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  1. Yeh I joined. It's pretty good you can contribute without having to play with others.
  2. Nice. Only on world 3 and found most without a guide but some can be tricky. That plane you have to shoot down had me stumped. And for some reason the beehive one too.
  3. So I've just picked this up and having done a bit of reading, I know that the support box skill is only doable in online without bots. I'm not looking to pick a specific time or date to work on this but thought I'd see if anyone wants to maybe add me and we can help each other every so often. I've only started the online last night so I still have no idea what I am doing but I'm sure I'll pick it up quickly. Anyway, if you want to team up and help each other in some custom maps, give me a shout.
  4. Not really bringing anything new to the table but I completed the story last night. It's good, not great. Someone said above that you shouldn't buy it for the story alone and I agree. It's too short for that. It does add a bit to the story and fill in some gaps in the saga. Think a watered down version of Rogue One. Oh and it might (although I doubt it) have an unbelievably massive spoiler for The Last Jedi. Huge fuck up if it turns out to be one!
  5. FTFY. It was one guy that made this. Not surprising that images for trophies were low on his priority list.
  6. I can't remember the exact level but fairly sure it is very soon after exam 1 is passed. There is a large digger stuck in front of you and to the left is the cubicle. Rattle a ball off the front door and voila, there he is.
  7. In most wingsuits, you can afford to miss 2 perfect gates. Perfect the rest and you should be at the score threshold. There was a couple that were challenging but practice does make perfect. Also there was a wee cheat on one of them where you could circle once or twice just to artificially boost your score, can't remember which challenge but it's near the massive mountain. It basically allows you to maybe miss 3 or four perfect gates. Can make the difference. The sniper rifle one is a bit crap but the trick is to shoot a few of the large gas containers once or twice without destroying to begin with. That way, you can reduce the amount of bullets it takes to destroy them when you destroy your first object. Helps rack up the 8x multiplier. It's the grapple destruction challenge that really sucked in my opinion. Ending up grappling an AA gun up into the compound and just using that. Got it by the skin of my teeth.
  8. Very much game for this. I'm going to be on tonight actually if anyone can join. PSN- kjkg GMT just looking to boost my level and kills.
  9. Couldn't agree more. I have about 15-20 main quests and an equal amount of crappy ones. But instead I'm going to go fishing for salmon and then smelt some ore. Man I love this game