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  1. #100 Days Gone One Percenter Go above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone 100th Milestone! I had fun with Days Gone. Needed 50hrs to 100% it. I think the Game is very easy..i didn´t even need an Guide to plat it. I would give it an 2/10 in difficulty and an 8/10 in enjoyment.
  2. #97 Shadow of the Colossus Actually I played the game for the first time. Can´t believe I missed this game 😱 I think the game is not that hard(I would give it a 4/10 ), but I must admit, its very rage inciting... when it comes to the Time Trials or some stupid ass colossus hitboxes. But other than that, I don´t really had any problems. Enjoyment for me is an 8/10.
  3. In no order: Suikoden 2 Final Fantasy 7 (and Tactics) Vandal Hearts Metal Gear Solid 1 Resident Evil 2 (The Old one, but the Remake is also awesome^^) Zelda: A link to the past Crash Bandicoot 2 God of War All the Soulsborne Games GTA: San Andreas What an hard question... but i think i can live with this list. Of course there are many more games i really like
  4. #85: Sekiro: Shadows die twice Sekiro All trophies have been unlocked. I am an huge Soulsborne fan so yeah...this game is right up my alley and i love it. Difficulty for me i would say an 7 / 10 Enjoyment would be an 8 / 10 Only because that Skillpoint grind at the end sucked ass. But overall, it´s another awesome From Software game!
  5. Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered Just another day at the office Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered.
  6. #81 Marvels Spiderman What an fun Trophylist! Had a blast plating this game. I would say 8,5 enjoyment and 2 for difficulty.
  7. Since i am an collector for over 25 years, i always keep my physical games, and delete digital games if im done with them.
  8. I remember me and my cousin played the shit out of the Original on my Sege Mega Drive back in the days. Can´t wait for the release. Gonna plat it with my wife... looking at that trophy list.
  9. I Just got the Plat in Monster Hunter World. Needed 374 hours to get it. I really like the Game it was fun. But that crown trophys are bullshit^^ Damn that Plat really feels good 😂 Just in time for the Ni No Kuni II Release 👍
  10. Im finished guys Just got my Plat. 👍 Stupid bazel gave me an hard time But now im finally done! Now I can confirm you DON'T need that Deviljho dude to get your Crown Trophys. I didn't Touch anything related to him and got it... So no worry my dudes your good to go 😁
  11. I really hope that isn't the case. Just need a large bazel and im done. Wanted to be finish before the Ni no Kuni Release tomorrow 😒
  12. Yes I know. But knowing me I think im Not gonna wait till next week and Grind that last bit out. Edit: I was able to get the large odogaron and radobaan back to back... Lol how much luck I have These last days. Only bazel to go and im done👍
  13. I also don't think the new Monster will mess with the trophy. Never seen that Happen before. I got giant azure rathalos and kirin yesterday morning. Now the Only Monsters I have left are All giant odogaron, radobaan and bazel. I must say i really wanna have the Plat ASAP, but im also very tempted to wait till the rotten Vale Event and Plat some other fast Game in the meantime. Enough of that Grind 😂
  14. Damn dude feels Bad :/ . I got lucky today got a Giant dodogama and Black diablos, also Just sniped an giant lavasioth. Must be my lucky day! So Just 5 to go for me and im done.