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  1. Yeah I get that. Meena and Donna's first chapters weren't terrible but the voice acting of John and Jack in their first chapter was so wooden and lifeless. I've just been informed that this game was made by the people who made Virginia, which is a bit disappointing because I loved Virginia.
  2. Aw man, this game was by the people that did Virginia? Are you shitting me? I loved Virginia!
  3. Sorry, are we playing the same game? The voice acting is atrocious. I don't mean to be rude. I've only played the first chapter of each story but I'm not impressed so far.
  4. Outer Wilds really is the best. Yeah I've seen the making of video, its incredible. Haven't played Solar Ash yet but I'm looking forward to getting to it, looks fun. The Pathless is great, it's a bit longer than their usual games but has a great world and movement system. Started Last Stop last night and it's definitely their lowest quality game. The graphics and voice acting are subpar. I've only done the first chapter and will see it through but I'm not impressed so far. Ashen isn't really an RPG. It has no stat levelling but it does have weapon upgrading. It is more contained but it's still a decent size. Enemy variety is lacking so you end up facing the same types of enemies for the whole game. It has a very steep difficulty curve when it comes to mid and late game. There's two really hard dungeons that are required to beat the story and the last two bosses gave me a really hard time. To get the platinum you have to beat the game on normal and hard mode, I haven't started hard mode yet. There's also DLC so keep that in mind.
  5. Played Ashen yet? Its their hardest game no doubt. Just finished a normal playthrough yesterday but still have a hard mode playthrough for platinum, not looking forward to it! Starting The Last Stop next! What game of theirs is your favourite? Mine is Outer Wilds, one of the best games I've ever played.
  6. Please edit your comment. there is absolutely no positivity allowed on this site. Thank you.
  7. 1. The Crew 0.90% 2. Skate 3 1.58% 3. That's You! 1.77% 4. Doom 3 (PS3) 1.81% 5. Resistance 2 1.89% Pretty happy with this, I worked really hard to get that platinum in The Crew.
  8. Leon looks fucking knackered. Needs a good nights sleep.
  9. Wow you're so cool. I wish I was like you.
  10. Oh yeah lesson learned. I will be staying put until everything stops moving next time.
  11. I wasn't even mad, I just laughed. Good run up until this point too. Kind of disappointed but I know I can make it back there no problem.
  12. I have been well and truly rumbled. I decided to give Mein Leben on Wolfenstein 2 another go after not attempting it for at least 2 years, things were going well until this fucking shit ^ I wasn't even mad, I just laughed.
  13. Yeah it was still enjoyable, I liked the style, the voice acting, music and all that. I was just so disappointed by the way they handled the timeloop. No day night cycle, having to go through so many menus between each mission and the fact that there was no mystery to solve, the game just told me what to do. Granted, I could have turned off waypoints but why should I? I just expected more from Arkane, who are pretty much the king of the modern immersive sim, to you know... release an immersive sim haha.
  14. Unfortunately I never really vibed with Deathloop. Arkane are my favourite developer and Deathloop just seemed like a huge step back for their games if I'm honest, especially since they already made a better version of it a few years before with Prey Mooncrash.
  15. This is the best thing I've seen today hahaha. GOTY contender for sure. I really hope this stays like this.