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  1. Wow yeah I need to get back to it and try to answer
  2. The no miss trophies chapter are really hard and as the game is full of bugs, it is very difficult to get Trophies (I have been stucked 3 out of 4 times on chapter 3, all the cam are on but nothing happens... Like for the end of night trap before the patch... Very annoying as I was on my no shield and 85% run.... Was 86% at the end of chap 3 but bugged.... And now I'm stucked on Chapter 3 forever in a VHS video time loop....
  3. Hi, I've just received my physical LRG copy and it is fun to play this game again many years later the sega CD version. Concerning trophies : the no missing shot trophies seem to be ridiculously difficult... But like other screaming villains games it seems to have some Glitched trophies : the all gameplay vids is at 0%, ok maybe we need to wait a little more but after doing 2 runs on normal mode some vids are still locked and I've seen them for sure.... So for now it seems buggy? What do u think? Ps: got bad ending first and good ending on another run, the difference was my accuracy more than 80% (82.6%), my first run was without any camera down, no prisoner, and first try for chap 2 so that doesn't count, only acuuracy seems to count? Any other feedback? And got 1086 kills count.... But no trophy.... But poped when you start a new game.
  4. Hi, I'm about at the end, and I got some bug, the dev console appear 1 sec and disappear. I thought it was no big deal but now trophy are blocked (I've disabled the radio and use the cure, ride a snowfox but no trophy....). Is there a way to fix it? Thanks.
  5. If it can help some people I got him in a treasure pack (during my first international run).
  6. Mmmm ok, strange that I dont remember that... I need To reload an old save then.
  7. Hi, I've finished the game, got almost all trophies except supernova and the cartograph ? But I've never had the quest demolished woman? How can I trigger it? Akande has never spoke to me before the plan against Phileas.... What have I missed ? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for this game but it doesnt seem to be on EU psn store. And the LRG physical release are out of my price range. Vita (prefered) or ps4.
  9. Hi, I was looking for this game on the EU store but can't find it (only 16 and 18 version).... and no physical version too (14 or 16 or 18 only).. or maybe I missed something lol How did you get it? Thanks
  10. Ok. I'll try again. I never pause so it isnt that. I guess I will have To trust my luck then.
  11. Hi, With patch released late november we can finish the game.... at last.... But I have another bug with one scene that occurs twice in the living room at 5:08 and 12:02. The scene is hashed and I cant trap the auger so Perfect seems impossible.... so plat impossible but also scene of the crime that needs a perfect game and other stuffs. Am I the only one? If you succeed which option have you used for layout? Thanks..... it is so frustrating having spent lots of money at LRG for a so glitched and unfinished game.... Édit : I managed to get the survivor trophies but got kicked out twice at level 54 and 57.... so I just trapped the necessary number of augs to finish at level 51.... stressfull.... for notice : got kicked on airplane mode but got success while connected so I think there is no rule.
  12. Hi there, the Game seems glitched and it is not so easy for me. But the success rate is very high...Am I missing some tips or hints?
  13. Technically I think it Will be possible, we could make custom songs on rock band and guitar hero and shared them so why not on ps4 beat saber? It must be copyrights or other issue, I think.
  14. I confirm that legend is "reachable", and the SS threshold seems to be 223K. I got 222 568 and S rank, then after a few more tries 223 587 and SS. I've noticed that it was the "down-up" moves that scored the less so I changed the floor height a little to score more and it worked :). You'll get more points and then the SS Will come more easily but for the specific trophy you can't use modifier.
  15. Hi, Is there some king of table somewhere where you can find all songs rank thresholds? It reminds me that we had a website quickly after the release of guitar hero where you can add your score AND where you can find this king of information? PS: it was . Is there a (For PS4 with threshold information, cause the one for steam doesn't have this kind on information)