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  1. Nicely done , but i thought it was 102 episodes , it seems there were some more 7 i was not informed by a certain person ehehehehehe 😝 The Promised Neverland episode 6 The Rising of the Shield Hero episode 6
  2. El Psy Kongaree X) I didn't knew there was a physical version of Unravel out there , nice to know , now i can get it , without having to buy digital ^^
  3. Got this FromSoftware game called Evergrace , seem to have mixed opinions but gotta check for myself and also manage to finally find a Solaire Amiibo out of nowhere really near where i got Evergrace , it was a funny coincidence that situation 😆
  4. Rocky OST always get me pumped me and motivated 😆
  5. Chessy but catchy 😎
  6. Good point right there if you get the PS4 version and want to play handheld mode on Vita or there's also getting on the Switch to play handheld mode but not getting Linear Bounded Phenogram and instead get the 8-bit adventure-style like on Famicom/NES graphics of the original S;G .
  7. I thought the same about getting the LE , it was like the Double of the normal version to get like a artbook and not much more . So i ended up only pre-ordering the normal version to replay it all over again and also play linear of phenogram although i played already and plat on PS3 , have the Vita version to plat aswell and watched the anime like 4 times :v
  8. Really ? Doesn't look that hard imo . I have the game but have yet to start , Uncharted 4 seems more hard since you have to do a speedrun and finish in 5 hours i believe .
  9. Dark Cloud Call it a hunch Sucessfully force open a treasure chest by guessing it's trap
  10. I advise for you doing the plat of Uncharted Lost Legacy, seems rather easy and quick
  11. Level 26 Exterminate Defeat every robot in Hurricos
  12. Nope , never played any Metro game either . Far Cry 4 ?
  13. Looks like basically the same trophy list of thd original with a few ones, i guess . Shouldn't be any more diffciult to get the plat as the original, i suppose . Already pre-order it , waiting for my copy to arrive .