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  1. I would love to get that Nurse Love Addiciton copy , too bad it wasn't released in EU , i would have to get a way to import it .
  2. Re-watched the first 5 episodes of Attack on Titan season 1
  3. Do you believe me if i told you that i have more than 80 hours on Automata and haven't got this trophy yet ? 😅 The Truth , my friend ! I speak the truth !
  4. Where did you get that copy of DOA 3 Xtreme ? Is that the asian one with Eng subs ?
  5. Hinamatsuri episode 6 & 7
  6. brasil e melhor que portugal, y messi mejor que ronaldo :P

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    2. AkatsukiEspada2
    3. Sigma999


      Puxas conversa em tuga e depois queres em inglês ? Essa cabaça está mesmo à maneira está . Júlio de Matos precisa de um desses cromos por lá . Candidata-te para entrares 😉

    4. AkatsukiEspada2
  7. Dynasty Warriors 7 Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires Bleach Soul Ressureción AC IV : Black Flag
  8. Hinamatsuri episodes 1- 5 Being suprisingly very good and enjoyble to see , a good slice of life and having good comedy content , that immediately got me addicted to it 😊
  9. Binbougami ga!
  10. So awesome and beautiful that steelbook 😍 Destroy All Humans! (PS2 classic) Mirror's Edge Catalyst
  11. Apparently no NG+ coming for GoW since Santa Monica is already focused on the next entry of the series and a designer of the game confirmed that no NG+ mode is coming .
  12. Good to know Thank you 😉
  13. Bought 3 Nintendo DS games today Bomberman Need for Speed Underground 2 Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt
  14. Isn't this title a remake of a 3DS game of the series ?
  15. Here i thought it was a release of a stealth game but apparently it's was a stealth release in fact , coming out from nowhere . Gonna check this one out .