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  1. According to the EU PSN Update it's coming tomorrow.
  2. Retail versions yes, you can play them. But you can't get stuff from the Japanese store.
  3. I've played quite a couple and someway or another liked all of them. Otome usually a little less, because the stories tend to be a bit more shallow, but I still enjoy those and don't skip any of the story. Here's a little ranking of the ones I have played: Steins;Gate Virtue's Last Reward Steins;Gate 0 Danganronpa Zero Time Dilemma Danganronpa 2 Root Letter 999 Corpse Party: Blood Drive Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi (PS3, but will be released on Vita in the summer) Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness NORN9 Var Commons Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth - XBlaze: Code Embryo Amnesia: Memories XBlaze Lost: Memories
  4. Platinum #100 for me was Zero Escape: The Nonary Games. I didn't really pay any attention to this until I reached 97, then I just looked for the fitting game and was glad, that The Nonary Games was released with perfect timing. I love VNs, I love that more than ever are translated into English and are released in the West and so this was a perfect fit.
  5. Just started the game to try this and now the first videos are playing like they should. I didn't have time to play further, but I guess the problem is solved now. Thanks a lot. ☺️
  6. @skateak: No, haven't tried that yet, didn't even know that function existed. I guess I'll wait a couple more days until the official release date and see if others have my problem as well. If not, I'll definitely try that, so thanks, especially for the link. As to the language thing: I knew my English was ok for basic conversation, but I've never really tried to explain a technical problem like this so I wasn't sure about it. Unwarrented as it seems. Hopefully that puts an end to this issue. :-)
  7. Hey guys, I have a problem with the European Disc-Version of The Silver Case. First of I was very happy that it arrived early, but then I started playing and realized that during both, VN parts and gameplay parts, parts of the screen stay black. For example in the beginning when the detective is driving in his car, I can see the text and the face of the detective perfectly fine, but the big screen in the middle stays black, I can't see the video there. Then when the actual gameplay part begins, all I can see are the coloured marks in the positions you can move to. Everything else, the complete room you are moving in is missing and the screen is black. I can still interact with everything, I just can't see what I am interacting with, which makes the game basically unplayable. Also when I quit the game and try to reload my save game, the game crashes every time. I tried everything I could think of like restarting the game, changing the games graphic options, deleting the whole game and save data and installing it again, but nothing worked. Does anyone else have these issues with any version of the game or any idea how I might fix this? P.S.: My English is not very good so I hope you can figure out what I was trying to say. ;-)
  8. Outlast How about a visual novel?
  9. 11 plats in common Watch Dogs Virtue's Last Reward Murdered: Soul Suspect Remember Me Beyond: Two Souls Saints Row IV Saints Row: The Third The Walking Dead Sleeping Dogs L.A. Noire Heavy Rain
  10. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Sleeping Dogs The Walking Dead Mafia 2 Remember Me