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  1. Moreover, they cared for having a plaitnum cause let's be honest PLATINUM for 1 usd is much more attractive for us than 21 bronze trophies
  2. yeah actually he mentioned
  3. The problem is that most games in psplus isn't even indie which just came, you could get most of this year's titles before they came to IGC with discount... I stopped paying for psplus too, I rarely play online so I get my friend's account activation when we want to play something.
  4. Don't forget about STEINS;GATE
  5. I also was surprised to see duplicates for one console from Square Enix, never saw that before. 5 LISTS! Only 1 list to reach Sound Shapes or Let's Sing 2016 or Chariot, 2 to reach The Evil Within
  6. good luck for you. I hope that ND won't repeat this with Uncharted 4
  7. I just finished Season 2 on my Iphone recently, so I pretty hyped and ready for Season 3!
  8. I recommend you to pick Uncharted Collection which contains all 3 main games with additional single-player trophies, better graphics, framerate and excludes dead MP. It's best way to enjoy and get 100% in this series. Some people can say that oh it's not so rare and respectful like getting uc2 and 3 from ps3 with dlc stuff. In my opinion anyone who wanted to do that are late. Getting MP trophies there are now isn't like it was 5 years ago - you can boost (and you WILL boost), so basically you will get it not in the way it was developed so you will waste your time.
  9. don't forget UNCHARTED TRILOGY without MP! Hope to see Crysis and Resistance Trilogy like these in future. Killzone trilogy without MP would be a joke
  10. yes, it can be profitable if it's not expensive. Cause for example I don't understand who is target audience for this game if not trophyhunters.
  11. actually I thought about different concepts how this system can work. After this one I begin to believe that there is a special payment devs should do to sony which can bring platinum trophy for your game. Because it's the only one logical reason why everything is like we have now. The quality of platinum trophies dramatically decreased even this year.
  12. ... What the hell is going on? Resident Evil 4 Outlast Trials Fusion VVVVVV Towerfall Ascension These games doesn't have enough content to put platinum trophy. BUT This title luckily do! Your thoughts?
  13. If Sony care about trophy system's value than why is there duplicates, why is there unachievable trophies, and why they give platinum to visual novels? At least last factor with idea that huge majority of PS3 trophies can be hacked without any problems safely already killed trophy system's value
  14. Yeeeah, 2017 year will be year of KINGDOM HEARTS. IMAGINE we get almost every solid game with trophies on PS4 in one year. WTF!!!!
  15. Yep, exactly, buddy.