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  1. Hello! I have the season pass for this game and i decided to finish it up before the servers shutdown. I noticed when i checked the tours that Finish Line, AMG and No Limits are locked off. I dont understand since i have downloaded all DLC aswell as own the season pass.
  2. Hello! Are there any missables in episode 3 of Atlantis like there was in episode 1 or can i safely play it at my own leisure? Thanks!
  3. Great! thank you
  4. Hello! I've been kind of interested in this game but i read a while ago that the framerate was atrocious. Now they are releasing a remastered version of this game on Switch with one of the selling points being better framerate (the fact that this is a selling point is sad). I am wondering if this game has been updated to get better framerate of if they are just releasing a straight up technically better version for switch. Thanks!
  5. This is very worrying, im yet to start the DLC because im waiting til after im done with Sekiro. I hope some more info on this will be available when ill start working on this.
  6. I see, that is and odd choice since the exploration part is not very taxing.
  7. Hello! I am in the beta for PSnow in europe and i wanted to try out Battle Chasers Nightwar and since its on PS4 you can actually download it. I noticed that the game is in 30 fps but i looked it up and apparently theres a patch for it on PS4 pro that makes the game 60 fps, i have a ps4 pro. Now i am wondering if i cant take mart in these enhancements because im playing it trough PSnow. Thanks!
  8. I have to scroll down abit trough the update history but that part is there. this is weird Edit: It says "combat, world map and menus". Does this include the starting area? Cause when i entered combat the first time 60 fps got enabled. It might just be me thinking the starting area being the world map.
  9. Hmm that is weird, i am using the latest update but the game is still 30 frames in the overworld when it should be 60.
  10. Hello! After having played both the Dragon Quest Heroes games and becoming in love with the genre i decided to buy Dynasty Warrior 8 and i love it just as much. I am now wondering if any kind soul out there could help me find ALL (PS4, PS3, PSVita) Musou games with trophies. All the spinoffs possible! I've tried looking at the trophy lists on various website but they just confuse me since they are not all named Dynasty or Warriors and there's alot of japanese ones. I have heard that Dynasty Warriors 9 is kinda bad but the concept to me sounds like alot of fun, musou with open world? I'm in. Thanks!
  11. Ah right i see Thank you very much! looks like 100% all of them will take years
  12. I have heard that there are Warrior fighting games aswell, is this true or am i horribly mistaken?
  13. Thanks everyone for the tips It's a shame there isn't an extensive list of all games that takes inspiration from Musou. These things you posted tho will help alot
  14. That is unfortunate Ah well, ill just go offline whenever i play comrades
  15. Is there anyway to stop the game trying to download 1.27? I have disabled automatic patch downloads in settings but for some reason everytime the game tries to download the patch when launching it the size is smaller. At this rate after a few sessions the patch will be downloaded.
  16. It worked perfectly! Thank you so much! 100% here i come!
  17. Alright! ill try it out and will report back thank you for the help!
  18. I understand but how do you "delete" the patch thats downloading as the step says, do you just cancel the entire game and redownload it?
  19. How do you do this step with a digital copy? there is not a specific patch downloading, just the game and all the addons.
  20. Oh! I did not see this thread, thank you very much!
  21. Hello! Could you please do an idiot proof instructions? I have no idea how to get this working and the steps on the mad max thread doesn't seem to work. Thank you!
  22. I might just be dumb as hell but i can't follow the instructions on the mad max thread, it says to insert the mad max disc which does not help when the game is digital. also when adding a proxy to the ps4 you cant download anything. Again, i may just be really stupid but some help would be much appreciated
  23. Hello! I just beat the game on apocalyptic and now i need to farm some souls to afford misc things for trophies and to have a stock to farm soul reaper with. Does anyone know of a way to farm souls relatively quickly? Thanks!
  24. An update was just applied that supposedly nerfs the entire game.
  25. What's your source on this?