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  1. Not really a purchase but a dear present from a special someone one 😙 I wished that there was also a Amiibo figure of Big Boss/Naked Snake from MGS 3 : Snake Eater or even a Totaku figure one.
  2. Yes , i did saw that one ,very good anime indeed. Monster ?
  3. Truly great Black Friday buys for sure 😊 Loved RE2 and Shenmue 1 from that HD Collection , hopefully i'll play the 2nd soon and pikc up the 3rd one after. Medievil and Kagura look fun to do a enjoyable and quick platinum 😃 I have this VN in my wishlist but waiting to get good deal on it, looks promising in my eyes 😄
  4. Never heard but then again not a fan of mecha whatsoever, only watched a few mecha anime Cells at Work?
  5. Gungrave
  6. Monster (up to episode 50) Oresuki : Are you the only one that loves me? (episode 6-9) Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun (episode 4-8) Cautious Hero : The Hero is Overpowered but overly Cautious (episode 3-5) Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou (episode 6-12) Finished Beastars episode 1-4
  7. :platinum: # 55 - Soul Calibur VI


    Resultado de imagem para a new story of swords and souls soul calibur platinum


    It was a enjoyable plat to achieve although i did pass more than half of the time just grinding on Libra of Soul mode and didn't ended up playing much the other modes anyway , afterwards i felt kinda tired of the game when in the middle of the grinding of astral fissure missions being so repetitive in that regard. Hoped to be have more modes besides story, arcade, versus and online play of course. I'll be back to it to play versus from time to time and also to create more chars and such.

  8. #55 SoulCalibur VI A new story of swords and souls Enjoyment : 7/10 Difficulty : 4/10
  9. Chaos;Child and Dark Souls II SotFS
  10. Some of my favorite PS4 games so far even tho i haven't played many and got a few to actually finish yet , would be : - Nier Automata - Resident Evil 2 - Hellblade : Senua's Sacrifice - DOOM (2016) - Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End - Resident Evil 4 (i'm aware this game is everywhere and from Gamecube/PS2 era but i only manage to finally play it on PS4 and it was great, my fav RE now) - Shadow of the Colossus remake - Persona 5 8 haven't finsihed yet but by what i already experienced and would have more in the way , it's definitely going to be on my top for PS4) - Dark Souls III TFF Edition (same reasoning as Persona 5) I've got more than half of my PS4 games i own, all physical except for the PS2 classics from PStore and indies without digital release or LRG, yet to start so the list will increase or change across time eventually 😄
  11. Dragon Ball Z : Raging Blast Limited Edition