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  1. 1. Resistance 1 2. Resistance 2 3. Resistance 3 Easy
  2. Woah this is incredible! I'm definitely interested, got a few pesky DLC trophies I've been trying to do legit but to no avail. Would really appreciate the help.
  3. Get Crash 2 done! You're so close and it's nowhere near as hard as 1, although it is still pretty hard.
  4. November 2008 - 155 Trophies. Now that's pretty weak compared to some of you in here, especially cause I was a school lad back in 2008 and had all the time in the world. I've never reached higher than that in 11 years despite the fact I've not stopped trophy hunting. Being an adult sucks .
  5. It's been a minute! Time for UPDATE #4 Some nostalgia tears were shed after revisiting BioShock Infinite after all these years, I finally cracked the puzzle of getting the elusive Pirates of the Caribbean DLC pack for Little Big Planet and I froze my nads off in The Frozen Wilds for Horizion Zero Dawn. All these games have been added to my completed list in the main post so check there for my thoughts on each Other than that not much has been going on. I started doing the DLC for Batman Arkham Knight finally and I forgot how much I suck at this game haha! I'll stick it out for now but I know the 100% is gonna require some blood, sweat and tears. I also purchased Days Gone so that's been added to the list! So far I'm having a blast with it! It seems the critics had it out for this game from day one but don't believe the hype! It's not as polished as God of War and not as engaging as Horizon Zero Dawn but it's definitely a good time! That's it for now, hopefully I'll be back sooner this time with another update. As always please comment if you have any thoughts to share!
  6. You dodged a literal bullet there friend.
  7. Batman Arkham Origins! The Arkham games are hard enough without those ridiculously grindy online trophies! Don't bother!
  8. Having JUST finished the Horizon Zero Dawn NG+ & Ultra Hard play through which consisted of me literally running as fast as I could from main mission to the next ignoring everything else in order to get it out of the way, my question is, WHYYYYY!?
  9. Jonesey46, The Tokenizer 😎 😂😂😂
  10. Beyond: Two Souls because I can't be bothered to do it myself.
  11. You should do it, it's real easy and the platinum can be done in one play through. The Witcher 3 100%. I really should get around to playing those DLCs 🤔
  12. Hitman Absolution. I missed out on the contracts trophies before the servers went down so I will never have the complete set of Hitman Platinums/100%s
  13. This is pretty poor in my opinion. ALSO the one fucking offer I would actually use out of those is the Pure Gym discount, but I'm already a member and it's for new members only! Utterly pointless.
  14. Hello and welcome back for UPDATE #3 I'ts been a while since my last update and in that time I managed to batter out Lara Croft GO on the old Vita and I started and finished Far Cry New Dawn which was a very nice birthday gift. Check the main post for my thoughts on both of these games! In other news, I suck at Wolfenstein II The New Collossus. I attempted many runs on Mein Leben and I just couldn't find my groove, I was struggling with areas that I'd done countless times and in the end I let it get the better of me. So I've put it on the back burner a wee bit. I'll be attempting it here and there but I'm not going to make it my one and only focus cause I don't think its good for my mental health 😂 As for what's next; I said I'd be working on Batman Arkham Knight DLC after picking up the complete edition on sale but I haven't even touched it, so I'm putting it back in the backlog for now but will definitely be working on that next after finishing the two games I'm working on now. Horizon Zero Dawn & Bioshock Infinite are my current conquests! Both platinum'd shortly after releasing but I'm just now getting to doing the DLC for them both. They won't take long so you can expect my thoughts on both in a short while! Although I will say that both games are a blast and I'm enjoying the DLC's quite a bit (especially The Frozen Wilds for HZD). Finally, I changed the main post a little bit. As both Hitman 2 and Metro Exodus had DLC added and were no longer 100% I had to remove them from the completed list for it to make sense. I originally just greyed them out but that didn't really work as the numbers were then incorrect. So I've made them (and any other games that add DLC) their own little section at the top brilliantly named 'Games that were once 100% but are no longer due to DLC being released'. Hopefully both these games and any other future games won't stay in that section for long. Thanks for reading and I'll see ya'll later
  15. My tattoo artist told me about a band called The Japanese House so I've been jamming them a lot recently. They sorta sound like M83, Death Cab For Cutie and The 1975 all together. Very good 👌