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  1. All people i knew were all hyping up Persona 5 S as a sure port of 5 in Switch and now it was Musou style game 🙃 As dear Portugues Lord Frieza would say in this situation " You count with the egg on the chicken ass" as in already supposing something as absolutely guaranteed and in the end is the opposite
  2. I was inclined to get Full Body but the censorship of the Western version puts me off , i already own and plat Catherine on PS3 , so not sure if it's worth the effort of buying on PS4 tbh .
  3. I have this gem on PS2 , but thinking of getting the PS2 version on PS4 due to the trophies
  4. Really digging this theme and the anime so far into 3 episodes is kicking ass 😄
  5. Still haven't start playing my P5 copy but if this brings more enoguh content to justify a new purchase i'll be please to get P5 The Royal aswell , need to start my P5 playtrought first
  6. Assassin's Creed Unity
  7. Got these 2 PSP games : Daxter and Ape Escape P although i already own them on Vita digitally and Assassin's Creed Unity for PS4 and a copy of Tales of Hearts R for Vita , suprisingly it brings a manual tbw 😊
  8. Got these 6 games this week
  9. Go back to Dark Souls III and achieve that plat 😁
  10. Batman Arkham City GOTY