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  1. Uncharted 3 since i am to lazy to plat it.
  2. Persona 4 golden Severed Freedomwars Uncharted Dragon's crown Gravity rush Demon gaze Child of light(even though i play it on ps3 on the vita it must be amazing) And a lot more that i have not play yet.
  3. They are different things. Path to take the sword opens when u beat the trainer in any challenge. But is satisfactory to get the sword though
  4. Grand theft auto v! Too lazy to plat it.
  5. U should go for tomb raider definitive edition. Even though the multiplayer is repetitive. Sorry we posted at the same time. U should plat severed is an amazing game in my opinion.
  6. Add me if you want: yavieh Right now playing freedom wars and would love to plat monster monpiece i may create a boost session in the future.
  7. On one side i found the game repetitive but on the other i found it innovative mmm not really sure if i will buy this. Since i paid 15€ for it already..
  8. Lmao we share 90% of the plats. Deadpool is one of those we don't have in common.
  9. Thanks mate didn't know that. That was a very valuable information :).
  10. Ooh no i got the let's go deeper alone long ago with the valkyrie :). Now i just need to complete natural doctrine again to get the plat.
  11. I've not seen such bravery! Gauntlet 2.40% ULTRA RARE This is the actual one and i am going for this one next: NAtURAL DOCtRINE Earned every other trophy. 2.29% ULTRA RARE But it looks like when i got it will increase and maybe i will surpass the 2.40 lol
  12. Firewatch 9.99€ Inside 7.99€ Limbo 3.99€ The witness 14.99€ Salt and sanctuary 9.29€ is it better than the last offer? i don't really remember). I would have a look on the other offers though.
  13. I would say killzone: mercenary not really sure if u can still get the online trophies since the branch closed.
  14. Can I get catherine in exchange? I would try to plat it in the near future though 😚.
  15. Your bloodborne looks nice i might play it in the future