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  1. I managed to get it to pop in the end by taking every single thing I could off of the car including panels and literally replace every single thing on car and if I could put a performance part on I did. I had previously tried just changing oil, restoring barn car with just bits what was missing, buying new car and putting performance parts on. Last thing to try was to replace everything that could be changed on a car from a full strip down. Done it on sandbox from full stip down with car bought in barn.
  2. I tried this but trophy still won't pop for me. I have even gone as far as trying different PS4 with and without update both on new saves and still no luck.
  3. I done it with a M3 AWD with stock engine and racing tyres and managed a 58 second run on third lap so very easy to do legit.
  4. I had problem of trophy not popping for putting ball in red hole and also all all my power-ups except time plus have stopped appearing so I'll try reinstalling. Trophy popped after I done fresh install and deleted save game and just went for the one trophy. I have also tried the game on other accounts and seem to be issues with 300k and 600k on the other accounts and no matter what I try they won't pop, so there is still some problems with the game.
  5. That's ok, glad I could bring it to your attention.
  6. I do not take credit for this, I found this on Achievement land Youtube page so all credit goes to them. Because the PS4 version has stubborn trophies they don't pop as easy as the Xbox version but level skip still works. Hold right on D-Pad and press L1 to skip levels.
  7. Level 12 is quicker for the deaths.
  8. If you post it in the game session section on site you might have more luck.
  9. I had 19 cues before the trophy for owning 10 cues popped.
  10. How many cues did you have to buy to get the own 10 cues to pop? I now own 15 cues and trophy still not popped.
  11. don't hold your breath on this game getting patched again as developers are not responding to me anymore and even Playstation have given up and given me a refund. So I'm sorry people I can't help you with info no more as got refund and Playstation revoked my privileges from playing this brilliant game. Now I can go and by something what isn't broken.
  12. Yeah I contacted the developers about the first problem and took them month and a half to fix the unpasable part but still never bothered fixing the dodgy platform you get stuck on, after it was updated to V1.01 he removed the gun thing what was in way on first video but thats all that they done, levels after it are beatable until you get to world 5. Sony have no quality control and developers have no testers before pushing the game out. Last time I contacted developers I got email start away, this time I have not heard anything yet, I will keep people updated on here as with progress with game.
  13. *****UPDATE THIS GAME IS STILL BROKEN***** Lava World (World 5) is unbeatable and you can't select character you want, check video below
  14. World 2 is now beatable but glitched platform still exists. ***UPDATE GAME STILL BROKEN***
  15. Do not buy this game unless you just want to get a few trophies as the game is broken and you cannot get to the end of the second world because of bad level design. I have done video so you can see just how broken it is.