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  1. Has anyone checked how does the game function after the name change? Will it change your name on the leaderboard as well? Thanks.
  2. Could someone please test Virtua Tennis 4 for the Vita? I'd like to know how it affects leaderboards, especially arcade high score.
  3. Harry Potter games, Batman Vengeance, Ultimate Spider-man, Spiderman 2, Garfield, The Simpsons: hit and run, SW Episode 3, Battlefront 2 and Virtua Tennis 2
  4. Psn: Champion-Anakin
  5. Tekken 6 MK 9 Super Street Fighter IV Naruto Storm 2 Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes series MvC 2
  6. 1. Oblivion 2. Lego Batman: The Video Game 3. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
  7. The difficulty was changed drastically for those bosses recently. I only need Nyxarras (lvl 68) for the plat. If anyone wants to help I can return the favour with other bosses.
  8. Yes, all trophies don't work currently. Best thing you can do is write a complaint to the developer and wait for the update.
  9. PSN: Champion-Anakin Add me for squads.
  10. My psn: Champion-Anakin PM me after you download mine and I'll return the favor. Hoping to help everyone, especially those with publishing glitch.
  11. ID: Champion-Anakin Sitting at 240k create xp with 16 mods published with the glitch. Willing to help, especially those with the glitch. Feel free to pm me.
  12. I only have 16 mods now. Does anyone ever find a way out of this glitch?
  13. How long does it take to get online trophies from starting the game? Is it hard for someone who has not played any hitman game (apart from go)?
  14. Looking for people to boost all online trophies. Feel free to PM me and download my creations. PSN: Champion-Anakin