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  1. really has been a long time since i stepped on the battle field :$ now im back >:3 and ready for the war

  2. been a while since i updated -.- gta is driving me crazy -.-

    1. Mcbeanstr


      You boosting with a clan?



      no just myself :/

  3. I played the public playlist now for 3 hours and I still can't see that trophie pop I won and lost matches but I cant get the trophie any help suggestions ?
  4. What the he'll been playing matches for like an hour in assassins creed 4 for the lab technician trophy and still dint pop >:( can someone help here with this problem ?

  5. My best friend and me were getting that darn S rank on all story's in naruto ninja storm 3 he got it xD finally only one more trophie so I can get that platinum

  6. soul sacrifice 100% on to persona4 on the vita

    1. XenoviaXenac


      congrats and have fun with persona ;)

  7. I guess you would like : Borderlands Borderlands 2 The elders scrolls : skyrim WET Fallout 3 Fallout : New vegas DmC Devil may cry Killer is dead
  8. trying to finish soul sacrifice

    1. MidnightRadiance


      It's pretty easy, you could finish it within the week if not sooner

  9. Granturismo series Borderlands 2 Dragons dogma
  10. welcome!
  11. -____- doom is so freakinf brutal at points

  12. Never Dead that was horrible.
  13. :holy: :holy:Dragon ball :holy: plat nice 8/10
  14. welcome to the club
  15. DOOM 3 BFG edition