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  1. I'll try that tonight. Cheers.
  2. I did this recently and it took me 2 playthroughs to get the hang of things. It really does just get easier everytime you play it. By the time I did the speedrun I did it in 2 hours.
  3. Platinum #172 - Gris Introduction This game came heavily recommended on here by a few people, but it was @PhantomFear94 that inspired me to play the game for myself because everywhere I looked, he was there, singing its praises 😂. Story A woman named Gris loses her ability to sing and is dropped into a world without colour. She must embark on an adventure to restore colour to the lands. Gameplay Gris is a 2D platformer with stunning visuals. The entire game looks as if it has been hand drawn and it is breathtaking. Gameplay wise it is a very simple game and doesn't pose any sort of challenge. The game can be enjoyed by anyone and is intended to be an experience, likened to Journey. You start out in a hub world, which has paths leading to 4 distinct levels. However due to your limited abilities, you only have access to one level at the start. Each level gives you a new ability, allowing you to move forward to the next level. These abilities range from turning into a stone to destroy the ground below you, double jumping, swimming and finally being able to sing again which gives life to plants, opening new paths. The levels have distinct themes and visuals. These levels include a desert filled with windmills, a lush forest, underwater caverns, and a world with buildings made of light. The word hipster comes to mind when playing this and I don't want that to come off as bad. Sometimes we need a little bit of artistic game design in our lives, just like we sometimes need a nice cosy beanie to warm our heads, or a cup of freshly ground coffee cause the instant stuff just doesn't do the trick. Everything about this game is gorgeous, from it's visuals to the music. You can't help but be in awe of it all. Trophy Thoughts A very easy platinum and one that currently sits at over 55% achieved. Most trophies are awarded naturally for playing through the game but there are a couple relating to collectibles. All collectibles can be cleaned up after finishing the game as all levels are open to explore. There's also a few relating to specific encounters; not being bitten by the Eel that chases you in a certain section often gives people trouble, but it's nothing that can't be bested after a couple of tries. Summary A beautiful game that everyone should play. A simple 2D platformer with stunning visuals and an amazing soundtrack. It's a wonderful experience from start to finish. Best Bit Visuals and soundtrack Worst Bit Cleaning up collectibles at the end might be tedious for some Arbitrary Rating 9/10
  4. 💯 100% (Re)Achieved - Minecraft Dungeons 💯 DLC Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter DLC Thoughts Here's a strange bundle of DLC for you. Jungle Awakens releases with no trophies, then months later Creeping Winter releases with a big bundle of trophies for both of the expansions. I don't think I've ever seen that before! I didn't pay anything for both of these DLC packs because I bought the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons when it released, giving me instant access to both DLC packs. I didn't play Jungle Awakens when it released because without trophies, I didn't feel any urgency to check it out. But when Creeping Winter released, the girlfriend and I picked up our controllers and dived back in. First thing we noticed was the changes made to the home base. There were new merchants and there was a bit of a change to the way buying loot worked. Now, I imagine this was changed by way of free updates, rather than behind the paywall of the DLC, but I'll go into it anyway. So before you had a blacksmith and a trader, who you could buy gear and artefacts from respectively. The cost was always a flat rate dependent on your level, and the loot was always random. Now though, there are several traders, all doing different things. Firstly the blacksmith now upgrades your gear, rather than selling you new stuff. You can give him one of your current items and after completing 3 missions, the upgraded item will be ready. This is great because I had to part ways with a lot of decent gear before, now I don't have to! Second, the trader has been replaced by the Village and Luxury merchant, who sell items of varying level to you. There's now a mystery merchant who sells loot boxes with random stuff in them and finally the gift wrapper, which allows you to gift items to any players in your world, as previously there was no way of doing this. The camp seems to be working much better now than before. Both Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter offer up 3 new levels each. As you'd imagine each DLC pack is themed by their namesake and offer up new mobs and gear that match those themes. Compared to the main game I found these levels to be much more intricate, and therefore more fun to play. Visually there has been some improvements too. To the general level design but also to particle effects and the like. The DLC has nothing to shout about really and is just more of the same. With some nice quality of life and visual changes which has rolled out through updates. I like this game a lot and I'm quite happy to continue playing whatever they release next. They've already announced 4 new DLC packs which will release over the next year. Once the season pass for those goes on sale I won't hesitate to jump back in.
  5. This patch glitched a Kerry quest for me and a lot of other people according to Google. The quest is Second Conflict, you're supposed to talk to Dum-Dum but he is no where to be found. Anyone else having this issue? I have serious love/hate relationship with this game, every time it does something I like, it fucks me off with this shit.
  6. Thanks. That actually really means a lot to me. It took a lot for me to finally write everything out about how I felt about this game but I'm glad I've done it. I feel I've given the topic so much thought since June that this is actually one of my most articulate posts. Everything is still so fresh in my mind where as some games I write about, I forget most of them even a few days after finishing them! 😂
  7. 💯 100% (Re)Achieved - The Outer Worlds 💯 DLC Peril on Gorgon DLC Thoughts I liked The Outer Worlds enough to buy the DLC on day one. The game lacks in a lot of areas, but the dialogue and player choice aspect was absolutely nailed, and I love it for that. Peril on Gorgon doubles down on that by offering plenty of new NPC's with loads of new branching conversations, as well as 4 different endings to the brand new story, with a few different ways of getting to them. All that is facilitated by a new planet (or asteroid rather) to explore, Gorgon. Peril on Gorgon integrates with your existing game and can be started around half way through the main campaign. As someone who had already platinum'd the game, I loaded my save before the point of no return of the campaign, and picked up the new quest line from there. The DLC starts by finding a severed arm which holds a cryptic message, this message leads the player to the asteroid of Gorgon. Gorgon is home to an abandoned research facility, where a corporation primarily made Adrena-Time. A drug which heightens the users movement but has serious side-effects. You meet a woman named Minnie who wants you to investigate exactly what happened on Gorgon and why the corporation abandoned it. This leads you on a galaxy trekking investigation and where you end up is entirely based on what you choose to do. Unfortunately, it seems the developers had the brilliant of idea of adding more combat into this DLC, as I found myself in a lot more gunfights than I'd hoped. As mentioned in my main post on The Outer Worlds, the combat is easily the worst part of the game but seemingly the developers thought adding more, would solve this problem. Not only did they add more, but they also made it harder, or it certainly felt like they did. I died a lot in this DLC, so much so that I resorted to making sure to always talk my way out of conflict, or stealth through areas where combat was unavoidable. I think I even turned the difficulty down to easy cause I just wasn't having fun. There's a few new weapons added in the game, including unique science weapons, but as stated before, I can't bare the combat so I never bothered using them. I doubt they would have been any good though. Fortunately, as I said above, the dialogue is still king here and you can pretty much talk your way through the whole DLC. As the main quest line is set up like an investigation, it's just super fun making your way around and questioning people about what they know. Slowly piecing the puzzle together. The story is done really well, and there's 4 endings you can get depending on what you choose. Due to the trophies requiring all 4 endings to be carried out, I did indeed witness all 4. Something I wouldn't have done without trophies, at least not straight away. Because of this I had to carry out an ending that I would have never thought of otherwise. Just goes to show how genius the writing team is and how much they think and plan out. I think for fans of the base game, Peril on Gorgon is a no brainer as it fleshes out the world a fair bit and gives a good amount of content in regards to quests and dialogue. But for anyone who wasn't overly sold on the game, then give it a miss or wait for a sale.
  8. Infinite is a great game by itself but as a BioShock game it just doesn't stack up. It's a straight up action shooter, where as BioShock is an immersive sim. BioShock 2 was a huge disappointment. Nice seeing different bits of Rapture but the gameplay and story and everything else is just so lackluster.
  9. Yes Yes Yes! You finally played it! One of the only games I rate 10/10. Everything about is superb. So glad you enjoyed it with the rest of us!
  10. Right, I can't put it off any longer. So here we go... I just want to put a little disclaimer here before I get into it. I'm going to be mostly negative about this game and I'll go into my reasoning for the most part. I just want to make it abundantly clear that I DO NOT believe any of the issues this game has stem from its representation of minorities. I've voiced this opinion elsewhere but I just want to state it here! The representation of all the different people in this game is one of the things I praise it for, because we need more of that in the world. Games are not power fantasies purely made for one type of person. Every person, no matter who they are, deserve to be respected and represented in all forms of media. Toxic, transphobic, racist, homophobic pieces of shit have made discussing this game impossible. For the longest time I was scared to share my true opinion of this game and for a while, I actually started to convince myself that I did like the game, out of fear of being lumped in with those degenerates. Well, I've come to realise that that's not a healthy way to live ones life. The internet is always going to be full of these awful people and sadly, there's fuck all we can do about it. I am going to be 100% honest here and I'll also be going into full spoiler territory throughout so I won't be putting any spoiler tags down. You have been warned. Platinum #171 - The Last of Us Part II Introduction I've said many times that The Last of Us is my favourite game of all time, or at least second cause Half Life still remains #1 most of the time for me. So, it's a no brainer that I would be hyped for this game. Thinking about it I think this is my most anticipated game of all time. I've been excited for a lot of games in my time, but if we're talking strictly sequels; Dead Space 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Borderlands 3, to name a few. But none have matched the level of hype and excitement this game brought with it. Since 2013 I have probably played The Last of Us 20 times, maybe more. I also have a tattoo on my right arm dedicated to the game. It's Ellie's dagger with the words "Endure & Survive" wrapped around it (original, I know...). I had just started seeing my current girlfriend around the time this game had come out and, despite not being much of a gamer, I convinced her to watch me play it. After the first scene where Sarah dies, she was crying her eyes out. It was then she learned that games could be more than just shoot the thing, jump on the thing etc. Since then she's watched me play countless games and got invested in a fair amount of them. We have two cats named after characters from games (Atreus, God of War and Deacon, Days Gone). What I'm getting at here, is that The Last of Us is something I hold close to my heart. The Last of Us Part II absolutely knocks it out of the park for a lot of people, and I'm really happy for those people. Naughty Dog outdid themselves in every department, no doubt. The game just wasn't what I expected, nor was it what I wanted. Now, that doesn't mean I believe I'm owed a different game. Quite the opposite. This is the game Naughty Dog wanted to make, and hats off to them, they made it. I can't fault them for it. I am an individual person, for my needs to be met by a multi-million dollar company making products that will be played by millions of people, is impossible. And I'm fully aware of that. When I finished this game, I got on with my life. Sure, I was upset, but at no point did it cross my mind to sign some dumb petition, shout slurs at people on reddit, or send an actor death fucking threats. The game let me down, but those people let me down even more. Ok this is getting long for an introduction. Hopefully you understand my position and where I'm coming from before we move on. Story Synopsis: Set 4 years after the events of the first game, Joel and Ellie have settled in the community of Jackson and life seems to be going pretty well. Soon before long, someone turns up to Jackson to cause Ellie a lot of pain. This spurs Ellie to go on a revenge mission to Seattle, to find who wronged her, and kill them by any means necessary Actual Story Discussion, Spoilers From Here on Out (Also I'm assuming you're familiar with the story so I'm not going to explain everything in detail): So first and foremost lets get the big event out of the way, Joel's Death. I was fine with it. I was upset because I cared for Joel and really liked him as a character. But I was okay with it because I was motivated to get revenge as Ellie. I loved Ellie a great deal too, and it was comforting to still have her, and be able to play as her. I don't think Joel deserved 'a heroes death' whatever that means because it's the apocalypse, people die in stupid and often gruesome ways all the time. Also, it's no secret that Joel had done some shady shit in his past, so he definitely had it coming. Then we play 3 days worth of Ellie's story. Odd because on my way to the aquarium I thought that the game was reaching its conclusion, which if that was the case, this would be a short ass game, but alas, I had no idea what was coming. The switchover happens and I am not happy. Why the fuck would I want to play as this character? Especially as we were just getting to a pivotal point of the story! I start picking up parts and supplements and come to terms with the fact that I am with this person for a decent amount of time. I trudge through to get back to the theatre so I can find out what happens but as I play more and more of Abby I begin to not care anymore. Granted I did have fun with Abby's gameplay segments, but I couldn't get invested in any of her story (apart from Owens story, who is the only character I like in this game, I'll get to that later). I mean the Rat King fight is easily the best part of this game, it was like something out of Resident Evil and it was fucking awesome. Now, after my tunnel vision lifted. I started to understand why we were playing as Abby, and it became clear to me what this game was trying to tell me. I won't go into all that cause it's been discussed ad nauseum. I understood it, but I still didn't like it, and as I said above, I no longer cared. By the end of Abby's segment, the game had beaten me to a pulp. I just wanted it to be over. I already didn't like Abby and all her friends, but when the perspective shifted, it made me not like Ellie and all her friends. Which I suppose is what the game sort of wanted, but maybe not the exact effect it was going for. Granted when we control Ellie again and we go to California, there was some part of me that was happy to be controlling her again. But ultimately I didn't care anymore and just wanted it over and done with. We get to the final confrontation and as Ellie is holding Abby underwater, I hope that she lets go, which she does. It seems a lot of people wanted Ellie to go through with it, but in my opinion, if that's what you wanted at the end, then you didn't get the point of the game. And I hate saying that, I hate it when other people use it as a defense for people that didn't like the game "well, you just didn't get it" as well as "you obviously didn't play it". The credits roll and I'm angry. I feel hard done by. I hate it and everything about it. But then I calm down and move on with life. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not get this game out of my head. I started to read analysis reviews, I started watching videos and as time went on I started to come to terms with it all. I started to understand it much better. I started to see the whole experience in a new light. And I actually started convincing myself that "maybe I did like it? Maybe it wasn't that bad?" 3 months had passed by this point and I decided to run another playthrough in order to get the platinum. I play through the game with this new perspective on things. The game can no longer hurt me cause I know everything that happens and I have come to terms with it. But that was it's downfall. I was no longer emotional so as the game progressed I was able to take things exactly as they were without letting my emotions interfere. And that's when the penny dropped, that's when I realised that I truly didn't like this game, I truly did not care for it or any of it's characters, even ones I had previously loved like Ellie and Tommy, and no amount of videos or essays were going to change my mind. See, as I reflected on that second playthrough, I thought "what was the point of it all?" And I can't think of answer. As far as I'm concerned, the whole experience was pointless. I think my main issue with the game is its characters, as most of them are actually just pointless. Most of them serve very transparent purposes, and those are to further the conflict of Ellie and Abby and to drive home the point of revenge solves nothing, every story has two sides blah blah blah. Dina exists to get pregnant and to set the stakes at their highest when Ellie walks away from her. Tommy literally only exists cause he's the only one that can convince Ellie to leave for California. Lev only exists to show humanity in Abby and make her more empathetic. Jessie is just a sperm donor and they kill him off first chance they get. Mel exists to be a pregnant woman for Ellie to kill. Anything else those characters do in the game isn't important to the plot, they're just there, wasting everyone's time. So many plot points rely on these ultimately pointless characters. Take one out and the whole things comes tumbling down. Owen was the only character in this game that I thought had a convincing story and a satisfying arc. He's the only one that felt real and human to me. I think I've covered everything there, without going into full on raving lunatic rant mode. Lets move on. Gameplay Hats off to ND, they improved the gameplay of the first game ten fold. The combat in this game feels real, visceral, actually quite disturbing at times. Which is obviously its intention. Much like the first game we have access to an array of weapons that the main character keeps in their backpack. You can have one short gun and one long gun equipped and if you find holsters out in the world, you can have two of each equipped. Ellie has a lot of the same weapons from the first game, it's Abby that gets all the new and exciting stuff. Ellie has Joel's revolver, a 9mm pistol, a shotgun, her trusty bow and arrow and even a silenced sub machine gun right at the end. Abby gets her hands on a single shot rifle, a crossbow, flamethrower and a hunting pistol, among others. Guns feel real when you fire them and the sound of the bullets when they hit their target almost makes you think Naughty Dog actually shot real people in a sound booth to get the realest possible sound. Crafting returns with a few more options. As well as crafting medkits and bombs, you can now also craft alternative ammo for your guns like incendiary ammo for your shotgun or explosive arrows. Your characters still juice up on supplements to improve their skills and the skill tree is a lot more in depth now with much more meaningful upgrades instead of just more health/more ammo. Stealth is a lot more involved now with realistic AI that will search you out much more efficiently than in the first game. They've also introduced dogs which can sniff out your location and despite how the game makes you feel, it's in your best interest to kill those fucking dogs, cause they are the most annoying enemy in the game. This game is long. Like, really long. Unfortunately though, gameplay only takes up a fifth of your time. Most of it is just walking and talking, or Cutscenes. So many cutscenes. Bias or not, I really do think this game is too long. I do want to point out that when you first reach Seattle as Ellie, there's a bit of an open world area which you can explore at your own pace. Since this is so early in the game I thought these sections would pop up a bit more, but they never do. It's the only one, the rest of the game is super linear. I just found that really weird. Let's face it though, this game could have been a 2D sidescroller and I still would have bought it (no offence to 2D sidescrollers). The story is what was important here, gameplay was simply the icing on the cake. Platinum Thoughts Platinum is straight forward with a hell of a lot of collectibles. It requires at least 1 and a half playthroughs to upgrade both characters to the max. Your first playthrough will have you checking every nook and cranny for all the collectibles, parts and supplements you can get your hands on. No difficulty trophies this time which is nice, meaning you don't have to beat it on the 27 different difficulties like you did in the first game. They've since added Grounded and permadeath but that's DLC, so it doesn't count for the platinum. Summary Naughty Dog have done it again and despite their dodgy working practices, they definitely have shifted the industry of story telling games forward. I was disappointed, but a lot of people love the game and I think it deserves all the recognition it gets. If they make a The Last of Us Part III then I don't know what they'll do with it. If I understood the story of this one correctly I strongly believe Abby's story has been told and Part III should continue Ellie's story. If Part III includes Abby then I have either completely misunderstood Part II or they do it out of spite to all the haters, which would obviously be a really petty thing to do. Never the less, I believe Naughty Dog should only make Part III if there's a story to tell and it's 100% what they want to do. And I believe that is exactly what they will do. Best Bit Graphically this game is outstanding, as well as acting, sound design and gameplay elements. Worst Bit Hugely disappointed by the story. Game is way too long. Arbitrary Rating 5/10. The game plays well but that isn't what I bought it for. --- Right, I am DONE talking about this game. I would quite happily leave it behind now and never think about it again. DONE. Please be reminded that all of this is 100% my opinion and I hope I've explained myself enough that you understand my thoughts and position. I will not partake in any arguments in this thread but I will happily discuss any points you would like to make in a civil manner.
  11. Haha I've been training my girlfriend for years now. Initially started out with cutesy co-op adventures, or story based games and slowly introduced her to more complex stuff. Now, she's put 150 hours into the Witcher 3 and is currently playing Cyberpunk 2077 (I think she likes it more than me). She's come a long way 😭. Honestly I was so impressed with the RE7 DLC, like it just feels like they knew they had a great basis of a game with the main campaign, and then just twisted that and experimented with it. Not a Hero and End of Zoe seriously felt like a whole new game. And all the challenge modes were challenging enough but no so much so that you end up rage quitting. I see people had a lot of issues with Ethan Must Die but I honestly didn't find it that bad and there's some great videos online covering it. 21 was definitely the outlier I felt, cause a lot of it is based on luck. Especially 21 Survival+. Sometimes the cards just don't go your way (kind of like real life 21) but nothing beat the rush of winning against that last opponent.
  12. Platinum #170 – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Introduction Carrying on with my run through of the Resident Evil franchise, I found the gold edition of 7 for a good price and decided that would be the next one to play. I came to understand that playing these games in chronological order would be pointless as each game has its own centralised story with only references to the wider universe. 7 is notorious for being the scariest of the bunch, due to it’s first person perspective so I was excited but a little reserved. Story You play as Ethan Winters and after finding out that his girlfriend who has been missing for 3 years could still be alive, he jumps straight into his car and makes his way to the Baker mansion in Dulvey, Louisiana. Upon entering the mansion, it doesn’t take long to find Ethan’s girlfriend Mia, but it becomes very apparent that something horrible has happened to her during her time here. As Ethan, your job is to escape the Baker residence, find out what the hell is going on, and save Mia if you can. Gameplay Resident Evil 7 makes a big departure for the franchise as it is entirely in first person. However, this game is actually a lot more like classic RE than the previous few games were. Instead of being non stop action, this game follows a much more survival horror path, with various puzzle elements throughout. Like classic RE, you start out with nothing and you slowly build up an arsenal of weapons and equipment. You have an item box which you can store things in and you need cassette tapes to save (on harder difficulties). Enemies move slowly and come at you one at a time. Bosses are unique and have specific ways of beating them. You have a limited inventory space and will honestly spend most of the game managing it. Puzzle items need to be collected and combined to open new areas of the mansion. If not for the first person perspective, this would almost look like a remake of RE1. It’s those specific reasons why I absolutely love this game. Much like the RE1 and RE2 remakes, you need to think about what you are going to do next. You need to carefully consider what items you take with you. And much like the older RE’s, it has loads of replayability. Playing the game over and over again and vastly improving your runtime. The enemies you face in this are not zombies, but instead mould monsters. They come from the substance infected people create, and they form into these horrific mounds of black goo. They kind of look like Venom from Spider-Man. They’re cool but aside from bosses, they are the only enemies you fight in this game, which can get a little boring. When first starting this game I was apprehensive about it’s length. Being set in a mansion, I thought “how long could this game be really?” but it really took me by surprise just how much of an adventure this game holds. I will say that unfortunately, once you get to the tanker, the game loses it’s steam a little. Much like when you get to the Labs in Resident Evil 2. I had a ton of fun running through this game multiple times on different difficulties and with different weapons. So much so that I believe the replayability of a Resident Evil game should be a deciding factor on if it is good or not. Platinum Thoughts Resident Evil 7 has a typical RE trophy list requiring multiple playthroughs, some under unique circumstances, as well as collecting all types of collectibles and carrying out various actions. There’s a few non-missable trophies relating to the story and there’s a trophy for each of the two endings. You’re required to beat the game on Madhouse which is the hardest difficulty, it can be tricky in certain areas but it’s mostly manageable. You’re also required to complete the game in under 4 hours, using only 3 healing items, and opening the item box only 3 times or less. These do not have to be done in one go although it’s actually quite simple to combine them all on the easiest difficulty. It is a little complicated and requires a bit of planning but I feel the platinum in this game is well worth going for. Summary I really enjoyed my time with Resident Evil 7, made more enjoyable by the amazing DLC that was released for it too. It goes back to the classic style of Resident Evil and ditches all that action packed nonsense for a well-paced and thrilling adventure. I felt the first person perspective didn’t detract from the Resident Evil formula at all, in fact I actually think it amplified most of what makes Resident Evil good. And the story was just as wacky as ever with an even amount of horror and camp. Best Bit Class RE gameplay focusing on horror and puzzle solving Worst Bit Lack of enemy variety Arbitrary Rating 9/10 --- DLC Banned Footage Vol.1 The first DLC contains 2 challenge modes and also a small story chapter. The first challenge mode, Nightmare/Night Terror, is like a Call of Duty zombies mode where you have to fight off hordes of enemies in the basement of the Baker Mansion. As you fight enemies you earn scrap which you can use to buy weapons and resources. A very fun mode that can be quite challenging until you get the hang of it. The second challenge mode is a twist on the main campaign, it’s called Ethan Must Die. You start with a knife outside the mansion and your objective is to kill a boss in the greenhouse, but you can’t just wander in with a knife. So you have to search the house for supplies and once you’re kitted out you can take on the boss. Supplies come in breakable crates and are completely random. No two runs are the same. You also have to do this in one life as there are no checkpoints, if you die, you start again. A very challenging mode that is frustrating but so rewarding once you get the hang of it and complete it. Lastly there’s Bedroom, which is a short story chapter explaining what happened to the poor camera man at the start of the main campaign. Banned Footage Vol.2 Banned Footage is back with 3 more modes to play. Yet again there’s two challenge based modes and one short story chapter. The first challenge mode is 21. This mode will possibly make you rip your hair out! It’s black jack and both you and your opponent are hooked up to a machine that can cut off your fingers. Every round your bet is one and with the use of trump cards you can increase it. If you lose the round, you lose the amount of fingers equal to your opponents bet and vice versa for your opponent if you win. It’s a fun mode but once you beat it, you’ll unlock a more difficult version and once you beat that you unlock another version that is harder still. The hardest version has you facing 10 opponents in a row and you need to survive til the end to beat it and get the trophy. This can take up to an hour, maybe longer to beat. So it was perfectly normal for me to jump up and down with joy when I finally beat that last opponent. The second challenge mode is Jack’s Birthday which is actually just fucking hilarious. Jack sits at a table and you need to make your way around the course collecting food to feed him, you combine different foods and spices to increase their point rating. Once you feed him enough the mode is over and you get a score. It’s super simple but a nice little challenge. Lastly there’s Daughters. A short story chapter explaining some events prior to the main game. Super short and hardly worth the effort to be honest but it offers a little bit of back story so its not overly unwelcome. End of Zoe I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this is my favourite part of the whole RE7 package. End of Zoe is set after the main campaign and follows what happens to Zoe after Ethan leaves with Mia. She succumbs to the virus but her ol’ uncle Joe, who lives off the grid in the swamps, catches wind of whats happened and sets out to save her. Now, Joe is an ex-boxer which means his greatest weapons are his fists! That’s right, this whole DLC centres around unarmed combat and it’s fucking brilliant. I was taken aback by how much it works. You can gather up scrap to make spears and throwing knives, which are helpful for dealing with Crocodiles and distracting enemies but for the most part it really is just you and your fists. Right at the end of your first playthrough you unlock a power fist which is so much fun. This power fist can then be used on subsequent playthroughs to make things easier. For a game with no unarmed combat what so ever, it’s inclusion in this DLC almost makes it feel like a whole new game. I really was surprised by how fun it was. Not A Hero And lastly, we have the DLC centred around Chris Redfield (finally!). This DLC ties up a loose end after the main story and it follows a more action based military style formula. As Chris you have access to a pistol and a shotgun which you can upgrade and over the course of the DLC you will acquire cool gadgets like night vision goggles and a gas mask. Ammo is plentiful so don’t be afraid to shoot everything you see. Much like End of Zoe, this DLC chapter almost made me feel like I was playing a different game. It definitely succeeds in making you feel like a badass. It was also a really nice stress release just blasting everything away after all the suspense of the main game and all the other DLC. --- This post might end up being my biggest yet but with the wealth of quality DLC included in this game it’s no wonder. Honestly, hats off to Capcom for really knocking it out of the park with the DLC and innovating at every turn. Its almost bittersweet because RE2 remake didn’t have the same quality DLC. Let’s hope for a repeat of this with Resident Evil 8 in 2021.
  13. Platinum #169 – A Way Out Introduction The studio behind this game also made Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a game which I absolutely adored when I played it on the PS3. It seems this developer are making a stand for couch co-op experiences, believing that playing a game with a friend or loved one sat next to you is the most fun someone can have with a game. I applaud them for this as there aren’t many studios making games like this. In comes A Way Out, a game that I wanted to try as soon as it released but was always apprehensive due to it’s price. I managed to pick it up in a deep sale recently, so me and the girlfriend sat down and played through the thing in one go. Story Vincent and Leo are in jail, it’s sometime in the 70’s I believe. They become friends when they both learn they’ve ended up in jail because of the same person. They both hatch a plan to break out of jail and track this person down to get their revenge. Gameplay A Way Out is a purely co-op experience. It can be played online with someone but the developers specifically encourage playing it with someone in the same room as you. It’s a third person adventure game that’s not too dissimilar to a walking simulator, as there aren’t many mechanics to play with aside from interacting with objects and the occasional button mashing. This doesn’t mean the game isn’t engaging though and there is a lot of fun to be had when figuring out a puzzle or scenario with your partner. Towards the end of the game it does turn into a little bit of a third person shooter, but the section doesn’t last long enough to really be critiqued. There’s also driving sections, a boat section and even a skydiving section. A Way Out starts in a prison, naturally. Once you get out, it’s countryside’s, cityscapes, and eventually jungle environments. The game is really varied which was a surprise, as both me and my girlfriend were under the impression the entire game revolved around breaking out of prison. I think we had the best possible experience with this game, and it seems that under different circumstances, you might think this game was bad to mediocre. We had little to no expectations, we weren’t aware of the scope of the game or story and we had each other in the same room. Because of these circumstances, we had a great time and we both think very highly of this game. Platinum Thoughts The platinum for this game is super easy and can be done in one playthrough. I intended not to use a guide for the first playthrough but after having a quick peek and seeing no spoilers what so ever, I thought it couldn’t hurt to just get it all knocked out in one go. There are missable interactions throughout the game that offer up trophies, and without a guide, luck or sheer intuition, you probably will miss them. A lot of these interactions take minutes to complete and then you can just continue on with the story. Summary As said above, my girlfriend and I had a really great time with this game and were really taken aback by how good it ended up being. A really nice co-op adventure to experience with someone you’re close to. And I can’t say anymore without going into spoilers so here goes; So I tip my hat to this game because it did something I have never experienced before. I recommend this to any couch co-op enthusiasts. Best Bit Engaging co-op gameplay and story Worst Bit Gameplay wise it isn’t great and the voice acting is a bit off. Arbitrary Rating 8/10
  14. 💯 100% (Re)Achieved – Control 💯 DLC Altered World Events DLC Thoughts I really like this game, so I’m always excited to play new content for it. AWE links the world of Control with one of Remedy’s older games, Alan Wake. Now, as Alan Wake is an Xbox exclusive, I have never played it, although I always wanted to and was very intrigued by it when it released. Because I’m not familiar with Alan, this DLC and its story was slightly lost on me. I did however still enjoy my time with it as I really like this game and I’m in AWE of its world… Get it? Altered World Events can be started at any time, just like the last DLC it integrates with the main game, rather than having a separate menu. I love that and always will. So, I booted up my platinum’d save file and got an alert of some goings on in an area of the Bureau I’ve not visited yet, the investigations sector. This sector has been closed off due to a breach of some kind. As Jesse you must make your way in, explore the altered world events this sector was investigating and neutralise the threat. One of those Altered World Events is the event surrounding the plot of Alan Wake. I think it’s cool they have linked them together like this and I think the premise of Control can be used in so many creative ways. But again, as someone who has not played Alan Wake, it was kind of lost on me. Just like the last DLC, this one includes several new documents to collect that explore more of the lore of Control and some of Alan Wake. There’s also a few side missions which relate to objects of power, which were my favourite from the main game. And a new weapon form, this time your service weapon takes on the form of a sticky grenade launcher. I found this very useful and fun to use, but as always, the difficulty of this game always takes me be surprise cause it’s always harder than it feels it should be. I’m sure this isn’t exclusive to the DLC, but I feel it’s worth mentioning; There’s been a bunch of accessibility options added (which don’t turn off trophies) that make the game considerably easier like invincibility and one hit kills. I like to think I’m decent at games and I found this game quite difficult so it’s nice that these accessibility options will give everyone a chance to play this amazing game, regardless of difficulty. Looks like that’s it for the additional content for Control, so lets hope they get working on the sequel! I love the world they’ve created here and can’t wait to experience more of it.
  15. I do not trust that Mass Effect 4 announcement at all! Bioware is a shell of what it used to be and although I did get goosebumps hearing that music and seeing Liara in the trailer. There's no chance the game will hold a candle to any of the original trilogy. Thanks a lot. I started the game back in 2014 so playing it now and attempting the platinum felt like I had nothing to lose, I mean its on my profile anyway right? Better at 90%> than 15%. But man I was so chuffed when those glitched trophies popped and I knew that I was in the clear. I may have platinum'd this back in August but to be honest, I've been back at full time work since then so I've not been burning through the games the same speed I was when we were in lockdown. I plan to be caught up before the end of the year so you might see 3 or 4 going up at the same time 😅