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  1. U mad bro?
  2. Platinum #162 - The Outer Worlds Introduction So, I'm a big fan of the Fallout series, particularly the Bethesda ones like 3, New Vegas and 4. 3 being my favourite of them. So The Outer Worlds is a no brainer for me right? Made by the guys who did New Vegas, none of that new Bethesda bullshit. Just a straight up single-player RPG where your choices have impact on the world. Now, if I'd have reviewed this right after finishing it, which was 5 months ago now, I'd have been pretty positive. But now I've had time to stew on it, I think I'm going to end up being a little critical here. Story You play as a colonist who has been placed in cryo-stasis and sent to a far off galaxy in order to populate it and continue humanities survival. However, the ship you're on never arrives and is stranded out in space. Years pass by until you're finally rescued by Dr. Phineas Wells. He claims that the corporations have completely taken over the galaxy and they're doing a terrible job. There's a food and supply shortage and everyone is either too depressed, or too company loving to do anything about it. Wells insists that you can be the one to save everyone, and so the two of you hatch a plan to bring down the corporation once and for all. How you handle it all though, is entirely up to you. Gameplay The Outer Worlds is a first person RPG. The main thing you'll be doing in this game is talking to people. And that's the one thing that Obsidian absolutely nailed in this game. The dialogue. Every character in this game has their own personality and each conversation you have is unique and interesting. The Outer Worlds has that similar morbid humour that Fallout has, characters are constantly being smarmy and sarcastic which I found to be hilarious. This is also one of those games were talking solves everything providing you have the right skills. You can complete the entire game without killing a single person. Talking of skills I should go into the character creation. So at the start of your game, in true RPG fashion, you create your character. You can make your character look however you want and you can give them a name which turns up in dialogue trees and text documents. You then have to assign your skills. You're given a certain amount of points to spend and then you unlock 10 more every time you level up. It's impossible to be good at everything here so you need to choose wisely and consider what type of person you're going to be. Skills include hacking, lockpicking, long range weapons, short range weapons, melee combat, unarmed combat etc. What you pick will determine how the game plays out as certain quests have skills checks and if you don't have the skills for it, you'll have to find another way. When you create your character you can also choose some personality traits and your job, these give permanent buffs to certain skills. Now let's get into the world. The Outer Worlds is set in Halcyon, a small galaxy consisting of about 6 planets. You start your adventure on Terra 2 in the town of Edgewater. From there you can travel to other locations on Terra 2 such as Roseway and Byzantium, which is where all the rich people live. Outside of Terra 2 there's The Groundbreaker, a large colony ship which has been turned into a citadel. Monarch, the largest area in the game which consists of many small settlements and a wasteland full of things that want to kill you. And also Scylla which is a very small moon with not much to do on it. Other than that there's a few small story places to visit like Phineas' Lab and of course your own ship 'The Unreliable'. Ultimately, the game feels quite small as there really isn't a lot of places to visit. Weirdly when you go on the galaxy map there's various planets on it that end up being completely inaccessible. This was disappointing to me as when I first started the game and saw them, I assumed we would visit them eventually but when I finished the game I found they were just there for show. The world feels rich due to the characters that inhabit it, but unfortunately the world itself leaves a lot to be desired. While you're out and about exploring the world you'll come across some interesting characters that you can recruit to follow you. The follower system in this game is very well done I think. Once you recruit someone they make their way to your ship and every time you disembark your ship to go on a mission a little menu will come up showing your available followers. You can quickly select who you want to take with you, or you can leave them all behind and go it solo. I played the entire game with the first follower you get, Parvati, purely because I found her the most interesting and I love Ashly Burch who voices her. But the other followers were all great too. I found Vicar Max to be very entertaining and Felix to be quite wholesome. Lastly the combat... *sigh* The combat in The Outer Worlds is very lacking. There's various guns like assault rifles and pistols etc. But none of them feel unique or worth using. I pretty much just used the gun with the highest DPS I could find the entire game. Using anything else felt completely pointless. You can also collect these unique science weapons which do interesting things like shrink your enemies or zap them or whatever but they are so laughably weak and a massive waste of time. During combat you can use a special ability which slows down time for a short period, allowing you to make accurate shots on enemies (pretty much this games version of VATS) but again, I found it mostly useless and to be honest I kept forgetting it was there so rarely used it. As I said before combat can be mostly avoided in this game providing you have the right skills however there's no avoiding it when you're out in the wastes. There's your regular bandit type enemies that shoot on sight and then there's a massive array of creature enemies that can fuck your shit up. Mantiqueens being the most annoying. While you're out in the world you can loot containers for ammo and money but don't ever expect to find anything interesting or unique cause it ain't there. This made looting largely a waste of time and at a certain point in the game you don't even need to do it to survive because ammo is in abundance everywhere and I'd be surprised if you ever ran out. All that makes actually exploring the world in The Outer Worlds, kind of boring. When I was unable to use fast travel and actually had to run somewhere, I found myself just bolting past all the enemies to get to the next area. If not for the interesting characters populating this world, The Outer Worlds wouldn't have much going for it. Which is a darn shame. But, I'm willing to let it slide as this is Obsidians first foray into making a game like this all by themselves with little to no outside support. A lot of this games shortcomings can be justified by lack of budget or talent. However what this game does well, it does really well. Hopefully this game was popular enough to justify a sequel, giving Obsidian a chance to learn from their shortcomings and deliver us a fantastic follow up. Platinum Thoughts The Outer Worlds is easy enough and doesn't take long due to how short the game is. There is a little grinding required for the trophies requiring you to kill enemies in a certain way but thankfully you can use a save scum method to make it super easy. There's quite a few missable trophies due to certain choices locking out various paths but as I said, the game is short and if you keep plenty of back up saves you might not need to worry about it. Outside of all that there's trophies for completing various story milestones and of course difficulty trophies. Now, one thing that is worth mentioning, is that you can actually speed run this game in about 30 minutes. There's not even anything complicated about it, literally anyone can do this speed run. Which is exactly what I did for the Supernova difficulty trophy. I watched a 20 minute video and then just replicated it straight away. Super easy. It's not the easiest platinum in the world but it certainly isn't the hardest. Summary The Outer Worlds is definitely a good game. However it's shortcomings are so glaring that it can really get in the way of your experience. For a game that emulates Fallout, it fails to do so many things that Fallout does effortlessly. Having said that though, the writing is stellar and the story itself is fantastic. With the game being so short it's very easy to jump back in with a new character and try it all again but make different choices and see where it takes you. There were various moments in the game where I made a silly decision and it ended up being a fleshed out path with unique dialogue and characters. Showing that Obsidian really did think of everything. As stated before, I really hope Obsidian get a shot at a sequel and they can really show us what they're made of. Best Bit Hilarious dialogue and meaningful character interactions Worst Bit Uninteresting exploration, bad combat and short run time. Arbitrary Rating 7/10
  3. My Game Of the Year 2020 Doom Eternal. I had a bit of a love hate relationship with this game at first but the more I played it the more I fell in love with it. It's also the only game I've replayed this year not for trophies. My Non-2020 Game of the Year Resident Evil 2. This game took me by surprise and it spurred me to play the rest of the series. Absolute masterpiece. My Platinum of the Year 2020 Journey to the Savage Planet. Did the whole thing in co-op with my fiancé and we had a blast. My Non-2020 Platinum of the Year Death Stranding. I loved every minute of this game.
  4. Yeah I actually really like it. It's a bit wacky but it has tons of charm and I really like the soundtrack. Haven't finished the story yet but it seems pretty good so far.
  6. Sure, but whether someone says AC2 or Valhalla is their favourite, both opinions are correct and valid. It's all subjective. Crash Bandicoot 4 is an amazing example. A lot of people on here were upset to find it was so punishingly difficult. But that's the thing that annoys me about people on here, they spend too much time complaining about things that aren't for them. Take the new Avengers game for example. I'm a big fan of the MCU, I've watched most of the films twice and some of my favourite ones several times more. I also got into reading comics in the last few years and I've been a fan of Spider-Man since I was little. And yet, the Avengers game comes out, and in my opinion it looks like trash, you couldn't pay me to play it. But I'm not going to complain about it, I just choose not to buy it and move on. The game wasn't made for someone like me, and that is absolutely fine. Not every game that comes out can cater to every single person on the planet. If you like difficult games, play difficult games and don't complain about the ones that aren't difficult, cause they weren't made for you. And likewise the other way around.
  7. Hmm, I disagree. Yeah sure there's easy games nowadays, but if you don't like it, don't play them? It's as simple as that. There's plenty of challenging games being released today if that's what floats your boat. For instance I'm currently playing Hollow Knight and it is kicking my ass. But it's a lot of fun. Magic Orbz isn't fun, it's just challenge. Which is boring and unrewarding. No one loses when games of all different difficulties come out. The more people that get to play games, the better. There's something for everyone and it is no skin off your nose if people want to play My Name is Mayo 2. Likewise, you couldn't pay me to play Surgeon Simulator, but you playing it doesn't affect my life at all. I mean it's up to you if want to play Magic Orbz or not, and if you do, you'll probably think I'm being dramatic here. But at the end of the day, I played it and didn't have fun, I was mostly frustrated and glad to put it behind me.
  8. Thanks this was a big help 👍
  9. Platinum #161 - Minecraft Dungeons Introduction This game came out of nowhere for me, up until a couple of days before it came out I didn't even know it existed. My girlfriend and I were off work at the time due to lockdown so we were looking for a game we could play together. We both like Minecraft so why not? We ended up playing the entire game in co-op and had a lot of fun doing so! Story Oh no! The Arch-Illager has unleashed his army upon the lands to find the pieces of a powerful cube! You are the only one who can stop him! Gameplay Minecraft Dungeons is an isometric dungeon crawler game, similar to Diablo (or so I'm told, I've never played Diablo). The game consists of 9 levels and as you play through them you collect different gear. Gear you collect has levels and all your gear calculated together gives you your power level. All the levels have a difficulty slider so as you level up, the enemies also level up, and thus drop better gear. Once you complete the game on the base difficulty you're encouraged to go through it again on the next difficulty, and once you've done that, go through it again on Apocalypse difficulty. This way you're always levelling up your gear and by the end of Apocalypse you should technically have the best stuff in the game. It sounds grindy, but it never felt that way. I suppose you could grind at the very end for the best possible gear imaginable, but the game isn't packed with content and it isn't particularly interesting after 3 run throughs, so I doubt many people will do that. Having said that though, grinding isn't really my thing so there may well be people willing to grind in this game. When you're not slashing mobs in the various levels you'll be back at the homestead. Here you can trade with wandering merchants and go through the gear you've collected. Merchants trade with emeralds and you gather these naturally whilst playing. There's also a secret level located in the homestead and to access it you need to collect a glyph from each of the main levels. The secret mission is a reference to a Diablo game and it completely consists of Mooshroom cow mobs. The gear is obviously the most important thing in a game like this and I found it pretty varied. There's enough unique legendries dropping to keep things interesting. Your character can equip a sword, a bow, an armour set and 3 artifacts. Artifacts allow you to perform special abilities like summon a wolf, fire a firework arrow or buff you defenses. As for the levels, I was quite impressed by how diverse and how scenic they were. Talented builders can do a lot in the OG Minecraft and the levels in this feel like you're making your way through one of those talented builds. There's a level based in a forest, a swamp, a mine, a castle and more. All of them are quite beautiful in their own blocky way. Platinum Thoughts The platinum in Minecraft Dungeons is fairly easy, with the only slightly challenging aspect of beating the final boss on Apocalypse difficulty. Most trophies revolve around levelling up your character, killing a certain amount of mobs and collecting emeralds. Beating the final boss was no easy feat on the default difficulty. It took me and my girlfriend a fair few tries to take him down but honestly, it isn't that bad as long as you keep your gear up to date and always make sure you're a few levels over the recommended power level. Beating him on Apocalypse was easier cause we had the strat down and we made sure our gear was top notch (heh). Summary As far as dungeon crawlers go, I couldn't say if this stacks up against them cause this was my first experience. But as a fan of the original Minecraft, I had a bloody good time with this game and it served us well during the pandemic. Its diverse and scenic levels are a joy to explore and the loot system seemed rewarding enough without warranting excessive grind. All in all, I would definitely recommend, especially for couch co-op. Best Bit Diverse levels and fun co-op gameplay Worst Bit Repetitive towards the end, no need to play it once we unlocked the platinum Arbitrary Rating 8/10 --- Managed to finish up the PS3 game I was working on, Wet, before the PS5 drops tomorrow. Was pretty happy to get it finished after 10 years and also happy that I won't have any 'in progress' PS3 titles on the go whilst I'm gaming on the 5. It might just be my last PS3 platinum for a while as I don't think I'll be starting any before the end of the year and I certainly won't during 2021. I'll definitely still play the PS3 though cause a bunch of my favourite games are on that system and I'm sure I'll replay a few over the next year.
  10. Platinum #160 - Mass Effect Introduction I started this game in 2014. I bought it because I didn't have a lot to play at the time and I wanted a big meaty game to sink my teeth into. However, after completing the first mission I totally lost all motivation because it was all so overwhelming. The game seemed huge and I just couldn't wrap my head around it, so I left it. I attempted to go back to it 6 months later in 2015 but again, the game intimidated me with its complicated menus and ridiculous amount of people you could have proper conversations with that I just left it, and this time it was for good, or was it? After 5 years of hearing how great this series was I just thought "fuck it", and delved into it. Still a little intimidated by it, I jumped in head first and was determined to work this game out for better or worse. And I'm so glad I did. Story Mass Effect follows the story of Commander Shepard. During a mission on Eden Prime, Shepard uncovers a rogue Spectre, known as Saren, and his plot to command an army of machines known as the Geth, to take over the galaxy. Spectres are like these council appointed badasses that operate throughout the galaxy without restrictions. Whilst on Eden Prime, Shepard also finds an ancient artifact which gives him a disturbing vision. After taking all of this information to the council, Shepard is assigned as the first human Spectre, and is given free reign to do whatever it takes to stop Saren and his plan. Gameplay Mass Effect is a third-person RPG with action elements. The combat is a little weird as it's almost like it's turn based, but in real time. If that makes any sense what so ever? But combat is not overly important in this game as it is in the sequels. In true RPG fashion, you start the game by creating your character, your Shepard. Shepard can be male or female, with dedicated voice actors for both. You can choose from three options what kind of upbringing your Shepard had and most importantly, you can choose your class. I only played Infiltrator, and this is the case for all 3 games. But there's plenty of different options which give you different abilities. Some classes favour firearms, some favour tech abilities, some favour biotic abilities etc. My class, the infiltrator, uses sniper rifles and tech abilities. You can change the look of your character too and the creator can be quite in depth, or you can just go for the default look which is what is on all the covers and promo stuff. My character looked a bit like the actor Tim Allen. This became a bit of a joke in our household. The aim of Mass Effect is to bring down Saren and stop his plan, as I mentioned above. But how you do this is completely up to you. There are a number of planets with main missions that are required to push the story forward, but for the most part these can be done in any order. There are also a ton of other planets with side missions or even collectible stuff like minerals or artifacts. Each planet is its own open map area and when you deploy to a planet, you take your car the Mako, and drive around the planet looking for points of interest. The Mako controls like shit by the way, but that's another story. This gave the world a real sense of exploration. Once you've seen one planet, you've pretty much seen them all as architecture and buildings are just repeated no matter where you are, however, that feeling of exploration never really goes away. This is something the sequels lack, but we'll get to that in their own respective posts. So how do you travel the galaxy? In style, with the Normandy SR1. The Normandy is Commander Shepard's ship, and serves as the main hub between missions. You can navigate the ship to what ever planet you want to go to, you can walk around and talk to your crew mates, or you could trade with the requisition officer to get your gear up to date. The game is definitely technically limited, I mean it came out in 2007, but every part of it feels like a real world that you exist in. The crew is a very important part of Mass Effect. You can recruit 6 crew members that can then assist you out in the field. The relationships you build with these characters are meaningful and can impact story moments later in this game, and even the sequels (providing you carry your save over). Each team mate has their strengths and weaknesses, and these need to be considered when taking them out on missions. You can also pursue a romance with your team mates. Your Shepard has 2 options, whether you choose male or female, and going through with it can lead to weirdly animated sexy times. Another major feature of Mass Effect is the dialogue, and the Paragon/Renegade system. Honestly, most of your time spent with this game will be talking to people. Every conversation you have gives you options on what you want your Shepard to say. How you carry out conversations, and indeed who you conversate with can impact the game and certain choices later on. There's a shit ton of dialogue in this game so I hope you like listening. The Paragon/Renegade system is there to offer you the choice of being a true hero goody two-shoes, or a complete and utter dickhead. Again, choosing one path or the other greatly influences the story and your choices later in the game. Finally, the combat. Shepard can wield sniper rifles, assault rifles, pistols and shotguns. But your class determines which ones you can actually use. As an infiltrator I was only trained in using snipers and pistols. I was able to use both assault rifles and shotguns, but they didn't do me any favours. Over the course of the game you can collect different variations of these weapons that may have better or worse stats than your current weapon. Outside of ballistics, you can use tech or biotic powers. These range from hacking synthetic enemies to lifting enemies off the ground. Platinum Thoughts Mass Effect is a bit of a complicated platinum. It requires 3 full playthroughs and a couple of partial playthroughs, and there's no getting round it. The three full playthroughs consist of playing through the entirety of the game, including almost all of the side missions with each of the team mates. Now, you can have two team mates with you at a time and you pretty much need to stick with those two for the whole game in order to get their respective trophies. And then you need to do that two more times to cover the other four team mates. This is a colossal pain in the arse, as one team mate can only be recruited after you've already done 4 or 5 missions, which leaves unlocking their trophy pretty close at the end of the game. Outside of those, there's several for using each ability on enemies so many times. Now again, this is a pain in the arse because certain classes don't have access to certain abilities, and if you want to give yourself an easier time, you're going to want to play your subsequent playthroughs on NG+ which means you can't select a new class. Thankfully, there is an exploit which has you completing the first few missions and then just unloading on an object over and over again until the respective trophy pops. And finally, there are difficulty trophies, with one requiring you to beat it on the hardest difficulty, Insanity. Insanity isn't as bad as it sounds, but if you struggle then you can always use an exploit which allows you to just beat the final boss on that difficulty and still get the trophy. Summary Mass Effect has now become one of my favourite games of all time, and one of my favourite series of all time. A lot of people hype these games up and for good reason. I was glad that I waited to play them as I was able to play all 3 in order with no extended wait times in between. The vast array of options you have make it so that your story and your Shepard is unique to you and it really does feel like a tailor made experience. Especially when you get to the sequels and you're able to carry over your character and all your decisions. A novelty that never wore off once for me. It's a prime example of a game where your actions define the experience. You really care for the characters you come across as they're all fleshed out and seem real. What an amazing experience. Best Bit Vast galaxy to explore, wide array of choices. Your Shepard, your story. Worst Bit Some of the gameplay elements haven't aged well like the combat and driving the Mako. Arbitrary Rating 9/10
  11. I imagine most people that consider 3 to be the best Far Cry are people who played it when it came out. Which is the case for me. I think gameplay and world wise the franchise has improved, however Vaas has yet to be topped as the best villain. Pagan Min from 4 and Joseph Seed from 5 do a decent job but they don't even come close to Vaas.
  12. 💯 100% Achieved - Resident Evil 5 💯 Introuduction This was my first Resident Evil game. I bought it not long after it came out because I was a student and had disposable income, and I liked to keep up with big new releases at the time. Having never played a Resident Evil game before I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If all the previous titles were available on PS3 at the time I probably would have delved deeper into the series, but they weren't. By the time 6 came out I had already moved on, so this is why it has taken me so long to get into this series! Anyway, I got the platinum for Resident Evil 5 way back in 2009 and I remember being quite proud of myself, cause I had never completed a game like it at the time and it did pose a fair challenge. Fast forward to 2020 and during lockdown I finally decided to get the DLC done and that is what we are here to talk about today! DLC Versus Pack Not starting off strong... This is probably the most bored I've ever been boosting for trophies. I had just recently done BioShock 2 and that was a laugh compared to this. The Versus Pack is a multplayer component that was added as DLC to Resident Evil 5. It has 4 modes, Slayers and Survivors, and then a team version of each of those. To get all trophies you need to win, yes that's right WIN, 30 matches of each, so 120 total. Boosting this obviously means taking turns, so I had to play 240 matches. Each survivors match lasts 5 minutes and a slayers match lasts 3 minutes. Slayers has you killing other players and survivors has you killing as many zombies as possible. There's a bunch of maps, all straight from the campaign levels. And there are also costumes to collect for the characters. You can play as Chris, Sheva, Jill or Wesker. Sheva and Jill obviously have unlockable costumes which are revealing cause this is a Resident Evil game. Not much more to say on this one. Boosting this was really boring and I'm glad it's behind me. Lost in Nightmares Lost in Nightmares is a story DLC and it takes place before the main game. It gives insight into what happened to Jill Valentine and why she is absent for most of the main campaign. The DLC takes place in a mansion very similar to the mansion from Resident Evil 1. It has the classic puzzle design that is obviously absent from Resident Evil 5 and is generally a good time for fans of the series. I really enjoyed my time with this DLC, as I said, it harkens back to the original games and their design, which is obviously leagues ahead of the action oriented stuff from 5 and 6. It's pretty short, lasting only an hour. However if you want all the trophies, you're going to be in for a few playthroughs. Speaking of trophies, there's one for completing it on any difficulty, and one for completing it on the hardest. There's also one for getting an S rank. The hardest difficulty one wasn't overly tough, but there's a section in the basement that can cause some trouble. Depending on your difficulty, the basement section plays out differently too, which was a nice surprising challenge. Other than that, there's one for collecting some emblems and one for hitting Wesker (the boss of the DLC) a certain amount of times. Nothing too strenuous. Desperate Escape And finally, another story DLC but one with a lot more action! This one takes place simultaneously with the end of the main campaign and it follows Jill and Josh as they escape the Umbrella compound. Josh has a mate that can pick them up in a helicopter, but they need to make it to where the helicopter can land, and there's a shit ton of zombies (sorry, Majini) between them. Overall this DLC was OK. It didn't blow my mind, and it was actually pretty tough. You're on a bit of a timer in some sections and there can be so many enemies coming at you it can all just get a little overwhelming. Trophy wise it's similar to the previous DLC; beat it once, on the hardest difficulty and get an S rank. Also kill 150 enemies in one go, and 3 of one (rare) type. A lot of the time it's easier to just run past enemies, but if they catch you, they really can fuck your shit up and this is where I started to get frustrated. The final part of the DLC sees you holding out on a rooftop for a set amount of time before the helicopter can pick you up. During this time everything gets thrown at you, including boss type enemies like the chainsaw guys that take about a thousand bullets before they go down. I was pretty lucky on my hardest difficulty run because I hit a glitch where enemies just stopped spawning after the first minute, so all I had to do was just wait for the timer to run out. I spent a long time gearing up for that fight too and I didn't even need to! Anyway, Desperate Escape can be fun once you get the hang of it, but as I say, it can get frustrating. I was just glad to be playing this and not another Versus mode! --- 11 years and it's finally done! I've got a few of this series under my belt now and I'm so glad I finally got round to it! I'm currently playing RE1, and I know I'm getting RE3 Remake for Christmas. After that I might play RE0 but other than that I think I'll be done. I have no interest in playing 6 or any of the spin offs. Unless I can be convinced otherwise. As for RE8, that will be a day one buy for sure! I loved 7 and can't wait to see what happens to Ethan and Chris next.
  13. Like any other PS+ game, it'll be in your library forever and you can access it providing you still have an active subscription.
  14. Yeah I have to admit, it is very confusing, even for people like us who pay attention to this stuff. A couple of weeks ago I'd have bet all I have on the PS5 versions having shared lists but here we are. You must be able to select which version you want to play from the PS5 main menu, or you just refuse to download the upgrade which makes it BC. But what happens if you want to switch between the two? Too complicated for something that should be so simple.
  15. So I picked up my copy of Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5 today. But I'm in the UK, so I've no way to play it until next week when the PS5 releases. No idea why retailers are releasing games and accessories for a console that isn't even fucking out yet. I'm not annoyed that I don't get to play it for a week, I'm annoyed because I've had to take an extra trip to my retailer when I was supposed to pick up both the game and the console at the same time. They only hold pre-orders for 2 days so I HAD to go and get it. It's just extra messing about. Anyway, rant over. Now to talk about a game that I'll never forget. 💯 100% Achieved - Inside 💯 Introduction What a fucking game. I'm a fan of PlayDead's other game Limbo, but it never resonated with me as it did for other people. Inside though, holy shit. This game wrecked me. Let's get into it. Story You play as a young boy and the game starts you off in a forest. There's no text or dialogue telling you why you're here or what you are doing. Your goal is to move forward and as you play you realise that you, as the player are not important. You are just here along for the ride. The boys goal is never communicated to the player, you just need to get him from one part of the world to the next. As mentioned before, there is no dialogue and no text. The entire story is told through the environment and what the boy experiences as you play him. It truly is a work of art. I found myself absolutely glued to the screen the entire way through it. I beat the thing in two sessions, which would have been one if it hadn't gotten so late the night before. I don't want to go into spoilers so regarding the ending I'll just say this; The ending absolutely floored me, I had so many questions whilst playing the final segment, it struck me with both shock and awe and I never saw it coming. Shortly after I finished the game I went to YouTube and watch a couple of hours worth of analysis videos, all of which were absolutely fascinating. Seriously. Play this game. Gameplay Inside is a 2.5D puzzle platformer. Each puzzle is an environmental hurdle the boy needs to overcome to move forward. There is amazing diversity in its puzzles. There's simple push and pull object puzzles, underwater vehicle segments, gravity anomalies, using other people to weigh down pressure plates, mind control puzzles. It's all very similar to Limbo but I found the puzzles much more engaging in this. The puzzles are also fairly challenging, but not frustratingly so. It's always clear what you need to do, it just might take a few tries to figure it out. Gameplay wise, there's not much more to say. The story and the journey are the real reason to play this game and the gameplay purely drives this forward. It is by no means boring though, and it keeps you engaged enough whilst desperately trying to get to the next part where you might understand what the hell is going on. Trophy Thoughts Inside is a lot more forgiving than Limbo. Purely because of the lack of any permadeath trophy. Otherwise the trophy list is almost identical. All trophies relate to collectibles and then one final one for unlocking the 'secret' ending. Easy peasy. I had missed a couple of collectibles on my first run through, but I was able to clean up the ones I missed using a very extensive and generous chapter select. Summary Play this game. Just play it. Best Bit Engaging story with an ending that will stick with you. Worst Bit The underwater bits can get tense and might give you a slight heart attack. Arbitrary Rating 10/10 I have a rule about not giving out 10's because nothing is truly perfect. But as I thought about this game, there is not a single thing about it that I would change. Which is as close to perfect as it gets right? Fuck it, the 10 stays. Thanks for reading as always