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater which won't take long so I'll be back here in a couple of days with the first update!
  9. Yeah, I'm working on it whilst at work when I have the time. I'll post a comment once it's finished to let everyone know. Thanks for the nice words Thanks a lot haha, I'm pretty proud of it and it's definitely helped me a lot!
  10. You don't finish a lot of games 😂
  11. Hey! Welcome to my Trophy Checklist! With a decade of on and off trophy hunting behind me I thought my checklist could be a retrospective of what I have achieved so far and also a look to the future of what I aim to complete. In all honesty I've only just started taking this hobby seriously and over the last 10 years I've built up a fair backlog of games that I'd really like to clean up. However, I'm not letting the backlog take over my life, if a new game comes out that I'm really interested in, I will buy it and it will just be added to the list. So with that in mind, below I will keep a couple of lists that will detail my backlog, what I'm currently working on and what I've completed with a short paragraph detailing my thoughts on each game. Platinums are great and all but that's not the goal of my checklist, my main aim is to 100% all of my games! Also, I'm not into bloating my profile with easy 10 minute platinums or multiple platinums for the same game so you won't find My Name is Mayo or any POWGI games in here. I'm an organised person and to keep track of my games I made a spreadsheet which you can view HERE if you like. This checklist will have a lot of the same information but a bit more detailed as I plan to write some thoughts for each game I complete. I'd like to credit Arcesus 7 for some of the design elements of my checklist, it was his one that inspired me to create my own and I may have nicked some of his ideas! 😀 If you have any suggestions on how to make my checklist (or my spreadsheet) better I would love to hear them! So without further adieu, lets get to the games! Backlog of Games I Want to Complete Currently working on Already platinum'd, DLC to be done Games to be started Games I've Accepted As Lost Causes Games Now Impossible to Complete Due to Server Closures etc. COMPLETED GAMES 100% Completed 1-10 [2008-2009] 100% Completed 11-20 [2009-2012] 100% Completed 21-30 [2012-2013] 100% Completed 31-40 [2013-2014] 100% Completed 41-50 [2014-2015] 100% Completed 51-60 [2015-2016] 100% Completed 61-70 [2016-2016] 100% Completed 71-80 [2017-2018] So in summer of 2018 I started to take this hobby seriously and I started really paying attention to my completion rate. So instead of just ignoring all those unfinished games in my backlog I decided to start cleaning up for real this time. This starts in the below list and doesn't stop so get ready for some old(ish) games! 100% Completed 81-90 [2018-2018] 100% Completed 91-100 [2018-2018] 100% Completed 101-110 [2018-2019] 100% Completed 111-120 [2019-20XX] Thanks for reading this and if you have any suggestions or advice, please leave a comment! Jonesey46.
  12. Professional Reach Rank 10 (Ranked Match) Ultra Rare - 2.78% Currently working on grinding out the online trophies for Far Cry 2 so when I eventually get the platinum all 5 of my 'rarest trophies' will be from this game.
  13. I'M GETTING TO IT, I PROMISE! Get Dying Light done, amazing game!
  14. You've got so many good games to get through but I think your next one should be Dishonored. Such a fantastic game and a really fun platinum!