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  1. Get Out (2017)
  2. Having re-watchee both season 1 and season 2 of Kaiji made it all so much enjoyable and even made my taste of sesson 2 growing higher as to make it on par with season 1 quality whihc i already had so much high regards and love for as my top 3 favorites of all-time
  3. It's not a purchase of mine but a special and wonderful gift sent to me by my dear friend of mine 😊 I was having issues of drifiting in the 2 Dualshocks 4 controllers i had and making it impossilbe to enjoy playing and browse on PS4 menu and interface , so having this beautiful and customized Dualshock 4 specially for me , makes me super happy to go back to play in my full might and power with the purple's boost in my hands 😄 I love the Joker's amiibo design and the blue power attack detail... Woah, looking cool, Joker ! 😘 Next but not least, Metal Wolf Chaos being NtsC exclusive is a great game for me to finally play , i was having desires on playing the original on Xbox besides being JP only it has english voice acting although it's pretty cheesy makes the charm on the game even more appealing. Kagami holding up the Awesomeness pretty nice on her own 😆
  4. Streets of Rage 4
  5. Danganronpa Trilogy and Horizon Zero Dawn Steelbook
  6. Kennel Tokorozawa (1992) 1 episode OVA Quite average , nothing here to go for, just your typical perveted and humping dog that wants to marry his young and beautiful owner girl. I'll give it a 5/10, not terrible but not good.
  7. Anyone looking to boost the online trophies for Soul Calibur II HD Online on PS3? Just 5 wins and 10 matches played to get the online done.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Gommes_


      Sure, I don't really have time over this weekend but pretty much every afternoon/evening during the week. Shouldn't take long.

      It would be great if you can add my junk account for that. It's: AT-Shopper .

    3. Sigma999


      I actually ended up boosting the trophies with someone else awhile ago so don't longer need boosting but thanks fof the help you were to offer ^^ If you need anything i could help , let me know. 

    4. Gommes_


      No problem :)

  8. Hellraiser (1987)
  9. El Hoyo (The Platform)
  10. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! A fun relaxed slice of life anime kind that suprinsgly was better than i expected. It had all tat controversy around the main char, Uzaki, due to her proportions being "exaggerated" to some and not according to reality and she being short and looking childlike saying to be minor of age , which she is certainly not. For people looking for a fun watching time , it's a nice choosing. There is not much ecchi as you might think it would have, it's actually low on that exposure kind so don't worry of showing too much unnecessary ecchi moments.
  11. I loved Gungrave , it has those plot holes and it speeds up sometimes unnecessary but i really loved the anime , definitely in my top 10. I'm glad it was a nice enjoyable experience for you ^^
  12. Phantom Breaker wasn't the crossover fighter on Vita? Or am i confusing the games ? I'm sorry to correct you but it's Makise Kurisu not the other way around, at least by the original source in japanese and the one I'm really used to say and hear but perhaps the english dub switch the order of the names.