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  1. May 2017 - 387. I remember I played a lot of smaller games that month that didn't have platinums and were nice and easy to finish. I think there was a good sale on the PS Store that month and I got a fair few games really cheap so those were what set that month apart 🙂
  2. Just got the trophy and the platinum, I found it interesting that even though the challenge is definitely tough I never wanted to give up, I always felt like I was getting quicker and more efficient at solving the puzzles so I believed 100% that I would get there eventually and I did after about 5-6 hours. You definitely need luck on your side, particularly when it comes to the maze and the pillars at the end but as long as you keep practicing it's very doable and boy does it feel good when you finally have that perfect run
  3. I know I'm late to the party with this game but I just got the trophy for beating it on insane difficulty and thought I'd share my failures also, especially since reading this thread motivated me to keep trying after a few failures of my own 😀 Attempt #1: I couldn't believe how well this went for my first attempt. I made it all the way to the part with the 3 fuses without too much difficulty and was feeling a little too confident at this point (I was already imagining how good it would feel actually doing it first try) and so after grabbing the 3rd fuse I just wanted to run back to put them in, which was of course a poor choice as I immediately ran into the enemy and got hit once, then got hit again and killed right as I got past him and tried vaulting over the obstacle that was right there. Attempt #2: This was easily my worst attempt as I was feeling rather frustrated after getting so far on my first attempt, so I was rushing a lot more than I should've and was eventually killed by Chris Walker in the sewers in one of the valve rooms after he burst through the door much quicker than I anticipated and killed me before I even had the chance to react. Attempt #3: Not much better than my 2nd attempt as I still had a rather negative mindset and at this point honestly thought that my first attempt was as far as I'd ever get. So I still wasn't playing very smart and I was killed again in the sewers by Chris Walker but this time in the flooded section after I took a pretty poor route and ended up running straight into him. Attempt #4: After attempt #3 I decided to have a break for an hour or two and think about whether or not I'd actually be able to pull this off. This break helped me collect myself and I could now play in a much calmer state of mind which helped immensely as I had no real issues up until the final encounter with Chris Walker after Father Martin is burned. Instead of hiding in the bathroom like I should've, I completely panicked and ended up running as far as I could, cornering myself in the process and getting killed, at least this was a mistake I knew not to make again 😅 Attempt #5: Success! I retained my calm, positive mindset from my 4th attempt and at this point felt pretty comfortable that I could pull it off, which thankfully I did despite the fact that my heart was racing every time the Walrider was chasing me at the end, especially on the part leading up to that jump at the top of the stairs. So having the right mindset was key for me, although of course practicing to the point that you know every inch of the game also felt absolutely necessary, any time I was in trouble I eventually always knew what to do even though there was still some close calls. It really is a fantastic feeling when you finally do it though, although I still have the DLC and Outlast 2 to play so I am hoping to have a slightly easier time with those 😁
  4. I'm glad to have been helpful! It seemed like people struggled with this trophy for quite some time so it's a shame that this method wasn't discovered sooner but at least anyone who sees this should have a much easier time than they would otherwise. Yeah, it takes a bit of playing around with the time zones to get it just right and sometimes you'll need to wait some real time but nonetheless it should be pretty straightforward
  5. 1. Payday 2 Crimewave Edition - 573 hours 2. Friday the 13th - 537 hours 3. WWE 2K17 - 408 hours I can't say I'm too surprised except for with WWE 2K17 as that's a lot of hours for an annual release of a series that I play every year. I also expected to see GTA V somewhere on the list, it's a shame we can only see the top 3 as I'd love to see a top 5 or top 10 list instead but it does tell you some interesting stuff nonetheless
  6. My list isn't quite as impressive as the 46 platinums I got last year but I'm still pretty happy with how this year's gone, would still be nice if I can get a couple more before the year's over though 1. Fallout: New Vegas - January 2nd 2. Bully - January 17th 3. Batman (PS4) - January 20th 4. BioShock 2 (PS4) - January 28th 5. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition - February 9th 6. Late Shift - February 13th 7. Dangerous Golf - February 22nd 8. Rime - February 28th 9. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - March 2nd 10. Watch Dogs 2 - March 8th 11. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - March 18th 12. BioShock Infinite (PS4) - March 28th 13. Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS4) - April 4th 14. Dishonored 2 - April 21st 15. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider - April 26th 16. Beyond: Two Souls (PS4) - May 6th 17. Oxenfree - May 12th 18. The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker - June 14th 19. Life is Strange: Before the Storm - June 17th 20. WWE 2K18 - June 22nd 21. Middle-earth: Shadow of War - July 5th 22. Heavy Rain (PS4) - July 10th 23. Need for Speed - July 16th 24. Claire (PS Vita) - July 27th 25. Oh... Sir! Hollywood Roast - August 14th 26. Gravity Rush 2 - September 3rd 27. Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality - September 4th 28. Crysis 3 - September 18th 29. God of War III Remastered - September 26th 30. Master Reboot - October 12th 31. Burly Men At Sea - November 6th 32. Laser League - November 16th 33. Flynn and Freckles - November 29th 34. The World of Nubla - December 6th 35. South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS4) - December 31st
  7. I was having quite a bit of trouble with this trophy myself, I experimented with a bunch of different methods and nothing was working. But I thought of a really easy way to set it up and once I tried it I got it first try. All I did was go into a game with 2 controllers and immediately give the 2nd controller a goal kick, then with the 1st controller stand in front of the closest player to the keeper and pass it to him to set up an easy 1v1 then without holding L2 or anything like that I just pressed O+X to do the fake shot and get around the keeper, ran a little closer to the goal and then pressed O again to shoot and score, actually made the trophy really easy.
  8. Well I'm just about to go for the "It's Tuesday!" trophy on PS4, I see that people have earned the trophy recently so I assume it'll unlock fine on there (which it did). There definitely doesn't seem to be a cross save option though so I guess I'll have to play through the 1st island again. And supposedly the Vita version launched with the PS4 patch already installed so I think that the 100% completion trophy is unattainable on both platforms, I could be wrong though.
  9. I don't know about the 100% completion trophy but the "It's Tuesday!" trophy seems to be glitched for me, I tried for ages to get it and couldn't. I'm playing on PS Vita btw.
  10. I've got 3 platinums: Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal so sign me up for Adventurer please Oh and I've also finished Blood Dragon so Dragon Slayer too.
  11. Sign me up for Original Gangsta please, I've got the platinums for GTA San Andreas and GTA V
  12. I've earned 9 platinums so sign me up for Veteran please Assassin's Creed II Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Assassin's Creed Revelations Assassin's Creed III Assassin's Creed III Liberation Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Assassin's Creed Rogue Assassin's Creed Unity Assassin's Creed Syndicate Oh and I've also finished Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry.
  13. I'm a bit late discovering this whole Project Platinum thing but I have all 5 Prince of Persia platinums so sign me up for The Prince please
  14. I would like to send a huge thank you to @YuriTheBrave for his comment on as that's where I learned this information: there IS a way to get the gravity storms and the strange gravitational phenomena to spawn easily and it's by first closing your game and then changing your PS4's time zone in its settings to advance time and increase the number of stars each mining area has. The gravity storms have a chance of spawning when an area has either 5 or 6 stars and a strange gravitational phenomena is what spawns when an area has 7 stars. In order to get a mining area's stars to advance by one you need to change your time zone to one that is 4 to 6 hours ahead of your own. You can also reduce the number of stars in an area by changing your time zone to one that is 4 to 6 hours behind your own
  15. Gotta Kill Em All - Kill 1313 counselors. 1.48%. This is my latest ultra rare trophy and it's from Friday the 13th (EU) which was also the first trophy I earned from the game in like 6 months lol. I'm still hoping to get the platinum one day with as little boosting as possible (I'm yet to resort to it but I'll surely have to sooner rather than later) but for now earning trophies like this after playing so much of the game is pretty satisfying.