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  1. Repo man trophy is bugged with the last update, I reported this to 2k
  2. UPDATE: A quick update on backward compatibility – With all of the amazing games in PS4’s catalog, we’ve devoted significant efforts to enable our fans to play their favorites on PS5. We believe that the overwhelming majority of the 4,000+ PS4 titles will be playable on PS5. We’re expecting backward compatible titles will run at a boosted frequency on PS5 so that they can benefit from higher or more stable frame rates and potentially higher resolutions. We’re currently evaluating games on a title-by-title basis to spot any issues that need adjustment from the original software developers. SOURCE:PLAYSTATION BLOG EUROPE
  3. Do you think this game will have the platinum? The past games don't have it 😔
  4. Grazie
  5. Sai se Sony offre ancora sconti su psvita? Ci sono un paio di giochi che mi piacerebbe comprare..
  6. Ninja gaiden 2 😂