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  1. Some of the good old turn based games like Heroes of Might and Magic series. Invested so much time in these.
  2. Hi there, I played the story once without unlocking the trophy "The one digging up conspiracies". Does anyone know under what circumstances it gets unlocked? Thx!
  3. Just finished the game yesterday and I can honestly say, what a masterpiece! Haven't had this much fun with a FPS for ages!
  4. Hi, sign me up please, got all 7
  5. Got a few, but Dying Light is a game I played quite for a while and all thats missing are some MP trophies. I don‘t have so much time left for gaming since I became a Dad, thats why its almost impossible for me to do the ‚complete 5 quests with the same 3 people‘ trophy. So much planning needed :D...
  6. 8! Yey! Most of the trophies are from the 1st entry: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Double Dragon Neon Dragonball Raging Blast Mortal Kombat 9 FIFA 13 Dying Light (DLC) Tropico 5 TV Show King
  7. Fifa 17, got the game as well and played it a lot but did not get the platinum before 18 arrived
  8. For me it was God of War (2018). Reason is, that I was playing it on Hard difficulty on my first and only playthrough. The trials of muspelheim and niflheim as well the nine valkyries were quite the challenge. Was really satisfied and happy when I beat sigrun. Fun and just a great game
  9. Swiss here, they raised all 3 options for us: - 1 year from 59.90 to 69.90 CHF - 3 months from 24.90 to 27.90 CHF - monthly from 7.90 to 9.90 CHF less content, higher price...
  10. Played overcooked 1&2 with my wife and we had a fun time (also arguments while playing :D). I can also recommend: Alienation Dead Nation Helldivers Borderlands 1&2 (menu in 2 sucks in splitscreen though) FIFA, if you are into football Stikbold (story can be played in coop)
  11. I really liked Castlevania Lords of Shadow part 1 on PS3... Edit: nvm, missed that you are explicitly looking for ps4 titles.
  12. Interesting list you got there! I would choose the FF13 plat because I played it as well but never really got attached to it.
  13. Mortal Kombat X plat, need to get back to that game one day...
  14. Dragon Ball Raging Blast... 4 years and 4 months... "All Ruined" Trophy Followed by Dead Space, 3 years and 4 months
  15. Try god of war : chains of olympus... Only 1 trophy left for the plat. Beating the challenges with some youtube videos should be possible