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  1. EA getting busted and they couldn't care less since the "normies" and casuals gamers will feed me every year like it's buffet open season 😩
  2. Don't really care mysef for sports games since it's all basically the same stuff year after year for full price on release , which imo is a total steall and bullshit , i know the sports barely changes itself actually in reality so not much to improve and add over the time but it's clearly only a need to come out with DLcs or expansions packs to solve the issues and actualize the squads , kits and such but snce it's a golden eggs business for EA, 2K and such let them just keep releasing and wasting plastic (in case of huge physical amounts of copies printed each year) for the next year when the new version cames out , the previous be worth damn nothing basically. Myself haven't got a sports games since PES 2011 on PS3 and a FIFA game since 2004 on PC , on console it was FIFA 99 . Never gonna waste any more money on those kind of games tbh.
  3. Saw the first episode on Animax in my country but never bother to continue i guess , might give it a better chance someday Gungrave ?
  4. Alice Madness Returns
  5. Casino (1995)
  6. Saga of Tanya the Evil Movie
  7. Xbox Original and 360 recent pickups
  8. King Kong Limited Collector's Edition and Silent Scope
  9. Got Venetica , Ratchet & Clank : All for One, Heavenly Sword and Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations
  10. Got Venetica , Ratchet & Clank : All for One, Heavenly Sword and Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations
  11. Finished Kimetsu no Yaiba : Demon Slayer ( last 2 episodes) I really enjoyed so much this one , although not much a fan of the Shounen genre , this one looks different fro your usual stuff and managed to get me invested and entertained every single episode without a tedious moment for me , the chars are pretty relatable and carismatic in their way . For me , i would give a score between 9 -9.5 in overall enjoyment and plot.
  12. Catherine : Full Body
  13. Finished Gungrave and oh boy it was truly great , it grew on me by each episode , i was looking for a simple bullet carnage action with a badass looking guy but it turned out way more than i had expected , really developing out of it's source , the game on PS2 , into a much better developed and thrilled story with meaning and emotions flowing from all over the places . Definitely, the best anime i've seen from the first half of 2000's (2000-2005) , easily .