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  1. SOMA has been mentioned already but I just want to put my vote in for this. It's probably top 5 for me in terms of stories told in games. Absolutely amazing story that I still think about today. If you're not a horror person then feel free to play in safe mode, it takes out the monsters but everything else is intact and trophies aren't affected (at least I don't think they are). Some one mentioned Last Stop. My advice would be to avoid this game, it's honestly not worth your time. Play Virginia instead, made by the same people but x100 better. Also, a recommendation thread doesn't go by without me suggesting Outer Wilds. It's first person, it has an incredible story (although not as direct as something like Edith) so I think it ticks the boxes. Couple more; Outlast, Maquette.
  2. No power armor as I never use it anyway and yeah thinking about it I didn't go about it the best way haha. I could have definitely made it easier on myself but oh well, I've got it now.
  3. Yeah I ended up just grinding away at trogs with it and it barely did any damage. I died several times per trog but would always respawn right next to them and the damage I did wasn't reset. Not the worst grind I've done by a long shot but kind of disappointing to have a trophy like this in a game that is so focussed on builds.
  4. You joke, but I would honestly give anything to play this game again for the first time.
  5. Please teach me how to play this game blind again.
  6. But you can do 3 dailies for the refuge a day so surely its only 4 days?
  7. Awesome, this is the best indie game I've played since A Short Hike (play that if you haven't btw) so I'm all in for new content. Especially when its free!
  8. The trogs are tough even with my somewhat optimised stealth commando build. A little worried about killing 100 of them with a melee weapon when my build has no melee aspects what so ever.
  9. I actually enjoy getting collectibles most of the time but some are tedious and deserve mention here. The Saboteur - the freeplay activities that absolutely litter the map. There must be over a thousand of them easily. Cyberpunk 2077 - Not a terrible game but doing all the crimes in each district became a chore. When I first started I was stealthing them, hacking targets and taking my time. That changed to equipping a shotgun and blowing everyone away to get it done quicker and by the end I wasn't even killing anyone, I was just running to the bag to get the item that finishes the quest. Dumb. Dark Souls III - getting all the rings was a bit of a headache. Not to mention the covenant item grinding, in particular the proof of a concord kept items. Assassins Creed 3 - this gets an honourable mention for the stupid pivot game. Because, even though I collected all the damn pivots my trophy glitched and the game will forever be stuck at 97%
  10. Don't give up! You can do it! I'm starting this mode tonight and being honest I found the game very frustrating on normal so I'm dreading it haha! But with determination we both can do it.
  11. With it being a big update with loads of new content I'm almost sure it will have trophies. Just like the Brotherhood one. I'm the same as you. Love the game and want to play it but I've done all the trophies and proper quests. Not really a grinding for better gear type guy.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion but when trying to log in to my uplay account on my alt PS3 account it gives me an error saying the server is unavailable. My guess is that it's because uplay is no longer. I really wanted this to work!
  13. None. As soon as I connect to the internet it just loads them all back in.
  14. I'm not convinced this is going to work. As a test I deleted the profile data and loaded up my old save offline. On the pivot menu I was starting from scratch with 3 pivots, when I signed in it said "connecting to ubisoft server" and once it connected they all loaded back in. I even got the little voice clip that plays "Vegas baby" again but no trophy. I'm convinced it's all stored server side so no amount of deleting is going to solve my problem.
  15. Thanks mate. If this works I will buy you a pizza.
  16. Sorry, what do you mean by profile data? It's been a while since I've had to anything like this on a PS3. Isn't the profile data in the game saves folder?
  17. I was going to leave it but with the extension of the server shut down, I'm going to give it a go. What do you suggest deleting then? I'll delete the game file, all saves, all cloud saves. What else?
  18. Splinter Cell: Conviction Yeah a version of it released eventually but I really wanted to play the original hobo version.
  19. Never heard of Toem but it looks super cute. I will definitely be checking it out.
  20. Haha no doubt, I was tearing my hair out on some of the bosses. But honestly every time I beat a boss I felt like I accomplished something. I really had to learn the bosses to get through rather than it being based on luck. I really enjoyed the game on normal and loved it by the end of master.
  21. So when I played recently it was on a different PS3 but right enough I did transfer my old saves. Maybe I'll give it one last go after erasing absolutely everything.
  22. This thread is great and I want to thank @bigrake1 for helping everyone out. Unfortunately for me, you lead everyone to a treasure I cannot possess. My trophy fully glitched. I did these pivots back in 2012 when the game released but the trophy never popped. If I go to the pivot menu now it says "synced to the cloud" or something. I can't do anything to make it pop . As it was so long ago I can't remember what caused it, maybe I accidentally used a cheat or something? Or it just full on glitched. I did some Googling and can only find a few instances of it happening. I cleaned up all the DLCs and such recently and tried a few things to get it to pop but no dice. I've just accepted that I'll never get 100%.
  23. Master difficulty was great fun but almost unfair at some points. I would not be surprised if the devs find ways to absolutely fuck us up with new trophies. The trials make me nervous for one.
  24. Skyrim. So good, I platinum'd it thrice.
  25. Yeah I get that. Meena and Donna's first chapters weren't terrible but the voice acting of John and Jack in their first chapter was so wooden and lifeless. I've just been informed that this game was made by the people who made Virginia, which is a bit disappointing because I loved Virginia.