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  1. Hello! I am trying to upload my PS5 save and download it via my PS4 but whenever i do it crashes. I am getting very frustrated and was hoping i could find some answers here. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I've seen that there are some changes to trophies with the PS4 version and i am wondering if the PS3 guide can be used for the PS4 version. Thanks!
  3. I can't find Jaws of Hakkon on the PS3 Store, i want to buy it before the servers shutdown. Edit: I restarted the store and searched "Jaws of hakkon" and it showed up.
  4. Hello! I am on (I think) the last mission and the objective is: Investigate tomb entrance. Thing is i can't investigate it. Ava is just standing there and the dialogue is not starting. Am i alone in this and is there a fix? Thanks!
  5. Any more info on this topic? I've yet to reach level 20 on my first class and i am dreading doing it 3 more times.
  6. I just launched the new DLC for the first time and it did not trigger the trophy when i discovered areas in the town
  7. I see! I'm gonna try and launch my copy back up and see what i unlock Edit: Same thing for me, all 4 location trophies unlocked except the one to discover all of them.
  8. So from the responses in this thread it doesn't look like it unlocks all location trophies? Or am i missing something?
  9. Any news on these trophies? I stopped playing the game until this had been fixed and since then 2 patches have released. Thanks!
  10. I am also having this bug I have the season pass so i will give Gearbox until the 4th DLC releases for them to fix the bug before i rerun all locations.
  11. Hello! I can't seem to update my trophy list, I assume this is because the game is not officially out yet. I am worried that this means that the trophies i get will not actually register, is this worry justified? Thanks!
  12. Can you play the game on easy without having to worry about doing another playtrough on a harder difficulty? Thanks!