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  1. Was wondering how many Missions and Assignments it actually takes to unlock this trophy. The PS3 guide says 50 missions in total, (15 + 35 assignments), which I have already done more than and the trophy has yet to pop. Is there something I am missing with this trophy? Thanks.
  2. Any idea how to fix this?
  3. Theres a gig in Watson called Fixer, Merc, Soldier Spy, and it will not show up for me. Its the last one I need in Watson for the trophy.
  4. I found that im missing the gig "Fixer Merc Soldier Spy". But I cannot seem to do this quest. It will not appear for me no matter what.
  5. Just to clarify, the Side Jobs dont need to be completed for this trophy right? Ive also done everything and cant get it to pop in Watson
  6. If I download the save from the cloud, will I automatically pop the platinum?
  7. There are enough audio logs just in the open world to get as one character. However I tried doing it again on a second playthrough and it was still bugged for me Wish you good luck!
  8. Didnt get it on my first playthrough. Started a new save and collected 50 on one character just to be sure and still didnt pop so I stuck too now. Last one I need for the platinum.
  9. Not anytime soon
  10. Where can I purchase the EU version online not from the PSN store?
  11. When is this coming out on Vita?
  12. I cleared all 8 Quarantine Zones in the game but the trophy still didnt pop. Did anyone else have this issue and have figured a solution? Thanks.
  13. 100% fake. If it was from Sony, they could spell "banned" properly.