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  1. I just finished House of Ashes, so my count is up to 22 now.
  2. Rumours about Evil Dead: The Game being refused a rating in Germany have turned out to be untrue. The USK has confirmed that the game was given the highest possible rating "USK 18" in its uncensored version. ( https://www.schnittberichte.com/news.php?ID=18554 ) Sorry for jumping the gun on this one guys.
  3. There are rumours going around in Germany at the moment that Evil Dead: The Game will not be released in Germany because it was refused a rating from the USK because of the level of violence in the game. So far I only found articles in German ( https://www.maniac.de/featured-thema/evil-dead-the-game-keine-deutschland-veroeffentlichung-wegen-usk-verweigerung/ ) There should be a definitive statement in the following days.
  4. I am playing/reading Hermitage: Strange Case Files at the moment. I have only solved Case 1 so far, but it is a clear mystery story with some investigative parts. Not as interactive as Danganronpa since there is area to move in, but you have to gather clues through reading books/internet and questioning people before you ultimately have to make correct deductions to finish the case. Bad endings are possible if you fail a deduction.
  5. I remember playing the first Submerged a couple of years ago. Nice little adventure with good atmosphere. Gameplay was a bit clunky, but didn't distract too much. I never had a sequel on the radar, but now that we get one, I'll probably play it as well.
  6. Mine was Motorstorm on the Fat Lady's release day.
  7. Developer Techland has confirmed that Dying Light 2 will be censored in Germany. Rumours of a special german version had been floating around for a couple of days. Here is an English translation that I found: https://www.aroged.com/2021/12/20/dying-light-2-stay-human-version-for-germany-censored-and-cut/
  8. Nope, still Natsuki
  9. EU physical copy is part of the "bigger" list with more than 1000 owners, I can see that on my profile.
  10. Now it really is 21, I just completed LIS: True Colors on PS5.
  11. I just finished AC Valhalla, so it's 7 plats now.
  12. Mine was Motorstorm on the consoles release day.
  13. Same here. I still have both games on my PSP and loved them. Maybe there is a chance to get an updated version of the second one if this sells well?
  14. Blue Reflection I'll probably go for this within the next year or so before getting into part two as well.
  15. I just finished The Dark Pictures: Little Hope. Should be at 21 now, if I'm not mistaken. edit: Nope, 20, sorry.