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  1. I was about to go down there after flower boss but there is no waypoint around so I left it for now. Good to know. Would love to find some better weapon/armor so I can start upgrading
  2. Sounds bad ass bro
  3. yeah but like I said I just find dudes that can sell me str and or dex stuff and ahes for melee for now. I am experienced souls player so my instict was to switch to sword and hack and slash I'm having fun so I don't want to reroll but now I play hybrid mage/warrior and like I said first boss kicks everybodys ass. amount of signs is insane in front of his gate and like I said those dude I summon don't know how to handle him either. for me his wind up is messing with me a lot, I can't time my dodges properly, I guess I am used to fast hitting bosses... well for now I will keep exploring east side of map and maybe tomorrow will spend more time on boss...
  4. I have put few points in intelligence but no mayor damage upgrade. If you are right I think I need to find someone to tech me new spells then
  5. hi, I am at first boss and I look at summoning pool and I can't summon anyone, why? I can't see signs for summon too but when I was checking Items I can see that I have to use FFR to see them, so it is OK. But why I can't summon through pool? when I send me sign to pool I am being summoned instantly and the guy summons other person through summoning pool too. Why I can't? oh and on a side, I see ghosts of people doing stuff but when I click on bloodstain I don't see red ghost showing how it died like in Souls games. Is it bug? does anyone have same issue? PS. I used the FFR item and see tons of golden signs but I try for 5 minutes and it says cannot summon cooperator every time...
  6. I think it has something to do with crazy amount of people that play right now and possibly their servers can't handle.
  7. So we still summon from sign only? what is the reason for summoning pool then?
  8. hi, I know there is not difficulty specific trophy but I know there are some bonuses when you play on higher ones. What you guys think is best difficulty for Platinum to enjoy the game but as well have bit of challenge and maybe help to faster get plat with bonuses?
  9. Alright. thanks. I thought playing on lower difficulty will make grind longer. But if it doesn't that is great news.
  10. hi all, I got to Nioh and Nioh 2 after a while. I pretty much quickly did all steps to get 100% plat for Nioh and moved to Nioh 2. Jumped to Way of Demon and had no problems too until final mission of 1st DLC, that boss is insane. I have seen many people proposing to go to Way of Nioh and get equipment there. Now my question is should I just level up divine set I spent ton of time tempering rerolling and all that good shit and bring it to 30+ or should I gather Ethereal and start doing something with that? if so what is the spot where people leave graves with gear now when they trade? Thanks.
  11. OK if anyone gets this in future. I actually had to go back to my PS4, delete save in cloud. and upload the one I had on console drive (for some that want to comment I checked dates were same so it is not that I didn't uploaded save to cloud, I actually always upload after I achieve platinum) anyway, had to go to PS then and I started PS4 version there downloaded save and uploaded using the in game cross save thingy again to cloud. Then on PS5 version used same cross save function in game and downloaded save. Trophies started poping immediately without me loading into game. Destroyer of demons poped too no problem. FIXED
  12. hi, I bought the deal for Nioh 1 and Nioh 2 so I thought I will auto pop trophies. I had 100% completion on PS4 and transfered save, things autopoped and there were few things to do to get plat. But now I wanted to get DLC trophies and I noticed on PS5 all the DLC regions are not completed like I would never play them. Is there anything I can do or do I have to play through all the missions again? I hope not thanks
  13. All good with that guide. Upon checking it seems somehow I missed toaster in Monster Army Bunker but marked it as found in my spreadsheet...
  14. hi guys, I did second playthrough to get this trophy following this guide -> made sure to pick and read every lore book there (don't think reading is needed) but the trophy won't pop. Is above guide missing something?
  15. Does anyone know? I imagine some key spots saves needed to get different outcome trophies but can we actually get plat or collectibles being blocked or anything like that?
  16. I wanted to play this as I have spent easily more then 2000h+ with original but 99 HC?!? I never reached 99 with any character before so will have to say no to this one...
  17. I don't understand how to get all the cards. I 100% game and I had 433k coins so I didn't even had to do trick with selling. I got to point where I was always getting black cards but I did't get any card I need (Bloodlust, Hot Blooded, Small Game Hunter, Tomb Raider) and I can't sell any black card as they all have gold frame. So how do I go about getting the cards I need? My inventory says I have 330 Card Types and 533 cards total. Any help appreciated
  18. with Disc. Games are cheaper faster and even on release date. and you can sell game after you platinum it to gain some money back
  19. I really struggle with Karasu Tengu, I just apply sloth weakness on them everytime. Hate those fuckers. Tried to learn patterns and all but somehow I mess up timings all the time.
  20. Hello guys,I did 100% in all regions but no trophy for lake of nine as Light Elf Outpost is in fog. I did everything in there so not sure how to proceed?any help? or idea how to defog it? I picked up a tear on water behind this small island as well.
  21. They updated known issues on their page with: Need To Be Reported These are not wide-spread issues and require more player reports to be resolved individually. If you are experiencing one of these issues, please contact TERA Support There are still quite a few trophies and achievements that are being reported as not unlocking. Please contact customer support with your Gamertag or Online ID, Region, Console Platform, Server Name, Character Name, and if possible the date / time frame you completed the trophy / achievement requirement.
  22. For those wondering when, "We'll be taking the TERA servers for Playstation®4 in Europe down at 9 a.m. PDT (04:00 UTC on April 17)." and "TERA servers for Playstation®4 in North America down at 6 a.m. PDT (13:00 UTC on April 17) for scheduled maintenance."
  23. For my Let's Platinum series I plan 3 playthroughs. 1. Commander Ironman no DLCs 2. Legend with DLCs 3. "Exquisite Timing"