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  1. I am a massive FF fan, I have played the majority of them since VII and i have to admit, each game has had it's pluses and minuses. VII - Being my first FF game, nostalgia, love of materia, the characters etc. made it a big favourite of mine. The main draw-backs were that you could cheese your way through the biggest bosses with a simple materia set up, which kinda of made the weapons a joke. VIII - They built a lot of the game as an improvement on VII, lovely sequences, Triple Triad, also good characters overall, but I was not a fan of the junction system at all, and as many people have said, it pretty much made magic obsolete as a weapon, and it became a purely stat pumping item. IX - Loved this game, for a very simple reason, 4 party members 😂 but in all seriousness, some bad-ass game-play, a rich variety of characters, with specific roles, which made party choices a lot more relevant past which limit breaks you want to use. However, wasn't too much of a fan of the chibi character models in the game world and the fact that you couldn't have all of your learned abilities equipped due to limited crystals to use. And that skipping mini game... Overall, big fan of the PS1 trio, and enjoyed each of them immensely the first and subsequent times I have played them (PS3 backwards compatibility was awesome for the replay using my PS1 discs) X - Voices. Blitzball. That Tidus laugh. Dark GFs. Yojimbo cheesing. But that damn sphere grid was a b*****d. It just took to long to farm all of the spheres in the monster arena and i just ended up giving Yojimbo enough money to buy his own universe just to put down the remaining big bosses and get it over and done with. And the lightning dodging... X-2 - Costumes!!!!!! but seriously, a pretty good game other than the abundant fan-service. XII - Gambit system was a plus and a minus. Loved the automated healing commands, but in the end you could just set it up so that you didn't have to do a damn thing in a fight and just cheese your way through the game. Otherwise, had a lot of fun playing it Overall, quite enjoyed the PS2 offerings, mostly because of X and the fact that they actually did a sequel for a FF game, it was something nice and different to what they had done before. XIII - So much potential, some of it met, a lot of it untapped. Still had a lot of fun playing through it overall, but it could have been sooo much more than it was. Paradigm system was a good idea, I liked quick tactic changes in battle, but you just ended up mostly relying on staggering and then smashing your opponent each time, very repetitive. I did like that each character got their own summon though, solid idea. XIII-2 - Loved the whole time travel mechanic, but the story was a bit of a mess, and it was a bit bizarre having a random monster as a party member just to make it up to three. Do not regret playing it though, enjoyable in it's own right. Overall, PS3 offerings were passable, but thankfully, they developed some beautiful FMVs for the games, and they allowed me to go "oooooooo, pretty" and forget that i was not enjoying the gameplay as much as the previous games. XV - I liked a lot of this game, and then the end just got so streamlined that i just ended up losing a lot of interest near the end. It just lost momentum soo quickly. But a very beautifully constructed game world, loved the car, the characters, plus I actually quite enjoyed the battle system, contrary to a lot of peoples opinion. There is just something about finally being able to dodge an attack myself (well, i had played Type-0, but i don't really count it, good game but a little easy to cheese complete it). I am looking forward to the remake for FFVII, but I have to admit, I am not a fame of this multiple games bull**** that they are going with. But like a good little FF fan, I guess I will just have to admit they already have my money, my bank account just doesn't know it yet. Will defo be picking this remaster up though, need to complete it for a third time on a third different generation of console, plus trophies 😆
  2. Damn, so i have to keep this beast on my hard drive for maybe another month or two? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck 😩
  3. I'm glad someone is making use of my guide
  4. Same. The good thing is you at least start at level 60 so have access to pretty much everything to start off with once the tutorial is done. Shame i can't claim my account unlock items til i've played 20 hours with the Jem'Hadar character...
  5. It is very likely, i think they will include trophies such as hit level 65 and finish the 6 new campaign missions. Perhaps a DS9 exploration trophy or reputation completion for the new gamma reputation. It could be anything they can stick an in-game accolade to really.
  6. Hi, Completing PVEs on Advanced difficulty nets you 720 dilithium each time. Also, you can convert marks to dilithium, so you can, for instance, earn 500 marks for any reputation and in the reputation tab convert them to 5000 dilithium. The best ones to do this with are Crystalline Catastrophe as it is quite quick to finish and nets you 130 marks if all bonus conditions are met and Undine Assault, which can net you between 200 to 300 marks each run. There is a 30 minute cool-down that occurs after completing a PVE that prevents you from playing it, but you can rotate different ones until the cool-down is over. Also, completing the admiralty tour of duty missions for the Klingon and Ferengi admiralty campaigns nets you 30,000 dilithium. Also, getting each campaign up to level 10 by earning admiralty XP for completed admiralty missions nets you more dilithium, around 20,000 for each of the 4. Admiralty is available from level 52 onward i believe. Also, getting your reputations to Tier 5 gets you a very good amount of dilithium, and along the way the daily tasks you do for your reputations give you dilithium each time. Finally, the Dyson Ground Zone is fairly good for getting you dilithium with the missions obtain from the guy in the middle of the area, which are for number of enemies killed in a certain amount of time, calling in reinforcements, capturing points in certain areas etc. and also you can get a decent dilithium haul when the dinosaur bosses (T Rex's firing laser beams....) are defeated in each area. As long as you fire at each one of them once, you will get the reward when they are defeated, so run and hit each of them as quickly as you can. In short, there are many ways to farm dilithium, however, you will, as you progress through the different sections of the game, end up with an excess of ore built up on your character and cursing the 8000 limit Anyway, i hope this helps.
  7. Hi, I used this guide: and i used this spreadsheet to keep track of the cards i had collected: Both were very useful, I got all of the cards in my first and current play-through.
  8. Yeah, by all means feel free to add me. I'm still playing through the missions for my TOS character so i'm on now and then.
  9. No worries bud, happy to help. They have been over the time the game has been live on PS4, so both kinds of sales are worth keeping an eye out for, 100%. I can explain a little about ships for you. T6 ships are really the only ones worth going for. I think you can equip them from Level 45 onward. There are two types really, Lock Box Ships and C Store Ships. Lock Box ships can be won through opening lock boxes with keys, or bought from the Exchange for 50 million Energy Credits upwards. You only get to redeem the ship once. C Store ships are bought for usually 3000 Zen each. Once you buy one of these you can buy it's Fleet Ship equivalent for only 1 Fleet Module and 20000 Fleet credits instead of 5 Fleet Modules and 20000 Fleet credits. You need to be a member of a fleet with the relevant Shipyard Level needed to be able to buy any Fleet Ships, and given access to use fleet provisions. The good thing with C Store ships is that they are unlocked for your account, so if you by a Federation T6 ship, you can claim it on any other TOS or Fed character on your account.Some ships are cross faction, while most are faction specific. To get enough EC, you need to make sure anything you sell is to a vendor who can give you 50% of the value instead of 40%. I usually got to the Bar in Starfleet Academy for Fed/Romulan or to the vendors on the ground in the Klingon Academy for Fed/Romulan (Romulans, at a certain level, have to choose to join Fed or Klingons, so the vendor will depend on who you side with). also make sure, once you are able to get a good speed with your ship in Sector Space, that you complete the 'Tour the Galaxy' daily mission to earn more EC. Finally, no matter which 'job' you choose, you will make it through the main story missions with no issues as long as you make sure you keep swapping in better equipment for your captain, away team and ship whenever you pick any up. If you do end up needing help, you can join a fleet and play with other members. I am second in command of 1st Tactical Wing, we are a Beta Fleet to Lethality in their Armada. We are Fleet Level 40, Lethality is Fleet Level 53, and we have around 600 odd members between us.
  10. Hi, to answer some of your questions: To buy a ship, best to wait for either or both of the following; A Zen sale, so that you get more Zen for less, and discount on the ships you want to buy on the C Store. Which one you should get depends on your play style, so I can't really advise on that, as there are MANY ships to purchase. To get all of the trophies, you only need to create a TOS, Klingon and Romulan character, as the TOS and Starfleet follow the same main story line, and you need TOS for the Agents of Yesterday trophies. There are 4 story trophies each that you need to get for Klingon and Romulan characters that you can't get with TOS or Starfleet. i personally have 4 characters, one of each (Fed, TOS, Rom and Klingon). The Path to 2409 and Romulan Lore trophies are done faster if you claim datachips on more than one character and then redeem them all on your main character. (You can use mail or account bank to move them between characters) Once you collect enough of them, say 90% of each, then you can buy the remaining ones you need from the exchange or swap them with other players. Be warned, it can be frustrating to find the last one you need as each datachip has a varying rarity. For your build, it depends on what you go for, Tactical (DPS), Engineering (Tank) or Science (Healer and Exotic Damage). You could make each of your three characters on of each. For each character aim for the abilities which suit the class as you level up.
  11. I can't believe that it's still not sorted, it's taking the piss now...
  12. Yep, i put in a ticket for it ages ago and got the same answer...pretty poor to be honest
  13. Damn, i would have lost good money on that, but as much as it's nice having a few more trophies, i still wish the Solanae trophy had actually been fixed
  14. A lot of people have had this issue, as did I a fair time back. Galren is right, however, the best thing to do, if the situation keeps repeating itself each time you try to complete the mission, is to skip the mission itself in the menu and continue with the other campaigns. Once you get to the end of the Iconian story-line, repeat the mission Midnight so that you can get the full Sol set (Engines, Shield and Deflector), then complete the Futureproof Missions, that way you can get the Quantum Phase Weapon set (Beam Array, Torpedo and Console) by repeating the Sunrise mission, as those weapons provide shield drain abilities. Make sure the weapon types in your slots are all the same (so all Phasers or all Disruptors etc.) and once you have those items, at least, then they should help you completely level the enemy ship in no time, with or without the help of your allies
  15. My money is on no extra trophies and that the last glitched trophy will not be fixed