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  1. As of now i have 2778 unearned trophies , it could be way less if it wasn't for those excessive DLC packs that Minecraft keep pumping out . It's time to Sthap !
  2. The more you know huh , cool fact that i was unaware 😄
  3. Sega Base system ??? I ever knew at Sega Master System , i never knew it had other names on other territories besides Japan or is that the japanese version ? Kinda of what happended to the Sega Mega Drive where it was only called Sega Genesis in North America .
  4. Went out to get some goodies with the money i got from my Bday and got these for less than 40 euros Gal*Gun Double Peace One Piece : Burning Blood And also got a special editon of a DVD movie of DBZ in steelbook which looks pretty cool ( i only got the one with the Vegeta on the cover in the pic below)
  5. Gal*Gun Double Peace One Piece : Burning Blood
  6. Was intended to get Gal*Gun Double Peace for Vitaa on store for 40e but it end up being in promo for 27e and also got One Piece : Burning Blood (Vita) also on promo for 8e and in the end ended up spending 35e instead of the intended 40e 👌

  7. I got that game yesterday , how's it going compared to others in the series? PS3 : GTA San Andreas Vita : WRC 4
  8. With themoney i got today from my Bday , i'm gonna buy a new copy of Gal*Gun Double Peace for Vita 

  9. You must love stacking games 😄
  10. You got both versions of Xblaze for PS3 and Vita?
  11. MUD ( intended to get this for the Vita but found today a cheap copy new for 6.99 , so i grabbed it 👌 ) Dead Space 3
  12. I want my Bday to end already , i have bee  getting this video over and over by my weebs friends . I've had enough , plz kill me already


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    2. Sigma999


      I didn't thought you would be Macaense cause you don't sound like East Asian to me 

    3. Atlas


      Neither would be Timorense. 😒

    4. Sigma999


      Timorense people aren't considered East-Asian , they are related to the Aborigenal people of Australia