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  1. Any news on these trophies? I stopped playing the game until this had been fixed and since then 2 patches have released. Thanks!
  2. I am also having this bug I have the season pass so i will give Gearbox until the 4th DLC releases for them to fix the bug before i rerun all locations.
  3. Hello! I can't seem to update my trophy list, I assume this is because the game is not officially out yet. I am worried that this means that the trophies i get will not actually register, is this worry justified? Thanks!
  4. Can you play the game on easy without having to worry about doing another playtrough on a harder difficulty? Thanks!
  5. Great! thank you! I got mine abit after 1600 KM. i think at about 1650 or something. I did 4 races after i reached 1600. Sorry i went to sleep I do recognise this and i apologize. However this forum has been nothing but helpful so i thought i might get a definite answer here Very useful info! Thank you!
  6. Hello! I have looked up what trophies i need to get before the servers shutdown and i have gotten different reports. I am now asking if anyone here could check if i have all the trophies i need before the shutdown Here is my PSN: Thanks!
  7. That's good to know, thank you
  8. Hello! These last few days the servers have been very unstable. I only have Lifer left of the online trophies and i am worried its not counting my distance driven when the servers are like this. The servers are not actually down but things like leaderboards and face offs won't load. Does anyone have any info on how the trophy actually work? Thanks!
  9. Hello! I have the season pass for this game and i decided to finish it up before the servers shutdown. I noticed when i checked the tours that Finish Line, AMG and No Limits are locked off. I dont understand since i have downloaded all DLC aswell as own the season pass.
  10. Great! thank you
  11. Hello! Are there any missables in episode 3 of Atlantis like there was in episode 1 or can i safely play it at my own leisure? Thanks!
  12. Hello! I've been kind of interested in this game but i read a while ago that the framerate was atrocious. Now they are releasing a remastered version of this game on Switch with one of the selling points being better framerate (the fact that this is a selling point is sad). I am wondering if this game has been updated to get better framerate of if they are just releasing a straight up technically better version for switch. Thanks!
  13. This is very worrying, im yet to start the DLC because im waiting til after im done with Sekiro. I hope some more info on this will be available when ill start working on this.
  14. I see, that is and odd choice since the exploration part is not very taxing.