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  1. Read an article in one of my native console magazines, and it scored an 8/10, while having a really good opinion. Can You guys answer the question below? 1. How is the combat compared to let's say DmC? 2. Is the storyline interesting? 3. Is there a lot of collectibles/upgrades in there? 4. How many hours does it take to beat the game (approx.)? 5. How are the trophies in the game? (Easy/Medium/Hard) Thank you for all the answers ^^
  2. In my case, all DLCs were on the disc, you just had to install them separately from the the second disc that appeared in PS Menu.
  3. Looks time-consuming, but it's that much better for fans of the Anime/Manga. Looking forward to it, should be a lot of fun,
  4. 1. Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt 2. Uncharted 4 3. Far Cry 4 4. Batman: Arkham Knight 5. Destiny 6. Dying Light 7. Tomb Raider 8. The Crew 9. The Order: 1886 10. AC Unity 11. Shadow of Mordor 12. Dead Island 2 13. Bloodborne 14. Little Big Planet 3 15. Mortal Kombat X
  5. I'd be fine with working in a small/medium gaming theme shop, for a decent salary (above average), as I like games and talking about them with people, read - customers. Maybe open my own in the future. Edit: Maybe if I went for extra studies, I'd enlist into game programming/design, as I love thinking out quests, lore, weapons, skills etc. and if I had the skills to bring them to life, I'd gladly do it. At the very best, I'd like to be a professional gamer, but that's impossible
  6. I guess most people will say Dragon Age: Inqusition.
  7. Well, ordering it for PS4 next month, all I'm missing is the console itself, but that in December, Christmas time =D
  8. I do not know about you people, but once this game comes out I'm going to connect my toilet-o-fridge to my bed and no-life, hard.
  9. Made it for buddies that like Kuroko in an online game.
  10. It's funny, since if Aizen knew abour Ulqiorra's second release, he would have probably been the 2nd or 1st espada
  11. Chrono Trigger with PS4 graphics, id kill to get this game as an Action Slasher RPG with inFamous: SS graphic level
  12. Grimmjow and Stark, equally, with a tiny slightest favor in Stark's side. Just because he was unique, even among Espadas, and Kyoraku wanted to go Bankai on that guy. He single handedly dropped 2 captains, and 2 ex-captains down, fighting them in pairs everytime. Shows that he got his number for a reason.
  13. Game of Thrones awarded for best gore scene in 2014 so far, l0l.

  14. Sherif Bigby Wolf, a lot of Witcher characters, Dante from DMC.
  15. Should have not launched Witcher 2 yet again, some games are like drugs! ^.^

  16. Gen III for me. Played: Red - once. Gold - once Ruby - twice. Emerald - 4 times. Sapphire - once. Fire Red - 5 times. Leaf Green - Once Diamond - once. White 1 - once. Yet to play X or Y, but I guess I need to buy a 3DS for that. And I love III Gen just because I get Wailords there
  17. I once tried to do almost everything in Skyrim, I failed.
  18. Into the future. If we could get Witcher 1, Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PS4 (impossible due to the coding of Witcher 1) with trophies, I'd be able to waste a month of my life very happily.
  19. Wolf Among Us delayed for EU PSN, aand my hype is gone. :(

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    2. JaM


      aww bummer... I guess my optimism isn't enough.... >_< hope you get it soon...

    3. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      if it makes you feel any better. I enjoyed the heck out of it. Cant wait for the final episode.

    4. JaM


      ^my feeling as well.. but somehow skeptical to tell everyone.. might be a salt for the wound for EU TWAU players >_<

  20. More WItcher 3 is all I need.
  21. DMC 3: SE, just because you can play as Vergil.
  22. You are overpaying for RAM to be honest, unless you plan to play high-end games and render videos at the same time, it's not worth it. Nor do I think there will be games that need more than 4-5 GB of RAM to run smoothly. If I were you, I'd consider spending less on the SSD (240 is huge, I run 128 with OS and my main 2 games, it's really enough) and cut RAM to 8. Those two changes and you could probably go for a higher end GPU to support the monstrous CPU, since you gotta remember, if CPU and GPU are not on par with each other they will begin to drag themselves down in performance. I'd consider investing more into GPU, since the one you plan on buying will easily get outdated as new-gen titles become to rule out onto PCs.
  23. Solo Lee Chaolan.