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  1. Yep it's good but never as good as a full tear down.
  2. What Sony should do is if a company don't fix trophies or fix broken games just don't let them publish on their platform anymore. If Sony and Xbox done that there would be nowhere near as many broken games or trophies.
  3. Pull power lead out of the back of PS3 and hold eject button then put power lead back in until you hear the fans spin very loud then let go of the eject button and let it finish its self clean. if that don't sort the smell just open it up clean dust out and replace thermal paste with a good quality one. be warned if it has never done self clean you might get a lot of dust blow out the back of it.
  4. Have you tried to get trophy to pop on different PS4?
  6. I have platinumed both versions of this game and today it got a v1.24 update then few hours later got a v2.0 update. since it got the V2.0 update after one run through on game it crashes my ps4 with three beeps and a full shutdown. I have played a lot more demanding games for a little while and no problem but this game just after 10 minutes of being on it crashes whole system so much it has to rebuild everything. I have tried this three times now and it happens every time and only since the v2.0 update.
  7. I played the Singapore version of this game and it's the NA version.
  8. I played the Singapore version of this game and it's the NA version.
  9. That's ok, they replied to the first two email's I sent but they don't reply anymore, it's clear to me they are just dragging all their mobile games to PS4 for quick money and don't care of quality or broken trophies, same way Playstation has gone with games.
  10. try a third guest then if you can.
  11. There is a way to contact Sabec and most Sabec games don't have a video online anyway. Here is Sabec email address, they might not reply as I sent them a big list of problems in their games quite a few months back and got a reply saying they would look in to it but months later they have not even patched one what I know of. Took me a while to find this online originally but here it is [email protected] I did post the email address before on one of their other games on here. They just transfer their mobile games to PS4 aas they just want a quick cash in, most of their games don't even show up on PS5 PSN store.
  12. Well no one on this site so either the person or people who have done it are not on here or they have auto popped it. More sabec trash so anything is possible.
  13. Did you get your drinking, darts and paste-up to pop without redoing them as I have same problem.
  14. This is strange as you should automatically go on leaderboard.
  15. Yeah, I only ever buy teir games if they are in sale below £2 and even at that price with some of them it's like being robbed. lol