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  1. Looks a nice game, i'm curious from what i saw . Don't know if you would get it full price since it's been release recently
  2. Finally got a copy of Hotel Dusk Room 215 for NDS , it's the NA version and i kinda prefer the boxes of the american version of NDS games tbh
  3. After more than 1 year wanting to get it , i finally got myself a copy of Hotel Dusk Room 215 for NDS 😌

  4. No Vita port , no money from me I care . Is my most played system nowadays and i have it since like last year .
  5. Got today a used copy o LEGO Batman 2 for the Vita since i'm almost finishing the main campaign of Lego Movie the Videogame and i'm enjoying that quite more than expected and in the mood to play another LEGO game .

    1. Terra


      No bugs or glitches? Those always make me worry when I want to play a LEGO game

    2. Sigma999


      So far , no bug or glitch on Lego Movie 

    3. Elvick_


      That's surprising, I had constant crashes during LEGO Movie on Vita. And a lot of people say the same thing. Glad you aren't having that issue though.

  6. LEGO Batman 2 : DC Super Heroes
  7. PS3 : Assassin's Creed II Vita : Freedom Wars , Lego Movie the Videogame 3DS : Pokémon SoulSilver
  8. Also gonna be back to MGS 3 HD in order to plat since I got MGS HD Collection for good cause when I played was from a borrowed copy
  9. Just don't buy a 64 GB memory card , it's 100€ up and it said to be proper to get corrupted with time and corrupt your saves . If i were you i'll just get at least a 16 GB or a 32GB and you're good to go . Myself have a 32GB for all my games and saves storage and also have a 8GB and 4GB one .
  10. Great picks btw 😏
  11. More of the same that was on sales before and not too long ago . EA & Ubisoft sales are constantly being active on PSN . I just want other games that rarely or never went on sale to be put on sale like Eiyuu Senki The World Conquest , that digital only release no West has been 39.99 euros ever since it was on PStore like 2013/2014 and never seen it on sale .
  12. Who knows ? My japanese might became better in the future . You playing Estival Versus now right ? How's it compared to Shinovi Versus ? I got a physical copy recently although i had it on digital . I'm between starting Estival or Valkyrie Drive after some games cleared . Deciding on which to start first .
  13. Dood you must be mistaken , this A-Z list is about favourite anime and not favourite videogame on each letter .
  14. That sucks , I wanted to get a physical copy for medical purposes
  15. That was not your fault on the photo taking , that's just the Persona effect shining through .