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  1. 1 hour ago, Checho-73 said:

    Way better, the M-12 Locust can actually hit targets at a distance

    Interesting. I maxed Tech Armor and Defender and game switch from hard to easy mode. As companions I still cant let go of Miranda and Mordin. Her Heavy Overload and his Incinerate are just to good to pass I think. Plus I was buying upgrades that would benefit tech, biotics and SMG and pistol so it is usefull to those 2 but they die middle of harder fights if I don't micro manage their positions.

    Any compelling arguments to use other companions now?


    [EDIT] I tried Garus but I didn't find much use for his concusive shot and his damage was OK but nothing to write home about (but I didn't invest in sniper research)

    I tried Jack but her skills are weird, although after loyality her warp ammo should add a lot) and I tried Kasumi but only at start of the game and she was great as regeneration of HP is issue but her shadow strike was killing enemies.


  2. 12 hours ago, wackt1 said:

    Understandable, The hardest parts were the collector ship, Horizon, and the collector ship on Insanity. The strongest weapons IMO in your loadout should be the Cain, Carnifex or Phalanx (the phalanx hits harder but slower, while the carnifex hits not as hard but has higher DPS), Collector rifle, and the mattock.

    As for team mates: IMO Garrus and Jack 

    Thanks for that. I struggle a bit with weapons. SMG is weird (maybe because I only have the standard one for now) and I use pistol mostly, the one I got early in a game. Has good damage but very limited ammo. I heard Garrus is good but apparently needs certain setup so I need to google that and I just got Jack was not able to use her yet, probably need to check build for her.


    BTW. is it possible to reset skill points for Shepard and team mates?


  3. It is hard but going forward. Im level 10 Sentinel. Have Mordin,Jacob, Miranda, Garrus, Kasumi, Zaeed, Jack to choose from. Atm flying around and getting as many upgrades as I can.


    PS. I platinum it on PS3 10 years ago with just one go on insanity but I have no clue what class I was playing...

    1 hour ago, SnowxSakura said:

    I found sentinel to be the easiest class to clear insanity with. Tech armor is just straight up broken and had to be nerfed in ME3 due to being able to re-cast it as soon as it breaks

    Yeah, I got it to lev 3 straight away. Long cooldown for now. I guess I need to get to decent level to start feeling good with that class and do some damage.


  4. I was playing soldier in first one and wanted to play something else. Sentinel was proposed by many when I did research as it can deal with shields armor and barriers easily but possibly later as you mentioned.

    I don't have much choice yet. I just saved Garrus. I use Mordin and Miranda as they have tools to destroy all the protections and as  I mentioned atm cryo helps me stop health regeneration.

    Problem is I don't do much damage with anything yet. and my tech armor gets destroyed with just few hits from enemies.


  5. Playing ME2 on Insanity and in comparison to ME1 it is tough.
    Playing Sentinel Shepard. For now using Morbius and Miranda because of the skills that complement and Morbid freezing help me kill enemies because health regen in ME2 is insane.

    Any advice on build or what teammates to use for easier times? Or maybe what upgrade/research to get fast?

    Anything to help guys...


    [EDIT] To help others. After finishing ME2 on Insanity playing as Sentinel here are my thoughts:

    Sentinel is easy mode for insanity but huge pain until level 10-11 (U really need Tech Armor to 4 and Defender to 4)

    I used Miranda and Morbid for most missions (reason. they have good skills and every time you reapply TA they reset for your squad)

    Get Warp to 4 over Overload. at the end there is more armored enemies/bosses.

    got warp ammo as bonus skill and maxed it for extra damage.

    didn't use heavy weapons at all with exception of Maw that you need to kill in short amount of time and last boss (used Cain in both cases)


  6. I am using +5 wolves but getting to the point I should probably update. What summon ashes you have best time with? and please no mimic or any end game ones.

    I have that headless chick and was thinking about her but people say she doesn't hold aggro because of her teleporting... So what are your thoughts?


  7. 14 hours ago, ObsiEez said:

    In which area are you fighting this one & what level are you? You might have stumbled across one that's meant to be fought later if you're getting decimated that quickly

    IM in cave, there is 3 of them. But I couldn't do shit to 2 of them in academy too


  8. 1 hour ago, ObsiEez said:

    Use melee summoning ashes such as wolves or any with a greatsword , the magic sword type ashes of war, or any magic that has high stagger damage such as Rock Sling. After fully staggering them once (where it'll fall to the ground) it'll start taking insane damage & stagger on most attacks from that point. So until that stagger, you will do no damage, so don't worry about the damage at the start & instead focus your efforts & making him stagger with high stagger attacks like the ones listed that should be easy to use for a magic build

    I have +5 wolves and try all the spells and cant stagger before they decimate me. they destroy wolves fast too.


  9. It is always multiple of them and I have spend 1h now trying only backstabs. Using Glintstone Pebble to stagger as fextralife recommended to stagger but I can't I just do no damage and use all my mana flasks and switch to sword and do no damage as well. I setup my sign to help others and see what works and we can't kill it. nobody leaves sign for me to get assist too. It's just stupid.


    Any tips how to handle them as mage welcome but so far I don't see how to kill those bastardos


  10. 1 hour ago, Joe Dubz said:

    Duuuuuuuuude, you are doing the good Lord's work here my friend! Kudos to you for these 1f601.png Definitely gonna be hunting both of these later to beef my Astrologer up 1f4aa.png

    So I grabbed that spell. It is good damage and all but situational, it is hard to use in tight spaces + many block it and takes long time to cast. But overall get it. it is good. And as I mentioned before staff is great too but didn't find ways to upgrade yet


  11. 1 hour ago, DavySuicide said:

    14 hours into the game so far, playing a  mage for the first time ever in a souslike game and tbh i have zero trouble killing the first bosses so far. I grinded a few hours to level up and i must say magic is totally overpowered in this game. On the other hand, playing a mage is risky. You really should be a good dodger and try to keep a good distance between you and the enemy. I don't know if all of you know but you can get the best staff and best spell more or less pretty much at the beginning. With this combination the damage output ( when correctly levelled ) is beyond insane.



     also you can get one of the best talismans very earl,  extrem helpful:


    i am not that far into the game but it's so good. Maybe these tips will help you. Cheers, Davy.

    LOL actually I was in this area and found the staff but didn't find spell, need to check.
    Only thing with that staff is it can't be upgrade, well at least at the start upgrade place. but its scaling way better then +5 starting staff anyway.